New Song: DaBaby & Nicki Minaj – ‘iPhone’

Published: Thursday 26th Sep 2019 by Rashad

Nicki Minaj may have unexpectedly announced her retirement weeks ago, but thanks to the amount of work she recorded prior to unveiling the news, fans should expect to see her in headlines for months to come.

The latest comes courtesy of her appearance on DaBaby‘s star-studded sophomore album, ‘Kirk.’  With a tracklist that features the likes of Chance The Rapper, Migos, Lil Baby, Gucci Mane, Kevin Gates, Moneybagg Yo and more, one of the set’s most anticipated offerings remains the Minaj-assisted ‘iPhone.’

After the duo took his ‘Suge’ song to even higher heights, there’s certainly great expectation for what they could do with a completely original cut.  Lifted to DaBaby‘s official Youtube handle just moments ago, listen inside to see if it was worth the wait and the hype:

Stream the full album below:


[main photo source:  Getty Images/Shutterstock/FilmMagic]

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  1. Fancy BISH September 26, 2019

    Go away! Nicki just trolling now! ?

  2. Mbeachdude September 26, 2019

    I’m feeling it! This is why I’m waiting on my iPhone 11 come thru lol

    • Fancy BISH September 27, 2019

      lol, well I guess but this song can get up off my iPad ?

      • Mbeachdude September 27, 2019

        Lol well that different!

  3. KA$HDOLL September 26, 2019

    Seeing as though nicki is featured, the song will go nowhere. Where’s Hot Girls Summer on the charts???

    • E. September 27, 2019

      #22, higher than Cardi

      • JustSaying September 27, 2019

        Higher than Please which peaked at #3? Try again loser. Keep praying for Cardi downfall while we fu*k up Nicki marriage ???

      • JustSaying September 27, 2019

        *Please Me

      • Dc September 27, 2019

        Cardi is on hiatus so she should be over her sucks for yalll the song got to 11 but y’all were hoping for top 10 which is not happening ha ha oh so close all the hype the song got shoulda got too 10 easily right ???

      • E. September 27, 2019

        @Just Saying you’re f****** idiot. Please me came out like the beginning of this year. I’m referencing to what’s on the charts currently. You know Cardi’s recent songs been flopping so you want to revert back to her last hit.
        FTR: PRESS is #90
        WISH WISH is #98

      • E. September 27, 2019

        @DC cause Cardi’s features are flopping, now she’s on a hiatus?! How is she on a hiatus when she just did a song with Fat Joe? That song will be another flop along with Press & Wish Wish.

  4. Only Facts September 26, 2019

    She needs to seriously go away. Give MF’s a chance to miss you. Damn.

    • E. September 27, 2019

      Why don’t you practice what you preach? I see you in the comments on every article mentioning Nicki. Y’all want her to go away so bad but in the same breath can’t resist coming to an article that mentions her. #DUMBASF

  5. Clarkson September 27, 2019

    The desperation jumped out.
    I dont think she’s interested in a number one any more, she is more interested in having the most chart entries by a female artist. shameful

    Damn how many artistes have released songs just this hour alone. What is going on.

    • E. September 27, 2019

      How many times is y’all going to keep reiterating the same s*** about her not being interested in getting a #1. Y’all seem more concerned about that than her. She’s just doing what she love, Cardi got her #1s but she been on quite a few features that didn’t go #1. The last few features Cardi didn’t go nowhere. The stakes are higher for Cardi considering she has 3 #1s and a grammy, the expectations are higher for her. She need to step her game up.

      • JustSaying September 27, 2019

        She’s doing what she loves aka being a troll to other female rappers instead of a bonafide artist like everyone else. She was supposed to hold down respecting female rap lineage, not be a corporate s**** to the game. She’s greedy and insatiable to fame, it’s sooo tragic how it’s all gonna end. ?

  6. Jayy September 27, 2019

    Yo so Ive got a SERIOUS QUESTION so I would appreciate a serious answer, not sure if some of you can articulate one but I’m optimistic. Lil Wayne, who in my opinion is top 10 rappers of all time signed Nicki Minaj & Drake correct? Ight, ANY n**** with a brain knows lil Wayne has done HUNDREDS of features. I mean the n**** just at one point hopped on every and anything (and f****** killed 90% of the s*** he touched IMO). But here’s the thing, ain’t NO ONE said s*** about it. Know why? Cause that mother f***** is a RAPPER. I really need you n***** to tell me why Nicki Minaj a FEMALE RAPPER can’t continuously do features like damn near ALL rappers do. She’s getting PAID for this so it ain’t like it’s not some type of hustle and it’s LITERALLY WHAT THE N**** SHE CAME UP UNDER WAS DOING AS WELL.. Just to be clear, that means Lil Wayne, Drake, Big Sean, Meek Mill, Asap Rocky & Asap Ferg, and Imma throw in f****** jim Jones just for the hell of it, you mean to tell me ALL them n***** can do freestyles & remixes and collaborations and s*** but this b**** can’t with out her being thirsty for #1 or tryna stay relevant? What the actual f*** dawg lol
    And YOO I’m looking for REAL ANSWERS. Not that I’m gonna get any but f*** it, always willing to have an educated debate with someone who can articulate and structure a good argument.

    • AnonymousTruth September 27, 2019

      So I fully agree with you ,
      But I take what they say as a backhanded compliment , like they maybe expect her features to be special ? so Beyoncé , very rarely ever does a feature ….. and maybe they expect that same Queen-esque unique & special feature pattern from Nicki …. or they just big mad and can’t allow a black woman to get her bag… on second thoughts it might be the latter. The dirty haters b on this site.

      Nicki has always been someone who does features heavily, so I dunno why they crying .

      • Clarkson September 27, 2019

        Crying? Over nicki minaj? A flop??????

        Yall play too much.
        She said she was retiring so why is she still here?

        She is over saturated. When a product is very common, it becomes cheap and loses it value.

        You barbs should be worried about nicki’s safety cause she’s married to a murderer.

    • JustSaying September 27, 2019

      Nicki is oversaturated. You act like female rap is balanced the same as male rap. Wrong! How many rap b****** lost out on opportunities because Nicki is seen as more marketable to white middle America? Talk about holding women especially black women back. She’s the worst thing to happen to female rap growth because she’s a pig.

    • Tyty September 27, 2019

      It’s probably more to do with the reasons behind the features more so in recent years Iil Wayne didn’t rely on features to extend his career. Nicki on the other hand realises her solo stuff is flopping and instead of improving on her craft she decided just hopping on and every feature will suffice. You can’t honestly expect anyone to respect that. That’s crazy. Plus she extremely unlikable so that doesn’t help either.

    • Caleb September 27, 2019

      Here’s your answer: it was annoying when Lil Wayne did it too.

      • Jayy September 28, 2019

        @Justsaying – wait a minute, did you just say that Nicki held people female rappers & black women back because she happened to be what was considered more marketable and socially acceptable? We blaming that on her ?!?! My n**** I’d rather you mention something like how she didn’t t do many collabs or didn’t do as much as she could to unite female rap as a whole before we go blaming her that she knew how to makers herself to middle America.. lol

        @tyty – I agree and disagree. Nicki solo stuff could use a tweak but honestly, whether her solo stuff was any better than it currently is I still don’t think her doing features (which lets not forget is what she made a name for doing when she started getting mainstream in 2010) should make her any less of an artist.

        @Caleb – bro, me nor Lil Wayne nor anyone else who enjoys music gives a F*** about what YOU think is annoying, What your calling “annoying” other n***** called HUSTLE. Wayne killing all them features he did back in the days not long kept his FANS happy (which at the time his fan base consisted of damn near 92% of the general public) but also made people even hungrier for his projects. LETS NOT FORGET NOW, Lil Wayne has TWO albums that BOTH sold over a million FIRST WEEK! And I’m talking before this streaming s*** when you had to really sell or shut the f*** up.. How’s that for annoying.

    • Ronna September 28, 2019

      Yo I agree

  7. Jasmine The Real Princess September 27, 2019

    Another bubbling under hit for Flopnika

    • Beam Me Up Scotty September 27, 2019

      Why blame Nicki when it’s not even her song? Why don’t you say something negative about Dababy?

      • Jhudthequeen September 27, 2019


    • Clocked you September 29, 2019

      Sketchy billboard records..wouldn’t she just have a number one then too since you don’t believe her numbers? And since when have people called any song she’s featured on hers ? ?

  8. Jayy September 27, 2019

    I like how that n**** @Clarkson didn’t really address me or the points I made but instead chose to address the comment under mine and singled out the a minor comment that they mentioned about people crying / being mad. Lmao what a f****** joke.. @AnonymousTruth, hear what you saying and I appreciate your response fam but I’m gonna need them to answer this (If they truly can) cause the s*** just not adding up.

  9. Will_xo September 27, 2019

    Songs a bop , yall cant deny that, but nicki and this queen of rap thingy though

  10. The Real Princess Jasmine September 27, 2019

    It’s fire ?

  11. The Real Princess Jasmine September 27, 2019

    I love ❤️ this song

    • JustSaying September 27, 2019

      We heard you the first time dummy.

  12. Jasmine The Real Princess September 27, 2019

    People who like and support this song also support pedophilia. Just sayin ?‍♂️

    • The Real Princess Jasmine September 27, 2019

      People who support CardiB support people who drug men

      • Ken September 27, 2019

        Cardi never drugged anyone so stfu

  13. Bacon September 27, 2019

    That ain’t Dababy that’s my baby. I love me some him but the song is just OK. I’ve heard better from both artists.

  14. I HATE BLLAck n whyyyte bitchexx y’all not sht September 27, 2019

    She’s going to retire???????
    Somebody must got to her she needs to learn how to close her doors. She will always be mother hen

  15. I HATE BLLAck n whyyyte bitchexx y’all not sht September 27, 2019

    Is he weezy f baby please say da baby

  16. Dc September 27, 2019

    I’m so sick of her lil whiney voice another flop

    • E. September 27, 2019

      Yet you stuck around to listen to it. Her verse is last so you didn’t even have to hear her.

  17. September 27, 2019


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