R. Kelly Hit With New Sex Crime Charges In Minnesota

Published: Monday 5th Aug 2019 by Sam

More bad news for R. Kelly. Because the embattled R&B singer has been hit with yet more sex crime charges.

This time in Minnesota.

Full story below…

Per Hennepin County State’s Attorney Mike Freeman at a press conference moments ago, Kelly has been charged with two counts of engaging in prostitution with an individual under 18 years old and offering to hire a person under 18 for sexual purposes.

The alleged victim, who was at least 16 but under 18 at the time, is said to have been an autograph seeker, who was allegedly paid $200 to have sexual relations with Kelly. 

And while there was no sexual intercourse with music’s self-ordained Pied Piper, there was – according to Freeman  “dancing and sexual contact” between the pair at Kelly’s hotel.

This brings the singer’s  sex crime charges to a total of 18 spread out across New York, Chicago, and now Minnesota.

Suffice to say, Kelly is facing a lengthy prison spell should he be convicted for his alleged actions.

The  growing list of charges have been levied in the wake of Lifetime‘s jaw-dropping doc ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ – which aired in January.

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  1. Clarkson August 5, 2019

    Straight people= trash
    We need to start hiding kids from straight people. Bunch of perdos

    • Jasmine August 5, 2019

      Without straight people there would be no kids you moron!

      • Dee August 5, 2019

        I’m dying

      • Dee Snyd August 5, 2019

        Thank god if there were no straight people this troll Jazz girl wouldn’t be here!

      • Jasmine August 6, 2019

        U know what I mean. If a man don’t f.uck or make love to a woman ain’t no baby coming! Nobody wants a mutant baby made in a lab!

      • Jasmine August 6, 2019

        A surrogate is like putting ur sh.it up in a lab. Nobody normally wants that.

      • Jasmine August 6, 2019

        And adoption oh hell naw them are just crack and meth babies. Smh

  2. NEXT August 5, 2019

    Take Trump with you!

  3. King of Kingz August 5, 2019

    Tbh @ this point it’s really an agenda & witch hunt to take this man down smh all these alleged crimes all of a sudden popping up after a documentary? Harvey Weinstein is walking around a free man still & so is Kevin Spacey. Notice how it says the alleged girl was a autograph seeker, so when he called them disgruntled groupies he wasn’t lying. Where’s the evidence they did anything ? & if they did how do they know she didn’t lie about her age since she was a autograph seeker ????

    • King1234 August 5, 2019

      Thank you this is what I’m trying to tell ppl. They do this to all black men famous ones at that.

      • Jasmine August 5, 2019


      • Rebecca Wood September 4, 2019

        Some of your so called cool black people up in philly like to r*** young white men in jail I guess you think just cause your black you can do what you want to any of you have kids and I would take TRUMP anyday you all sound like Hillary Clinton taking up for bill Clinton with he r**** woman. R kelly needs to share a cell with warren jeff just like him you can tell you all are racist cause your man is know better than any other race that sexual assaults young girls I pitty your kids you all are the reason this country is so bad because of racists things you say and think it’s ok for blacks to get away with everything you are pretty much ghetto and it’s not in a good way of ghetto either. Sad people will pray for you all it sounds like you need it or wasnt raised right by your mommy

    • Get It Together August 5, 2019

      Harvey is still under investigation. Kevin spacey’s accuser dropped his case. Kevin still lost his job. You just want to defend Kelly

      • Jasmine August 5, 2019

        Nobody is ‘defending Kelly’ here. People are just tired of the senseless bull sh.it. If you do a crime you should spend some time in jail. A witch hunt is not needed and that is what this is. Last time I checked the feds already jailed him without bail so they should be able to proceed with trial without any interference from state courts wasting tax dollars to pursue charges on nonsense charges like this. If no penetration took place vaginally or orally and the accuser accepted money for ‘dancing’ then no crime took place. The accuser clearly acted as an escort and should be ashamed of herself and the embarrassment she is causing her family. People and the media need to just let the reds handle this.

    • SMH August 5, 2019

      Oh please shut the hell up. Were you there? Are you some 40+ year old auntie who believes everything he says? You sound like a trump supporter. He’s gonna rot in prison. Get over it and get used to it. Cuz you’re not getting any new music any time soon.

      • Jasmine August 5, 2019

        Shut it he can express his opinion just like you can. U do the crime u should do some time. this is a f.ucking witch hunt against a man already in prison! Enough is enough. Leave that man alone. Let him face trial and deal with whatever verdict is rendered!

      • Rubik August 5, 2019

        She didn’t deny she was a trump supporter ???

        Yell WITCH HUNT again just like your supreme leader ahahahaha

      • Jasmine August 6, 2019

        I am Not SMH u r*****. I doubt he supports Trump though

  4. Fancy BISH August 5, 2019

    Trapped In Jail (Chapter 2) ?

  5. Brazio August 5, 2019

    I cant … with the picture they chose for this story ???

  6. Lanafan1 August 5, 2019


  7. LOL August 5, 2019


    – Robert Kelly 2019

  8. I hate bllccck n whyyyte August 5, 2019

    Wake up, And where did this mystery person come from all of a sudden

    • I hate bllccck n whyyyte August 5, 2019

      Why not post his mug shot

      … Why do you keep posting a picture of him crying he’s not been found guilty..like I said I hope you have family members that sitting up in jail right now?

  9. Yolanda August 6, 2019

    16 is the age of consent in Minnesota. Were the girls younger than 16?

  10. Rebecca Wood September 4, 2019

    Put in in a cell with warren jeff they have so much in common and can be snuggle buddies to protect each other when the big bad wolf who defends little kids from jail comes to get them and they will one day like the inmates say on tv they can get to you anywhere in the jail.

  11. Rebecca Wood September 4, 2019

    They have been doing a witch hunt on our president since he got in 4yrs now so tell r kelly to put those big boy pants on and suck it up

  12. Jane September 19, 2019

    To be honest everytime i read something about R Kelly it bring tears to my eyes.all i can do for him is to lift him up in prayer.and asked God to intervene on his behalf.can one person go through so much.jesus was crucified for doing good.hold strong mr kelly .is not everyone against you.praying people are sending up prayers for you.you will always be my # best of the best R&B singer.and the adversaries are trying to destroy you.just ? and keep the faith.you are a overcomer.not a defeater.just put God first .love from the bottom of my ❤

    • Rebecca Wood September 20, 2019

      Are you kidding using gods name in same sentence as a child Predator you need to read bible god doesnt think to kindly of people who hurt kids

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