‘Batuka’: Madonna To Drop New Music Video…This Week!

Published: Tuesday 16th Jul 2019 by Rashad

Despite becoming the Pop Queen’s 9th #1 album, Madonna‘s latest LP, ‘Madame X,’ made history for the biggest second week drop from the top spot by a female act in the chart’s history (click here to read more).  As if that wasn’t enough, the set slipped out of the Billboard 200 completely less than a month after its chart premiere date.

Undeterred by the project’s mixed critical reviews and commercial nonperformance,  Madge – hard at work in preparation for the launch of the highly anticipated ‘Madame X’ tour – is continuing to promote the effort by lifting visuals for its content.  Having already gifted viewers with videos for the likes of album cuts ‘Crave,’ ‘Medellin,’ ‘Dark Ballet,’ ‘I Rise,’ and ‘God Control,’ now the Pop diva’s gearing up to unveil the accompanying clip for fan favorite, ‘Batuka.’

Will it be enough to reverse ‘X’s fortune to date?  Tell us inside:

Taking to Instagram earlier today, Madge revealed:


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Madame ❌ and Batukadeiras watching the Batuka video dropping on Friday………………. ???????????? @orquestra.batukadeiras.pt #madamex #batuka #rehearsals

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The cut will undoubtedly be one of many album gems set to get the live treatment on the singer’s forthcoming ‘Madame X’ theater tour.  Curious to see if the jaunt will be coming to a city near you?  Click here for dates.

Unfamiliar with ‘Batuka’?  Hear it below:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jasmine July 17, 2019

    Desperate much? Grandma releasing a video for every song on the album and still FLOPPING lol. Old ugly racist white b|tch.

    • Shayla Queen July 17, 2019

      B|tch take your anti-white self from around here

    • Rashad July 17, 2019

      STFU you bitter, homophobic ho! Nobody wants to hear the hate you keep posting posting on these boards. Anti white, anti gay, anti trans. Your comments speak for themselves so don’t even try to defend them

    • Jasmine July 17, 2019

      I said what I said and ain’t sh.it u can do about it!

      • Shayla Queen July 18, 2019

        Shut your ashy h** a$$ up and raise your 8 kids in the hood you came from. Now SCRAM B|tch. Ain’t no racist, homophobic, hooker h** like you can tell me sh|t JasMAN

    • Gary Ryckewaert July 17, 2019

      And I take it you are a black racist?! You ensnared yourself. LOL

      • Jasmine July 17, 2019

        I’m not black. I’m mixed so u are dead wrong. I don’t give passes to racist white b|tches like old lady Madge. She is gutter racist trash. I don’t know why u eurotrash idiots think me calling her out on her racist ways has anything to do with white people as a whole. My comment, points, and tone were all pointed at ONE person named Madge!

    • Shayla Queen July 17, 2019

      Get a job. Jealous heathen w****!

      • Jasmine July 17, 2019

        I have many jobs! Why are u so mad? Because I have been ignoring ur daily stalking of my comments lately? I thought we agreed to stop speaking to each other already! Stay on topic. This article is about old racist gutter trash Madge not Queen B Jasmine. Why do y’all trolls only want to speak to me, speak about me, and obsess over me daily? I’m NOT the subject of conversation!

    • I love big black c** July 17, 2019

      Go suck her toe. Bow down b-i-t- c-h!

    • Cornelia the Historian July 18, 2019

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      Bye bye :*

  2. Nicki Maraj July 17, 2019

    Beyoncé just dropped a Music Video we don’t need any distractions at this point

    • Jasmine July 17, 2019

      That old b|tch is a f.ucking nonfactor. Look at her low ass. Jews on YouTube hehe. Ain’t nobody checking for that old ugly racist b|tch. That is why she doing a theater flop tour because she can’t sell arenas like Bey can. Bey is professional. She come out on stage on time and end on time unlike that ugly white garbage who stroll out at 1 am and 2 am for an 8 pm show all highed up and looking like death.

      • Jasmine July 17, 2019

        Views not Jews. Damn iPhone XS Max respelling my sh.it

      • Gworl Bye July 17, 2019

        Sit please, Beyonce will NEVER match Madonna’s touring grosses. And her lion king bs is flopping just as hard as Madame X so don’t act like she’s better when she’s NOT.

      • Gary Ryckewaert July 17, 2019

        Honey, for someone who thinks Madonna is a non factor you spend an awful lot of time reading anything and everything ’bout her. I can’t imagine what you must be like in a relationship with someone you like…..oh wait, yes I can….. it’s called STALKER. LoL, hehe, LOL, hehe. Get yo ass back in yo she shed and shut up. ? Have a nice day! ?

      • Jasmine July 17, 2019

        LIES! I have yet to watch any of her demonic videos from her last three albums! I just call her out on racist ways and desperate thirst for attention. She is not classy. She is racist TRASH!

      • Shayla Queen July 17, 2019


      • Jasmine July 17, 2019


      • Margo Germanotta July 18, 2019

        What is Beyonce? Estonian dairy product with less calories?

    • Pedonika July 17, 2019

      Beyonces ugly face in her video is already distracting enough.

      • Oliver July 17, 2019

        And beyonce is still hottter than your infected stinky mother . That makes you and ur mom repelling stinky s*** . Nothing to be distracted about you n your toilet mom ? thank you .

      • Pedonika July 17, 2019

        We don’t share the same mother. My mother ain’t a cheap whôre like yours

      • Conania July 18, 2019

        Beyonce’s face IS ugly. Her dear husband will, however, summon and sacrifice ten imps just to make her beautiful for a shorter period of time LOL

    • Gworl Bye July 17, 2019

      Gurl please, ain’t nobody thinking about beyonce or that cheap video.

    • Ropeburn July 17, 2019

      LOL! Who would listen to that trite song outside of watching the movie?

  3. I’m Black Jasmine, The REAL Jasmine Okurrr. July 17, 2019

    I’m ready for it.

    • Jasmine July 17, 2019

      Shut it Jawanna Mann

      • Romualda July 18, 2019

        Both of you ‘putas’ can easily forget about your personal hygiene, so be reminded: you have to wash your dirty holes, sick biATches!

  4. Joseph Suazo July 17, 2019

    Madonna What A Gift, Love Ya Joseph Robert Suazo

  5. XYZ July 17, 2019

    I tried it, but I just cant get into her voice this time

  6. Ropeburn July 17, 2019

    Since when is “Batuka” a fan favorite? Chile that’s one of two tracks on the album I skip every time.

    • Johnathan July 18, 2019

      Maybe not a fan favorite per se, but I like it, tho.

  7. Joseph July 19, 2019

    Lol, shame Jas. What has Madonna ever done to you for you to hate her this much. It’s sad really.

    Give Beyonce about 20 more years to truly be considered a lagend. By then she’ll be well over 50 and I guess a grand ma in your eyes as well.

    We’re all aging sis. No one can stop that. Don’t let your dislike of Madonna ruin your day. She’s done much more with her life, talent and fame then we ever will. Including adopting four BLACK orphans who evidently adore her and will have blessed lives because of what she can do for them.

    She’s Madonna b**** and we all know Madonna dgaf ‘don’t give a f***’ about hateful venom like yours.

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