Trina Addresses Alleged Beef With Nicki Minaj in Lengthy Rant [Video]

Published: Thursday 15th Aug 2019 by Rashad

Trina has spoken!

The ‘Diamond Princess,’ after a day of keeping fans waiting with bated breath, has finally addressed the rumor that she and ‘BAPS’ co-star, Nicki Minaj, are at odds due to the shooting of the tune’s music video (and other behind the scenes happenings).

Murmurs of a rift between the Rap divas was sent into overdrive when a member of the 40-year-old’s team (A&R Reginald Saunders) took to social media to call Minaj out for unprofessional behavior (click here to read more), to which the Harajuku Barbie responded:

“Right now Trina’s camp is accusing me of not doing enough to push her song ‘Baps,'” Nick said. “I have my own schedule… it’s not fair that people don’t understand that. I would never have someone from my team disrespect somebody that has been nothing but real to me.” 

Now, T is setting the record straight and publicly reprimanding Saunders for overstepping his bounds.  All this and more inside:

Trina Has SPOKEN!!!!

— . (@DOLCEGAYBANA) August 15, 2019

“I appreciate each and every artist that took the initiative to be a part of this The One album. Rico Love gave his all for me. Every artist that came out to do this album for me, they didn’t charge me. I appreciate that. Anything else that’s going on within that and around that, let me deal with that. Everybody else that’s outside of that, keep your fucking mouth shut… all of y’all that are dragging my name thru the mud, dirtying my name, my face, without me saying a word, you can suck my ass through a straw. And I mean that. I’m a real bitch and I don’t play those games. I don’t play those games at all. Period. Everybody knows that. Keep my name out your mouth and have a good fucking night. The One is out now.” – Trina


See the video in full below:


Curious to hear how Nicki addressed the situation ahead of Trina’s commentary above?  Hear it below:

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  1. Ajm265 August 15, 2019

    Promotion backfire.

    • King of Kingz August 15, 2019

      Ehhhh not necessarily cuz all this drama made it trend on Twitter & brought free promo & attention to the song cuz it made ppl who never heard of it wanna go listen to it lol

      • Clarkson August 15, 2019

        This ghetto beefs dont translate to chart success or album sales. It’s only black people that care about all this ghetto beefs and by now u should know, black people dont buy music.

      • King of Kingz August 15, 2019

        Hardly any race is buying music these days, almost everybody is doing more streaming & the drama of it all did cause a spike in the song’s streams

  2. King of Kingz August 15, 2019

    And that’s that on that, n***** wanna make Nicki the bad guy so damn bad & make it seem like she has a isssue with every female rapper cuz it’s popular smh. Trina is a REAL one for checking her whole team & shutting the need rumors down & showing love & respect to Nicki , Nicki gave her & Meg both FREE features cuz she f**** with them, after they asked her to join their songs, BAPS was the highest charting single on ITunes & Apple Music cuz of Nicki’s fan base.

  3. Clarkson August 15, 2019

    Damn, being a has been must be difficult for these musicians. Looking into trina’s eyes u can tell she’s a broken woman, she can’t stand it that her time is up.

    This is the same thing with nicki. Looking into nicki’s eyes, u can tell shes frightened cause she knows her time is up that’s why she’s lashing out and imploding.

    • King of Kingz August 15, 2019

      That sounds incredibly stupid, Trina is simply kissed tf off that her name is being brought in drama & that her team is stirring up mess with her name in it. Nicki’s time isn’t up, she’s still charting , still going platinum & still get requested for features. Ppl jus tryna push her out by tryna spread lies & black ball her. U see she has no problem with Megan cuz she’s genuine & actually writes her own s*** & is out here grinding having an organic come up unlike other ppl

      • Faf August 15, 2019

        I mean Trina is a touring and mixtape act she lives off the streets . She’s never (bar her debut and maybe when she re-emerged with here we go and then look back at me ) has had major radio success. So her team would have been delusional to think her record would be certified . Plus she’s over 40 and that’s s sin among women to the public

  4. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez August 15, 2019

    Glad there’s no beef.

  5. Michael Peter August 15, 2019

    Watch another new video surface Here

  6. China August 15, 2019

    TWO CORNY OLDER CHICKS — both have had there moment……and it’s passed. blah

  7. Google August 15, 2019

    Still don’t understand why all rappers talking smack about one another, wanting to kill one another, being more slick then the other… You all do you. All stay in your own lane. You can be a nicki fan and a cardi fan at the same time. you can appreciate talent without talking smack to seem like a real fan.

  8. Shayla Queen August 15, 2019

    Trina’s album is actually good. Been spinning it since it release

  9. Nicki Minaj August 15, 2019

    Chil’, chil’, chil’….

  10. The Truth August 15, 2019

    I am so unbelievably sad for Trina, but I am so disappointed in her as well. I truly feel like the industry treated Trina terribly and she’s afraid to speak up against Nicki because of being blackballed. Trina, I love you, but radio isn’t playing your music today and your name is already solidified in hip-hop – time to speak your truth. I feel like Trina is sick of Nicki but is just going to let karma handle it, but she doesn’t need to cower to Nicki. I pray that Trina has continued success and finds other avenues to generate income because she is humble and you can tell she’s truly kind. But it’s clear, everyone is over Nicki.

    Sidenote: has anyone noticed how quiet Safaree has been during all of this drama this month? That’s unusual for him…

    ** And before anyone comes at me, I WAS a barb, but I cannot stand a nasty attitude and resigned in 2014 from Nicki’s fanbase.

    • The Truth August 15, 2019

      **also, I’m disappointed that Trina checked her team publicly. Yes, the team was sloppy, but her way of reprimanding them publicly was sloppy too. Just a hot mess…and the fact that Wendy is offseason is irking me. I want her opinion on this

      • 7E August 15, 2019

        But if she was trashing Nicki like how her team did with lies, I bet you would have been fine with that, you would have believed everything she said because it’s Nicki Minaj, someone who people lie on because they know people like you would believe and run with it.

    • Faf August 15, 2019

      So you ignore what’s done to her and only watch her reaction? Safaree paid escorts with her credit card after she took him with her to success gave him clout executive producer credits and gave him an image makeover to boost his confidence

      • The Truth August 15, 2019

        This is why I’m no longer a barb. This fanbase is filled with individuals who will make every excuse in the book for Nicki. This is exactly what she did to Lil Kim 10 years ago. The only problem now is that Nicki never thought this would happen to her. Nicki is a bully and has been exposed. The general public has spoken, and we’ve all said “Thank you for your services. Next!” I want Nicki to be happy and I want her to get back to making so truly amazing music (I used to LIIIIIIIVE for Nicki), but this person she’s become, it’s not okay. She’s a bully and I do not support bullies. If everyone has a problem with one person, it sounds like that one person is the problem. The issue with the barbs is that they think everyone else is the problem.

        Here is a list of just SOME of the people Nicki has had issues with:

        Lil Kim
        Iggy Azaelea
        Cardi B
        Mariah Carey
        Miley Cyrus
        Demi Lovato
        Remy Ma
        Joe Budden
        DJ Khaled
        Taylor Swift
        Stormi (Kylie and Travis)
        Farrah Abraham
        Rick Ross
        Meek Mill
        Azalea Banks
        Trina’s Team
        Charlamagne (and countless of DJ’s)
        Her Own fans (i.e. her #blackgirltragic comment)

        Coming Soon:
        Megan Thee Stallion

      • Key To The Kingdom August 15, 2019

        Truth you’re one of those people who are mad that she didn’t drag Nicki. Trina has always been real! If she had an issue with Nicki she would’ve said it. That list you made of people she’s had beef with majority of them had negative stuff to say about her and she defended herself. I don’t car what anybody says I think she was supposed to win a Grammy that year her album came out but she lost to males in the catergories!

    • YAS BIH August 15, 2019

      @The Truth Simple facts were stated and to add a few others she came for Billboard Spotify The grammys Travis scott and im sure it several others

      • Erica August 15, 2019

        Don’t forget The Grammys

      • jan August 15, 2019

        meaning she’s the common denominator. What get me also is the fact that those Barbz believe everything she states as if her mouth is the bible. Instead of her being grateful for a long career that should be only getting better, she’s too jealous to accept the fact that she’s no longer the number 1 female in high demand, therefore, she’s acting out throwing pity parties

  11. Key To The Kingdom August 15, 2019

    Trina that was a very mature way to handle it and take blame for the situation. Also thanks for defending Nicki! The Nicki haters thought Trina was gonna drag her they so mad lmao

    • Ajm265 August 15, 2019

      Exactly I’ve never seen a women have so many people pressed. People wanted it to be over for her like all the other female rappers who came and went. She’s a force and she has a machine behind her she’s not going any where lol.

    • Holliewuudd August 15, 2019

      I agree. She dropped the ball and her team need to be checked

  12. Arlene August 15, 2019

    Trina talked disrespectful to her fans .they love her and was to gangster. I appreciate ur non disrespectful clarification on the issue.

  13. #Formulation August 15, 2019

    Album is actually decent

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