Cardi B Cancels Concert Following Unverified Threat

Published: Wednesday 31st Jul 2019 by David

Cardi B was forced to cancel a concert hours ago after she learned that the lives of her fans may have been in danger.

Full story below…

The show was to take place in Indiana but was cancelled when authorities were given reason to believe that the Hip-Hop princess was in serious danger.

This evening, there was a scheduled concert at Bankers Life. We were notified of an unverified threat to the artist and the artist canceled this evening’s concert – there is no immediate threat to public safety, this is not an active incident. Ongoing investigation.

Cardi added…

Dear Indiana people I’m so sorry for today. I will like to let you know I was at the venue I was even rehearsing a new move I been excited to do on my show. Unfortunately there was a security threat that is currently under investigation right now. My safety and your safety first.

The show will now take place on September the 11th.


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  1. Zion July 31, 2019

    She called the authorities because she knew her show was a flop

    • ??? July 31, 2019

      lmfaooooooo this. and what new move was she working on? how many ways is there for a stripper to pop her used up cooch? lmfaooooooooooo

  2. Tyty July 31, 2019

    I’m convinced there is something wrong with cardi she is always spazzing out on Twitter and I’m a fan. She acts like a malfunctioning robot ??

  3. Jasmine The Real Princess July 31, 2019

    Not Flopnika trying to stop Cardi‘s bag to make her LOW TICKET cancelled tour look better

    • Your Mother July 31, 2019

      Girl suck Nicki Minaj’s Diickk she ain’t worried about that has been Meg the Stallion took CardiBs Spot

      • Dc July 31, 2019

        Meg the stallion ain’t done s*** yet y’all give her wayyyy to much top 50 hit cardi has 3 number 1 s and a Grammy meg ain’t seeing that ever

      • ??? July 31, 2019

        lmaooooooo yep, its megan’s time now. dummi got replaced faster than farrah from destinys child lmfaooooooooooooooooo

      • Faf July 31, 2019

        Megan not even signed and has a certified single Cardi could never prior to Atlantic ???

    • Tanbee August 1, 2019

      Lol yeah

  4. Black Jasmine, The REAL Princess Jasmine Okurrr. July 31, 2019

    TRASHmine and her scummy people always blowing up innocent people, when will it stop ✋?

  5. Black Jasmine, The REAL Princess Jasmine Okurrr. July 31, 2019

    Cardi we love you, f*** floponkia

    • Jasmine The Real Princess July 31, 2019

      Flopnika, Pettynika, Pedonika, NoGrammiesnika, No#1nika, SaggyButtCheeksNika, BubblingUndernika

      • Your Mother July 31, 2019

        Imagine being this obsessed with The Queen of Rap ? ? ?Jasmine’s definitely a FAN

      • Faf July 31, 2019

        Cardi b new body not seeing even the photoshopped Nicki pics ?? that rat looking h** is ugly

      • None of your business August 1, 2019

        B*tch go drink some nitric acid and die fast.

    • Truth be told July 31, 2019

      no we don’t love roachy b,

  6. Clarkson July 31, 2019

    Nicki about to marry a broke s** offender who is also a r***** and a murderer.

    • ??? July 31, 2019

      lmaoooooo yep while dummi is canceling concerts while her pimp husband is still banging other strippers lmfaoooooo

      • Faf July 31, 2019

        Cardi husband has her about to go to prison lmao . Ken is free . And Cardi father is a s** offender . And he was an actual adult ?????‍♀️

    • Truth be told July 31, 2019

      cardi and her daddy are both jail birds so what are you saying lol

    • None of your business August 1, 2019

      Cardi was birthed by a s** offender. And Off2Cheat prolly off somewhere cheating. Lolol

  7. REN July 31, 2019

    To all of y’all claiming Nicki is behind this… Just because Nicki is on y’all mind 24/7 don’t mean Cardi is on hers. There’s other female rappers out besides Cardi that are above Cardi on the charts. There’s Lizzo,Saweetie, City Girls & Megan thee Stallion, they all have songs that are charting higher than Cardi B right now.

    • Your Mother July 31, 2019

      Thank you let them know CardiB is so 2018

      • Dc July 31, 2019

        Press got pass 50 dumb ass debuted at number 16 ?????

    • Tyty July 31, 2019

      Two trolls which are probably the same person doesn’t count…calm down sis ??‍♀️

      • REN July 31, 2019

        We are definitely not the same person. Face it everybody don’t kiss Cardi’s ass like you.

      • REN July 31, 2019

        Furthermore, you didn’t even mention Nicki so why are you the 1st one to come to defense?You must be the one with the 2 different names that’s why that was the 1st thing that came to your mind. You told on yourself.

      • Tyty July 31, 2019

        Why do do I need to mention nicki for I was talking about your overdramatic comment specifically your claims of ”people” Jasmin spazzing out on this blog pretending to be different accounts is nothing new. ??‍♀️ You just feel stupid cause your comment was stupid. ???

      • REN July 31, 2019

        @Tyty,I don’t know who you think you’re talking to but there was nothing over dramatic about my comment. I addressed my comment to the people I were referring to. You wasn’t in that category so I don’t know why you’re under my comment anyway.

    • Dc July 31, 2019

      Meg is not getting to number 1 and press got to 16 meg flop ass never peeked that high ?????

      • Your Mother July 31, 2019

        Press isn’t getting to number 50

      • REN July 31, 2019

        So what, when Chun Li peaked at #10 y’all said that was a flop. Nicki’s No Frauds peaked at #14 y’all said that was a flop. Now when Cardi song peak at #16 it’s a hit. #GTFOH It’s even worst for Cardi cause the fact that she has #1s, peaking at #16 is not good. Expectations are set higher for her.

  8. Dc July 31, 2019

    Cardi just had 3 shows in row 15,000 plus y’all haters miserable little f***

    • Faf July 31, 2019

      15000 but spent 500k on her daughter bday ? buying cars but can’t drive and legal fees from various lawsuits

      • Danny Bey July 31, 2019

        Why you all in her wallet when you can’t even walk on the sidewalk of her tax bracket? Broke a** h*e ????

    • Truth be told July 31, 2019

      how many people was on the ticket tho? you left that part out lol

      • Dc July 31, 2019

        She actually sold out solo b**** ha ha ??????????

      • Truth be told July 31, 2019

        She might have sold out at the clinic or strip club…

    • Keisha July 31, 2019


  9. Truth be told July 31, 2019

    the karma for all the sh*t talking she’s been doing is about to kick in for miss b.

  10. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie July 31, 2019

    ??? I can’t believe this bish is already fading already. It has barely been two years lmfao. The white powers that be has got to come harder than this if they are looking to replace the iconic Onika cos this industry plant is just embarrassing.

    OAN: Y’all better stream Cash S*** by Meg. It’s entering top 40 next week. I’m so excited!

    • POPS MOTHER July 31, 2019

      honey boo how is she fading? let’s not go there. Rataj is the one nobody cares for and I like Meg and you would think with all the publicity she’s been getting about Hot Girl summer she would have a hit at least. she doesn’t have a hit and this is her prime. Summer is almost over so what’s next for the new girl? Cardi remains unbothered.

    • Dc July 31, 2019

      Top 40 cardi debuts in top 20 every time ????? Megan been out how long with that song and slowly creeping to top 40 i can’t ???????

      • REN July 31, 2019

        Money debuted at #54. Bodak Yellow debuted at #80/90 something. She had other songs that didn’t debut in the top #20. Do research.

  11. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie July 31, 2019

    Meg charting without a video or even a big machine behind her. Out here slaying with a mixtape and an indi label ??? Cardi could never do that without Atlantic.

    • POPS MOTHER July 31, 2019

      Ms hot girl summer might charting but as of this writing she does not have a hit. nowhere near top 20 and not even close to a top 10 yet alone a number 1. your audacity.

    • Dc July 31, 2019

      When Megan sellout arenas get a Grammy and 3 number ones she can become competition she won’t have a hit equal to bodak yellow or even i like it like that or let’s say girls like you cardi has accomplished more in 2 years than Megan will in 10

  12. Keisha July 31, 2019

    She’s a damn idiot. IQ of a 5 year old.

    • Jasmine The Real Princess July 31, 2019

      Jelani would love her then ?‍♂️

  13. POPS MOTHER July 31, 2019

    Rataj doesn’t have that power to be behind this in 2019.. look for her on billboard and you will see. the only pressed h*es are Rataj fans under the comments they’re mad Cardi is the new IT girl

  14. I hate bllccck n whyyyte July 31, 2019


  15. Tanbee August 1, 2019

    Cardi great…she show proof that she sell out arenas on Instagram. And Meg can’t compare her credits to Cardi or Nicki. She got a flow but that don’t mean shht. Entertainment is the key. Yes Cardi is very entertaining. Ya’ll dumb…whoever think she’s dumb and crazy. Entertainment…

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