City Girls Star Yung Miami Announces Pregnancy

Published: Tuesday 11th Jun 2019 by Sam

The City Girls have been bulldozing barriers on several fronts.

Doing away with the notion of a duo being unable to make waves, the Florida bred femcees managed to weather the storm of member JT being incarcerated to generate hits such as ‘Twerk’ and ‘Act Up.’

Now, member Yung Miami has made a major announcement – she is pregnant.

Details below…

Taking to social media the 25-year-old revealed she is expecting her second child.

I’ve been going back and forth to share this moment with my fans. But on MY TERMS! I want this journey to be nothing but positive going forward and I wanted to share this with y’all. No one knows what is best for me but GOD, and this was just his timing for me.

Everybody doubted me and said I shouldn’t be rapping and that I wouldn’t be able to hold the group down while JT was away but I did just that and then some, to the point that you all have made this experience as an rapper so fulfilling that I cannot wait to show more of what I really have in store for my fans. I did everything they said I couldn’t because that’s just the type of woman I am and going to continue to be.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and life changing, so I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the City Girls! This is my personal life and it is what it is! PERIOD -Yung Miami


No official word on the child’s father, but word is that it’s 808 Mafia producer Southside.

With JT due for release next March and Yung Miami welcoming new life, it’ll be interesting to see the group’s trajectory moving forward.

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  1. Nicki Maraj June 11, 2019

    Rappers who don’t write their own lyrics keep getting knocked up it’s a trend

    • TruthfullySpeaking June 11, 2019

      Why was old ass St Nick remover from Chris tour tho? Wobble Up chart yet?? ????

      • Nicki Maraj June 11, 2019

        When did Nicki Minaj ever state or say she was going on tour with Chris Brown, I’ll wait for you to dig up a receipt LIAR

      • TruthfullySpeaking June 11, 2019

        Every blog posted saying Nicki was touring with Chris this summer LOOk IT UP! Garbz stay deaf dumb. Queen of Flop ???

      • SMH June 12, 2019

        And what does Nicki Minaj or Chris Brown have to do with a no talent stripper/rapper that doesn’t write her own lyrics getting knocked up for media attention?

    • Nicki Maraj June 11, 2019

      Like I said if It didn’t come from the Queens mouth it’s not A FACT I don’t care what a blogger told you

  2. IG: mixedboy June 11, 2019


  3. L’ORANGE June 11, 2019

    She just ruin City Girls future

    • Dc June 11, 2019

      That’s what u said bout cardi Grammy later she still here

      • Urg June 12, 2019

        Difference is she is not backed by a big label like Alantic. That and JT who is the actual talent of the duo is in jail. I will be really surprise if City Girls survive or if they end up on Love and Hip Hop:Miami ???

  4. DIABETES UNBOTHERED June 11, 2019

    Okay so u layed on yur back…

    so what????? #NEXT ⏭️

  5. Danyboo June 11, 2019

    Pregnancy is a beautiful thing so happy she’s blessed but the voices in our culture ain’t s*** bro foreal. These beautiful black women that choose to steer our culture into ignorance is so f***** up… get your dough but can at least one of you rap b****** spit the truth for our culture just once instead of waving y’all funky asses across these world stages.. I can’t wait until that female Kendrick Lamar/ j Cole/ KRS 1/ MOs deaf b**** come out and sit you b****** tf down. Taraji Henson boo please start rapping Lauryn hill please drop something nuclear it is sooooo needed. It is so dead out here mannnn y’all just prostitutes with a mic that ain’t meant for y’all.

  6. Fancy BISH June 11, 2019

    Congrats Yung Miami ?? ?

  7. Tyty June 12, 2019

    lovely another baby mom and black kid raised in a single household. Her baby daddy don’t count we all know how that is going to end.

    • Tyty June 12, 2019

      Also why the s*** getup to announce a pregnancy I mean talk about bizarre.

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