James Arthur Condemns Pop Stars Who Use Publicity Stunts To Sell Records

Published: Monday 15th Jul 2019 by David

James Arthur isn’t impressed by those of his Pop peers who employ publicity stunts to move records.

Who do you think he is referring to?

Weigh in below…


Arthur’s remark saw a number of Pop music fans urge him to name (and shame) the culprits and silenced talk that he was referring to the Pop superstar Camilla Cabello and her boyfriend Shawn Mendes.





Arthur rose to fame as the winner of the ninth season of the X Factor UK and stands as one of its highest-selling competitors thanks to sales of his studio albums and the singles he launched to support them.

Your thoughts?

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    Dude is talking about that article Mariah did when she claims to only slept with five men in her entire life when we all know that’s a f****** lie b**** .

  2. Danny Bey July 15, 2019

    @ them.

  3. Jasmine??‍♀️David??‍♂️Sam??‍♂️& Rashad ??‍♂️#TROLLmineSlayers #DaBiAsianCrew July 15, 2019

    Well Michael Jackson was the king of PR stunts and has done more for pop music than any artist in history so I’m not sure what he’s getting at.

    • Mother July 15, 2019

      Facts. James is bitter because even with PR stunts he’ll still be a flop.

      • Fi July 15, 2019

        He’s a millionaire from it, but money isn’t his motive…

    • Fi July 15, 2019

      He doesn’t say they don’t work. But I have been of the same opinion as James, especially recently.

  4. truthtea July 15, 2019

    Taylor Swift does it all the d@mn time and sadly because of her White privilege, she’s able to manipulate the public into her favor and people buy into it without getting facts!

  5. Miko July 15, 2019

    Being a pop star is just one big publicity stunt. Can’t stand holier than though artists. How is making a tweet about PR stunts not a PR stunt in and within itself? lol it’s just the anti pop star publicity stunt. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s releasing a new project soon.

    • Fi July 15, 2019

      He’s always honest with his opinions to his Twitter followers. It’s That Grape Juice Net who are using it for click bait, not James. And for the record, I agree with his opinion here wholeheartedly.

  6. Erica July 15, 2019

    Some of the biggest pop stars ever were PR/ stunt queens. From Mj, Madonna, Britney, Beyonce who is the queen of stunts at this point all her releases PR homeruns

  7. Gee July 15, 2019

    This guy was looking for exactly what he got attention. However what will be the price he will pay at some point? Time will eventually tell. Without amazing and strategic moves a lot of major forces would not be who they are in pop culture.

    • Fi July 15, 2019

      How is being open and honest with your followers on Twitter suddenly becoming “looking for attention?” Rhetorical.

  8. truthteller July 15, 2019

    James Arthur is hardly one to talk to. When he appeared on the X Factor he claimed he had been homeless and abandoned by his family. They rubbished his claims and pointed out he had a comfortable upbringing in Bahrain

    • Fi July 15, 2019

      Unfortunately you are not correct. Fact is he was only in Bahrain for some of his upbringing, he was back in the UK while he was still at school. When he was older he absolutely did have to sleep on friends sofas and a park bench for a while – his Mum was ill at the time and his dad wasn’t able to put him up. But remember, XFactor played on that, not James. They extract stories from you to make the show more interesting.

  9. Fi July 15, 2019

    We can only guess what triggered this Tweet, because James has not said. But I absolutely and wholeheartedly agree with him. And yes, over the years it has made some singers successful, but it wasn’t for their singing. I think it’s got worse though recently, as in some celebrities are totally abandoning hard work and talent in favour of the publicity stunts.

  10. Robin Moreland July 15, 2019

    We love James Arthur and will listen to his music no matter what he does. He doesn’t need any crap to sell his music!

    • Fi July 15, 2019

      Absolutely agree.

  11. Renee July 15, 2019

    James is so right! A lot of “music” these days is actually business transactions, not music, chemistry, or art. James is full of integrity. He’s earned his success by sheer talent and hard work. Love him!

    • Margaret Devine July 15, 2019

      I couldn’t agree more with him!

    • Fi July 15, 2019


    • Francoise July 16, 2019

      I agree so much proud to be a fan of James he makes his music and write lyrics. I adore his voice…
      he will never let industry eat him. For this I love him ???

    • Francoise July 16, 2019

      I agree so much Renee proud to be a fan of James he makes his music and write lyrics. I adore his voice…
      he will never let industry eat him. For this I love him ???

    • angeline July 16, 2019

      Renee , i can’t be more agree with you! We have lot of example in France!! Lot of music are on the top but are extremly bad!!

  12. I hate bllccck n whyyyte July 15, 2019

    Fucc Lion King ? , solonge needs to tell people why she was f****** Jay-Z up in that elevator. Like we’re supposed to forget. They family not s***

  13. Angeline July 16, 2019

    And he’s totally right!

  14. angeline July 16, 2019

    the truth is not always pleasant to hear!! But i love the fact he dares to say it!! he makes him even more interesting!!
    quality artists are scarce nowadays!

  15. Caron July 18, 2019

    James is only speaking the truth.

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