#Beyhive Slam Emmys After Beyonce’s #Homecoming Shut Out

Published: Sunday 15th Sep 2019 by Rashad

With over 500 awards to her credit, Beyonce‘s name is scribbled in record books for being the second most awarded female artist in history (runner-up only to the legendary Whitney Houston).  But, her stride toward EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony) status was dashed yet again over the weekend when her game-changing Netflix concert documentary, ‘Homecoming,’ went home empty-handed despite a whopping six nominations.

This makes the fourth year the 38-year-old’s been snubbed by the Emmy Academy.  Details inside:

While the world gears up to honor the year’s best television performances on next Sunday’s ‘Primetime Emmy Awards’ the weekend brought with it the ‘Creative Arts Emmy Awards.’  A two-day event held in Los Angeles’ famed The Microsoft Theatre, the ceremony bestows golden statuettes to the very best technical achievements made in television.  Thanks to ‘Homecoming,’ Beyonce earned nominations in the following categories:

  • outstanding variety special
  • outstanding writing for a variety special
  • outstanding directing for a variety special
  • outstanding costumes for variety, non-fiction or reality programming
  • outstanding production design for a variety special
  • outstanding music direction

Sadly, for the Bey-hive (her beloved fan group), the ceremony ended with the ‘Coachella’-filmed Netflix special remaining just that – nominated.  The Emmy winners in the Beyonce-nominated categories were:

  • Carpool Karaoke: When Corden Met McCartney Live From Liverpool won for Outstanding Variety Special (pre-recorded)
  • Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette won for Writing
  • Springsteen on Broadway won for Directing
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race won for costumes
  • Rent: Live won for Production Design
  • Fosse/Verdon won for Music Direction


Longtime fans know the shut out from the Emmy Academy isn’t unfamiliar territory for Bey.  Garnering past nominations for her highly rated 2013 Super Bowl special, 2016 ‘Lemonade’ musical film (HBO), and more, the Pop diva may boast many-an-award on her mantle but – as of time reported – an Emmy isn’t one.

The #Beyhive isn’t here for her 0-4 record as they took to Twitter in droves to express their disappointment.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Really September 15, 2019

    Beyonce shouldnt let this get to her. As much as i loved the documemtary I’m not suprised. She could have at least gotten one for costumes

    • Clarkson September 15, 2019

      Gurl, the costumes on rupaul drag race are FIRE. Dont even go there.

      • Noone September 16, 2019


    • Brent Christopher September 15, 2019

      Beyonce will rightfully NEVER win an Oscar, Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe, BAFTA or Nobel Peace Prize. She only receives awards that have lost their merit or statuettes that are voted on by fans & her urban peers. Beyonce is NOT an artist & therefore doesn’t actually CREATE any project from a blank canvas. The real headliners of Hollywood understand this truth, so they don’t honor her copycat mediocrity. KUDOS TO THE EMMY VOTERS for another job well done ? ?? ?

      • GaGa’s Tampon September 16, 2019

        Lmaoooo Brent ???

      • Chainlightning September 16, 2019

        Go off @BRENT!

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 15, 2019

      I think BeyHive fans have a right to be ‘upset’ but should stop looking at white award shows for validation and acceptance. They should create their own Beyonce awards and award / nominate Beyonce in every category. There was a Houston radio station named News92 that plays or played Beyonce 24/7. Beyhive could create their own Beyonce awards.

      While I do not watch the Emmys i will say the very fact Beyonce’s team submitted her for so many nominations (like they do at all the award shows) is a turn off to voters. Its like her team is bullying their way into winning awards and if i were a voter i would question why she and her team are so pressed to win all the time every year. They show a disreguard to other entertainers by doing that. You recorded a concert and sold it to Netflix. Okay that is good (i guess) but how does that out way original programming by entertainers / producers on show like Ru Paul and Pose who are trying to create positive change on how openly transgendered and openly gay people have historically been outcasted from mainstream media or live Broadway productions or creative television programming.

      Janet Jackson’s live Hawaii Concert and Velvet Rope concert recordings far outway Beyonce’s concert and Janet’s team did not feel a need to shove it down the throats of Emmy voters. I bet this new special on lion king is being done as a desperate attempt to justify their greed in submitting Beyonce for all the Oscar nominations too (Best Actress, best song, blah blah blah). The public is tired of Bey and they proved that by not buying her soundtrack. Let some other people shine for once. America LOVES a great comeback story! Go away Beyonce and comeback with something new and refreshing. Look at Adele. After each album Adele goes away! Then Adele comes back with huge sales, etc etc.

      • D September 16, 2019


      • Brent Christopher September 16, 2019

        I LOVE & APPRECIATE your insight, clarity, honesty & truth. THANK YOU for making sense of the cycle of nonsense spewed by her team year after year, awards show after awards show. Beyonce wants to WIN for the sake of WINNING. She has no real connection to what it means to EARN one of these coveted honors. Beyoncé focuses wholeheartedly on being recognized for work that is NOT original, unique, creative or impactful. It was greedy of her to even release another soundtrack in conjunction with the main LION KING soundtrack. she always needs to SHINE above all others & the public IS growing sick & tired of it. all of these “surprise” delivery is now expected & LAME! she needs to sit out this final quarter of 2019, as well as all of 2020. SPIRIT will not win an Oscar or Golden Globe. the song simply isn’t special or memorable.

  2. Fancy BISH September 15, 2019

    Wait, Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney was a great special tho…he’s a legend and he’s getting up there in age…he deserves his flowers ? Beyhive, calm your damn tittiezzz ? ?

  3. Var September 15, 2019

    Ok can we STOP reporting about this “group” of people already please & thank you.

  4. Gee September 15, 2019

    Beyoncé is not going to win all the time. But no need to act out because of it.

    • Bam September 16, 2019

      That’s their problem they want her to win for everything so that THEY can have bragging rights. The beehive is the most insecure and boastful stan group out there. They have embarrassed their “queen” more times then one can probably count. Beyonce has won MANY awards like a crazy amount and their are some artist especially female artist that are under awarded who have lost to her. There are actors/productions that have never won or been nominated for an emmy that are loooooong overdue and yet these nats wanna get mad when Yonce doesn’t win….what bill is beyonce paying for all these people? None.

  5. Clarkson September 15, 2019

    The Emmys dont wanna honour somebody who steals other people’s work. Taking credit for doing nothing

    What does beyonce know about music directing or writing? This girl can’t even spell directing.

    Not only does beyonce steal song writing credit, she has started stealing producer credit. This woman doesnt play any instruments.

    • DC3 FOREVER September 15, 2019

      And yet with all of that she will still be more paid and more loved than your worthless life & family will ever be for generations to come.

      • Jasmine The Real Princess September 15, 2019

        And kleptoyonce stays Emmy-less

    • Queen ?? Missy September 16, 2019

      Sweetie there is a difference between a beat maker and a producer. A record producer or music producer oversees and manages the sound recording and production of a band or performer’s music, which may range from recording one song to recording a lengthy concept album. A producer has many, varying roles during the recording process.

      • Clayne September 16, 2019

        Exactly. She didn’t say composer.. lol

  6. Meme September 15, 2019

    When are these fools going to understand that no one outside of the hives thinks beyonce work is groundbreaking. Homecoming was literally a long a$$ behind the scenes video…what did they expect?

    • PussyPop$tress September 15, 2019

      the gauge of “groundbreaking” should never come from someone who identifies as a rihanna stan

      to even be nominated as much as it did was proof SOMEBODY ON THE EMMY COMMITTEE thought it was groundbreaking or at least honorable

      • Datredd23 September 15, 2019

        She’s changing the beauty and fashion industry I’m pretty sure that’s groundbreaking hun ….after already becoming the highest certified female musician of all time!

      • Meme September 15, 2019

        Everything Rihanna touches is groundbreaking dear. EVERYTHING. Sis just shut down NYC fashion week with savage x Fenty. Something Beyoncé would never know about

    • biancacook September 15, 2019

      thank uuuuu, aside from that this is nothing different then the rest of her documents. it was a recorded concert with behind the scenes footage by someone thats released this type of stuff before. what its supposed to be special cuz it’s beyonce. im sure if other’s documented their upcoming performances/tours the reaction would be the same. ppl are in love with the access but there was NOTHING groundbreaking about this damn documentary.

    • Clocked you September 15, 2019

      Sad people who envy that she’s literally living out her dreams. I’m interested in seeing the voices behind the Afro beats songs. She has a deal with disney/abc what do y’all expect. DONT WATCH IT. But I’m sure y’all will be

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 16, 2019

        I do not think it is ‘envy’ at all. This is the natural reaction when a celebrity is too much in your face all the time. I am a Beyonce fan and i try to stay updated with what she is putting out BUT i honestly never watched Homecoming or the behind the scenes special, never watched any of her “documentaries”, never watched all of her music videos, and never listed to or purchased any of her releases after ‘Lemonjuice’ lol including that remake song Before I Let Go (I love the original too much to want to hear new renditions. That is a cherished black people cookout / house party anthem song. U dont mess with the original lol).

        Beyonce needs to give the public a break. She could make the same amount of money she makes in 5 years in just 1 year like the rest of the celebs on her level so this constant overexposure and in your face mentality needs to stop. This is about her ego and wanting to always be in the public’s face and be awarded every year!

  7. And I Oop! September 15, 2019

    Sorry Bee Hive! You can’t win them all. Her career is cemented in the history books. So take the “L” with grace. Be thankful that she was nominated.

    • PussyPop$tress September 15, 2019

      tbh i dont even think it’s about winning em all. think about it, if homecoming was nominated against the likes of black panther or something huge and undeniable, then ok.

      but to lose against carpool karaoke? that’s absurd. to not even take 1 out of 6 home? come on

      • biancacook September 15, 2019

        but why tho? it was a documentary of a concert that was live streamed already then edited with behind the scene footage. it’s been done a million times. u didn’t get anything new from this thats different than all her other ones. sorry it wasn’t that great. the beyhive need to understand that u guys are the only ppl that think everything she does is soooo legendary. we’ve been watching edited videos of beyonce forever and videos from beyonce forever. at this point this is her signature and nothing surprising. she would have done better by selling the documentary with the live track at least we’d know how many ppl would be interested and you all would see she is not in demand like the hype has her to be.

  8. Xtina@1983 September 15, 2019

    I cannot I love the beehive having a meltdown it’s pure entertainment cause they know fakeyonce doesn’t deserve any of those rewards.

  9. Datredd23 September 15, 2019

    Hopefully they won’t snub Rih next year she’s getting Emmy buz for her SavageXFenty show

    • AJ September 16, 2019

      The delusion

      • Datredd23 September 16, 2019

        Wait for it hun you must not have seen the reviews and celebrities and influencers going off after the show. According to outlets she changed NYFW forever

  10. High Price September 15, 2019

    No hate but that LIVE performance wasn’t Emmy worthy. Lol. Only difference between that and her LIVE DVD tour performances was she have us a sneak peek behind the process. Other than that, it wasn’t like she sat down in her home and talked with Oprah, Gale or Barbara Walters or someone on like her Life as a mother, wife, artist, and we actually got a chance to travel with her, like to her home as a child, work, and we saw her family… etc… Just an in depth ACTUAL documentary. That Netflix special was just another epic performance of hers lol.

    • #TheTruth September 15, 2019

      I actually thought but it would be an in-depth documentary about the whole process and making of the show.

      But it was small segments here and there between the show and we didn’t get to learn much.

      So calling it a documentary is rather disappointing.

      • High Price September 15, 2019


    • biancacook September 15, 2019

      there u goooo. that’s it right there. if she’d done that and did a look inside beyonce with raw footage, no staged interactions and actually giving the ins and outs of her schedule, actually showing her juggling being a mom while working u know like picking costumes while holding the babies or feeding them while making any type of plans or showing how hard it is to leave to go to work or even preparing the family to go on a trip ANYTHING and then turn into this stage beast when she gets to rehearsal than yes im sure that would garner an emmy. but we will never get that cuz its all an illusion. she holds that image so close because the moment the real beyonce comes out she loses her grip on the public. she’s not mysterious anymore. just like with her instagram page she created a whole new one cuz the real beyonce was showing on that baddie bey one. her mystery is he power second to her talents.

      • Keith September 15, 2019

        @biancacook: That’s it! Beyonce learned quite well how to use mystery to her advantage while using media to create the illusion of access. Not mad about it, it’s textbook old-fashioned stardom. Until social media, it was quite common for celebrities to be carefully curated. Actually, the fact the we DON’T know very much is what keeps me curious as I think today’s stars are waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too accessible and familiar (or at least good at pretending to be), LOL….

      • High Price September 15, 2019

        Yes! And wow i agree with you on her mystique. I never thought about that. And I never knew about her other IG account. I wonder what all she displayed on there.

  11. #TheTruth September 15, 2019

    The whole award thing is very American… there’s ceremonies in other countries but much less compared to the US.

    Awards don’t build up a career nor a status.
    Mariah has 5 Grammys and look at her career.

    At the end of the day, Beyoncé is still selling out Stadiums, no matter what awards she has or not. And that’s the best recognition she could ever get.

  12. Urg September 15, 2019

    God only other fandom that is more crazy and delusional than the #beehive is proberly the nuts #barbz

  13. SMH September 15, 2019

    Lol beyonce fans are so pathetic.

    And FYI Janet Jackson’s career awards total over 675, she is the second most awarded female star after Whitney.

    • PussyPop$tress September 16, 2019

      Only #janfam keep spouting
      That but it’s not true. Both beyonce and Gaga have more awards than janet

      • King z September 16, 2019

        I’ve always heard that Janet was the second most awarded female too but maybe that was before lemonade

        I even did research and can’t find anything that says Janet has over 500 awards

  14. ??? September 15, 2019

    lmaooooo I kinda feel bad for the roaches, they have been having meltdowns all year with all the Ls their roach queen took lmfaooooo, Emmys can’t be purchased silly roaches, why you think she’s never won any lmfaooooo?????

    • Clocked you September 15, 2019

      So she can buy and pay for everything else you claim she pays for but nooooo not the Emmys gtfoh so finally admit you just hate Beyonce and you can’t make sense of the success he has that you’ll never know. Stay pressed and excited for you to see the abc special.

  15. SMH September 15, 2019

    They “slam” everyone everytime they dont get their way. They’re sore losers. They boast about her grammys but everytime she loses they cry “racism”.

  16. Nicky September 15, 2019


    It’s official. Camicky Cabelly new singles are flops.


    Good luck with that 2nd album

    • Nicky September 15, 2019

      Beyonce is almost a Billionaire. Don’t think she’s worried about an award ???????? when she’s the Queen of the Grammys!

      Normani is up next. Now that Normani is here , Camicky Cabelly is expired.


    • BadgalRiri September 15, 2019

      Flopmani is flopping!
      Floptivation and Weaves flopped harder than your forehead???

      Floptivation is at #106 in itunes
      She definitely is the Latavia of the Fifth Harmony

      Next Beyonce my aaaasssss????????

  17. #CiciDaQueen September 15, 2019

    Whining ass Hive thinks beyonce walks on water and should win everything. Newsflash she’s not that f****** great. Case in point her flopping and losing. Her and her camel husband could use some humble pie. They think they are Gods and they bully people. Her time is slowly coming to an end!!!

    • Clocked you September 15, 2019

      Stfu! It’s not just about Beyonce..there’s are so many people working whine the scenes getting the footage and editing. They deserve recognition. The man who films her concerts goes through extremes to get the best angles.

      • #CiciDaQueen September 16, 2019

        So tf what!! Most behind the scenes people work hard and get no recognition!!!! What makes her so special??? BYE !!

  18. Jaquan September 15, 2019

    Homecoming wasn’t that much of a documentary. It was more of a concert special with commentary every 15-20 mins. Not as ground breaking as the bey hive thinks it is. And this comes from a member of the hive. I’ve seen the Sasha fierce concert twice in person. One of my favorite tour dvds is the Beyonce experience and I enjoyed homecoming a lot! But honestly I don’t think it is Emmy worthy. I rather see her earn an Emmy because of a song she contributed to tv or film. Or even acting. She’s very talented but she needs to earn the Emmy. Maybe she should start looking into theater so she can work towards her tony and better her acting skills.

  19. Not the one September 16, 2019

    Glad there’s still one award show out there that isn’t bought with money. F*** this b**** and her overrated ass. Looks like daddy couldn’t buy this for her could he? Game changing” documentary? The reach…

  20. Tyty September 16, 2019

    Other than losing against carpool show don’t know what there is to complain about. She can’t win everything. Plus It was just a video of a performance if she had done a behind scenes of the whole process of putting the show together it would have been better.

  21. Tyty September 16, 2019

    Actually after seeing side by side comparisons to who she lost too she was definitely snubbed.

  22. Sweetnothings78 September 16, 2019

    Maybe carpool won because it’s Paul Mcartney and he’s musical royalty and they want to kiss his a***?
    Also Ru Paul’s terrible show won however he’s black but because Beyoncé’s Homecoming didn’t win their all racist. Does everyone know who votes? Do you know each person? Stop saying racists for everything that can be said for it!

    Let’s pull the racism card again and again and AGAIN!

    However she was robbed in my opinion purely because what she created was art and the filming was done theatrically and artistically!

  23. graicen September 16, 2019

    lets be real here. the special the costumes everything WAS NOTHING SPECIAL! it wasnt anything we havent seen beyonce done before. everything was overhyped and the hype died a week or 2 after it came out. so lets move on.

  24. Kevon September 16, 2019

    Lol.. this is soo funny …..they think theafyonce is that great..hahah

  25. Namo September 16, 2019

    The police shouldn’t allow fans to harass anybody, this is always a moral harassment by a group on a single person or an organism, I don’t even understand how come this is still possible today. Nicki and Beyoncé are guilty of letting them go without intervening in order to reason with them. It’s always the same and that’s why I say these girls are not the nicest people they want us to believe they are.

  26. Nicky September 16, 2019


    Camicky Cabelly releases two big budget videos and they’re flopping

    She really thought she was Beyonce with the dual release


  27. 2bad2bme September 16, 2019

    Beyonce doesn’t care. Us REAL fans know the elite blackballed Bey because of her political stance of going against the grain and having a “Black Panthers” theme.

  28. Chainlightning September 16, 2019


    And her team flipping the Emmy’s the bird was tasteless. She will never be an EGOT winner. Y’all just stuck w/some stolen dance moves and some wig twirling.

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