Watch: Taylor Swift Wins First Ever Teen Choice ‘Icon’ Award / Announces New Single

‘You Need To Calm Down’ singer Taylor Swift was anything but calm when she took to the 2019 Teen Choice Awards stage in Hermosa Beach, California, to accept the ceremony’s inaugural Icon Award (August 11).

Presented a personalized surfboard (with photos of her cats emblazoned on it) by World Cup champion Alex Morgan, the 29-year-old beamed as she accepted the honor:

“These are my furry children, and this is a really proud moment for me that they are on a Teen Choice surfboard,” she said. “Aesthetically speaking, this might be my favorite award.”

Beyond thanking the show’s coordinators and her faithful fans, affectionately called #Swifties, the Pop diva sent fans into a frenzy with the announcement of the release date of her new single.  Watch inside:

‘Lover’ – the title track for her August 23rd due new album – will make its debut on digital shelves Friday, Aug. 16.



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  1. AJ August 12, 2019


    • Brent Christopher August 12, 2019

      RIGHT! not hardly. but notice the lily white platform that extended the meaningless honor. Taylor has achieved middle America chart success, but nothing about her music or persona has ushered in an innovative look or sound that has reshaped the music industry.

      AN ICON is an artist whose contributions affected a slew of artists who came after them & whom without, an entire segment of the entertainment industry would be changed.

      Without Janet Jackson, there would be no Beyoncé. Without Madonna, there would be no Britney. Without Michael Jackson, there would be no Usher, Chris Brown or Justin. Without Janis Joplin, there would be no PINK. Without Mariah, there would be no Pop/Rap duo blend in music. THESE ICONS cannot be removed from the industry without affecting our present day mode of entertainment.

      Taylor has not yet achieved that level of success.

      and It’s interesting just how MANY singles she & her team have had to release this era. NOTHING is making a memorable dent. The record company is NERVOUS!!

      • Key To The Kingdom August 12, 2019

        Don’t forget to add Nicki, hate her or love her there is no denying she has also had an influence on the CURRENT female rap scene notice I said current for y’all who will attack this comment because you hate Nicki Minaj. But those girls who popped out everywhere now really did follow her blueprint as aesthetic. Even Rico Nasty since Minaj isn’t doing her crazy alter ego anymore.

    • Jasmine August 12, 2019

      She is so basic and fake. Why does her hair always look a mess? She probably smell like wet dog. She certainly look like wet dog. Taylor = Lassie lol

  2. Mbeachdude August 12, 2019

    I’m confused! How’s she icon?

    • Fancy BISH August 12, 2019

      Chile, these little awards are just something for the kids *Auntie Fee voice* ?

  3. Clarkson August 12, 2019

    She’s won the Grammy for album of the year twice. something Beyonce or Rihanna has never achieved and will never achieve. PERIODT

    • Lmfao_Hoe August 12, 2019

      Gurl please the Grammys have lost their credibility over the years terribly.

      • Clarkson August 12, 2019

        Yeah right. The same way charts don’t matter cause ur fave can barely get a top 10. Gurl sit down and be quite

    • AJ August 12, 2019

      What does Beyonce or Rihanna have to do with anything you racist c***. Beyonce and Rihanna individually have more grammys than Taylor and have one album of they year grammys in random categories. Taylor is not an icon

      • Clarkson August 12, 2019

        Album of the year is the biggest award of the night at the Grammys, every other Grammy category is irrelevant. Those rnb Grammys Beyonce has dont mean anything.
        Only legends have won album of the year twice.

    • Stella August 12, 2019

      @Clarkson. You are forever disrespecting black artists, with your little pink dk beta Trump supporting a**. All while hyping up this Mayo matchstick. ?

    • Jasmine The Real Princess August 12, 2019

      Its not hard to achieve that if youre a white trailer trash nazi whóre ?‍♂️

    • tyty August 12, 2019

      Don’t you mayo packets have blogs dedicated to your unseasoned music and culture??? What are you doing on this blog?? Oh that’s right white people live and breathe anything black. You would shrivel and die if you couldn’t have access to black people. Must be that cave beast DNA seeking out a real human soul ???

      • Naturally August 12, 2019

        And yet you’re typing and using something invented by white people… Yes the internet. You wouldn’t be able to write this hate comment… You’re fine to use that and take advantage of this. The hypocrisy…

    • tyty August 12, 2019

      Every single component used for laptops/internet, phones are found in Africa b**** you need our resources for your ”so-called” technology. Neither the internet or computer was developed by white person alone it was all collaborative inventions including black people. Do you think people are stupid to believe you cave monkeys created anything?? This 2019 knowledge is free. Everything you claim to invent has been proven stolen from POC fact!!!

      • Yeh sure August 12, 2019

        The internet and the smartphone was created by a white person. That’s just history. Look it up online, Who cares where the products come from. You would never live in Africa, nor would you ever. So why defend a place you would never wanna live in. You are privileged to benefit from western countries, and yet complain. Go listen to music… instead… maybe on a cd…oh a white Person created that as well.

      • Yeh sure August 12, 2019

        Notice how you used words like our resources like somehow you have ownership, much like go back to own county kind of sediment.
        Also “so called technology “ the internet is embedded in our life’s, just like smartphones. It’s changed the culture, it’s used the world over, changed the way businesses do business, the way we communicate on a daily basis. Try living without the internet… that’s OUR resources lol.

  4. Naturally August 12, 2019

    Yes! Taylor deserves this award. She is an icon. All tall haters have to accept this or get mad…
    Of course you’ll get mad… But oh well.

  5. #TheTruth August 12, 2019

    Taylor is no icon.
    Her career worldwide is certainly not what it is in the US.
    And these are just facts.
    I got nothing against her, I wish her the best.

  6. Ariana Grande August 12, 2019

    Beautiful gown.

  7. Gee August 12, 2019

    The words legend, icon, and diva have been used way past capacity. Taylor has done some amazing things in her career but I still think that she has way more to do before she hits true icon status, however I can say that among the t*** audience that she is a major force to be reckoned with.

  8. Erica August 12, 2019

    Wait I thought Britney one the first icon award in 09???

  9. Gurlwepa89 August 12, 2019

    Not everyone can shift 1mil plus album in PURE SALES three times over, none of your fav could. Icon yes she is. #fact

    • #TheTruth August 12, 2019

      Sales have got nothing to do with that.
      We all know she’s pulled big numbers in the past and no one is taking that away from her.

      She’s huge in the US, there’s a few markets where she’s successful but her career isn’t this one big giant machine everywhere and she knows it.

      She’s accomplished quite a few things but she hasn’t reached that status yet.

      I can’t speak for her but I do wonder if she considers herself an icon… that word is being used way too easily nowadays. And it always turns out to be a debate with many artists.

      Anyway I wish you the best Taylor.

  10. Bey Best August 12, 2019

    Taylor will have THREE singles out before the new album??? She must be quaking in her boots over a very underperforming album at the end of this month.

  11. Jay August 12, 2019

    Whew chile!!! That white privilege is sumn else ain’t it!!!

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