Tasha K Claims Cardi B & Gang Members Threatened Her Unborn Child / Forced To Leave Home & Flee For Safety

Published: Monday 8th Jul 2019 by David

As the most influential gossip blogger in town at the moment Tasha K has risen to fame on the wings of the shocking exclusives delivers to the millions who watch her YouTube channel Unwine with Tasha K.

Unfortunately, new court documents reveal that she believes her life is in danger….because of the Hip-Hop starlet Cardi B.

A startling story below…

A number of Cardi’s old associates have used Tasha’s platform to publicise their grievances with the entertainer and worked closely with the investigative blogger to paint a very disturbing story of the life she lived before she became Atlantic Records‘ leading lady.

A story, allegedly powered by prostitution, gang affiliations, violence and dodgy business deals.

A story, that even went as far as to claim that one of the rapper’s customers closed his wallet when she opened her legs because the odour emitting from her vagina was frightfully rude and deeply upsetting.

All lies.

Cardi and her legal camp have been working tirelessly to stop K from spreading the hurtful (and potentially fictional) gossip as it has caused she and her young family a great deal of distress.

Today, their legal fight has now taken a more serious turn because Tasha claims that gang members affiliated with Cardi are threatening to harm her and unborn baby.


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  1. Hih July 8, 2019

    Don’t start no stuff won’t be no stuff

    • Fancy BISH July 8, 2019

      ✅ ? *Eats Snickers Bar* *SMACKS* ?

  2. What would Whitney do. WWWD July 8, 2019

    Offset need to get this b**** cardi in check before their money sued up….You know her $$$ not as long as Nicki. I would make that b**** pay for all her legal fees and lawsuits.

    • Jasmine July 9, 2019

      U mean her record label. They are responsible for their artist through vicarious liability.

  3. Moti25 July 8, 2019

    Man being successful has its drawbacks. People come out of the woodworks smh

  4. Brent Christopher July 8, 2019

    THIS IS SO FRAUDULENT & RIDICULOUS! Tasha K ignited this entire fiasco with her name calling, crude commentary & fabricated stories about Cardi’s life. Cardi, like any other human being with a platform, hit back with vicious name calling & aggressive responses. Who does this Tasha K*** think she is?

    Bloggers have freedom of speech & so do lead rapstresses in the hip-hop game.

    NO COURT ON EARTH is going to grant Tasha $3 million dollars for “moving expenses”. She is wasting her time & taking full advantage of the legal process — as well as Cardi’s celebrity status.

    ITS BOGUS as hell!

  5. Stallion ❤️??? July 8, 2019

    But Cardi herself admitted that she was a prostitute. We’ve all seen her old Instagram videos. She even used to give tips on how to make extra money from customers.

  6. ?? July 8, 2019

    The real reason this case isn’t going anywhere is because Cardi tried to claim Tasha lied. Tasha then threatened to prove that she is not lying and said she would ask the court to obtain Cardi’s sexual health records so she can prove that what she about her is true. This is why this has gotten as far as it has. Cardi knows she can’t sue Tasha and win because the discovery process will unearth things about her that she wants hidden. Don’t forget that Michael Cohen is in jail because law enforcement uncovered crimes UNRELATED to what they were investigating him for. Cardi can talk a good game but the last thing she wants is a court looking into her background. That’s why Tasha will come out of this on top.

    • D July 8, 2019

      She might have a hair appointment w/ Smith & Wesson first, though—if what she says is true. I don’t think that would qualify as coming out ‘on top’, tbh ⚰️

  7. Jujumanji July 8, 2019

    She still lying and clout chasing? Smdh. Lady get a life!

  8. Jorge July 8, 2019


  9. Jules July 8, 2019

    first her dad is a convicted pedo and now this? karma soon come

  10. Nicki Maraj July 8, 2019

    Herpe Infested CardiB your going Down

    • ? July 8, 2019

      Similar to Megatron?

    • Danny Bey July 8, 2019

      Shouldn’t you be focusing on getting Megaflop back on iTunes? It’s only been two weeks sis.

      • Jasmine1999 July 9, 2019

        Like iTunes is the only music streaming app

  11. Angela D Wesley July 8, 2019

    I think this case will be thrown out of court because what I have learned from watching Judge Judy that that both parties have to come to court with clean
    hands.(which means no questionable behavior should come up in court.) This
    case Cardi B and Tasha K both have done bad things in the past.

  12. BeyKnowlesBest July 8, 2019

    This is why I have to look at my black distaste with the ?sometimes smh

  13. Bey Best July 8, 2019

    Tasha used her platform to go HAM on Cardi’s personal life, health, family and career with all kinds of allegations and name-calling. I do not feel sorry for her.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. July 8, 2019

      @Bey.. – I agree. No sympathy.

      • D July 8, 2019


  14. Tyty July 8, 2019

    This lunatic is obsessed with cardi b she reminds me of Sandra rose crazy ass

    • Fancy BISH July 9, 2019

      lol…Tasha K reminds me of one of those 90’s R&B acts that never took off ? The album cover would say featuring the hit singles “Do It” and “Let’s Wait” and you’re going “Wait, WHO? WHAT?” ? You might see a video like one time and it looks low budget and you just know she sipping water out of champagne bottles…I’m done lol

    • ?? July 9, 2019

      I’m screaming!!! I love Tasha but I’m screaming. The album would be called Never Known A Love Like This and has the bonus tracks Waiting For My Love and That Groove Thang.

      • Fancy BISH July 9, 2019

        ? ? ?

  15. Abel M July 8, 2019

    Tasha K is a narcissist, liar, and a Drunk. I used to get into her a few years ago and I genuinely liked and enjoyed her content. After this Starmarie and Cardi B stuff began, I lost all respect for her. She showed her true colors and clearly let her YT channel get to her head. LovelyTi clocked that girl’s lies and Tasha K turned into a monster. She is DISGUSTING and is just trying to get the case thrown out for the sheer stupidity of both her and Cardi’s side.

    • Detruth July 9, 2019

      Lovely Ti is the truth and always coming with the facts!

  16. Carlos santos July 8, 2019

    Cardi should sue K ass for defamation.

  17. SNF July 8, 2019

    I cant stand this lady. I hope the goons do get her raggedy a$$

  18. thanosoftitan July 8, 2019

    Clout chasing at its finest, Ain’t nobody checking for her tail!

  19. Danny Bey July 8, 2019

    This is nothing new than what the OG hip hop/rap gurus did in the 90s. You start sh*t, they send for you. Not condoning violence but amidst her popularity and scandals, Cardi is a gangster and she been told y’all that so idk why just cuz now she’s on top ppl think they can f**k her and there won’t be any consequences that won’t issue. Keep playin w her if you want to

    • Danny Bey July 8, 2019

      Also Tasha K is messy af. She’s the ratchet version of Wendy Williams and Wendy is pretty ratchet herself.

  20. NickiMinajisCancelled July 8, 2019

    I love how this pops up right when Megatron fell 72 spots on Billboard aka the greatest freefall for a female rapper in history! How convenient! ??????????????

  21. Ropeburn July 8, 2019

    None of this stuff is new though. Cardi makes no secret about being gang affiliated. She reps the Bloods on the daily. We already knew she was a stripper and she basically admitted to being a prostitute as well. She’s lucky she’s not facing charges for drugging her “customers” and stealing from them.

  22. Datnycgal July 10, 2019

    You know this is really really sad really sad. I used to be a Avid listener to Tasha K because I used to like a content and I like to energy until I started seeing her fake and phony she was and toxic yes t oxic. She always likes to be the one to get the first story out without having much receive or evidence to back it up. You want to if she would feel embarrassed but now she riding the Maverick all the way to the Supreme Court on the wings of clout. I see black women going after each other like that especially after she talked about all that female empowerment crap. Now she’s into energy and dr. Sebi she’s with whatever is current and popular just listen to her material. It’s sad to see that she brought her unborn child into this mess that she called she could have easily diffuse the situation but know she is trying to make an example out of cardi B for some reason I don’t know why it seemed like she jealous or something I don’t know let’s focus more on female empowerment Miss Tasha k please!!# damn

  23. DICIE August 4, 2019

    I think she lyin she tellin way to much and playin confused naturalist more like voodoo!!!! ya herd how she look tellin on some one elses when you put her on #RIGHT!!!!!! h***** if she got them you gave them to her off ya panies she supposbly wore b**** is a str8 SNITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE CALL YOU HATERS## HEALER IS VALTREX NATURAL………..???????? AND ONE H***** SIMPLEX IS NOT GENITAL H***** YOU NOT THAT EDUCATED GOOGLE SIRI AND ALEXIS KNO EVERYTHING SO LOOKIN UP YOUR INFECTION YES STRESS AND HEAT CAUSE OUTBREAKS FUNNY THING HOW U KNO THAT YOUR H***** ISNT ACTIVE WHAT IT WONT SHOW WHEN YOU DONT HAVE AN OUT BREAK BUT YOU STILL HAVE IT DONT lie and say you dnt have it or everyone has it becasuse if we did we wouldn’t have to get tested . you knew it wouldn’t show up inless she had a outbreak its still catchable without an outbreak ..and why would she stay IN TOUCH WIT A HATER AND WHY WOULD YOU WANT HER TO IF SHE SO MESSED UP MAN U CHASIN HER BAG AND CLOUT B**** GET Ya OWN .. YOU NEED MORE THAN VALTREX AND HERPICIAN LOL

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