Rihanna Talks New Album & The Super Bowl [Video]

Published: Wednesday 11th Sep 2019 by Sam

Rihanna has long been one of Pop’s most outspoken stars. So, her press run at last night’s Savage X Fenty show was always going to be interesting. Especially in light of the demand for new music.

Naturally, when walking the arrival carpet, Rih was quizzed on exactly that as well as the buzz surrounding a possible Super Bowl Halftime Show performance.

Find out what she had to say below…

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Rih said of her ninth LP:

“I’m busy, I’m a confident woman so whatever I do, it’s gonna be confident. Whether it’s the album, perfume, lingerie, makeup, or fashion. Y’all gon’ have to wait, Navy. I’m so sorry.”

When the convo turned to the possibility of a performance at the Super Bowl, which is set to be curated by her Roc Nation boss Jay-Z, the Bajan belle said:

“This actually this is my first time hearing about the Super Bowl since last Super Bowl. Girl, I still got an album to finish.”

There’s no denying Ms. Fenty has been juggling a whole lot of late.

Are YOU still buzzed about her musical return?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Keyley September 11, 2019

    Well it’s not until February anyway so she has time to roll out the album in December and do superbowl what’s up rihanna I know the plann.

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED September 11, 2019

      Rihbola Confessed that ‘Garbage Fenty X’ (or R#9) album is a distraction from her top priority…

      Fashion. Lol

      Guess bey raised the bar too high with Self Titled and Lemonade… *Streams Jealous Video*

      • Oh na na September 13, 2019

        Sorry bey raised no bar with her dull non catchy music. She has a few good songs but that’s from a decade ago. Rihanna has raised it and has cemented herself as an artist that brings catchy and innovative music over and over. Bey is annoying in that an artist of her caliber comes out with such whack music.

  2. DIABETES UNBOTHERED September 11, 2019

    Rih Schedule has been dodging the super bowl like vocal lessons. Same way she released the anti album outwork 1 month ahead of it’s release but postponed it because of ADELE ll while claiming it wasn’t finished yet… Well know she wanted that holiday boost and as a result ANTI SOCIAL failed to sell past GOLD in the US. Lol even P!ssprint sold way more

    Must be why Darkies Like rihYAWNna and NIKKI just Decide to just throw in the towel and RETIRE rather than TRY to compete with White Creole Dominican Queens like Adele Bey and Cardi

    Fun Fact Anti Tour cancelled almost all it’s stadium shows including 3 STADIUM shows LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    … One being the PRINCIPALITY stadium which BEY Sold Out lol All 49,742 seats on numerous occasions LMAO… #FAIL

    RIH is next to announce official retirement… Might as well ?

    • Coupe September 11, 2019

      Had no idea Rih was dark. Isnt she naturally lighter than Beyonce. Hmm it must suck to know your fave still isnt rich or respected as someone who hasnt been singing on a treadmill since 6mos. Foh

      • Tyty September 12, 2019

        Oh please stop with this rich business Beyoncé according to Forbes made more than Rihanna this year .. In fact Taylor swift was the only woman to make more money than Beyoncé this year. They are both rich nobody knows Beyoncé true net worth she is so secretive its hardly changed since 2009. You might as well say you actually believe kylie Jenner is a billionaire.

    • Urg September 11, 2019

      U begging to be dragged

    • Datredd23 September 12, 2019

      Rihanna’s businesses are thriving she just collected 100 million that was invested into her Savage lingerie line and Fenty Beauty is nearing 5 billion in sales sooo I would say she is wayyyy richer thane Beyonce hun

  3. Just Sayin’ September 11, 2019

    Now wonder she deleted that tweet about Jay Z’s NFL deal hmmmmm?

  4. Mini Luv September 11, 2019

    Such an odd interview beginning especially she just kept saying it makes sense it makes sense. With the way Rihanna was saying she’s a control freak and involved with everything it reminded me of Beyoncé. Rihanna was not here to talk about the album at all. She said straight up I’m sorry navy! And the minute jlos name came up she ended that interview. Oof girl I read in between those lines

  5. Clarkson September 11, 2019

    She needs to win an oscar. if gaga can win an oscar so can rih rih.
    I hope she gives us another kiss is better. U guys paid kiss it better dust even tho this us Rihanna’s best song till date.

    Normani this is who u should be modelling ur career after. Caribbean raggea flavoured music, with some funk and disco on the side. Occasionally dipping into rnb and pop every once in a while.

    Instead ur giving us generic pop Arianna Grande left overs. Gurl do better.

    • Tori September 11, 2019

      We didn’t pay KIB dust, the producer did. The production sounded like a demo instead of an actual song she was selling. The kick drum and snare, as well as the bass should’ve been higher but instead the song was weak. And why do you keep bringing up Normani? You’re trying to be petty and look a jealous as mess, lol.

      • Clarkson September 11, 2019

        Kiss is better is a perfect song written by underrated pop goddess natalia kills.
        U guys paid that song dust. The video is really good also
        Glad it got a Grammy nomination tho.

        Rihanna fans dont know good music.

    • Oh na na September 13, 2019

      I’m going to disagree you obv don’t know music industry. Normani don’t need to focus on any one genre, Rih doesn’t and that’s why she always can find a hit song cuz she doesn’t LIMIT her genres. That’s the first step in the road to a constant hit maker. Rappers can never bring out a ballad or pop maybe that’s why so many rappers are one hit wonders. Normani can choose any genre but the songs needs to be a HIT.

  6. Trishhh September 11, 2019

    Rihanna girl keep living your life and being an Avon lady. Sell that makeup girl don’t let it sell you.

  7. Tyty September 12, 2019

    She changed her tune about the Super Bowl and jay z thing fast… ?? Her album At this point is anyone guess. She can keep it and stick to what she obviously loves and prefers doing. ??

    • Urg September 12, 2019

      My thoughts exactly. I thought she was all for Kept but guess at the end of the day money talk and bs walks

    • Datredd23 September 12, 2019

      She never made a comment about the Jay-Z Super Bowl teaming up she supposedly liked a comment that could have been edited by god knows who! Stop trying to make something that’s it’s not smh

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