Chart Check [Billboard 200]: Madonna’s ‘Madame X’ Suffers Biggest Fall From #1 in History Among Female Acts

Published: Friday 5th Jul 2019 by Rashad

She may have ruled over competition last week with her 9th #1 album, ‘Madame X’ (click here to read more), but this week Queen of Pop Madonna suffered a royal disappointment after peruse of the Billboard 200 saw her drop over 70 rungs from the chart’s perch.

Topping the tally thanks to a merchandise/ticket bundle deal that saw fans in line to purchase tickets of her highly anticipated ‘Madame X’ tour also get a free copy of the album, the move gave her just the edge she needed to outpace Bruce Springsteen for the top position.  Fast forward to this week, however, Springsteen – who suffered quite the drop himself – still managed to stay in the top 30.

Madge on the other hand…

Billboard 200 This Week


Although the fate of ‘X’ is similar to that of Madge’s last few albums, it certainly stands as the most extreme instance in her career to date.  And, while it is the largest fall from #1 among female acts, reports have it the drop comes as the fourth largest in history:

The record for the farthest fall from No. 1 is still held by Bon Jovi’s This House Is Not for Sale, which once returned to the peak position for a single frame and then almost disappeared off the Billboard 200 entirely, crashing to No. 169. In second place on the list of the largest tumbles is Brand New’s Science Fiction, which almost became the first title to dip outside the top 100 in just its second frame, declining from No. 1 to No. 97 in one turn. In third place is last year’s Iridescence by Brockhampton, which slipped from first place to eighty-eighth.  [source]

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  1. truthtea July 5, 2019

    But y’all weren’t expecting her really sell anything to begin with so why acting so shocked?

    • Jasmine July 5, 2019

      She did better than Ciara’s Stretch Marks though. That album flew into oblivion 2nd week. At least old lady Madge is still on the charts. Ciara and Madge has the same amount of promotion too.

      • Faf July 5, 2019

        Ciara had 200 mil sps ww upon her debut . 15 years into her career as a black r&b singer on her own independent funded label. And even her grandma Gladys body looks better than grandonna using black and Latino men as her relevance fades . It’s not the 90s. Them white punks don’t even listen to her no more

  2. Meme July 5, 2019

    The fact that she was #1 in this music climate to begin with is amazing.

    • Jasmine July 5, 2019

      Not really. Old lady Madge bought her own albums. Anyone who would waste 5 million on a single boring performance surely is wasting money buying their own albums.

      • Echo July 5, 2019

        And it was part of a ticket ? bundle, so that’s why it debuted at #1.

  3. Aquanetta DaVinci July 5, 2019

    And Megatron is predicted to drop 50 spots next week. Where’s the post on that?

    • King z July 5, 2019

      Umm sis it kinda needs to happen first to be reported on don’t u think?

    • Jasmine July 5, 2019

      Megatron is not going to drop 50 next week. Besides that is just a single not an album. Megatron is cute and will be around for a little bit on the charts. I just wish Nicki would have gone a little harder on the lyrics but she wanted to be radio friendly.

      • Faf July 5, 2019

        And if it does she hasn’t performed the song once lmaooo y’all so mad at black beautiful woman cuz this white dinosaur is irrelevant

  4. Joggers July 5, 2019

    It’s just not a good album tbh. Having said that, who cares? We really need to get over sales tbh, they mean nothing anymore. I don’t know anybody aside from collectors or stans of a particular artist or band who actually buy albums in any format anymore. It’s a dying market. I’ll take it one step further and say albums are dying too. Pretty soon people will just release singles and videos and that’s it. No more eras, no more waiting 3 years for a new project. Look at greatest hits albums – they’re already obsolete. What does that tell you?

  5. Seth July 5, 2019

    People love to see her fail and to vilify her. She’s stood up to the patriarchy her entire career fighting for women’s rights, gay rights and equality and now trying to take a stand against gun violence. She builds schools and hospitals in Africa and people still laugh at her. Yet 36 years into her unparalleled career we’re still talking about her while her peers are mostly deceased or legacy acts.

    • CDC July 5, 2019

      Huge fan but enough. This album and era is garbage. Stop with the blond loyalty and just say- this era is the worst and hope for better next time…

      • Fancy BISH July 5, 2019

        I can believe what you feel, I can believe that…but do you KNOW? Do you really know? Thank you *Whitney Houston voice* ? She hasn’t even started touring hunnie ??

      • Seth July 5, 2019

        You’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine. Not my fav album by any means but not blind loyalty. I actually think this is still far better than MDNA. Madge could usually do formulaic pop and Confessions 2.0 but instead she takes risks and this time made the album she wanted to make instead of working with of the moment producers. This album was never going to get played on radio and sonically is far more the successor to American life than any of her others. If you want phoned in pop go listen to Britney or Cher’s ABBA covers.

    • Jasmine July 5, 2019

      Your assumptions are totally wrong. Nobody wants to ‘vilify’ an old lady. Oprah has done the same charitable and philanthropic acts and she is admired for it. Madge will always be a well respected and admired legendary musician / dancer. Madge is responsible for her own negative press! An old white lady doing trap music and using auto tunes is laughable when this is the same lady who put out iconic albums like Ray of Light, Confessions on a Dancefloor, and all of her 90s albums. There is nothing wrong with an artist exploring different genres of music but the music itself has to be good or they will be laughed at. Your standing blocks u from possessing the ability to be objective so u simply attack people for having a different opinion on Madge. Remember everyone is not a stan and yes there is a difference between a fan and a Stan.

      • Seth July 6, 2019

        Take several seats as 90% of your comments seem to be attack’s and rebuttals. This album is not even in my top 10 favs but it’s not as horrible as you’re making it out to be. Crave, Come Alive, I Don’t Search I Find, Looking for Mercy are nowhere near trap music and all are solid pop songs. I can judge objectively and without sounding pressed. Go listen to Bedtime Stories if you’re longing for 90s Madge and the rest of us still interested in her new sound can give it a chance.

      • Jasmine July 6, 2019

        If you like the album and some people don’t why do you care? Just because you like something does not give you the right to attack them and make false claims they are ‘vilifying’ an old lady. A negative opinion is not vilifying anyone. It is just a negative opinion. Nobody needs to validate your liking of an album nor do they have to listen again to songs u think are all that if they don’t like the songs in the first place. Subliminally, you seek validation of your opinions and that is pathetic. Very pathetic.

      • Seth July 7, 2019

        Pathetic? You say I’m seeking the validation of my posts? What the hell are you doing then? I always try to be positive towards other commenters bc this is a blog where respectful disagreement should be the norm and you’re always making it personal. I’m entitled to my opinion as you are yours. I have better things to do on my weekend then engage with someone that’s never going to budge. Hope you had a good 4th

  6. Brent Christopher July 5, 2019

    THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN THE MODERN DAY MUSIC INDUSTRY when chart positions are attributed to more than simply HARD CORE PURE SALES!

    Billboard needs to SERIOUSLY ELIMINATE all of this streaming, youtube views, merchandise purchasing & ticket bundle bu||s***! it’s maddening!!

    the only numbers that should contribute to a songs success is purely what the record buying & music listening public BUYS for $1.29 or more.

    any song, record, ep or lp sold for less than that, also should not count towards a damn sale!

    just because people watch a music video or listen to a song, does NOT MEAN that they enjoy it or care anything for it. so, the large majority of data being used to secure these chart positions aren’t even stemming from those who truly SUPPORT the music at hand.

    Billboard has made a HUGE MISTAKE by creating this chess pool of faux success for music that isn’t truly on most people’s preferred or favorites lists.

    It’s SAD!

    Madonna would have NEVER touched number one with this God Awful album had it not been for this new age trickery.

    she didn’t really fall 70+ spots.

    the album, TECHNICALLY, was never a number one champion in the first place.

    and that’s a data proven FACT!!

    • Paulo July 5, 2019

      Unless you can provide receipts that anyone else sold 90k pure sales last week other than Madonna, you and your BIPOLAR font with the OVERUSE of CAPS can SHUT it.

      I hate it when these trolls try to turn their biased opinions into facts.

      • Brent Christopher July 5, 2019

        WHO DO YOU HONESTLY THINK YOU ARE TALKING TO? I am not to be questioned, chastised or ridiculed for the ways in which i accurately & effectively express myself. my thoughts, feelings & ideas about the present climate of the music industry is shared by MANY others. you obviously stem from this present, surface generation if you disagree with the need for billboard to alter the tainted methods presently used to chart artists, their singles & overall album projects. I stand behind every single comment previously made.

        and just so you know IDIOT, Madonna did not physically sell 90,000 copies of her actual album in hard form. for each ticket sold to her forthcoming tour, a physical sale was counted. so… please know PAULO… Madonna’s album (without the trickery & bonus efforts), WOULD NOT have reached the number one spot.

        her music has completely lost its focus and artistic direction. with every era, she strays further & further away from her own identity, creativity, innovation & faded essence of self.

        Madonna’s present music is HORRIBLE & that is a certified fact! this entire project has been panned by her core fans, most supportive critics & huge second week decline in “sales”.

        don’t EVER respond to my original comments with questions or criticisms pertaining to the well thought out & presented ideas that i lay before you people.

      • Paulo July 5, 2019

        Hmm no I’ll pass on reading another long crazy ass rant. Take your pills and have a seat, ho

    • Gary Ryckewaert July 5, 2019

      Who do you think you are?

      • Brent Christopher July 5, 2019

        I am the professionally accomplished, well respected, widely admired, BRENT CHRISTOPHER.

        My comments on this site and many others hold more weight than many other readers, viewers & visitors.

        I am often invited by moderators, webmasters & social media specialists to create & lead topics in various website forums.

        So, THAT my dear is PART of who I am.

      • Jasmine July 5, 2019

        Amen Brent! I love all your comments.

      • Jasmine1999 July 6, 2019

        Brent is a very insecure man in his late 40s whos happiness depends on this site. He doesn’t know anyone and gets ignored on G***** by the young guys he pursues. He’s nobody to worry about. He writes long essays that don’t say much and is also lying about being a heavyweight so oral commentator lmao

      • Paulo July 6, 2019

        Ha I knew it! It’s just another Jizzmine account

      • Jasmine July 6, 2019

        @Jasmine1999 aka FAKE Jasmine the UGLY T***** LOSER / Jasmine Fan. LEAVE Brent alone u gutter trash. I thought I told u to change your user name. There is only room for one Jasmine on this site and since I have been here since the very beginning u have to change ur username or get lost and don’t come back!

  7. Fancy BISH July 5, 2019

    Anyway, the album is still LIT, it’s still better than all these young wack pop girls that I won’t name names lmao ? And no, I’m not talking about Rih, Bey or Adele…and furthermore, Madonna has already outsold all those weak pop girls for an ETERNITY ? Those weak pop girls with their songs that are so FONKY and PLAYED OUT ? I’m wondering if the people who stan for the weak pop girls actually BUY the albums they yap about! Cause I BUY the ones I talk about ?? Shiiit lol..last time I checked, those weak asss albums are available on CD, vinyl and cassette too…so put ya money up ? ? And yes, I’m defending Madonna to the DEATH! ??

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate July 5, 2019

      Bish please – even i would keep it real and fess up if Beyoncé, Mariah, Jill Scott or any other artist turned in a weak album.

      I have plenty of Madonna albums and this new album is steaming pile of try hard Ostrich turd ?? and everyone knows it except you.

      It was conceptually and sonically poorly executed – but that doesn’t detract from her legacy – it just means she needs to take the L and learn from this era. Does she have another Ray of Light or Confessions era in her? Probably not. Therefore, she should step up her game or stop.

      • Brent Christopher July 5, 2019

        THANK YOU for your brutal, unapologetic HONESTY.

        I very much have enjoyed the work of Maddona over the past 30+ years. However, as of lately, she is trying to chase trends — thereby ruining the glory of her name, catalogue & legendary platform.

        It’s honestky OKAY for her to ride the hits of her golden years — as she certainly hasn’t created any new ones since 2008.

      • Fancy BISH July 5, 2019

        Everyone knows it except me? You really think that or was that something cute you thought you said lol…you really thought you was cutesy with it and all that ? Well, I hate to bust your bubble, but since the album was on the expensive side cause of tour bundling and the vinyl, I’m 100% CERTAIN that somebody ELSE likes it! Now, I like a good read, but yours was weak…the fact that people are saying it’s her best since Confessions and yet here you are? Oh hunnie chile PLEASE ?

    • DaisyRed December 13, 2019

      Wow. I cannot believe some of the self important opinion and comments I’ve read here. Madonna is allowed to create what inspires her…she has worked her ASS OFF her entire life and she chooses her direction. This album takes a bit to get into but it is brilliant and unique. I Rise is a brilliant anthem. The show was out of this world. If you don’t like Madonna…why waste your time commenting? Have a nice day y’all.

  8. Caleb July 5, 2019

    Wait a second. So TGJ reports a drop from #1 to #77 (with second week units of 9,700) yet they won’t report on Ciara debuting at #87 with 6,000 on her debut week? And I thought TGJ is always claiming they care more about “pure sales” even though it is #9 on the album sales chart.

    • Victor July 6, 2019


  9. Dc July 5, 2019

    She makes crap weird music everyone don’t wanna listen to this weird direction she’s been going in

  10. QueenJanet July 5, 2019

    Why TGJ not posting Kylie Minogue being number one in official UK Album Chart this week?

    Madonna is legend, she doesn’t need to prove anything

  11. Victor July 6, 2019

    But she is not 77 if you count PURE SALES. Her album would be much higher. It’s because Billboard counts singles and streams all mixed. She’s sold almost 300.000 worlwide since release, not bad for a singer with a 35 year career. The charts are designed to support streaming services and viral hits. Madonna fans barely stream and new audiences aren’t interested in learning WHY MADONNAIS SUCH A LEGEND.

    • Dom July 8, 2019

      Madonnas fans barely stream? Wtf are you talking about? Also if her fans indeed don’t stream then why the F is she making trap for and with 20 year olds?!

      • DaisyRed December 13, 2019

        Because she wants to. Why do you care? Drop the ageism.

  12. Dom July 8, 2019

    This album is dreadful. Madame X is delusional white white lady art by an entitled lazy pop star who should be making better s**t. Period. Don’t talk to me about risk. Cher took a bigger risk and she made a damn ABBA covers album. “God Control” almost had me until she started rapping. Her flow in 2019 make American Life’s “soy latte” debacle look like it was a hip hop classic. That’s how bad it is. I’m all for artist expression and experimentation but does she know her audience anymore? Does she care what we would like to see from her? (News flash: its not Madonna doing trap with some 20 something!)
    One last thing: Rise being a tribute to the lgbt community? How exactly. Pretty big stretch lady. Maybe next time it will be different, but probably not.

    • DaisyRed December 13, 2019

      She is not making music for YOU. She has always made music for herself. She writes about what she is inspired by…she always has. And people either jump on board or don’t. She is a legend, she can do as she pleases now.

      Also…men can continue and perform into their 70’s and 80’s but somehow she is a gross old white lady? Drop the ageism. She is the same woman who gave us Open Your Heart, Who’s That Girl, Vogue, Like a Prayer…we should be so lucky to still have her. Living Legend of all legends.

      Also…people still give her s*** and laugh and whatever but if she was no longer with us y’all would become a Stan over night, crying and talking about how much you love her. Sick of all the hate. What goes around comes around so be nice?

  13. Michael July 9, 2019

    If she’d stop trying to be relevant and put out good beats like she used to, maybe she wouldn’t have to cheat… Longtime fan but am pretty much over her.

  14. Jake July 9, 2019

    The pig of pop completely off the charts in three weeks. Granny screams….lol.

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