Khia Attacks ‘Love & Hip Hop Miami’ Star / Suggests That He Has HIV & Has A Bottom Spread Wider Than The Grand Canyon

Published: Tuesday 24th Sep 2019 by David

Khia‘s feud with the rapper Trina has been giving a fresh pair of arms and legs now that she is at war with her cousin…the aspiring celebrity Bobby Lytes.

In a video which is now the highest trending topic on Twitter, the ‘So Excited’ rapper attacked her new nemesis with the cruel suggestion that his body is deteriorating as a result of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and mocked his attempts to garner publicity for himself by harassing Lil Nas X at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.


Want to see how she responded to Lytes’ disses, jabs and racist slights?

Press play…


Her words “inspired” these responses…


Your thoughts?

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  1. Rihanna the King!! September 24, 2019

    I mean she isn’t lying! If you’re a man who fuxxs other men your asshole is very wide!!

    • china September 24, 2019

      Bobby is disgusting. He isn’t even a HOT G_ay. He’s lame. Running around like he a hot girl when he a lame

    • Lanafan1 September 24, 2019


    • Lanafan1 September 24, 2019

      That’s not how a sphincter works boo

    • Paulo September 24, 2019

      No ma’am! Speak on behalf of your own wide ass only

    • SMART ASS September 24, 2019


    • Sally J September 24, 2019

      Keith Urban To Perform At Opioid Crisis Awareness Concert In Connecticut

    • Tucker September 24, 2019

      If one of the hijackers had just showed up in the ER with cutaneous anthrax, which would not be “skin irritation “ or a single lesion and not been diagnosed and aggressively treated he would probably have died… Read more <===

  2. 2bad2bme September 24, 2019

    ???? She lit him up. When will they learn to leave her alone and let her roast in peace?

  3. Cort September 24, 2019

    Disgusting but that’s not surprising coming from this guttersnipe. However, she said nothing different from the queens on here. Khia has made it KNOWn that she is not a supporter of LGBTQ so why they sit around and Kiki at her is bewildering to me.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 24, 2019

      Khia supports many LGBQ. GTFOH with ur lies. Just because she support a lot of LGBQ people dont mean she has to support all LGBQ people. People are people! If somebody come for u then u retaliate and beinf LGBQ dont make u exempt from retaliation !

      • Cort September 24, 2019

        So I guess you conveniently ignored her beef with Maddie where she CARELESSLY expressed her disdain for the community. She hangs around with homophobes in her hood and makes fun of your stupid asses. She gave not ONE f*** either, but you stupid girls who are addicted to abuse and being accessories continue on with supporting her.?

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 24, 2019

        Who is Maddie? I think men like you should stop holding so tight to the things women say. Most men i know dont give a about women conversations. Women have the right to make comments and change their minds the next day. It is what it is. I cant remember half the i said last week. So if somebody were to say Khia said this and that x amount of years ago it is very likely Khia herself dont even remember that ish cause it aint that serious.

      • Cort September 24, 2019

        You know exactly who Maddie is. Her old cohost from TQC. You sound absolutely ridiculous. I hold EVERY adult accountable for the s*** they say. Khia is not 5 years old. Like plenty Black women, Khia is homophobic and trash like her doesn’t deserve our support.
        Girl get the F***!! ASAP *Tokyo Toni voice*

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 24, 2019

        I had to google “TQC Khia” to learn what you are talking about. Khia is a has-been. You cannot assume everyone is staying informed about her like you are. When I google “Khia homophobic” the only thing that comes up is this story so I still do not know what you are talking about when you call her homophobic. Furthermore, you can only speak for yourself so using words like “our support” is nonsense because it is your support she won’t receive. You cannot dictate the actions of anyone besides yourself! If people want to support her that is their prerogative but I am not sure exactly what you mean by “support” because the last time I heard about Khia she claimed she is on food stamps and section 8 so perhaps the “support” you are talking about is just listening to her because people damn sure ain’t paying her with money.

      • Cort September 24, 2019

        I’m not dictating a thing! I am expressing my disdain for members of MY COMMUNITY who still support her. Views = support. Club appearances = support. Khia should be held accountable for the insensitive, barbaric s*** she says about the LGBTQ community, has been or not. And with all due respect, as a “woman” you have no right to tell me how I should feel. Just as I have no right to tell you how to feel about issues that affect you as a “woman”.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 24, 2019

        That is the same thing as ‘cancel’ mentality aka (I want to cancel this person because of x,y,z and you must cancel them too). That is dictating. It is small-minded. Khia is a nobody. The real issues that affect black LGBQ is the racial prejudice and discrimination from white gays and white society and black “straight” society. Khia who? Some old has-been from the 90s. If she provides a little chuckle for some gays once in a blue moon so what? Most people are laughing at her not laughing with her. Im just keeping it ? . Let’s focus on the big picture

      • Cort September 24, 2019

        K hun. Have it your way like BK.

  4. Queef September 24, 2019

    Well he did come for her when he wasn’t addressed. The statements were very hurtful I’m sure, but Bobby shouldn’t have came for her. Then he posted her address online. I know people will be upset about this, but roasters and comedians need to be excluded from scrutiny for what they say that offends people. It is a joke. If you are offended you need to be asking yourself why am I offended and work through that.

    • Cort September 24, 2019

      It’s offensive because Khia is a known homophobe. She does NOT support the community yet depends on their views to eat.
      She had NO right to come for Trina’s deceased mothers, roast or not. If I were Trina’s cousin I would have done the same. Coming for a deceased loved on is the highest form of disrespect and uncouthness. Especially considering Trinas mom had JUST passed when Khia made those evil comments.
      Get a grip and step into reality. Right is right and wrong is wrong!
      Call a thing a thing, and I’m calling Khia TRIFLING!!!

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 24, 2019

        LGBQ people are not exempt from retaliation. Treat others how you wish to be treated.

        BTW Khia eats off her EBT card not from LBGQ views.

      • Queef September 24, 2019

        Also, Khia explains that there are upstanding LGBTQ people and then there are those like Bobby. People like Bobby come for everybody in a vile way, but do nothing for the advancement of lgbtq people. I said what I said.

      • Cort September 24, 2019

        That’s funny because racists say the same s***. But ok. Y’all be great and continue drinking Khia’s 18 years expired Kool Aid. ?

      • Queef September 24, 2019

        Don’t cone in the kitchen if you can’t take the heat

  5. PussyPop$tress September 24, 2019

    khia did get a chuckle out of me but im mad she had to read it off a screen.

    girl get a life. u let some queen write a clap back for u and u recited it?

    • 2bad2bme September 24, 2019

      Nah she is the queen of reads. She did it herself.

  6. only facts September 24, 2019

    Khia is absolutely deplorable. Bobby is annoying AF on the show, and in general, but for her to do this is disgusting.

  7. Danny Bey September 24, 2019

    Y’all are so petty for that headline. Y’all ain’t have to quote the whole Grand Canyon part ?????????

    • Paulo September 24, 2019

      Lol right. I laughed no lie but that was very tacky

  8. King Khia September 24, 2019

    Come thru, Sleepy Tits!!! She ethered the ISH out of Ms. Sour Puss and her transgender cousin Ms. Sour Ass.

  9. YAS BIH September 24, 2019

    I have no bad feelings towards Khia ? idc I like her she’s a Ciara fan like me so she’s good in my books.

  10. Clarkson September 24, 2019

    This is not how u read
    Reading is suppose to short, quick and precise and from the top of your head

    It looks like she’s wrote it down and she’s reading it from a paper. That’s not reading honey.

  11. only facts September 24, 2019

    TGJ: I see you all pick and choose what to report on here. You’re posting about this nonsense, but not posting about Cupcakke exposing that Camilla Cabello is a racist, and then announcing that she’s retiring?

    • Clarkson September 24, 2019

      Normani a racist. There is video evidence of normani mocking the way Asian women talk
      Go to Twitter and type “normani Asian”
      Video dont lie.

      Camila being a racist has no merit or evidence . Just because cupcake said it dont make it true.
      Cupcake= azealia banks. Unstable flop.

      Cupcake also racist. Pictures of her mocking Asian people

      Are we going to talk about motivation falling down the charts. And liar rising up the charts.

      • only facts September 24, 2019

        Oh STFU. There is not a video of Normani doing ANYTHING except slaying a stage. And did you seriously try to justify Camilla being a racist? Disgusting.

      • Clarkson September 24, 2019

        Ur a loser.
        When all else fails , accuse your competition of racism.
        What evidence do u have of Camila being racist?NONE
        A flop rapper said it so it’s TRUE? LOL
        Who is cupcake? She’s unstable, she is having a mental breakdown right now. Lol

        She came for Camila, shawn Mendes and a kpop musician. That’s unstable azealia banks behaviour.
        She using Camila for clout and publicity to sell her flop song.

        There is a video of normani doing one of the fifth harmony members nails and she was mocking and making fun of the way hard working Asian women who work in nail salons speak.

        Videos dont lie. Go to Twitter and search “normani Asian ” the video will come out.

        U cant hide or run from the truth. Normani a whole racist. A flop and a racist rolled into one. Lol

  12. Adele September 24, 2019

    She needs to worry more about paying her damn phone bill.

  13. only facts September 24, 2019

    I will say the halls cough drop up your b*** comment was funny…but she was way out of line and so was he. Just ratchet.

  14. Jasmine The Real Princess September 24, 2019

    Khia out of all people talking about holes and looks when her hanging titties been wiping the floor for decades and she still can’t seem to find a decent dentist ☠️

  15. High Price September 24, 2019

    Crazy how this site has changed so much over the years. From the grammar, lingo, and various parts of speech errors to now reporting gossip of this caliber? Bobby Lytes doesn’t even have a credible or reputable career yet. And the title of the article just took me all the way out! This site would have NEVER named or reported an article like this about 5 years ago. . … Now, it appears they’re just free writing their ass off. Smh. Very tacky.

    • Pooh September 24, 2019

      go get your own blog broke h**…

  16. Esperanza September 24, 2019

    Speaking ill of someone’s dead mother isn’t a roast or a read. It’s despicable. Khia ought to be ashamed of herself. Trina has been paying her dust for years but Snaggletooth can’t keep her name out of her mouth. That crossed the line. F*** Khia and her bootleg ass show. Gag on that b****!!!

  17. ChicoMaraj September 24, 2019

    The commenters on this blog are either brain dead or sociopaths if they found this vile, pre-prepared “read” to be entertaining. Since when was making fun of someone’s deceased mother a read? Making fun of someone’s sexual status isn’t a read either. Y’all need to grow the f*** up. Real roasters who never stoop that low. Contrary to popular belief: there are boundaries to this roasting s***.

  18. Johny5 September 24, 2019

    Why didn’t you say his name in the headline? Why such a crudely worded lede?

  19. Sally J September 24, 2019

    country star to perform at concert bringing awareness to opioid use in CT

    • Rihanna the King!! September 24, 2019

      f*** the opioid crisis y’all white b****** didn’t care about the crack epidemic

  20. Queen ?? Missy September 24, 2019

    If you can read someone from off the top of your head it’s not really a dragging. Kia Motors read from an email that one of the girls sent her. If she wrote that I’ll eat my shoe. If you doubt me go back and listen to any songs of hers from the last 5 years.

  21. September 24, 2019

    got what he has earned, running around disrespecting others acting like he can’t be touch.

  22. RealTalkBSwalk September 25, 2019

    Khia is funny af lmfao! I didn’t know who Bobby was until I googled it, Trina aka sourpuss been played tf out she can’t get a hit to save her life lmao! I don’t understand why people defend their comments/opinions you have a right to post how you feel and f*** who don’t like it, post that s*** and keep it moving you don’t owe nann n**** no explanation. These ONLINE confrontations is getting old af, the confrontational ones wont say s*** to your face because they already know s*** gonna get real and they wont be able to see, type or post with no eyes, fingers and a concussion. Y’all keyboard abusers need kps called on you asap, poor keyboards

    • Jasmine The Real Princess September 25, 2019

      When was the last time Khia had a hit though? ?‍♂️

  23. Me RCW September 25, 2019

    Old irrelevance miserable ass…Why would anyone click her videos ??‍♂️ ? ?

  24. Swirly September 25, 2019

    Naw this ain’t it. Deceased relatives and friends are off limits. This is why Khia the gremlin will forever be in her 1975 wood paneling basement talking s*** about people way more successful than her.

  25. TEECE September 27, 2019

    Ahahahahaha khia still roasting turkeys like no other honey I will be here to sip yo tea fo life baby and yes I’m gay and I know u got love for us!!!! alot of f****** out here be tripping so I know how u feel khia baby!!! I be fighting alot of my own cos they just dont know how to act!!!

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