Original Sugababes Confirmed To Be Working On New Music & Several Projects

Published: Monday 22nd Jul 2019 by Sam

It’s been six long years since the original Sugababes reunited as MKS to release new music.

However, it seems good things does indeed come to those who wait, Because, it’s been confirmed that a series of exciting new projects from the talented trio are on the horizon.

Details below…

The group sent the Brit-Pop sphere into a frenzy when member Siobhan Donaghy shared this shot of the ladies in the studio.

Now, in a new interview with The Sun, member Muya Buena revealed details about what’s incoming. She said:

“We’re working on new music and have a secret project that should be made public later this year. Plus we are working on something special for our fans that is coming out for our 20th anniversary.

As well as the music we’ve planned a tour. We need to put it out there for everyone to see and hear us again.”

She went on to add:

“Everything new we are working on will be classic Sugababes/MKS sounds. I’m excited to get out there.” [Source]


We’re all sorts of buzzed. The ladies’ creative chemistry is undeniable, as is their catalogue. Exciting times!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Zion July 22, 2019

    Best British girl group of all time

    • truthteller July 22, 2019

      Yes one of the best. Eternal were also good and All Saints had some good songs.

      • #TheTruth July 22, 2019

        I agree. I love All Saints. Eternal has some really good songs too.

    • Jasmine July 23, 2019

      They look rough! Mutya must suffer body dismorphia disease cause anyone born with a thick ass neck like that should not be getting tats. Instead she should be wearing turtle necks like she did on her solo album cover.

      The black and white girl look and sound BASIC so the ‘marketable’ talent resides in Mutya since she can sing but after disfiguring her already busted looks it’s a wrap for that group. A record label can’t sell them to make money and the FAKE ass / Broke people on here ain’t gonna spend their coins on them nobody how much bull sh.it they talk about them the greatest group, etc. Talk don’t mean sh.it. If u ain’t spending coins on ur favs then ur y’all don’t mean sh.it

      • Shayla Queen July 23, 2019

        Nothing comes out of your mouth but PURE EVIL. How you speak on other human beings like that. Someone like you definitely should not have children. Vile. Absolutely vile.

      • Albert Hazard July 23, 2019

        Yooooo you are trash and must be sad with your life. I wish TGJ would officially ban hidden and most likely an ugly troll like yourself. You the reason why people hate even commenting on the site.

      • Jasmine July 23, 2019

        If u don’t like my comments then don’t read them! I said what I said and ain’t sh.it u can do about it. U can’t come for my looks because I am very attractive not busted like Mutya or broke looking like the other two!

      • Jasmine July 23, 2019

        By now u already know I keep it real. U can’t change me. I am NOT fake like u! I don’t lie! I only tell it like it is. If u think me stating her neck is thick as f.uck is ‘trolling’ then u are blind. I stated the f.ucking truth!

  2. L’ORANGE July 22, 2019

    I love MKS. They had a unreleased album on YouTube from 2013 studio sessions. I also love final Sugababes (Amele, Heidi & Jade). I look forward to new music

    • XYZ July 22, 2019

      Do you have a link or a channel? I just find single Songs, but not the whole Album. Love me hard is amazing and their harmonies are everything

      • Baad July 22, 2019

        facebook : Mutya/Keisha/Siobhan = Sugababes and ask for new links on the posts about the 2 albums if they’re not working anymore.

  3. 2bad2bme July 22, 2019

    Keep it. One of em look too creepy

  4. Lina July 22, 2019

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  5. olusheyi banjo July 22, 2019


  6. I love big black c** July 22, 2019

    Spice girls effect!!!!

  7. Jasmine The Real Princess July 22, 2019

    Legends who will definitely sell more than 18k first week.

  8. stan July 22, 2019

    yes please

  9. Jhenefan July 22, 2019


  10. Patthepuss July 22, 2019

    Who’s Muya tho?

    • Black Jasmine, The REAL Princess Jasmine Okurrr. July 22, 2019

      She is the one who has a zip on the back of her head.

      • Baad July 23, 2019

        Why don’t you kill yourself Jasmine fake ass b**** ? I would love to see your ugly face and slap it until i see red

      • I’m Black Jasmine, The REAL Jasmine Okurrr. July 23, 2019

        Shut up you fish head, I would beat the sh|t out of your keyboard warrior uneducated self.
        What country are you from I would love to met you to see how brave you are in person.

  11. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez July 22, 2019

    Here. For. This.

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