Ciara Lands New Endorsement Deal With Kohls

Published: Tuesday 27th Aug 2019 by Sam

Ciara‘s brand continues to ‘Level Up’ new tiers of success.

For, the singer has strut into a new partnership with Kohls.

Dive below for details…

Following the announcement of ventures in TV, film, and sportswear, CiCi revealed that she’s teamed with the shoe line for their latest campaign:

Big news! I’m partnering w/ @Kohls to launch #NineWestAtKohls. I’ve loved this brand since the first time I started wearing heels. It was so fun dancing through this video. Wait until you see the bold power suits! Stay tuned- the collection launches exclusively at Kohl’s on 9/12.

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  1. pat August 27, 2019

    idk why, but i think she’s pregnant again

    • Granville August 27, 2019

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  2. The Real Princess Jasmine August 27, 2019

    Look how the mighty have fallen

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

      Hey boy i already tol u to stop ? using my username. The name Jasmine is reserved for ME and only ME on ALL gossip sites! U keep using my username because u enjoy me belittling u.

      • The Real Princess Jasmine August 27, 2019

        Imagine someone taking your obese asss seriously your man doesn’t even respect you Jasmine get back on your knees and continue you blowing me you $2 dollar whhorree

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

        My husband loves me so keep being jealous. Im nor obese but even if i became overweight one day he would love on my curves and still te me i look like a figure 8. When you have someone who loves you unconditionally it does not matter what size you are. You dont know anything about the convictions of marriage or unconditional love because u choose to be mean and lonely. That is why u are caught up on superficial things. Nobody would want to blow u because u are a bottom aka disease catcher and spreader. U are an old bottom of the barrel t***** nobody wants Mr. Lonely.

  3. ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

    Get them coins CiCi. Looking forward to seeing and meeting u for the first time on 09/17.

    • The Real Princess Jasmine August 27, 2019

      Run ??‍♀️ Cici you don’t want to take a picture with bad breath walrus Jasmine she’s a two dollar prostitueee who thinks CardiB can actually rap ? did y’all see CardiB trying to read the prompter at the mtv awards hooked on phonics didn’t work for her dumbb asss

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

        I have great dental hygiene so dont try it. U the one who aint been to a dentist in 5 years with your bad breath, rotten gums, and brown teeth. I do not know if Cardi is a good rapper because i have never heard her freestyle. Freestyle is how i assess whether one can actually rap and even then that has nothing to do with commercial viability. FYI i have never been fat because i like working out aNd im not afraid of getting lipo but i wouldnt do that because i dont want a Christina Milian or Cardi style bumpy looking stomach.

      • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

        You pair of pigs

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

        U the p** and ur ugly fat trash mammy f.ucked ur grandaddy to make u. Incest breeded scum. Thats why ur mentally challenged ass keep stalking Jasmine comments. U are intimidated by intellectuals so u keep barking like the dog ? u are

      • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

        You have the type of foul mouth that only a woman-abusing man could have. Now take your ass to the doctor for some therapy and medication as that foul ass mouth can only belong to someone who needs help.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

        I will continue to defend myself from demons like u. The only one u are fullying with your BULLY-THEN-FAKE-VICTIM routine is u! Oeople respect me for being straight up! Yes, I was was in a few abusive relationships in the past so i know all too well how to deal with SCUM like u! When men like u are verbally or physically abusive towards me i take them out. Simple as that. STOP verbally abusing me dude. Stop ? speaking to me. ? stalking my comments demon!

      • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

        Woman hater. Take it elsewhere.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

        Leave me alone demon! ✝️ I rebuke u demon ✝️

  4. The Truth August 27, 2019

    I really wish Ciara would sign with Atlantic Records. I feel like they would get her career back on track. I love her, and she is wasting her talent on these flop songs. She’s booked and busy…but Ci, you KNOW you should be slaying the stage with some good music.


    • The Real Princess Jasmine August 27, 2019

      You need to know the difference between a Icon and a Legend Ciara’s time is up Just like Missy Elliott’s time has past they aren’t on the same level as Whitney or Mariah 15years is the max for them they don’t have longevity like Whitney or Mariah had

      • The Truth August 27, 2019

        GTFOH with that. Missy is a LEGEND! Don’t try to school me, hun. You’re ill-equipped for this debate.

      • The Real Princess Jasmine August 27, 2019

        If she’s a legend why isn’t her music ? Selling her EP Flopped faster then OffSet being faithful to his Wife

      • Faf August 27, 2019

        Mariah career success ended in 2012

        Ciara still going platinum in 2019

        And she’s still slim lie again ??

      • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

        And what are you selling? Because even though you trying to sell that ass ain’t nobody trying to buy.

    • Faf August 27, 2019

      The single from her latest album has long been platinum

      15 years into her career

      I don’t think y’all google before u hate & lie

    • The Real Princess Jasmine August 27, 2019

      Since when did Kohl’s have coins Rihanna would Never

  5. YAS BIH August 27, 2019

    Because she stay blessed up and full of positivity she deserves all of it I really believe she’s going to make it into the billionaire status she said one of her goals was to become one and she’s on her way she’s a fighter that never gives up can’t wait for her make up and skincare line though.

    • The Real Princess Jasmine August 27, 2019

      Girl Please no one asked for that or Lady Gaga’s make up that is flopping faster then CardiBs Dents and cellulite in her botched bottom

      • YAS BIH August 27, 2019

        Speak for yourself troll

  6. High Price August 27, 2019

    Smh.. You would think with Ciara having a new album out (in which the era SHOULDN’T be over), she would be out commanding the stage at the VMAs. Kudos to her business ventures but it’s like she’s just abandoned her fans for real.

    • The Real Princess Jasmine August 27, 2019

      The 80s are over and so is her singing career she should apply at Walmart they seem to be hiring her kind

      • Celene August 28, 2019

        Lmao your so vile it’s hilarious. Walmart would love to hire her…for commercials and advertising.

  7. Clarkson August 27, 2019

    Normani in the next 5 years. Selling cheap tacky office shoes.

    While Camila would be performing her 2 or more number 1 hit songs at the superbowl.

    Dont worry, camilla gonna invite normani and the other girls to sing back up just like beyonce invited Kelly and Michelle to sing back up during her superbowl set.

    • Oh plz August 27, 2019

      Camilla…blah blah blah. Get a life, loser.

    • Tyty August 27, 2019

      Give it a rest you loser you are always attacking and obsessing over some black woman. You were previously obsessed with beyonce, then Nicki Minaj now Normani? I’m convinced you are a white t***** who wants to be black. Somebody ought to stick you in an asylum lest you go silence of the lamb on some poor unsuspecting black women. Freak!!!

  8. Keith August 27, 2019

    Ciara’s mission seems to be to stack coins…and I ain’t mad at her. While I hope she takes these coins and reinvests in her music career, she clearly understands how the BUSINESS is played in the modern era.

  9. HavanaONana August 27, 2019

    Go Cici???

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