Tina Turner Shoots Randy Jackson: Fans Respond To Unearthing Of Hidden Story

Published: Tuesday 2nd Jul 2019 by David

An allegation from Tina Turner‘s past has resurfaced today thanks to a post published by a  popular Instagram page.

Full story below…

‘Hollywood Ric’ is a popular page launched to celebrate black music’s glorious (but at times complicated) history.

Yesterday, much to the surprise of its followers, it posted a story which claimed Randy Jackson was shot by Tina Turner. The story sent shockwaves across social media.



The story, according to ‘Hollywood’,goes like this…

I1998, Tina Turner’s former assistant, Eddy Hampton Armani, published his book (“The Real T: My 22 Years With Tina Turner”) and, in it, revealed that the rumor was true. According to Eddy, the incident started over a woman named Bernadette Robi . Bernadette was the ex-wife of NFL legend Lynn Swann and is the current wife of boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard. At the time, however, Bernadette was the girlfriend of Randy Jackson and, according to Eddy, experiencing a lot of turmoil from that relationship. Apparently Randy was very controlling of Bernadette and forcing her to do things she didn’t want to do — things Eddy claimed were too horrific and shocking to mention in his book. But according to Eddy, Bernadette started confiding in Tina and this drove Randy crazy with jealousy. One night while Bernadette was at Tina’s house, Randy showed up and demanded to see her. When Tina refused to let him in, Randy went into a rage and tossed a huge flower pot through the glass doors of Tina’s house. As Randy entered the house without permission, Tina sprang into action by grabbing her gun and firing at him. Terrified, Randy ran for his life and this is when, according to rumors, he got shot in the ass. Years would go by without Tina or Randy commenting on the incident, but then in 2011, Randy finally confirmed — via Twitter — that the rumor was true, although the legendary Jackson member wouldn’t say if the gunshot wound was in the ass or not.


Randy confirmed the story but insists that he did not mistreat Bernadette or use violence against her.

Stunned fans said this…




Tina is yet to respond to the unearthing of the wild story.

Your thoughts?


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  1. Seth July 2, 2019

    Tina’s enjoying retirement in her European castle. Leave this legend alone

  2. Ropeburn July 2, 2019

    Tina must’ve started having flashbacks of Ike when Randy busted through the window. 😂 “Not today, negro!”

    • Fancy BISH July 2, 2019

      🤣 🤣 🤣

    • LemonLove July 2, 2019

      “He said hee hee so I said oh no!”

    • Jasmine July 2, 2019


  3. Danyboo July 2, 2019

    Lock her up!!!

  4. Lil’ Kim Is The Real Queen July 2, 2019

    If she can’t stand the rain against her window, what makes him think she can stand a pot being thrown through her window?

  5. Danny Bey July 2, 2019

    I believe it. Randy is crazy. He drove a whole a** car through Michael’s house trying to get some money back that Michael borrowed.

  6. Tino July 2, 2019

    She should’ve shot Ike ass.

  7. CDW July 3, 2019

    Way to go Tina. Even though he denied the abuse allegations we all know what his father was like.
    That’s what friends are for.

  8. room319 July 4, 2019

    TGJ : You dirty b****** for posting that photo of Ms Turner holding a gun. You FINALLY got one right 😂🤷🏾‍♂️💯

  9. W. L. Hall January 18, 2020

    Everyone has a right to defend themselves. Obviously, he thought she had acted appropriately and knew he was in the wrong because he did not file charges.

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