New Song: Lil Kim – ‘Found You (ft. City Girls & O.T. Genasis)’

Published: Thursday 26th Sep 2019 by Rashad

Lil Kim gets all sorts of nasty on new single, ‘Found You.’

Channeling her earlier raunch, the fiery femcee enlists the City Girls and O.T. Genasis to trade X-rated verses for the bop – which samples Bubba Sparxxx 2005 hit, ‘Ms. New Booty.’

The latest taste of her serially delayed new album, ‘Nine,’ hop below to get all the way into new Kimberly after the jump…

Folks, now this is more like it!

In finally ditching the autotune, Kim sounds like the Kim that the masses fell in love with during her more ‘Hardcore’ days. Her re-engagement with lyrics of the same ilk works too; after all, she is the originator. Adding Yung Miami into the mix was a smart play in that it added a fresh, contemporary flair to her tried and true sound.

If this is the brand of honey the Queen Bee is readying for her album, we can’t wait to taste more.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Only Facts September 26, 2019

    This is cute Kim.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 26, 2019

      Only one verse Kim? Im greedy I want more verses on the track. I like it but it would be better with more Kim verses.

      • The Real Princess Jasmine September 27, 2019

        It’s not going to chart just like your not going to be Skinny Saweetie give Witt up Delicious your a MAN

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 27, 2019

        Trash ? never forget TGJ exposed u as a racist troll on that 8.13.19 MTV post. Calling me a man means nothing and does not take away from opinion u immature troll. Get lost and grow up.

  2. Brittbratt September 26, 2019

    Much better than her last couple of singles. I’m glad she dropped the auto tune finally

  3. Meme September 26, 2019

    Catastrophic all around. Horrible lyrics and horrible delivery from Kim. The chorus and sample is trash. Just low quality garbage. Also Kim’s voice really changed. She depends too heavily on auto tunes.

    • Fancy BISH September 26, 2019

      It’s supposed to be a little dirty and low quality with heavy bass for the freak sessions chile ? ? But yeah, Kim could’ve came harder…second and third verses pretty tight tho!

    • XYZ September 27, 2019

      I’m with you. Though I like that she dirched the massive use of autotune, I have to say that this song is a mess. It sounds embarrassingly cheap and the sample is horrible. I just dont know what happened to her. She could not win me with any of her last Singles and I love her pre prison work.

    • Trey September 27, 2019

      B**** can u not f****** read there is no auto tune on this song. Girl move the f*** around before I drag yo yest infection having ass.

  4. Boytoy1814 September 26, 2019

    Having s** to this tonight!!!!?

    • Fancy BISH September 26, 2019

      Okay ??This song is definitely for da bedroom ? I wish Kim took more time with her verse tho…make an undeniable verse …Yung Miami stole the show! City Girls always focused! “After 2 is when the freak really come out.” ?

  5. JaZzy Da Bi Asian TGJ STAFF SUPPORT #TROLLminators September 26, 2019

    This is ? LIT! I’m on a handstand as we speak ????????????‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

    • Fancy BISH September 27, 2019

      lol ?

  6. Interac September 26, 2019

    I wanted to hear more than one verse from her, after all it is her song.

  7. Ace September 26, 2019

    Niceeeeee kim and nice collab

  8. Beam Me Up Scotty September 26, 2019


  9. KA$HDOLL September 27, 2019

    Lukewarm H*** Summer turned out to be a complete bust! RIP Nicki 2007-2018.

    • Fancy BISH September 27, 2019

      Ooop lol ?

      • Beam Me Up Scotty September 27, 2019

        #22 on Hot 100. Stay mad

      • Fancy BISH September 27, 2019

        #22? Hilarious ? #SummerOver #PoorDat

      • Clocked you September 27, 2019

        22 is good for summer to be over. Keep hating while you love this trash song lmao

  10. Lmfao_Hoe September 27, 2019

    Kim idk but this album has to be of quality and substance from Hardcore to The Naked Truth you gotta ask yourself how will this album be represented and importantly theme wise. Your a Legend, mother, spit some real s*** while a little nasty here and there but overall fire lyrics, hooks, creditable and reasonable features, production, deep voice ect

    • Fancy BISH September 27, 2019


    • Beam Me Up Scotty September 27, 2019

      If the album releases lol

      • Fancy BISH September 27, 2019

        Go stream Cold H** Summer chile! ?

  11. KenDoll September 27, 2019

    She should have dropped the music video same day. She always drops the ball marketing/promotion wise. I hope her label actually PUSHES this song

  12. Alx.kth September 27, 2019

    This is so bad , lol
    Who is her team …..

  13. #TheTruth September 27, 2019

    So after all this time, this is everything she has to say lyrically speaking ?
    She sounds like a cliché teenager rapping for the 1st time.

    That single cover is just horrible btw, who’s handling her image seriously ?

    Everything is a disaster.

    • The Real Princess Jasmine September 27, 2019

      Wack Trash ? biggie died and so did Kim’s ghostwriter she’s so not ever coming back

      • Queen ?? Missy September 27, 2019

        While I may not like this song, Kim had one album before Biggie died. So mf are ghostwriting from the grave now?!?!

  14. Tyty September 27, 2019

    The song is good but Kim sounds offish … she ditched auto tune great but her voice sounds weird.

    • PinotNoir September 27, 2019

      Botox is said to move around. Maybe it landed on her vocal cords? ? Kidding. Multiple nose jobs affect breathing and the voice. Must be why …

  15. Yolanda September 27, 2019

    It’s a bop!

    • keytruda March 20, 2021

      more like baby bop

  16. antwan william thomas September 27, 2019

    Y’all kill me y’all have no taste at all

  17. I HATE BLLAck n whyyyte bitchexx y’all not sht September 27, 2019

    Nicki Minaj bleaches to get money both ways

    you bleach because you hate yourself I like my chicken skin cooked well done Brown. Not raw chicken b****

    • I HATE BLLAck n whyyyte bitchexx y’all not sht September 27, 2019

      Lil Kim retire, do something else damn….

  18. Clocked you September 27, 2019

    This song left me wanting more…her verse about her face being used as a c u m rag is forced and lame and wtf does she only have one verse ?

  19. ME YOU US September 28, 2019

    Wonder who wrote her lyrics?

    • Truth, a REAL sissy October 2, 2019

      Yo mammy did

  20. Ashley October 5, 2019

    For the record that’s watts up Mickey on the hook

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