Sia Claps Back at Taylor Swift Fans Accusing Her of Racism for Using Blackface in Performances

Published: Wednesday 3rd Jul 2019 by Rashad

As the Taylor Swift/Scooter Braun battle rages on (click here for details), fans, industry analysts, and celebrities alike continue to weigh and pick sides on the debate. Like we reported here, while the likes of Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber defend the good name of Braun (who also serves as their manager), Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Halsey, and many more have shifted their support to the side of Swift.

And, while Lovato and Bieber have earned quite the tongue lashings from the swarm of Swifties (Taylor fans) leaving stinging comments on their respective social media handles, another singer-songwriter is swinging atop headlines for her support of Braun in ways unlike her Pop contemporaries: ‘Chandelier’ singer Sia.  After the 43-year-old took to Twitter to say…

…she landed on the radar of Swift’s devoted followers who unearthed a live video of her performing in what appears to be blackface.  A day after enduring vicious Twitter attack, the hitmaker spoke out against claims of racism.

The resurfaced footage – which derives from a 2011 performance – shows the singer’s face and neck covered in black paint.   Her response above comes after a legion of tweets slamming her for the appearance.  See highlights below:

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  1. Ugggh July 3, 2019

    Lmao Taylor Swift isn’t going to have no friends after this… her swifties are dragging everyone hahaha

  2. JB July 3, 2019

    Good for Sia. Any adult scared to speak their mind or opinion about Taylor Swift in fear of the “Swifties” needs therapy. lol

  3. K_man July 3, 2019

    Gosh I hate when fans get like this because someone Disagrees/doesn’t like your artist doesn’t mean you should attack somewhere else. Why not focused on the fact it’s music!

  4. J July 3, 2019

    This whole situation is so juicy. Keep it coming lol

  5. NotoriousTruthTeller July 3, 2019

    Swifties coming for the Hive Crown as most idiotic standom.

  6. Danny Bey July 3, 2019

    I’d be here for Sia but she’s been canceled ever since she blindly and idiotically expressed her support those clowns from Leaving Neverland. Dumb h*e.

    • Jasmine July 3, 2019

      Exactly. Sia needs to SHUT IT. She is cancelling herself and it always seems to be at the expense of black people. Now she is defending a RACIST label that only signs white artists.

      • Shayla Queen July 3, 2019

        Shut it RIGHT NOW JasMAN

        Weak b|tch!

      • Jasmine July 3, 2019

        The only ‘man’ who is ‘weak’ is u ugly T*****. U search for my comments daily and ur mental skills are so WEAK u cannot stop yourself from responding to all my comments. That lets me know u are a Jasmine fan. Face it. I OWN you b|tch. All I have to do is make a comment and here u come thirsting after me falling for the bait every time.








      • Shayla Queen July 3, 2019

        Wow b|tch you crazy as a mf I can’t


      • Jasmine July 3, 2019

        ShaylaMan you are pathetic. Very pathetic indeed. SMH. The thirst and Jasmine obsession is real y’all. That heshe thing wish it was me.

      • PinotNoir July 3, 2019

        Jas, girl, you were right!
        All (former) drug users are defending Scooter.
        First Bieber, then Lavato and, now, Sia.
        Snoop, Chris Brown, and Rihanna any day now. 😀

  7. Pedonika July 3, 2019

    I can’t @ NAZlor Swift Fans calling artists racists. Talking bout throwing stones in a glasshouse lmao…

    Shall I mention who kept quiet during elections and only spoke out after to not lose her core fan base? That being the same racist redneck trailer park inbreed that voted for Trump. And don’t come @ me with her fan base being young teens bs because guess who their parents are? Ding-ding! The redneck inbreeds! Only uneducated f**** would support such minimal talent. Lyricist my ass with that 3rd grade vocabulary of hers.

    What disgusts me most about that nazlor fanbase though is the fact that they would come with 8 year old receipts of someone being “racist”. Why? They didn’t do it cause they really were upset about it, they came with those old ass receipts TO DEFEND THEIR FAVE, A WHITE WOMAN. Make it make sense.

    Acting like Fartnika and pulling the race card only when it’s convenient like we don’t know Swifties consists of 99% white trash? ?

    Gtfo with that bs and just learn that not every person AND celeb will side with you just because your name is Taydolf Swiftler.

    • Opp July 3, 2019

      Your comments this one and lash show you hate white people. That makes you racist.. Talking about throwing stones at glass houses.
      You’re too dumb to even know it.

      • Pedonika July 3, 2019

        I am white myself you dumb ass k***.
        Thank god I’m not american though. Talking about being dumb when you couldn’t even find your country on the map to save your life…

      • Yeh sure July 3, 2019

        I’m not even American you dumb c u n t.
        If you’re truly white then you’re clearly misguided in what you’re saying.

      • Pedonika July 3, 2019

        Nope, I’m clearly awake HÔE.
        Why not „expose“ Sia back in 2011?
        Why wait for that til you feel your WHITE fave is being attacked? Exactly, because clearly you don’t care about the racist problem itself and instead use it for some dumb bs. Grow the eff up. These are real problems and not some shît for your Stan wars.

      • Yeh sure July 3, 2019

        Why do you caps lock WHITE again…you clearly are always looking to highlight skin colour. Besides, how may people bringing up this sia thing? A few on Twitter. So much crap gets said on Twitter.. if you’re gonna take seriously everything that’s being said, then you will spend your whole life doing so.

    • Jasmine July 3, 2019

      AMEN Pedonika

  8. July 3, 2019

    And they claim the barbs and the hives are the worse…

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