Ariana Grande Teases ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ Video Featuring Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Rey

Published: Wednesday 11th Sep 2019 by Sam

They may be some of today’s most independent women in Pop, but Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey have united for a special collaboration christened ‘Don’t Call Me Angel.’

Aptly titled, the track is been released as the lead offering from the soundtrack for the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ revival (due in theaters on October 11th).

With Grande reportedly helming the entirety of the compilation, she’s taking charge with the push for the single – the video for which lands this Friday (September 13th). 

To drum up buzz, she’s unzipped a titillating teaser of the Hannah Lux Davis directed clip. Check it out below…

Looks cute. Let’s hope the song itself follows suit.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Only Facts September 11, 2019

    Hey Clarkson, what number is Camilla on iTunes right now? What number are Camilla’s two songs “Liar” and “Shameless” at on billboard? Don’t mention “Senorita”, mention her two SOLO songs….does she need a feature? Lets not forget she also released a video as well. Poor thing.

    • Clarkson September 11, 2019

      Damn u are hurt HURT. Lol

      Camila dont need a hit again. She has two number 1’s. She can perform these songs for the rest of her life.

      Rock band like rolling stones and black sabbath and bon Jovi have only one number 1 song 20/30 years ago and they are still using that song to sell out stadiums today racking in millions of dollars.

      Beyonce has 5 number 1 songs (3 are features) and she’s still using those 5 number 1 songs to sell out stadiums todays. Her last number 1 was single ladies 11 years ago

      Camila will do the same.

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        No girl. Just last week you said Camilla’s second album would be her teenage dream and would have five #1 hits. California Girls debuted at #3 when Katy released it as the lead single.

        I’m glad that you have now admitted that Camilla won’t have any future hits. I’ll bookmark this comment.

        Camilla has 38 million followers and those two songs she released last week aren’t on the billboard hot 100? That’s…embarrassing.

      • Clarkson September 11, 2019

        Poor child u clearly dont know how charts work. Wait till next week. After a full week of tracking then u can judge.

        As u said it’s not a race, it’s a marathon. Havana debuted at number 90 something and it still hit number 1.

        Shameless and liar will out chart motivation mark this comment. Hater

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        But with 38 million “followers” surely she could get SOME type of placement on the hot 100 after just one day of tracking, right? 38 MILLION?! And please confirm what number Camilla’s two solo singles are currently on iTunes ☺️?☺️?☺️?☺️?


      • Clarkson September 11, 2019

        Wait for the full week of tracking

        Wait till the full run of the song on the chart. It took lizzo truth hurt how many weeks to hit number one?

        Motivation will never rise on the chart. It will fall further down next week when Camila’s new songs debut, and when post malone album tracks enter the charts. Lol

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        No girl. I want you to CONFIRM what numbers Camilla’s solo singles are CURRENTLY on iTunes!! Please confirm! 38 million followers and she’s not on billboard OR the top 20 on iTunes? ?? How long until she either gets a feature to remix them or says they’re “buzz” singles? Wasn’t this supposed to be her teenage dream album? Didn’t you say that last week? ☺️?☺️?☺️

      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate September 11, 2019

        Get Beyoncé’s name out you mouth – you think we go to her concert for 2 hours to hear 5 no.1’s??????? Sit ALLLLLL THE WAY DOWN ON A D*** – Beyoncé is an ENTERTAINER with a discography known inside out by her fans – and NO ONE is watching saying “THIS IS ONE OF HER NO.1’s!!!” fool they are talking about how she SLAYED the track LIVE with a memorable rendition that is better than the CD – THAT is longevity – THAT is an Entertainer – THAT is a memorable discography. FOH ??‍♂️

      • Only Facts September 11, 2019

        @Haterz YESSSSS for this comment!!!

        “NO ONE is watching saying “THIS IS ONE OF HER NO.1’s!!!” fool they are talking about how she SLAYED the track LIVE with a memorable rendition that is better than the CD”

        *mic drop* *two snaps*


    • Darius September 11, 2019

      Where normani song never caught on despite major promo ???

  2. Clarkson September 11, 2019

    Arianna = beyonce

    Miley = Kelly

    Lana = Michelle

    • Fancy BISH September 11, 2019


    • NotoriousTruthTeller September 11, 2019

      Ariana = Beyoncè = Empty smoke and mirrors
      Miley = Kelly = The warm voice but les beautiful and there for less appealing than Kelly/Michelle
      Lana = Lana with her darkness

      Sit down lil Bi**h be humble

    • Navy Gravy September 11, 2019

      Y’all got it wrong sis
      Miley = Beyoncé, singing the loudest, stretching the hēll out of her notes
      Ariana = Michelle (the one with the highest pitch and biggest range)
      Lana = Kelly (not, sing-the-highest-notes-in-harmony Kelly, just don’t irritate Beyoncé today Kelly and fill in if Beyoncés sick.)

    • Lanafan1 September 11, 2019

      Lana is no Michelle. Lol Look at her sales and following hon.

      • Namo September 13, 2019

        Since when the Charlie’s Angel song is about the Destiny’s Child? Stop with these Beyoncé = Lana = this is ridiculous, they did one song on one film and now it’s over, move on.

  3. Sweetnothings78 September 11, 2019

    Jesus , wow the people above not left primary yet?
    Those singers won’t thank you for arguing like kids lol.

  4. Tyty September 11, 2019

    I like Lana so won’t diss her the other two are unseasoned so this Collab will probably be bland…

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