Chris Brown Readying Deluxe Edition Of ‘Indigo’ Album – With 10 Extra Songs

Published: Tuesday 27th Aug 2019 by Sam

A case of more the merrier or overt overkill?

Chris Brown has become renown for churning out masses of music at a time, most notoriously with 2017’s ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon’ totalled 54 tracks (when tallying its various add-on packs).

Now, C. Breezy looks set to be planning similar for his latest effort ‘Indigo’ – which dropped earlier this year.

Details below…

Already boasting 34 songs in original form, the singer is teasing the release of a beefed up deluxe edition with 10 more tracks. He took to Instagram with:


We’re actually longing for that one concise 10-track album of brilliance we know he has in him. And really can’t fathom why he’s driving in the other direction.

In any case, ready for more C. Breezy?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nicky August 27, 2019

    Go away!!!!!!!

    • Granville August 27, 2019

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  2. The Truth August 27, 2019

    Return to sender. No thanks.

  3. ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

    YEAH. Chris stays making hits and appeasing his fans. No other male artist from the 2000s is making hit albums and going world tours. Chris is the current King of R&B indeed. Even dusty artists like Usher are no longer relevant and while legendary artists like Donell Jones and Avant still make quality music their appeal is not on the same international level as Chris’s is.

    • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

      One abusive man supporting another!

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

        ShaylaFAG u stay obsessed with my comments. U mad cause I am Chris’s type. He likes beautiful exotic women like me not Shanaynay TRANNYs like u.

    • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

      Stop stalking my comments. Your obsession with Queen Shayla has reached new heights of insanity.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

        Boy anyone can CLEARY see the chain of comments! I write a comment and u stalk it EVERY time on EVERY post. Simple as that!

  4. Chilepleaseee August 27, 2019

    I love the album so I’m ready

    • Slavi Pocock August 29, 2019

      How good is it aye!

  5. Gee August 27, 2019

    Anything to help cheat the system for another certification. Honestly Chris is wasting his talent on mediocre output rather than quality brilliance.

    • Justme August 27, 2019

      Wbk he was doing it for the certification.. he keep posting stats constantly. I want to know pure sales not streams.

      • Shamari DeVoe’s Tube Top August 27, 2019

        Indigo has sold 28K pure sales.

  6. Keith August 27, 2019

    WHO asks for this? I guess he is appeasing his fanbase but, ugh, is he trying to ensure that NO ONE listens to Spotify on random without hearing a Chris Brown song?

    • Slavi Pocock August 29, 2019

      How can you not understand wanting 50 songs from your favourite artist?

  7. Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

    He has to put 5-6 albums in one or the streams wouldn’t add up to the equivalent “sales” he gets.

    • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

      Take his steaming figures for the album and divide them by 5. That’s the real figures he’d have if he had a standard amount of tracks for an album.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

      He owns his masters. Stay mad while he pleases his fans and makes coins.

      • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

        Your grape juice smells more like stale fish ? All that nut running down the back of your overgrown thighs from being a b|tch bottom boy.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

        Bow Down ??. When speaking to Queen B Jasmine ? speak kindly. I wear the crown ?. Order in the Comment Section ?!

        Guards ? ? ? shoe this gorilla ? looking peasant ShaylaMAN away from the comments ?!

        Queen B Jasmine had spoken! I will not tolerate belligerent peasants on Jasmine’s Grape Juice!

      • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

        Ok KHIA! The Queen’s Court chile!!! I will NOT! ?????

      • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

        Way too much testosterone for a BORN woman! I bet you love a good shoe-ing ? up the ass ? to push up all that ???

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

        Bow down ?? peasant

      • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

        Lay down b|tch!

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

        Satan’s nut taker! Demon.

      • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

        Except I’d never take your nut. Woman hating devil.

      • R@$putI@ L@tt!m0re August 27, 2019

        If Jasmine don’t speak to her then you don’t get to speak to her. That is a Christian woman you are speaking to so if she says that she means that cause that is not something my friend would usually say. Why can’t you just leave her alone?

  8. TooManySongs August 27, 2019

    2020. Chris drops and album with 100 songs
    2021 Chris drops and album with 345 songs …….
    A week later deluxe with 54 more songs added. Later that day Chris is back in the studio ?

    • Kane August 27, 2019

      Lol right? I’m like damn leave us alone!

  9. Holliewuudd August 27, 2019

    You can’t deny his work ethic! And his current album is one of his best work. It’s a whole bop from beginning to end. He’ll definitely get a Grammy next year. I can’t wait to hear what he’s added. Trolls and broke folks, stay mad.

    • Shamari DeVoe’s Tube Top August 27, 2019

      No he won’t.

    • Slavi Pocock August 29, 2019

      Not a bad song on it. You can listen to his albums for two years strait and still find something new in them

  10. Shamari DeVoe’s Tube Top August 27, 2019

    CHRIS BROWN: 2,199,000
    EXCLUSIVE: 2,014,000
    GRAFFITI: 362,000
    F.A.M.E.: 872,000
    FORTUNE: 465,000
    X: 404,000
    ROYALTY: 360,000
    INDIGO: 28,000

    So you mean to tell me that CB hasn’t had a platinum album PURE SALES in 12 years?

    • Tino August 27, 2019

      Ouch lmao

      • Shamari DeVoe’s Tube Top August 27, 2019

        Those sales are dismal! I’ll take Quality over Quantity any day. Chris is all smoke and mirrors with his crackhead ass.

  11. Shamari DeVoe’s Tube Top August 27, 2019

    Trey Songz –

    I GOTTA MAKE IT: 396,000
    TREY DAY: 500,000
    READY: 1,000,000
    CHAPTER V: 500,000
    TRIGGA: 1,000,000
    TREMAINE: 265,000

    So even Trey Songz has 3 platinum PURE SALES albums, with his most recent being just 5 years ago?

    • Tino August 27, 2019

      Trey is the real King of VA lol

      • Shamari DeVoe’s Tube Top August 27, 2019

        Okurr I was shocked at how consistent of a seller Trey is. He doesn’t release a quarter of the music Chris releases but still holds his own. I Have a newfound respect for Trigga! *plays his CLASSIC album “Ready”*

  12. Shamari DeVoe’s Tube Top August 27, 2019


    USHER: 500,000
    MY WAY: 6,000,000
    8701: 4,700,000
    CONFESSIONS: 10,300,000
    HERE I STAND: 1,300,000
    RAYMOND V RAYMOND: 1,300,000
    LOOKING 4 MYSELF: 504,000
    HARD II LOVE: 28,000

    Not Confessions outselling Chris Brown’s entire cracked out discography! Even Usher’s lesser-selling albums were outselling Chris Brown’s albums that were released around the same time. Usher remains unbothered.

    • Tino August 27, 2019

      You are preaching. By the way worldwide My way and 8701 are over 8 million now. Confessions over 20 million, Here I stand over 5 million and RVR over 2 million. Usher has over 60 million pure sales than Chris with one less album but wayyy more classic hits and quality music.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

      Michael Jackson outsold Usher so what? U aint King forever! Usher is a has been! He aint relevant to this generation! What is Usher selling in 2019?

      • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

        You really don’t know your dumb ass talking about do you? Big ole pig ?

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

        I said what i said demon. Stay off my comments. Go away. Die. Off with your head demon.

      • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

        Stay in school, kids! Or you be like this desperate JasMAN critter

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

        Stay annointed, highly favored, and blessed or you will end up a demon like ShaylaFAG living a pervert life and spewing hate. Leave me alone f.ucking ape ? and pevert! Die.

      • Shayla Queen August 27, 2019

        You hate women, that’s a FACT.

      • Shamari DeVoe’s Tube Top August 27, 2019

        Chris Brown is selling like a has been LMAO!

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? August 27, 2019

        Just because i am NOT a feminist dont mean im a woman hater. I aint gotta cosign every b|tch just like i dont cosign every n*****. I cosign who the f.uck i want! I love me, my daughter, my mom, my aunts, and all the women in my circle so f.uck u and f.uck off. Dont soeak to me demon! Fall the f.uck back. Im a child of God so f.uck u!

      • R@$putI@ L@tt!m0re August 27, 2019

        AMEN Jasmine. I ain’t no feminist either. You can still be a strong BOSS woman and be submissive to your husband. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. These feminist women be the first ones to whine about how they can’t get no man and can’t get no d|ck or they the feminist type whose man is cheating on them left and right and spending they coin (like Bey). When u a strong woman who is submissive to your man he ain’t gonna cheat. In fact he gonna spend ALL his coin on you cause he knows he found a Kept Woman when he meets you. AMEN

  13. i ain’t even LYING bOO August 28, 2019

    chile extra tracks wont change a thing. gurl, take a real sabbatical from music & fame and live man. got another baby on the way but still chasing accolades with the same mediocre bs. meet new producers & content creators! make new sounds! learn new words! go tf away chris

    • Slavi Pocock August 29, 2019

      F*** you trippin on

  14. thanosoftitan August 28, 2019

    This would be great news if he still made good music, but he doesn’t.

    But, I’m glad there are people that still appreciate his music. No such thing as too much music imo. It’s just unfortunate that I haven’t enjoy his music in years.

    • Slavi Pocock August 29, 2019

      I appreciate that you still think it’s good people enjoy his music. I don’t know why one wouldn’t like it anymore? What’s your sort of Chris brown music?

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