New Song: Mary J. Blige – ‘Know’

Published: Thursday 8th Aug 2019 by Sam

Mary J. Blige has made a career out of keeping it all sorts of real and it’s a trajectory she continues on new song ‘Know.’

Produced by Sounwave and co-written by Blige alongside the likes of Chi Coney and Blue June, the jam finds MJB in reflective mode.

Over a breezy throwback beat, the R&B royal reminisces on the hardships and hurdles she’s had to overcome – that women en masse have to overcome – and celebrates their collective survival.

Take a listen below…

We’re enjoying the steady flow of content Mary is feeding fans with as she presses on her ‘Royalty Tour’ with Nas – ‘Know’ being no exception.

With its rich R&B production, resonant lyrical content, and soulful vocal, we see this garnering solid summer spins on the Urban A/C format.

As for what’s to come, we’re buzzed – especially with Mary having signed a new deal with Republic Records.

‘Know’ doesn’t immediately play like an “I’m back bop.” So we envisage this, like Nas collab ‘Thriving,’ being more so a means of tiding fans over until album time. Whatever the case, we’re excited.

Your thoughts?

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  1. K_man August 8, 2019

    MJB is bring the fashions on these single covers. Come thru Mary!!

  2. L’ORANGE August 8, 2019

    Beautiful Cover!

  3. Tyty August 8, 2019

    She looks good since she dumped that baggage and trash!!!

  4. Clarkson August 8, 2019

    Nobody buys her songs, but she keeps releasing album after album, song after song, how is that possible?
    Why hasn’t her record label dropped her?
    Her last memorable song was be without u.

    • B August 8, 2019

      Do you want her to just quit and disappear? I don’t understand why people leave such hateful comments. What is your purpose?

      • R@$put!@ L@tt!m0re August 9, 2019

        Because he is a miserable f a g g o t

    • olusheyi banjo August 8, 2019

      Shut hateful b****

    • LUCKI August 8, 2019

      Memorable to YOU maybe!! Mary has EIGHT multiplatinum and three gold albums. Only two of her albums have underperformed and that’s only because the sales climate has changed significantly. With 27 years under her belt, and consistent hits and success, whyyyy would the label drop her sis? Make that make sense.

    • aj August 8, 2019

      Because she runs her own record label (Matriarch Records) which was distributed through Geffen Records (now Republic Records). She owns her own masters so gets a much larger cut of her sales/streaming revenue. Her albums dont sell much but she gets ample airplay and streaming revenue, endorsements, sampling and publishing revenue and then also all her acting ventures too. Together it adds to her brand as an entertainer and that’s why she is still making coins. Stay pressed… and take a seat or two

    • gerd August 8, 2019

      You sound sad and lonely get a life and better energy!

      that’s why your in a room alone writing hateful comments

    • Dc August 8, 2019

      Ate actually signed to a new label dumb ass same label as drake and Taylor Swift u mad hater ????

  5. olusheyi banjo August 8, 2019

    Go head Mary,tell the truth

  6. Jasmine The Real Princess August 8, 2019

    Damn…will she EVER sing about something else?

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate August 8, 2019

      Will you EVER discover the reason for your existence? Tell you what – instead of trying to find out why don’t you just stop your existence right now and quit trying. Like GTFOH who told you to listen to her music – you’re so weak. ?

      • Jasmine The Real Princess August 8, 2019

        So is your moms pûssy

      • R@$put!@ L@tt!m0re August 9, 2019

        he is a miserable f a g g o t

    • tay August 8, 2019

      Your the pathetic looser in your family i see hahaha

      so much neg energy!

      Leave this earth your using up good air DIE already your point less like literally pointless on this planet!

  7. Maxx August 8, 2019

    Mary has her lane & she stays in it & I am here for it! I love your lane Mary J. Blige! Keep on grinding…

  8. 4U2SEE August 9, 2019

    Go Mary!! We always needed something soulful but we really need it from the envious evil narcissistic world. Mary has always been copied but never duplicated.

  9. iamdiego August 9, 2019

    this is very cute cover+the single. keep going mary! almost 30 yrs later and still looking and sounding amazing.

  10. Sabastian stjohn August 9, 2019

    I am here for Queen Mary she can’t do no wrong she stay in her Lane and saying her music and I tell you this I’m glad is she the kind of singing that does not have to roll in the floor and show all her body parts she stay true to herself and I’m here for her one hundred percent those of you who do not like her do not have to listen to music your radio turns on and turns off and it changes radio stations so Queen Mary six stars Bravo you go girl

  11. tina Williams August 29, 2019

    Maybe she’s just not your thing. I love ALL her music and will continue to purchase and listen. “Keep doing you MJ”

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