Jermaine Dupri: Today’s Female Rappers Are All ‘Like Strippers Rapping’ / Cardi B Responds

Published: Thursday 11th Jul 2019 by Rashad

From Nicki Minaj and Cardi B to Megan Thee Stallion, City Girls, Stefflon Don, Lizzo, Iggy Azalea, and more, 2019 has seen no shortage of appearances from femcees on the Billboard Hot 100.  Easily boasting the most simultaneous placements among rapstresses in its history, the year’s carving out proof that the girls are able to not only sell records, but also share space on the chart.

When quizzed on his thoughts on the rise of females in the Rap game, super producer/hitmaker Jermaine Dupri credited a great deal of that progress to his protege Da Brat.  Claiming she ‘broke the mold’ with her Platinum-selling debut album, 1994’s ‘Funkdafied,’ J.D. went on to compare today’s female Hip Hop stars with Brat and – in so many words – said they come up short.

Likening them to ‘strippers rapping,’ Dupri was unable to choose which of today’s femcees was his favorite of the lot making moves on charts.  His quote landed on the desk of Cardi B and – in typical fashion – she had a jaw-dropping response. See it all inside:

Dupri took to PEOPLE to say… (start at :44):


Which prompted Cardi to clap back with:


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  1. Brodie Brim July 11, 2019

    Eve, Trina were strippers as well! Cardi was not the first! And I loved Cardi’s response. Doesn’t matter if these girls were strippers or not! Most dress like they’re strippers and rapping that s** s***! It sells! Not just rappers but pop girls as well!

    • Jasmine July 11, 2019

      Eve and Trina came out at a time when the industry had Missy Elliott, Kim, Foxy, Salt n Peppa, etc rapping. Nowadays the female rappers talking about the same ish like their brain can’t go past the stripper pole. The male rappers talk about the same ish too like their brain can’t go past the strip club but they get a pass because for every French Montana, Future, and Rick Ross there is a J. Cole / Nas / Drake / Kendrick Lamar, etc. What female rappers need is another Lauryn Hill rapping (aka a real lyricist).

      • Kurtz July 11, 2019

        Yes we do need another Lauryn Hill
        L is and was goat. Her lyrics were just so intelligent and next level ✌?

      • Jasmine1999 July 12, 2019

        There is one but she doesn’t get attention! Rapsody is a real rapper she’s great

  2. Whoops ?????‍♀️ July 11, 2019

    S** does sell. But lmao hoooold up. ? How would Cardi know that s** is all people wanna hear when she hasn’t genuinely tried to attempt the opposite?? Be Careful?!!??? Lol, Is she serious? That’s what she thinks the opposite of rapping about pus** is??? It wasn’t a flop because it wasn’t about s**. It was a flop because it was trash. So let’s be REALLY honest about why she’s making the music she is. Because the truth is, she doesn’t have the range to go beyond where she is, content wise. Cardi couldn’t make a song of substance if she tried. But Shout out to Tierra Whack, Princess Nokia, Noname, etc. etc.

    • Jasmine July 11, 2019

      Be Careful was NOT a flop! It was a slow grower and it sole 2 million copies in the US alone.

      • Whoops ?????‍♀️ July 11, 2019

        That’s beside the point though. Comparatively, it didn’t perform like her other singles. And I picked that song because it’s the one she brought up, so she clearly noticed that it wasn’t received well. And the reason why that was is not because it wasn’t focused on her v*****. She brought that up as an example like it was a great song that people immediately rejected just because it wasn’t revolving around s**. That’s a p*** poor excuse for making uninspired music. And I don’t agree with Jermaine, there are a ton of female rappers who have a lot to say, but Cardi is not one of them, and that is not because anyone is holding her back from being artistic, or thoughtful, or profound.

      • Jasmine1999 July 11, 2019

        What about Bodak Yellow though? That song was about leaving the pole and making money moves. It is her biggest selling single.

      • Whoops ?????‍♀️ July 11, 2019

        I mean, what about it? She’s still talking about her pus** in that song, but I honestly don’t see how it matters either way. My comment was really asking, does Cardi rap primarily about s** because people don’t want to hear anything better or does she rap about it because that’s what she’s capable of? Do you think she’s a great rapper who could easily make stimilating music that’s provocative and cultured without relying on sexual or frivolous themes, whenever she feels like it but simply chooses not to because that’s not what sells?

      • Whoops ?????‍♀️ July 11, 2019


    • ChiChi July 11, 2019

      Cardi broke down things very well and easily answers your first question. She references Be Careful b/c it’s one of her more lyrical emotional singles but a lot of her fans didn’t take so well to it at the beginning causing it to gain slow. I’m sure she could have writers pin her more meaningful singles but like she said that’s not selling as much. There are alternative female rappers that people aren’t supporting.

      • Whoops ?????‍♀️ July 11, 2019

        I understand that but that’s still beside the point sis. Just because a song is meaningful or deep to YOU, does not make it a good song. And she probably could get more writers to put out better content but as far as I can see she hasn’t even tried. How do you put out one or two songs that are semi-“meaningful” and when they don’t perform fast enough, assume that people’s interests just aren’t aligned with meaningful topics, rather than considering the possibility that maybe they just didn’t like the song? Adele could put out an album tomorrow and despite Taylor’s lack of success in her new kids bop singles, she’ll still outsell Cardi and they’ll both do it without any mention of s**. So is the problem that hip hop fans specifically don’t care about anything else? I really don’t think that’s true.

        It just seems to me like the responsibility for the poor quality of music going out is being placed solely on the audience and not on the lack of talent from artists or the marketing we culturally devote to vulgarity. Like look at what you just said. Probably the top female rapper in the game right would need OTHER people to write meaningful songs FOR her. But the only reason that we can identify for why alternative female artists aren’t being supported is because the public doesn’t wanna hear that?? Really? That’s not adding up to me. Let’s not underestimate the influence the industry itself has on the music tastes and preferences of the public. People buy into what they’re being sold.

    • NickiMinajisCancelled July 11, 2019

      You poppin off talking bout Cardi serious songs don’t sell but Be Careful outcharted And outsold any Nicki solo “rap” effort. Don’t nobody cares about Pills & Abortion they way they cared about Be Careful and that’s facts. ???

      • Whoops ?????‍♀️ July 12, 2019

        Lol, Ok some of y’all really need to learn how to read. ??? Because this is embarrassing now.

    • SNF July 12, 2019

      Now platinum single are flops? You girls swear yall industry insiders… And stop with these long A** novel on these blogs… Jus read and go! Geesh

      • Whoops ?????‍♀️ July 12, 2019

        Y’all are big hurt ???. In an entire “novel” of expression (guess that’s what the kids are calling a complete thought these days) that one word was enough to ruin you alls day. ? Get some help for real.

  3. Meme July 11, 2019

    And what’s his point? Most male rapper past and current sell drugs, do illegal stuff or shot/shoot people. Everyone has a past and an opportunity to control their trajectory.

    • Fancy BISH July 11, 2019

      Ok, so here’s the thing lol…in music PERIOD you’re either talking about love, sexxx, cheating, heartbreak, getting high, putting on head wraps, dancing/clubbing, violence, spirituality and/or some type of redemption or comeback lol…that’s really about it! Female rappers who don’t talk about sexxx usually rap about smoking bags of weed in a cypher with a head wrap burning incense with their ashy feet out calling Tyrone ? #FACTS

      • Fancy BISH July 11, 2019

        Oh, and I forgot lifestyle/cars/clothes ?

  4. Ropeburn July 11, 2019

    Well he’s half right. Most of the female rappers that get promoted by the label are talking about puss. But it’s been that way since Lil Kim and Foxy Brown came out. Missy and Eve were the only real exceptions. And Cardi is right too. There’s plenty of other rap chicks out there but they don’t get support from their label. They only fund the artists who wanna sound like Cardi and Nicki.

  5. Brodie Brim July 11, 2019

    BE CAREFUL was highly successful and was a top 20 hit.

  6. ERIC July 11, 2019

    He’s not lying! Like I said the other day, it’s too much of a soft p*** industry now and it’s not just with rap music. It was cool for Cardi to mention other female rappers who keep it a little more clean.

  7. Paulo July 11, 2019

    F*** him for that sexist bs. Why he ain’t mad at all the autotune drugged up crap of the male mumble rappers send to the charts? What is he doing as a business man to support female rappers who talk about different stuff?

  8. Interac July 11, 2019

    “So keep your tacky ways and go back to your stripper days(lil’ Kim, 2003)”

  9. Interac July 11, 2019

    Listen to Tierra whack and Tink.

  10. Clarkson July 11, 2019

    Mr dupri why are u talking about female rap? What’s your business? Are u a female rapper?
    Nobody asks for ur opinions Go back to making flop beats for Mariah.

    Female rappers should be allowed to rap about anything they like, no man should dictate what female rappers should rap about.

    • Jasmine July 11, 2019

      I think u misunderstood him. What he really said was we need more diversity in female rappers not that he is trying to dictate what comes out of their throats.

  11. King of Kingz July 11, 2019

    A lot of the New rap girls like Cardi, City Girls & even Meg really only make songs about s**, twerking, turning up & they pusssss but there are plenty of other female rappers who have diversity in their songs including Nicki. Hate on her all ya want but Nicki has made rap songs that had substance like Ganja Burn, Pills & Potions, All things Go, Freedom, Bed of Lies, The Crying Game, Autobiography, Still I Rise, etc. So for him to act like Da Brat is the only b**** to put out rap with some substance in the past decade is some BS & came across as sexist af

    • NickiMinajisCancelled July 11, 2019

      Lol you try soooo hard to push the Nicki narrative it’s sickening you big dummy

      Get Up 10
      Be careful
      Best Life
      I Like It

      All don’t talk about s** and they outsold any Nicki no-s** song. Nicki biggest song is Anaconda and with joints like “I Endorse These Strippers and “I love Dem Strippers” she clearly leads the pack. ?And Cardi only 2 years into her career; stop comparing St Nick who’s had 10 years stupid. The more you compare the more tarnished her legacy will be. ?

      • Jasmine1999 July 12, 2019

        Yea you’re right Nicki’s songs didn’t sell but honestly The Crying Game our of the few songs she has that aren’t about s** was actually very good lyrically and having Jessie Ware on the chorus just added to it. But people don’t want to hear that from Nicki.

      • Princess Jasmine July 12, 2019

        Hey Gurl who are u? I’m Princess Jasmine. BOW DOWN ho

      • NickiMinajisCancelled July 12, 2019

        The Crying game is beautiful Jessie Ware did that! ?????

  12. biancacook July 11, 2019

    Cardi was right tho, there are other rappers that rap about other things n get no support. Lots of ppl really didn’t listen to cardi album cuz she has a few songs that’s not about her snatch n not about s**. She put out ring I like it be careful none of which are about s**. Thru your phone get up 10 and best life weren’t about it either. That’s why her album was banging it was diverse with some songs being themed not just lyrics.

  13. Moti25 July 12, 2019

    I miss Fergie! She is pop but I hate she never went all The way urban. She has a range of topics.

  14. danyboo July 12, 2019


    • Dc July 12, 2019

      Stfu all them had short lived careers to

  15. Eugene July 12, 2019

    I like Jermaine but dude you had your ex-girlfriend Janet Jackson dress like a stripper in one of your videos. Bye boy!

    • Eugene July 12, 2019

      I like Jermaine but dude you had your ex-girlfriend Janet Jackson dress like a stripper in one of your videos. Janet even said she liked going to strip clubs with you. All of a sudden your self righteous. Boy bye!

  16. PCIO July 12, 2019

    She asked her fans to listen to these rappers who deserve it but don’t get any support from the same people who shot the other ones, that was a f****** good answer, why nobody’s talking about that? WTF is wrong with y’all?

  17. Unnatural July 12, 2019

    For those saying eve was a stripper too when she started, they forget Eve actually is a talented rapper. These new gimmicks stripper rappers like cardi cant rap for nothing. No talent whatsoever. Just insta and reality show famous. If yall were coming from the time JD was your understand. Todays so called female rappers post Nicki Minaj are not real MCs. The only thing you hear when they try to pick up a mic is just noise. Cardi shld stop responding when she knows she dont have what it takes. She justfamous. But an empty type of entertainment. For the new age kids who really dont know what real hip hop is and what it means when a female can come thru and hold her own when Male counterparts. Ie Shawnna to Luda, Eve to DMX, Nicki to Jay/Kanye. Get mad if you want but the man tells no lies.

    • Dc July 12, 2019

      Eve went pop for hits u forgot that sellout married white man to

  18. SMH July 12, 2019

    He told the truth, period. Dummi & all the other stripper h0s that were lucky enough to f*ck the right producers for the right tracks will just have to stay in their feelings.

    • Paulo July 12, 2019

      So you think it was fair to Nicki what he said? Cause it wasn’t. And she is also another example of what Cardi said… she has tried several times to release her harder and more substantial tracks as singles and the same people who try to come for her for being too s*** or too pop were not supportive at all.

      • SMH July 12, 2019

        And what does that have to do with stripper h0s like this clown f*cking for tracks and record deals? Please sit down, Jermaine told the truth, bottom line.

  19. Quentin Parker July 12, 2019

    What he said is absolute truth…if people stop focusing on numbers and. Focus on thier craft and art….they will be able to rap about somthing other than s**….card b is popular and when your popular peolpe will support you no matter what….missy Elliot lauryn hill da brat eve they are rappers……they are diverse…..and didnt focus on one topic……we need more of that type of delivery… i agree with Jermaine when it comes to females rapper.. At the moment all the popular females
    artist are the same just with diffrent wigs

  20. JBone July 12, 2019

    B**** is loud. I mean, damn! I’d hit it over and over again but, yeah, that’s about it.

  21. SMH July 12, 2019

    The fact that this fool felt the need to respond with multiple IG videos proves that Jermaine hit a nerve that she can’t take or deal with.

  22. ROCK July 12, 2019

    Nicki would never advertise other female rappers like this

    • Bettie clayton July 12, 2019


  23. Bettie clayton July 12, 2019


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