Destiny’s Child’s ‘Say My Name’ Streamed 300 Million Times On Spotify

Published: Sunday 11th Aug 2019 by David

The R&B group Destiny’s Child are making serious moves on Spotify.

Find out how below…

The group’s second studio album is named ‘The Writing’s on the Wall’ and saw the ladies make a bold departure from the soulful and stately sound of their self-titled debut to soar into a sassy and arguably more youthful sound.

This, with help from Kandi Burruss, Darkchild, Missy Elliott, Kevin Briggs, Dwayne Wiggins and Jovonn Alexander.

This week, the 20-year-old album is making major moves on the streaming service Spotify thanks to its smash hit singles and album cuts.

As of this week, ‘Say My Name’ stands tall with 300 million streams (318 million to be exact) to its name which means it has generated $1.2 million on Spotify alone since it was uploaded.

As all four of the group’s original members are credited as writers, they can expect to pocket a sizeable amount from its earnings alongside their collaborators Fred Jerkins III and Rodney Jerkins.


DC aren’t the only acts rocking out on a streaming tip.

Elsewhere, the Sunship remix of Mis-Teeq’s British smash ‘All I Want‘ has now been streamed 15 million times across all platforms as Jess Lamarre‘s new single ‘Contact’ hit the 100,000 marker on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music weeks after its unveiling.


There’s more.

Lizzo‘s ‘Truth Hurts’ has been streamed 239 million times on Spotify and eclipsed ‘Juice’s success on the platform as that single has been spun 96 million times since its January 4th 2019 unveiling.


Who have you been listening to?

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  1. Daisy August 11, 2019

    Anything to cover up Beyonces’ recent flop. Lol

    • Shayla Queen August 11, 2019


  2. #Formulation August 11, 2019

    Where the picture of latavia and toya?

  3. Shayla Queen August 11, 2019

    JasMAN could NEVA

    • Czury Pizda August 11, 2019

      YasManH0 is salivating from his ugly a^s

  4. ??? August 11, 2019

    lmaoooo and now the flop cant even sell 1000 albums lmfaooooo #949yonce

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED August 11, 2019

      U still Salty cuz RIHSCEDULED HOME movie only grossed about $300 million while LION KING grossed $1.3 Billion becoming the highest grossing animated film of ALL TIME after only 3 Weeks out?

      Or are u particularly upset becuz bey might finally win that OSCAR for playing Nala. The way she squeezed into that Lions Suit and challenged scar and rescued Simba from that P** and Rodent was truly EPIC. She showed so much convention in this movie. Hope bey is inspired to get back into her acting career So another movie can come out around B7

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED August 11, 2019

      * Conviction* TYPO

      Bey is truly becoming a certified actor after grossing $2.3 Billion so Far… And still counting cuz bey just signed a deal to produce and write even more movies under Netflix and Disney channel

      • Rubik August 11, 2019

        Give me a bit of what you’re smooking fatty…
        Neither Bey or Rih are good actresses, the only difference are the fans. Rihanna’s fans know this but the bees doesn’t want to see!
        Beyoncé’s main movies (the ones who’ve profit more) would be a success with or without her don’t fool yourself!
        The lion king was a success as all the live action movies they made (even the jungle book was one), Austin Powers is a franchise so bey done nothing for it, pink panther was a success long before her appearance and in Dreamgirls JHud steals all the scenes.
        Keep dreaming that Oscar will appear honey!

  5. DIABETES UNBOTHERED August 11, 2019

    Bey is the Sole reason why lion King grossed over $1 Billion

    • Rubik August 11, 2019

      And what abt Aladdin, The incredibles 2, toy Story 4, Frozen, Wreck it Ralph, Beauty and the Beast and Coco?
      They all were successes and had great box offices was she involved as well?

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED August 11, 2019

        LION KING grossed $1.3 Billion becoming the highest grossing animated film of ALL TIME…

        If Bey stared in The incredibles 2 or Toy Story that title would belong to The incredibles 2 or Toy Story.

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED August 11, 2019

        If Bey was in Aladdin instead of Lion King playing Jasmine it would have grossed twice as much as it did.

    • Jamon_84 August 11, 2019

      I think your blood sugar is low!! Go take your insulin ?

      • Rubik August 11, 2019

        The former #1 animated movie was Frozen with 1.290M…it’s from 2013.
        Next You have Beauty and the beast with 1.2 and The incredibles with 1.2 one from 2017 and other from 2018 where’s her power?
        It grossed as much as other past successes without her, if you think it’s her power go ahead.
        Well in other news spirit isn’t even on bubbling anymore any thoughts?

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED August 11, 2019

        This isn’t the 90s anymore clown…

        Spirit isn’t a radio friendly song and The Soundtrack is INSPIRATIONAL… this type of album doesn’t sell. On top of that beys voice hasn’t been radio friendly since 2008.

  6. Kasdaghost August 11, 2019

    The real reason Say Amy Name was streamed so much was because of Cardi B’s shout out in Clout lbvs

    • Kasdaghost August 11, 2019

      *Say My Name*

      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate August 12, 2019

        But Say My Name was added to Spotify 10 years before Clout was released. Are you saying it generated 250 million + streams in the 5 months since Clout was released this year??????? YOU HATERZ NEED TO FINISH YOUR EDUCATION ???????????????????? I cannot – I’m dead ???!!

    • Oliver August 12, 2019

      Who’s Cardi B? But people know about destiny child.. something a pole dancer who still is h** will never . Please know your lane and do your research before you bring your senseless . Destiny one of the most successful girl group of all time.

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