Cardi B Blazes Wireless / Travis Scott, J Hus, Migos, Megan Thee Stallion, Ella Mai, & More Heat Up London’s Hottest Festival

Published: Monday 8th Jul 2019 by Sam

It may be summer the world over, but nowhere was hotter than the 2019 Wireless Festival in London this weekend.

The annual extravaganza, which once again returned to Finsbury Park for a three-day run, was attended by a record-breaking 135,000 and played host to performances from the likes of Travis Scott, Future, Tory Lanez, Rae Sremmurd, Ella Mai, Migos, and Megan Thee Stallion. A triumphant J Hus also the joined bill, replacing A$AP Rocky.

Few, if any, however could rival the colossal showing from Cardi B. 

More from Urban music’s most resonating festival below…

The birth of daughter Kulture saw the rapper (born Belcalis Almanzar) forced to pull out of last year’s spectacle; but oh did she make up for it with her headlining set.

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Armed with the momentum of her first Grammy win at the top of the year, the star took charge with an endless array of hits including ‘Press,’ ‘Finesse,’ and ‘Bodak Yellow’ – the latter of which saw her snatch off her own wig (after snatching everyone else’s)!

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Other highlights included a racy showing of ‘Clout’ with husband Offset and a surprise performance of ‘Rodeo’ with Lil Nas X (who also rocked the capacity crowd with ‘Old Town Road’).

The pairing of Cardi’s trademark charm and already impressive catalogue proved potent and holistically served as an exclamation mark as to why she is truly here to stay!

Peep more from Wireless…

Tickets for Wireless 2020 (July 3rd, 4th, 5th) are on-sale now.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bardi #1 July 8, 2019

    She killed it!!

    • Clout queen July 8, 2019

      if by killed you mean bored everybody then yes… she killed

      • biancacook July 8, 2019

        Everybody was rapping along and very excited

      • Dc July 8, 2019

        110,000 bored people huh hater

  2. Nicki Maraj July 8, 2019

    Her performance sucked she was so boring she threw her dusty wig off during her performance just to get media attention she’s the definition of Clout Chasing built her career off Sympathy & Payola Everything this Woman does is for CLOUT

    • D July 8, 2019

      N*gga really? ?

    • Bardi #1 July 8, 2019

      Hating again! You make Nicki look bad. Not that she has any problems doing that herself. How is MegaFLOP doing?

      • Nicki Maraj July 8, 2019

        Better Then Wish Wish

      • D July 8, 2019

        Wish Wish goes hard, though. The bars are ? and grimy. Nicki Minaj can only talk about ‘shots shots shots’ that she’s drinking because she runs and hides from high heels, so now the whole world knows she doesn’t play with bullets (which she alluded to up until that point of her career).

    • Caleb July 8, 2019

      Your fave literally went on the radio and cried trying to make people for sympathy for her last year. Too bad it didn’t work.

      • Nicki Maraj July 8, 2019

        Let’s not act like CardiB is some tuff Chick it’s plenty of videos on YouTube of her getting her ass whipped let’s be Clear CardiB left the Harpa Bazaars parTy with the Biggest Knot of her entire career please stop acting like CardiB is a Gangster

  3. Jada July 8, 2019

    She sucks

  4. van July 8, 2019

    Yawn… that put me to sleep

  5. Cali July 8, 2019

    Boring! can’t believe people pay to see this trash…

    • Shayla Queen July 8, 2019

      Can’t believe you bothered to comment..

    • Dc July 8, 2019

      110,000 to be exact ??

  6. Thank u Next July 8, 2019

    lackluster and tired

  7. Clout queen July 8, 2019

    Eww That wig probably had fleas on it

  8. erica July 8, 2019

    press flopped harder then a fish out water

    • Shayla Queen July 8, 2019

      Like your b******

    • Bodaky Yakky July 8, 2019

      Megatron #20 to #74

  9. Shayla Queen July 8, 2019

    The Queen ?

    • juicy July 8, 2019

      The Queen of H***** and various stds, give her the biggest crown pooh

      • Shayla Queen July 8, 2019

        Goodbye playa!

  10. biancacook July 8, 2019

    Lol it’s some pressed ppl in da comments! Anywho all the clips I saw should kill any type of nonsense, the crowd loved her and knew all the words. She can definitely headline a tour

  11. RIH 8 July 8, 2019

    I’ve seen better performances at a public restroom.

    • Shayla Queen July 8, 2019

      I’m sure you have h0£! Performances of you on your knees! Toilet lurking b|tch!

      • Fancy BISH July 8, 2019

        SCREAMING ?

      • Echo July 8, 2019

        Shayla is dragging TF out of these wack a$$ trolls! ???

  12. Shayla Queen July 8, 2019


    • juicy July 8, 2019

      Flopped Flopped Flopped Flopped Flopped

      • Shayla Queen July 8, 2019

        Like your life

  13. Dc July 8, 2019

    Y’all mad nicki song sitting at 104 on iTunes ????

    • Shayla Queen July 8, 2019


    • juicy July 8, 2019

      and you mad Press still flopped

      • Shayla Queen July 8, 2019

        Again, BYE PLAYA!

      • Dc July 8, 2019

        Press not a first single though from a comeback Nicki on her comeback from queen flop and flopped again ??????????

  14. Dc July 8, 2019

    Every since nicki stans started hating on cardi b nicki career has been going down down down they pressed and jealous

    • Shayla Queen July 8, 2019

      B|tches be pressed!

    • juicy July 8, 2019

      Every since Cardi roach came out, the s** rates have went up. coincidence? i think not

      • Shayla Queen July 8, 2019

        I think that’s clown Nicki with her rapists and p*** crew!

      • juicy July 8, 2019

        and i think you cardi roach, must be reading the blogs at the free clinic again.

      • Shayla Queen July 8, 2019

        The Lil Kim clone clown needs a trip to the free clinic after sharing that stank p**** with her r*****/p*** fiancé!

      • juicy July 8, 2019

        Sorry you must have her confused with Clone clown fardi, drugging and robbing men..

      • Shayla Queen July 8, 2019

        Nicki doesn’t need to drug her man’s victims because they’re CHILDREN

      • juicy July 8, 2019

        Just like fraudi don’t need to give her man the herps because he already had them..

      • Molly b July 8, 2019

        cardi and her man= super herpies 🙂

      • Shayla Queen July 8, 2019

        Sit with Nicki and her p*** man and p*** brother, P*** lover

      • cuss July 8, 2019

        Cardi’s dad Carlos is a pedofile

      • D July 8, 2019

        Is this a fake / administrator account being used to stir up drama and increase likes, clicks and web traffic?

        Nicki Minaj had a whole song out called ‘2 Sticks in My Buns’ over 10 years ago “I can put two sticks in my buns, no n****z recognise me when I c*m”—a double meaning, sure ???. But let’s not start discussing STDs ?

      • Shayla Queen July 8, 2019

        She isn’t sucking, f****** and marrying the dude like your big fat plastic blow up doll

  15. Molly b July 8, 2019

    she walks and looks like she got an infestation going on in her puss

  16. cuss July 8, 2019

    Was her p*** father there?

    • Dc July 8, 2019

      On small stages

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