#WeStandWithTaylor Trending As Scooter Braun’s Wife, Demi Lovato Defend His Acquisition of Swift’s Masters

Published: Sunday 30th Jun 2019 by Rashad

After publicly slamming famed Hollywood manager Scooter Braun buying her masters as a ‘bullying’ and ‘power play’ against her (click here to read more on that), ‘You Need To Calm Down’ singer Taylor Swift got that very advice from Scooter’s wife, Yael Cohen Braun.

In a lengthy message on Instagram, Yael wields some heavy allegations including claims the Grammy winner was given the option of buying her own masters and passed on it.  But, just as her Braun’s wife’s stinging words were gaining traction on the net, many of Swift’s fans – affectionately called #Swifties – launched a scathing attack on Scooter’s social media handles.  As they continued their harassment, even some of Taylor’s fellow celebs got in on the action and joined in the campaign to defend her under the hash tag #WeStandWithTaylor.

The hoop-la caught the attention of singer Demi Lovato, who rushed to the aid of Scooter.  See all the melee inside:

Once initial reports of Scooter purchasing Taylor’s masters broke the internet, the singer herself responded with a lengthy message on Tumblr (click here to read it) and described the incident as saddening.  The post must’ve been a distress signal to the 29-year-old’s devoted fanbase who immediately sprang into action in her defense with social media attacks – a move that prompted Braun’s wife to post the below:


Celebrities also jumped into the mix to take sides.  Justin Bieber (as we reported here) and Demi Lovato, both clients of Scooter’s, added their comments to defend him.


Chart-topping songstress Halsey is among the celebs who have opted to take Swift’s side:


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  1. Jasmine June 30, 2019

    It’s amazing how all the crack heads (Justina Bieber and Demi Lovado) stand with this manager. I bet he is a manager / drug dealer. I know Hollyweird.

    • PinotNoir July 1, 2019

      Can’t deny the possibility here of that being true. 😀 And that Demi Lavatory is too vocal about a newly-recruited manager. What loyalty is she rasping her squeaky voice about when she’s known the guy for a month?!? Lord forgive me for assuming, but I don’t like that Scooter’s evil grin. One of his clients is a drug addict, the other a confessed recent alcoholic, and now a revenant-from-the-dead screamer will get the “I don’t interfere with my clients’ choices” policy? Hmm … and all this time, we thought Clive Davis was the only snake.

  2. Fancy BISH June 30, 2019

    Taylor has the right to be grossed out and feel some type of way!

  3. Brent Christopher June 30, 2019


    Taylor Swift makes it extremely difficult to like her or to even side with her. She is constantly whining & placing blame with others.

    It is so incredibly ANNOYING!!

    • Fancy BISH June 30, 2019

      I’m not crying with her, let’s get THAT straight *Whitney voice* ? I’m saying she’s in her feelings so let her work through it…I can see how you’re annoyed tho lol

  4. NOPE! July 1, 2019

    I don’t stand with her at all. Because Justin Bieber will probably drop pure fire his next album while those standing only with Taylor will be listening to ME! on repeat….lol. Just like when Kanye dropped My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Watch The Throne and Yeezus during his Taylor “beef” while she put out the purple dress album (lmao) and Red (which is decent). It took a minute from the great start of Fearless to another great album with 1989. I’m standing with the heat! Time is ticking… LOL

    • Lanafan1 July 1, 2019

      What? Please shut up!

      • Fancy BISH July 1, 2019

        ? ? ?

      • NOPE! July 1, 2019

        Sorry if you can’t read dum dum. Please redirect you and your funky bunch away from my comments.

  5. Casual July 1, 2019

    Yeah, like Paul McCartney was mad when Michael Jackson bought the Beatles catalog right out from under him, despite PM being far more wealthy at the time.

  6. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. July 1, 2019

    So why didn’t she purchase the music when it was offered to her? And her Dad is on the board and was notified? They either wanted an obscene amount of money or someone is lying.

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