Young Dro Attacks Girlfriend With Banana Pudding

Published: Monday 22nd Jul 2019 by David

Young Dro was arrested on July 5th for assaulting his girlfriend inside their Atlanta home.

Full story below….

The couple were said to be arguing over money when they began to dash food at each other violently which prompted someone to call the police because they feared it would escalate.

He is said to be still jail because he’s being held on a child support contempt order because he owes $41,000 in back child support and is now tasked with finding $10,000 to be released from custody.

The child support case involves another woman he has children with.

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    • Goodie July 23, 2019

      B**** if money was that easy to be made, everyone would be rich. Stop posting this s***. Annoying as hell!

  2. SMH July 22, 2019

    Lmao, slow news day.

  3. Jasmine The Real Princess July 22, 2019

    Jasmine are u ok girl?

    • Jasmine July 22, 2019

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    • I’m Black Jasmine, The REAL Jasmine Okurrr. July 22, 2019

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      • Jasmine July 22, 2019

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      • Jasmine July 22, 2019

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      • Black Jasmine, The REAL Princess Jasmine Okurrr. July 24, 2019

        Still waiting on that answer are they Arabs or Pakis?

    • Jasmine The Real Princess July 22, 2019

      I heard her parents are siblings

      • Jasmine July 22, 2019

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      • Jasmine July 23, 2019

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      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 23, 2019

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  4. DC3 FOREVER July 22, 2019

    TGJ Please don’t become a crappy News source. Let Shade room and M** post this type of stuff stay classy and report what we want to see and care about. This title has marked y’all down a little.

  5. Jasmine July 22, 2019

    Black men need to stop acting like white men! White men can break the law and get away with it. When u are black u are going to prison!

    1. Kevin Spacey vs Harvey Weinstein vs R. Kelly vs Bill Cosby

    -Kevin already got off. Weinstein is in negotiations to get off. R. Kelly and Bill Cosby are black so they will be in prison.

    2. ASAP Rocky vs G-Eazy

    – They both did the same exact crime and G-Eazy was also guilty of cocaine possession in addition to assault. G-Eazy spent 20 minutes in a holding cell but ASAP Rocky will likely spend years in prison because he is black!

    White privilege is real! I am married to a black man and I consider my kids black even though they are fair complexion! I am raising them to know about white privilege and that they are black so they must not do anything to go to jail!

    • I’m Black Jasmine, The REAL Jasmine Okurrr. July 22, 2019

      But men can’t have babies, someone is tring to stay relevant.

      • Jasmine July 22, 2019

        I’m not a Man U r*****. Why do u have so many troll accounts with the name ‘Jasmine’ in them? I know it’s u because within seconds after I replied to the comment above I responded under another troll account. It is a compliment and a detriment to be idiolized by some internet thug troll! One day hopefully u will get ur own identity. BTW calling me a ‘man’ over and over is redundant and idiotic. I am a woman that speaks her mind and has no problems putting gutter trash u in its place which is the dumpster u slithered out of. Tell ur momma she to stop calling me BEGGING to be my maid. I would never hire the ugly demon who let u slither out of her dirty box!

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      • Jasmine July 22, 2019

        MAGA! #VoteTrump

      • Black Jasmine, The REAL Princess Jasmine Okurrr. July 23, 2019

        I knew they were Arab or Pakistani or even both…

  6. ??? July 22, 2019

    lmaooooo ill be back for the post about ed sheeran blocking the roach from #1 next week according to HDD lmfaooooooooo

    • Erica July 22, 2019


    • Jasmine July 22, 2019

      Lol Roach still did better than your fav Ci-Error’s Stretch Marks. This Lion King ain’t even a real album but then again neither is Ed Sheeran’s so yes u are correct basic ass Ed Sheeran beat the Queen B from nabbing a number 1 spot this time. When her next album Koolaide comes out as the follow up to Lemonaide she will be back at Number 1.

      • ??? July 22, 2019

        lmaoooo girl shut up this ain’t about ciara this is about your flopped fave tanking HARD even with a Disney franchise behind her struggle ass lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

      • Jasmine July 22, 2019

        Lol I agree. I think her greed got in the way. She tried to exploit her little 18 minute role into soundtrack money and it backfired. I don’t see the purpose of 2 soundtracks for a remake flick. Lady Gaga did not do that and her soundtrack is still top 10 selling very well!

    • Jasmine The Real Princess July 23, 2019

      You know damn well they won’t post that on here lmao

  7. Brazio July 22, 2019

    Not the banana pudding ???‍♂️

  8. AJ July 22, 2019

    Make that grape juice great again

  9. Echo July 22, 2019

    Monday, July 22, 2019NEW RELEASES: WHERE THE BATTLE IS
    At this point it appears that Ed Sheeran will repeat at #1 in his second week, and Beyoncé’s inspired-by set, Lion King: The Gift, will battle a resurgent Billie Eilish—now approaching her 17th week—for the #2 spot. As for Disney’s actual Lion King soundtrack, so far the film’s explosive box office has not translated into mega-streams and/or sales, but we’ll keep a close eye on the situation. That said, Bey’s Gift is #1 at iTunes and the official ST is #4.


  10. ERIC July 22, 2019

    That pudding couldn’t have been anything special. Hit me, push me, knock me down, but I will never waste a good bowl of banana pudding,

  11. Jamie July 22, 2019

    I hope he didn’t think his mugshot would put him in the running for prison bae 2.0 with that lazy ass eye and that tired ass smirk. You wanna throw something, throw yo ass in the studio and save yo career.


    , as long as it was not pattie labele sweet potatoe pie…we stil cant wait till she and walmart is done the line….forks are so ready………

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