Aubrey O’Day Slams Diddy’s ‘Making the Band’ Reboot: ‘They Need A Redemption Show For Danity Kane Instead’

Published: Wednesday 17th Jul 2019 by Rashad

Danity Kane star Aubrey O’Day may be rocking headlines for her surprising statements about exes Donald Trump Jr. and Pauly D on the season 3 premiere of MTV’s ‘Ex on the Beach’ (July 16), but she’s also dropped jaws for slamming that very network for the poor ratings of its current shows and for not involving Danity Kane, Day 26, or Donnie Klang in the recently announced reboot of ‘Making the Band’ (click here to read).

Taking to our friends at ‘The Blast,’ O’Day didn’t mince words when quizzed on her feelings on the rap mogul.  Pinpointing him as the main reason the Platinum-selling group broke up in the first place (and went from a quintet to a trio), the 35-year-old asserted that including all five ladies on the reboot would give him the chance to right the wrong of their mistreatment from over a decade ago.

Shots fired! Hear her stinging words inside:


O’Day on reuniting ‘Making the Band’s original stars:

‘I’m happy when any new artist gets an opportunity to shine and develop, but MTV needs to bring back a Danity Kane reality show with the family we created on the network – Day 26, Donnie Klang.  We won’t stop until we get it.  Get all the originals back.  It will be interesting to see Diddy repair what he broke on national television.’

O’Day on Why Diddy Should Consider Including Danity Kane on ‘MTB’ Reboot:

‘The breakup (of the group) came from his mouth, so I think coming back together would be great if it came from his mouth as well.’

O’Day on the last time she saw Diddy:

‘I saw Diddy at a club in Vegas for some party with Ray J. It’s been ages since Ray J was relevant, so probably a long time ago.’


Ouch!  Click here to watch the interview in full.

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  2. Paulo July 18, 2019

    Another misleading piece smh she only spoke the truth all tea no shade. Except for that Ray J part which is true but she could’ve kept to herself… from what I remember Ray J been on the charts the past decade while she wasn’t.

  3. Truth July 18, 2019

    She is addicted to being on reality tv… fame ruined her… she was my favorite in the beginning.. fame is a drug worst that heroine

  4. Maxx July 18, 2019

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