Russ Condemns Music Industry For Misrepresenting Black People

Published: Tuesday 2nd Jul 2019 by David

Russ has condemned powerful players in the music industry for polluting Pop culture with artists who misrepresent and degrade black culture.

Full story below…

The Hip-Hop prince used Twitter to warn his fans to beware of executives who use the music industry to propel their narrow and dangerous views on race to disrupt and misrepresent the black community.

He shared…




He argues that white tastemakers and executives who secretly hold negative views of black people will only finance projects launched by artists willing to fall in line with their toxic views.

His accurate estimation received praise from many.



Can you think of any examples?

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  1. D July 2, 2019

    They’re not just white—they are majority JEWISH. But no one wants to come out and say it.

    • Chilepleaseee July 2, 2019

      You don’t think Jews are white? ?

      • D July 2, 2019

        For all (general social) intents and purposes they are white, but they only claim white when it’s convenient. They have a very particular mindset that sets them apart from the average white person on the street. Zionism, their views on ‘goyim’, and their stranglehold on media, financial, and political institutions sets them apart as well. That’s all.

      • Chilepleaseee July 2, 2019

        I can agree with that.

    • SMH July 2, 2019


  2. Your Mother July 2, 2019

    Russ, WHO?

  3. tina July 2, 2019

    Lord like stop complaining people!

    You want equality but then want to be separated ugh like just live love and create!

    • SMH July 2, 2019

      You clearly need to learn how to read.

      • tina July 2, 2019

        i do know how to read i simple made a state dummy!

        smh learn to mind your own and read

  4. eric July 2, 2019

    Absolutely true! I’ve said this a few times here and the last time someone told me to shut up and save it for the NAACP. Some people have gotten so comfortable with the way things are that their perception is distorted and they are proudly ignorant of what’s really going on.

    Just think about it. Without the ghetto, without poor education, without the gangs, without drug and gun and hood culture, the material would not exist for 90% of today’s rap/hip-hop artists to glorify and profit from. The white people pulling the strings know that these conditions have to be maintained in order to keep the class system the way it is with blacks at the bottom where all of these problems exist.

    When Cardi B, for example, can earn ASCAP Songwriter of the Year for lazy unintelligent lyrics about her p****, it sends an unconscious message to her teenaged fans that there’s no need to strive for a good education and a career that requires people to use proper English. The majority of young people who desire to become rappers one day care little about education even when the resources are there to prepare them for more realistic career options that don’t require black plight to stay in existence. Until we wake up, there will be no shortage of ignorant young black folk for whites to exploit.

    • SMH July 2, 2019

      Say it again please, for the idiot above telling folks to “stop complaining”.

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