Billboard 200: Rihanna’s ‘Anti’ Beats Beyoncé To Become Longest Charting Album by a Black Female Artist

Published: Tuesday 1st Oct 2019 by Rashad

Admittedly, That Grape Juice was among the critics who panned Rihanna‘s last album, the 2016-released ‘Anti,’ for its adventurous offerings and an equally risky rollout that raised eyebrows and saw heads scratched at how it managed to be certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America a day after its release (despite selling less than 500 copies its first week).

Now, it appears the Bajan beauty will have the last laugh.

As calls for the project’s yet-titled follow-up increase, the diva’s fans – affectionately called #TheNavy – appear to be clinging tight to its content, a feat evidenced by its buoyancy on the Billboard 200.  Nearing its 200th week on the chart, the set’s enduring success on the tally has penciled Ri in its history books for quite the impressive feat.

Details inside:

Released January 2016, ‘Anti’ – Rihanna’s 8th studio effort – peaked at #1 and spawned the hits ‘Work,’ ‘Needed Me,’ ‘Kiss It Better,’ and ‘Love on the Brain.’  Obviously still on the brains of her legion of fans in the absence of new music, the set actually rose in sales equivalence over the last week (pushing it up to #137 on the Billboard 200’s most refreshed edition as seen below).

Notching its 191st week on the tally, the stat was just what the #Navy leader needed to sail past Beyonce’s third solo effort, 2008’s ‘I Am…Sasha Fierce,’ to become the longest running album on the Billboard 200 by a Black female.  Bey’s ‘Single Ladies’-led LP previously owned the title for its 190 week run on the chart.

As it relates to all women, Ri has a long way to go to the top.  Among the ladies at the summit are Adele‘s 2011 album, ’21’ (432 weeks), Carole King‘s ‘Tapestry’ (318 weeks), and Lana Del Rey‘s ‘Born to Die’ (327).  As if they aren’t enough, Taylor Swift also has three titles that have each notched 250 weeks or more in the Billboard 200.  Click here to read about that.

[main photo source:  Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

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  1. And I … Oop! October 1, 2019

    Can’t wait to see how the Beyhive is going to spin this one. Congratulations Rihanna!!! ???

    • Justme October 1, 2019

      We don’t have to because it still hasn’t sold more than any of beyonce albums.. we sell out stadiums yall stay on streaming

      • Meme October 1, 2019

        Yeah keep selling out stadiums, flop singles and albums that disappears 3 weeks after it’s released. Touring is Beyoncé’s only claim in today’s market because she can’t get anything else. Bye

    • Eugene October 1, 2019

      Let’s hope beehives won’t have massive breakdowns lol

      • My Plan October 1, 2019

        Why is there an argument about Beyonce when Adele is at number 1?

  2. Rihanna the King!! October 1, 2019


  3. pat October 1, 2019

    this is not new for rih though….y’all tried to spin her as a singles artist……bey had big first weeks, but they usually end up selling around the same

    • SMH October 1, 2019

      Exactly, which is why I never understood why they hype Beyonce up as if she’s a bigger artist than Rihanna, when in reality they’re the same level.

      • Okay? October 1, 2019

        Because she is ( vocally)! Now with that said; Rihanna beats, holds her OWN and RULES her WORLD that ain’t NOBODY touching!!!!Just as Beyonce OWNS hers! I have so much RESPECT for BOTH of these Talented/Beautiful/Giving women! They both are so INSPIRING and I SUPPORT and wish nothing but the BEST for them! Congratulations Rihanna, YOU EARNED/DESERVED IT????

      • Will_xo October 2, 2019

        Even Rih knows shes not on the same level musically , would u rate whitney and madonna the same musically ask yourself, Rih has a good ear for bops and shes pops princess

    • XYZ October 1, 2019


    • Danny Bey October 1, 2019

      Because of impact. Beyoncé has a bigger impact on the industry and ooo culture as a whole. But Rihanna is still an icon

      • SMH October 1, 2019

        Rihanna has made just as much of an impact on the industry and pop culture as Beyonce. Like I said, same level.

  4. ??? October 1, 2019

    lmaooooooo that Rihanna reign NEVER let up!! Riri clocked more record sales, more hits, more MONEY, the struggle roach will never see her in this lifetime lmfaooooo!!! the roaches will be here hating soon, this is gonna be fun lmfaoooo!!!

    • Diabetes Unbothered October 1, 2019

      Fun fact or FUNNY fact… You decide… Self Titled sold in 3 Days what Anti took 3 years to sell. another fun fact Self Titled made history by selling 300k+ in its first 3 Weeks… Don’t even get me started on rihs Unimpressive Tour Feats. Formation grossed more than ALL rihsceduled tours COMBINED ???

    • Diabetes Unbothered October 1, 2019

      And I’m not sure what Anti SPS reached but it sure didn’t sell the 7-8M IASF sold PURE SALES which is why it lasted on charts. Streaming wasn’t a thing back then and rih has NEVER had an era bigger than IASF which dominated in ALL areas

      • XYZ October 1, 2019

        Good girl gone Bad, loud

      • Will_xo October 2, 2019

        Right on all counts

    • ??? October 1, 2019

      lmaoooo save your essays fatso, Riri has outdone the struggle roach in ALL areas PERIODT. go eat a turkey leg and wait for the roach to pop out another baby jay z while Rihanna continues making ICONIC moves lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

  5. Clarkson October 1, 2019

    Normani if u were smart u will model ur career after Rihanna instead of beyonce

    Beyonce is all smoke and mirrors. She doesn’t have impressive chart records to be considered a legend.

    Her gift album is nowhere to be found after she released a documentary about this album.

    • Clarkson Is A Loser October 1, 2019

      Camila is All smokes and mirrors B****
      What r u on???

    • ANTEYE October 1, 2019

      ALL OF THIS ! I think she want to model her career like Rihanna. She said it herself. She want to emulate Rihanna’s success and doing what Rihanna been doing

  6. PussyPop$tress October 1, 2019

    not a big deal. only sustaining cuz of streaming. bey has never been a streamer. beyonce has MULTIPLE albums with more than 180 weeks of chart success FOR PURE SALES

    call me when rih gets that

    • pat October 1, 2019

      this isn’t 2008 anymore sweetie. your fav needs streams.
      see: The Gift

      • Your Mother October 1, 2019


    • October 1, 2019

      Rihanna is a relevant artist in this current music industry.
      Nobody cares how many vinyls Beyonce sales.

      • Meme October 1, 2019

        Screaming ☠️☠️☠️☠️

      • ??? October 1, 2019

        Lmaoooo not vinyls????????

    • Jasmine The Real Princess October 1, 2019

      Only sustaining cuz of streaming? LMAO!!!!!!
      Sweetie this isn’t 2003 when Yonka used to be popping. streaming IS the way in 2019 ?

    • Meme October 1, 2019

      Sweetly it’s 2019. And you’re correct, beyonce never been a streamer, which clearly reflects in the performance of The Gift and Everything is love.

  7. Meme October 1, 2019

    The album that YALL at that grape juice ridiculed for 2 years straight. Literally every post you would use as an opportunity to dog this album. This is why nobody can tell me nothing about Rihanna. Her track record and her work ALWAYS speak

  8. Swirly October 1, 2019

    Good for her. Rihanna’s impact is undeniable. Oh and BTW, the Navy vs Hive stan wars are so 2012. Leave that crap to the Normani and Camila stans.

    • Okay? October 1, 2019


  9. Tyty October 1, 2019

    What else are her fans supposed to stream? she hasn’t released anything in 3+ years it would be impressive it was based on pure sales or something ?? That’s just a fact!!!

    • PussyPop$tress October 1, 2019

      Thank you. If beyonce had not released another album since iasf or self-titled i assure you they would have gotten the same amount of weeks considering they were only a few weeks away.

      the navy get excited over any little thing.

    • Danny Bey October 1, 2019

      Exactly. They’ll cling to anything to try to hate in Beyoncé just bc they hate her fans. It is what it is.

    • ??? October 1, 2019

      Lmaoooo then why couldn’t the roach get more streams OR sales for those flops everything is FLOPPED, homeFLOPPING and the gift (that nobody wanted)?? Lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

  10. JOHNVIDAL October 1, 2019

    Zero impact though.

    • Datredd23 October 1, 2019

      You wish lmao

  11. menudi October 1, 2019

    Rih has been having the last laugh for quite some time now!

    She continues to pay you people no mind!

  12. Donnie October 1, 2019

    Rihanna isn’t African American so is this record for the longest by a black woman or an African American ?

  13. High Price October 1, 2019

    #Anti IS the album! A Classic! I’m just gonna say it. No other album will beat it in the next decade as far as longest running album on the charts. She probably hated the rollout but the QUALITY WON at the end of the day.

  14. Diabetes Unbothered October 1, 2019

    Fun Fact… IASF sold 8 Million going diamond in Brazil (500k) sold more than ALL rihsceduled albums including the re-release of GGGB where Rih COPIED Beys Bday using b’day left overs and even copied irreplaceable with the lesser take a bow

    • Datredd23 October 1, 2019

      Hun stop and take the loss with dignity!

    • Blue October 1, 2019

      ANTI is at 7mil sps. In 2019.
      Last solo bey album only above 4mil.
      Her last 3 project could do 2mil put together.

      What was your point again?

    • Blue October 1, 2019

      Nobody copied by day, GGGB was a pure pop album, in fact IASF was modeled after GGGB, with bey wanting to pop after GGGB after it outsold bday.

      Rih has never done a bey leftover but bey sure as hell is doing rih leftovers in 2019.

    • ??? October 1, 2019

      Lmaoooo no pork chop did not say roach went diamond in brazil lmfaooooo ? ?? ??????

      Porky, take the L and get over it. ????

  15. Ray October 1, 2019

    The headline could’ve read: “Rihanna’s ‘Anti’ becomes the longest charting album by a Black Female Artist” without bringing another Black Female Artist into it. Positive perspective people – POSITIVE!

    • PussyPop$tress October 2, 2019

      it could’ve, but it didn’t. get over it sis

  16. danyboo October 1, 2019

    Go Ri Ri, I just waiting on the baby ?!!!

    • Okay? October 1, 2019

      ME TOO! ?????

  17. Jam October 1, 2019

    I’d like to see plenty of black female artists reach these heights instead of it being Beyonce vs RIhanna. It’s really sad. Yall need to be buying people’s albums, since these white teenage girls keep the likes of people like Taylor Swift on top despite putting out complete garbage.

  18. Chaotic October 1, 2019

    Too bad she won’t beat her at the Grammys tho! Lol

    • ??? October 1, 2019

      Lmaoooo didn’t yall say that about the emmys tho lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

  19. ANTEYE October 1, 2019


  20. Xoxo October 1, 2019

    I just want Beyonce to stop with the black forward stuff just for one album give me DIL 2 please

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