Performances: 2019 BET Awards

Published: Sunday 23rd Jun 2019 by Rashad

The 2019 BET Awards are under way and, as ever, you can expect That Grape Juice to be bringing you the performances shortly after they air on television.

Held at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California, the ceremony – which celebrates achievements in music, sports, movies, TV, and more –  is set to shine with performances from Cardi B, Fantasia, H.E.R., Lizzo, Lil Nas X, and more.

See their stageblazing performances inside:

Mary J. Blige

Cardi B & Offset

Nipsey Hussle Tribute




Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus

City Girls & Lil Baby

H.E.R. & YBN Cordae

Mustard & Migos

Kirk Franklin

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  1. Meee June 23, 2019

    Fantasia needs to give her fans another single. That’s just not the one

    • Rico June 24, 2019

      I do agree

    • thanosoftitan June 24, 2019

      I agree.

      I’m very disappointed in Fantasia’s latest single as well as Danity Kane’s latest single.

  2. biancacook June 23, 2019

    say what u want but cardi can perform. not lazy on stage at all.

    • Interac June 23, 2019

      It was a fire performance. It would have been better if she could do it without lip syncing.

      • biancacook June 23, 2019

        yeah i said that too. she usually does at the festivals but lip for tv.

      • Starfish June 24, 2019

        There used to be a time when a Fire performance was when the performer actually did their thing live . A rap artist is supposed to rap , not lipsync . I can’t believe how standard for live entertainment have fallen

  3. Mark Jones June 23, 2019

    That offset and Cardi B tho…. that was a fire performance. I wasn’t expecting the dancing at all. Good to see artist stepping back into giving people something to watch and be entertained!

    • Erica June 23, 2019

      I agree but cardi been dancing in all her performances sis! Grammys, amas she’s a performer!!! That’s what set her apart from the other rap girls

    • A&R June 23, 2019

      Man listen!!!! This generation of artist are really bringing back dynamic live performances. Wow!

  4. c June 23, 2019

    Lizzo is really growing on me. Really good performance

    • Interac June 23, 2019

      When she pulled out that flute!!!

  5. ME June 23, 2019

    Cardi Cardi Cardi ?????

  6. ERIC June 23, 2019

    No rapper ever has an excuse to lip sync. First performance of the night and people were sitting.

  7. A&R June 23, 2019

    Let this live performance of Clout and Press be a demonstration of how/ why Cardi is doing something slightly different for hip hop. The woman is a female rapper/performer that we haven’t seen in a while. Missy E. was too but their styles are very different. As Beyonce ages gracefully, what Cardi is bringing so refreshing to see. And look how my guy Offset stepped his ish up. Although they’re both young and finding their way, business/artistry/ brand wise they make each other better. If they can manage to stay out of trouble and mature with age.. we’ll have our ratchet version of Chris Brown/ Rihanna lol meets JayBey. Note.. ain’t NO HIP HOP chick performing like Cardi. I would pay to see her live and I don’t pay to see just any ole thing.

  8. Jackx June 23, 2019

    Cardi ????,
    Nicki ????


  9. tHAT WERQ June 23, 2019

    Yes, Cardi for the performance!!!…FULL ON PRODUCTION, BIH!!

  10. Urg June 23, 2019

    Yung Miami the struggle was real, Lil Nas X meh, Fantisha meh and Cardi B dancing in lip syncing?????

    • biancacook June 23, 2019

      well its not like she’s a singer so she can get away with it. also she only lips for live tv

      • Urg June 23, 2019

        She is suppose to be a “RAPPER” she should be able to perform her ‘lyrics’ and ‘flow’. She did the same s*** at the Grammy’s quit with the excuses.

  11. D’Angelo June 23, 2019

    Finally Fantasia gets to perform her own music and she was amazin tonight… that body tho…

    • Bam June 23, 2019

      Yeah she did good but that outfit and her titties weren’t communicating properly lol.

      • thanosoftitan June 24, 2019


  12. ERIC June 23, 2019

    Mary J. seemed tired and the tour hasn’t even started. Method Man’s flow is still better than just about all the new male rappers.

  13. Bam June 23, 2019

    Lizzo is EVERYTHING! Two great performances two weeks in a row one on MTV one on BET.

  14. Gee June 24, 2019

    OffSet and Cardi were very entertaining Lizzo is definitely a beast on stage, Mary bringing out Meth and Lil Kim. T. Perry gave a brilliant and empowering speech. Sorry but the new Fantasia song is definitely not need it, she is a beast with her vocals though. Her needs to be herself and stop trying to be very early A.Keys. Overall this was a great showing but it needed a little more Black star power. The After show was definitely not needed.

  15. Danny Bey June 24, 2019

    Overall I was thoroughly entertained by this year’s show! A major step up from previous years. Cardi and Offset did that. They both gagged me with their choreography. It only goes up from here. Lizzo is def THAT B**TCH. Gawd I love her energy and personality. She is IT. Lil Nas X slayed too for his first televised performance. Even tho everyone might think the song is corny or might be tired of it, i absolutely loved seeing the whole room stand up, embrace and support, and just jam to his performance. Thats what I love to see. Everyone supporting everyone. That was the initial reason for creating the BET awards in the first place. When Kim and Meth came out I lost it. I love my black people.

  16. Rihanna the King!! June 24, 2019

    All Hail Queen Mary Periodt!!!!

  17. Keith June 24, 2019

    As much as I don’t like Cardi or Offset or their music, I must admit that performance was one of the night’s best. I saw Denzel Chisolm in the troupe that danced with Offset, what a cutie! Wonder if he choreographed any of their set…I liked H.E.R’s performance and when Method Man came out with MJB. Otherwise, MJB was good spirited but vocally horrific. Pleasantly surprised to see Rhianna AT ALL. When I saw her I was like “they DO have some real stars on here” LOL. Hopefully this is the sign of big things for Lucky Day and Kiana Lede. I liked Fantasia’s look but she should’ve done something from the last album. Kirk Franklin and Kelly Price were cool and Regina’s tribute to DC was funny.

  18. thanosoftitan June 24, 2019

    Mary J. Blige, Cardi B, and Offset were the highlights of the show.

    Lizzo should have performed ‘Tempo’ which also should have been a single.

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