Exclusive: Brandy Spills On New Album – “It’s Coming This Year!”

Published: Sunday 8th Sep 2019 by Sam

That Grape Juice was on-hand at the 2019 instalment of Black Girls Rock and so too was Brandy!

The Grammy-winning songstress is riding the wave of success with Daniel Caesar collaboration ‘Love Again,’ which has been making moves on the Billboard R&B tally.

We caught up with her and discussed the track and her hotly anticipated new album.

The set will serve as The Vocal Bible’s first LP in seven years and, according to the star herself, will be landing sooner than you might think.

Speaking to TGJ on the red carpet, the veteran  revealed “I have a date and it’s here in 2019. I am so excited.” She also teased special collaborations and explained why she’s adamant about continuing the legacy of her idol Whitney Houston. 

Watch above and let us know if you’re as buzzed as we are for new B-Rocka!

Your thoughts?

*Black Girls Rock 2019 airs tonight 8PM ET on BET*

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  1. Nicky September 8, 2019

    Once she said Ray J is on the album and can sing , lost a lot of interest.

    • Glazba September 8, 2019

      Me too.. lol I hate Ray J

      • Joan D. Fisher September 10, 2019

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    • I Told You September 9, 2019

      they actually sound simular. they def have dif taste in music so it shouldbe interesting.

    • Jasmine September 9, 2019

      Brandy should focus on putting music out more frequently to appease her aging fan base. Even if that means putting out mixtapes in between albums new music is better than no new music. All this vocal bible nonsense needs new music to back it up. I always thought of her as a studio singer who copied Janet Jackson’s style of layering studio vocals to make her voice appear fuller on album tracks. Since layering vocals is the reason her aging fans call her “vocal bible” then they should acknowledge it was Janet and Jody Watley doing that stuff first. Brandy’s live runs are not impressive at all and fall flat when compared to the amazing runs and riffs by Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle, Anita Baker, Whitney Elizabeth Houston, Mariah Carey, and even Tamia.

      • Nique Nique September 9, 2019

        Brandy is WAY more advanced than Janet vocally. Her stacks are harmonies are far more intricate than Janet’s could ever be, and that’s no shade. Janet has beautiful lush harmonies as well but Brandy has her own style which is often imitated but never duplicated. Let’s be very clear. You’re right about her music though. I don’t understand why she teases so many snippets but never releases new music. That’s a waste of $$ and studio time.

      • Jasmine September 9, 2019

        Sorry i simply dont hear anything special about Brandy’s voice and i find it strange Brandy’s fans never name drop some songs that showcase her vocal abilities.

        For example, Whitney fans would quickly cite her National Anthem rendition, I Will Always Love You, and Greatest Love of All. Celine fans would quickly cite Seduces Me and The Titanic song. Mariah fans would cote Vision of Love and We Belong Together. Toni Braxton fans would cite Unbreak My Heart and You Mean the World to me.

        Where are the RECEIPTS for Brandy?

    • A&R September 9, 2019


      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 10, 2019

        LOL Its true. Even Tamar Braxton got better range, riffs, runs, and harmony than Brandy. These old aging Brandy fans are the same as Lil Mo fans…caught up on inflation and delusion and cant provide RECEIPTS. U know Mama Jasmine always come with receipts!

        Tamar Braxton – Money Cant Buy You Love (better range than any Brandy song. Period).

      • Nique Nique September 11, 2019

        LoL and yet another artist that has cited Brandy as an inspiration. Her “Calling All Hearts” album had Brandy written all over it. One of Brandy’s old writers and biggest stans wrote, produced and arranged most of that album! Ha. Try again.

        “Sweet Nothings” let’s see Tamar (VERY talented although hit or miss live) try that ethereal production. We’ve already seen Brandy tributes/covers and how hard it is to mimic her vocal style. Just check out her BMI tribute from a few weeks back. They got some very talented vocalists to perform her songs and even they struggled.

        “Without You” – Jennifer Hudson attempted to cover that song on YouTube and admittedly couldn’t keep up vocally. You got the game f***** up if you think it’s all about runs and range. Brandy can sing a song straight as she did on 95% of the Human album and still kill. Brandy’s TONE alone is golden. Her ear for harmonies and styling is incredible. Her ability to improvise and manipulate her tone from soft and sweet, to deep and sensual to gritty and raspy then to churchy and soulful is unmatched. While Brandy is no Whitney, she knows her voice to a tee and is still playing around with it at 40 years old.

        “When You Touch Me”
        “Say You Will”
        “Sweet Nothings”
        “Romeo and Juliet”
        “Silent Night”
        “Feels So Good”
        “I Don’t Care”
        “Like This”
        “Without You”
        “Scared Of Beautiful”
        “Come A Little Closer”

        Are just a FEW of my favs from Brandy.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 11, 2019

        Thanks Nique i will check those songs out. Its always great getting into an artist’s catalogue and learning album treasures.

    • Marts January 15, 2020

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  2. SMH September 8, 2019

    Vocal Bible? ?Y’all still trying to make fetch happen huh LMFAO.

    • Fancy BISH September 9, 2019

      A song that HEALS
      A melody of REASON and FREEDOM
      With words that will speak for the WEAK
      The hopeful and the STRONG
      Sing it for everyone! ? – One Voice

      Girl, just shut up and listen ???

  3. Marie September 8, 2019

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  4. King Khia September 8, 2019

    I’m ready!!! Come thru, B-Rocka but leave the Ray J collabo in the trash bin, sis.

  5. citygirl September 8, 2019

    only release i’m waiting on this year outside of rihanna. (also, ray j can sing his songs just suck and we don’t take him seriously).

  6. Jeremiah September 8, 2019

    I was down with the article up untill yall said that vocal bible bull..yall be doing too damn much..#period

    • Luvbug September 8, 2019

      Y’all stay pressed over the vocal bible title. Dawn Richard and Stacey Barthe referred to her as such years ago, and her fans went along with it. If she’s not your vocal bible, FINE but stop crying every time someone else calls her that lol.

    • Abomb September 9, 2019

      Google Vocal Bible!!!!!

  7. Livi Rolle September 8, 2019

    She always says the same thing every year that new music is coming but hasn’t dropped a single yet?!? I’m losing interest

    • Luvbug September 8, 2019

      This I agree with. This album is long overdue. It was literally supposed to be released #Summer2014 and she’s been teasing and releasing snippets ever since. I know one thing, this better be one hell of an album because it’s been 7 years since 2/11. I never understood how everyone else releases music at the drop of a dime, but Mrs. Brandy takes disgustingly long breaks in between albums. With that being said, my body is always ready for new Brocka music.

  8. Abim September 8, 2019

    it’s long overdue. hope it does well??

  9. Gee September 8, 2019

    Brandy needs to put all of ducks in a row, because she is making fans lose interest because she takes too long to release music after each album. Also her core fans are 35 and over so they have other priorities nowadays. Hopefully things work out this era.

    • High Price September 8, 2019

      Believe it or not but her core has expanded over the years. With this generation loving the Hell Out of nostalgic music of the early 2000s and even 90s… A lot of the kids today are hip and mess with B-rocka. Out of her peers, she scored a top 10 on the billboard with #PutItDown.. The Hot 100s billboard at that… And that’s within this decade. I just hope she continues where she left off on the #211 album, but on a 2.0 level of course.

      • Clarkson September 9, 2019

        She scored a top ten with put it down? Bìtch where? On which chart? Stop telling lies

      • Interac September 9, 2019

        Put it down was # 10 on the R&b charts.

  10. Fancy BISH September 8, 2019

    Brandy is ICONIC ??

  11. #TheTruth September 8, 2019

    I don’t see this happening, where’s the single ?

    I also want Kelly’s album to drop.

  12. I said it September 8, 2019

    The LIES!!!!?

  13. Luvbug September 8, 2019

    Miss Brandy, we will see. With 7 years passing since your last effort, you owe the fans three or four albums worth of material. This better not be a 5 track EP sis. Stop the teasing and snippet dropping and just release the music for Gods sake. I’m ready regardless.

  14. Only Facts September 8, 2019

    Uh. Brandy, I love you but the year is almost over. And you are an R&B icon, but your album would get overshadowed by the other impending Q4 releases.

    SN: I liiiiiiive for Two Eleven, and hope this album is just as good

    • High Price September 8, 2019

      I pray she makes a 2.0 version of TwoEleven! That album is really a solid body of work. She came hard! And scored a top 10 single on the hot 100s!

      • Clarkson September 9, 2019

        She didn’t score a top ten single from that flop album

        Put it down peaked at number 65 on the hot 100, the only chart that matters.

        Nobody is checking for brandy. She will sell 3k first week.

      • Fancy BISH September 9, 2019

        @Clarkson, did you not just view the video? Brandy puts music out cause she’s loving it! YOU need to worry about getting Camila, Persilla, Latillda, Ariana, Batwanna and whoever else to iconic status cause Brandy is already THERE..blessed and co-signed by Whitney Houston herself *Snaps fingers*

      • Nicky September 9, 2019


        You sound like a n** job.

        Brandy’s 1 album NSV sold 14 million WW

        Something that Camicky Mouse will never see in her lifetime. Even if she released 100 albums. She will be lucky if she makes it past her second album which will flop.

        Respect her loser.

  15. High Price September 8, 2019

    Despite her saying for the last 2 albums that she’s finished taking long breaks in between and that we won’t get that again lol. She says that everytime lol… Well whatever, I’ll pick my battles today?. I’m just excited that she’s gearing up for THIS new album! I’m not sure about her coming out with it this year because the year is practically over unless she’s coming out with her first single in the next few weeks. .. I’m pretty sure she’ll probably do a traditional promo rollout… and that takes time kind of. So this will be interesting. Either way, I’m ready!

  16. dee September 9, 2019

    Brandy has a unique tone but vocal Bible!

  17. CO September 9, 2019

    If the new album is anything like 211 or Human, Brandy can keep it! Her last great album was released in 2004! It’s been 15 years of mediocrity and long waits between albums that haven’t been worth the wait. Trying to follow trends is why 211 hasnt aged well at all. Human was just boring. Calling Brandy the vocal bible is an insult to all the great singers in the industry that will blow her newport 100’s vocals away. Look at these comments, majority of her fans are delusional about her relevancy even in 2019. Same with TGJ! Brandy deserves her praise for 94-2004 but that’s it! Also this new generation is not into Brandy! Like tf wrong with some of you? They dont even know her if were being real.

    • ZsaZsa September 9, 2019

      If this new generation isn’t into Brandy, why do they keep mimicking her vocal style, sampling and calling her for features?

      • Fancy BISH September 9, 2019

        Exactly! ✅ ? They’re even doing it unconsciously chile…these heauxs think they’re doing something new…nah boo boo, that’s just Brandy 3.0 lol…this new generation has wack taste in music for the most part anyway! And I’m not just saying that…my parents still listen to the artists I grew up with! My generation bought 16 million copies of Brandy’s Never Slay Never ??? This new generation will flop you to the GODS ? and still act like their artists are king/queens and are running thangs ? #NoNeverNo

      • ZsaZsa September 9, 2019

        From Anderson Paak to Jhene to Daniel Caesar to Chris Brown to Ty Dolla Sign and I hear Kehlani is working with her as well. Brandy is still very much sought after. You’re correct about mimicking. You rarely hear R&B artists both old and upcoming not mention brandy as an inspiration. These trolls don’t have to like her but put some RESPEK on Brandy’s name!

      • CO September 9, 2019

        ? GTF gotta here! Brandy is not on this new generations radar. If she was she’d have a much larger social media following, she doesn’t. Not a soul with a hit is mimicking Brandys tired runs. For some reason her musically limited fans seem to think she created that sound and she didn’t.The only people who sit and proclaim Brandy is the vocal bible are tired church queens or queens in general. If she was so sought after that would possibly translate to a hit. A few people in the industry with no influence, outside Chris Brown isn’t enough to stand on. I gave her props for 1994-2004 but that’s all she deserves. Outside of that time period shes done nothing to warrant anything other than a side eye. From boring Human, to tired and boring 211. As fans, all three of you tired queens should want more for her.

      • ZsaZsa September 9, 2019

        That’s fine because most artists in the top 20 are rappers or bland pop artists. Even Ariana lists Brandy as one of her favorite singers. ?

    • citygirls September 9, 2019

      human is a great body of work. amazing vocals and hard hitting lyrical content, don’t sleep.

  18. glen Lovemore September 9, 2019

    Ray J NO,

  19. ZsaZsa September 9, 2019

    I would say I’m excited but brandy been saying this for years. What’s the hold up? She coulda released 3-4 albums by now.

  20. MUSIC HEAD September 9, 2019

    Put It Down hit #1 at Urban radio and #3 on the Billboard HipHop/R&B charts. Love Again is currently #6 at Adult Urban.

  21. truthteller September 9, 2019

    The Vocal Bible label that her fans keep pushing is not only ridiculous but insulting to the real talents like Celine, Mariah and Whitney. Are they seriously suggesting she could pull off a power ballad like those greats? Just listen to her anaemic cover of Everything I Do on her second album. As for getting co-signed by Whitney, the poor thing was at the height of her drug use then

    • ZsaZsa September 9, 2019

      You so pressed and bothered that you’re posting under numerous usernames to get your point across. Vocal bible isn’t insulting to anyone because the divas that you mentioned are already nicknamed. Whitney is forever known as THE VOICE it gets no higher than that dummy.

    • Fancy BISH September 9, 2019

      You must be crazy! Vocal bible is about RUNS, tones and intonations that BRANDY LEARNED from SANGERS like Whitney, Mariah, and even male vocalists and she made a style all her OWN…did you NOT just see the video where she just told her brother Ray J to TEACH her new things? She’s still open to learning and expanding her vocal bible! And honey, Whitney has never been on enough drugs to not hear a BUM NOTE lol…but you’re wrong anyway and pressed like church clothes!

      • CO September 9, 2019

        Yet I can name 10 singers of this generation that can do all those things better than Brandy and with ease. Brandy can sing, I’m a fan but not delusional. A few thousand people calling her the vocal bible doesn’t make it anymore true. Shes about learning new things but has given us the same vocal performances since full moon era. Girl, stop harassing people with different opinions. You’re like 49 still pressed about an artist, who cares so little about her fans that she hasnt released an album in 7 years!

      • Fancy BISH September 9, 2019

        @CO, aka correctional officer, if you don’t get your FUNKY, STANK, PRESSED ass away from me ? I haven’t even made a comment directly to you and yet here you are! Who can sing better than Brandy in this new generation? I’ll wait…………..and you thought putting me in an entire different generation than Brandy by saying I’m 49 makes sense? Oh, hunnie chile PLEASE…I can smell your PURE STANKNESS from a mile away! ? 10 singers MY ASSS!

      • ZsaZsa September 9, 2019

        You ain’t no fan. If that were true you’d be aware that brandy gives different vocal stylings on every album. She gave several different vocals on ONE SONG with “Love Again”. ?

  22. Ag the don September 9, 2019

    Why is Brandy’s music surrounded in so much secrecy? Drop the music or shut up. All the “coming soon” and “in due time” is played. It’s been 7 years … close to a decade. It isn’t easy being a f–king Brandy fan God knows.

  23. I Told You September 9, 2019

    2/11 was dope every song was a bop.

  24. Fancy BISH September 9, 2019

    I’m listening to Brandy’s As Long As You’re Here laughing at the haters in this comment section ? ? Then I’ll go to Angel In Disguise…then I’ll go to I Wanna Be Down…no one in this new generation has a song that starts more classic than, “I would like to get to know if I could be…the kind of girl that you would be down forrrrr” ? Then, I’ll go to the many other FLAVORS Miss Brandy has for my ears! Get it all the way together, haters ? You’re just talking and ain’t saying NOTHING.

  25. MR RCW September 9, 2019

    Ray J ?????. I cut it off shortly after

  26. thanosoftitan September 9, 2019

    Come thru, Brandy!!!! I’m soooo ready for this.

  27. Tan September 9, 2019

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Heard this many times and nothing comes of her words

  28. RNb1998 September 10, 2019

    Stop trying to make Ray J happens, we don’t need him constantly shoved down our throat. He’s like “fetch” it’s never going to happen. She is taking a cue from when Whitney kept pushing Bobby on us.

    • I hate blaccck n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 10, 2019

      Like how Beyonce ruined Jay-Z’s rap career …. Or how kim is ruining Kanye West career.

      I can’t wait till he divorces her he is a badass producer and he is not on his game.

  29. I hate blaccck n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 10, 2019

    Nope b****….. Whitney Houston is my idol. And we will continue the legacy of Whitney Houston…. Why is that drug still being sold, one pill kills her and her child.

    The last greatest diva dead in the bathtub….y’all mutha fuckers.. There is nobody I mean nobody that can sing like Whitney Houston. N

    • I hate blaccck n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 10, 2019

      And let the battle begin……
      The claws are out.. Y’all b****** don’t even blink like Whitney Houston…. She was so pretty. F*** y’all of you

  30. FMcL September 11, 2019

    So no explanation as to why her UK show was cancelled?

  31. I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 11, 2019

    Whitney Houston was so pretty she didn’t need no wig on like alllllll yallll bitchzzzzz………

  32. Paul Jones September 11, 2019

    The reason it took Brandy so long to make new music because she was in a court battle with her former record label & they wouldn’t allow her to make new music until she was done in court. Her record company sabotaged her album Two Eleven. They should of released “Do You Know What You Have” or “Wish Your Love Away” not “Wildest Dreams.” Damn near every song on Two Eleven could of been a big hit on Urban Radio except for “Wildest Dreams” & “It’s No Such Thing As Too Late” or maybe “Hardly Breathing.” Two Eleven was a great album & the record company should of did a full term promotion as well as releasing the right singles. Also fans need to download & stream her new album like crazy if you want her to keep making good music. I wish she would re record “Begging & Pleading” and put that on the new album because when she sung it it live on BGR she took it to another level. All of you who are saying it’s nothing special about her voice should listen to her song “Deliver Me “, “Lullaby” , Begging & Pleading. Brandy holds back a lot but when she lets loose you’ll be shocked. Brandy is now using her head voice which many people didn’t know she had. Her & August Green’s remix of “Optimistic “ was dope. Even when Brandy’s voice is horse she still sings through it & not off key & flat like most people when there’re operating at 100%.

    • Nique Nique September 11, 2019

      How long has she been out of litigation though? It seems like we’ve been getting nothing but snippets and “coming soon” for a few years. JoJo was locked into an airtight contract but still released EP’s and songs to keep her fans satisfied. Brandy could and should have done the same thing, but what’s done is done. Bring on the music BRocka and quit playing.

  33. Trishhh September 11, 2019

    Why has brandy been looking such a mess lately? Is she crazy as people say she is? Usually the most talented ones are crazy as hell.

  34. Clarkson September 12, 2019

    Why is this post still pinned after almost a week? We get it. Brandy has new music coming.

  35. stan September 12, 2019

    i’ll believe it when i see it

  36. I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 12, 2019

    B**** did Ray j f*** the girl who fought with Whitney Houston before she died ???
    and why did he let her disrespect Whitney Houston he should have slapped the sht out the girl

  37. BlueDiamonds September 13, 2019

    Ok so I sat and listened to every Brandy album from start to finish && I’m very impressed. I’m admittedly not a Brandy fan but I have an open mind, and love discovering new music She has a great discography I must admit. My favorite is Afrodisiac. Criminally underrated and before it’s time. Who Is She 2 U sound amazing in 2019. Human is my 2nd fave. The lyrics, production and vocals were all beautiful. I felt her heart and soul on every track. Full Moon was very experimental and I can see why so many rnb artists reference this album. I hear a lot of current artists all over this album. From the song structures to adlibs and harmonies – Brandy truly came into her own with this album. Never Say Never is a classic! The perfect mix of sweet R&B, power ballads and late 90s pop. “Angel In Disguise” is one of her best songs ever. Darkchild and Brandy are the perfect duo. Crazy chemistry and originality. “Put That On Everything” is the perfect 90s teenage love song. Her debut “Brandy” saw her mix bubbly hip hop, R&B and soul. I heard a lot of Whitney tone and runs in this album. Speaking of Whitney “2/11” an ode to Whitney’s death date and Brandy’s birthday is 2012 contemporary R&B perfection. It was very current, less intricate vocals but still had the brandy stAmp. Idk why “Do You Know” wasn’t released as a single. Brandy and Mike Will did THAT!

  38. Next September 25, 2019

    .*yawns* Brandy is so fake. Not even interested because nothing about her is genuine.

  39. esra tuzcuoğlu orospusu March 9, 2020

    brandy’s time is up!!

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