A Milli? Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ First Week Sales Predictions Are In!

Published: Monday 1st Feb 2016 by Sam

For Rihanna‘s new album ‘ANTI,’ it would appear the truth – and not TIDAL – will set it free.

Released Thursday to much chaos (see: early leak), confusion has encased the true commercial performance of the project ever since.

On the one hand, Jay Z‘s streaming claims 400,000 “bought” the LP (beyond the million free downloads it offered), while the RIAA went on to certify the project Platinum after just 24 hours.

However, with a lukewarm launch iTunes (where the album was made available to purchase a day after its TIDAL arrival) and no physical copies in stores (yet), all eyes have been on the first week predictions.

Well, wonder no more. Because, the first ‘ANTI’ sales predictions await below…

According to Billboard, industry forecasters (using current sales momentum data) expect ‘ANTI’ to shift around 125,000 in equivalent album units in the week ending February 4th.

Depending on which way Adele’s domineering sales go, such numbers “could” clinch RiRi the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 next week.

Interestingly, the unintentional leak of the project yielded actual sales of 460 (yes, you read right) and 15,896 album equivalent units (with a short period of official steams factored in). Meaning on this week’s tally, the album begins its chart journey at #27 on the Billboard 200.


Stay tuned as we commit to bring you the undiluted (and unpolluted) stats on Rihanna’s eighth studio album.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Weezy Tha Goat February 1, 2016

    Lmao????? Chaeters never win, but luckily for Ms Fenty Riaa has a new rules so she’ll most likely see a Gold or Platinum certification.

    • Fancy BISH February 1, 2016

      I tried to say this yesterday, but ya’ll down voted me lol…Tidal being shady chile…ANTI will be one of her lower debut numbers…NO LIES DETECTED…mmmhmm lol 🙂
      Music Of The Sun – 69,000
      A Girl like Me – 115,000
      Good Girl Gone Bad – 162,000
      Rated R – 181,000
      Loud – 207,000
      Talk That Talk -198,000
      Unapologetic – 238,000
      ANTI – obviously less than 125,000

      • x_x February 1, 2016

        TIDAL was the dumbest decision she could have EVERRR made. NO ONE WANTS TIDAL. I can’t feel sorry for her for this.

    • Bey Sting February 1, 2016

      I’m shaking ! I can’t believe thus! 125,000? So ten times less than platinum? Oh neaux!

  2. Mariah The Legend February 1, 2016

    LOOOL it charted after half a day of streams on Tidal. SLAY!!!!!!!!

    • RASHAD February 1, 2016

      Girl hush and stop clinging to Rihanna for sale relevance! Too bad Moo Moo last album came and slid down the charts faster than Amber Rose sliding down a stripper pole!

    • Anne February 1, 2016

      Slay? It debut at #27.

  3. Barb B**** February 1, 2016

    Grabs popcorn!

  4. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 1, 2016

    wotk is #1 on the digital songs chart (126k) from only 2 days on iTunes! Slay

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 1, 2016


      • Arx February 1, 2016

        Lmao u can’t even spell the name right. Flop

  5. How Many Drinks February 1, 2016


  6. RASHAD February 1, 2016

    Hey Rihanna and the Navy,

    Beyonce and Gaga says hi. That 2013 s*** talking has Karma written all over these albums says! In my Nene Leaks voice: You wil never win when you play dirty!

  7. SLAYhanna February 1, 2016



    Congrats to Rih. for being the ONLY BLACK FEMALE ARTIST in the entire top 40 on the Hot 100 this week. Furthermore there is ONLY ONE OTHER BLACK FEMALE to be in the top 100 at all this week – Missy Elliot. What a fuqing shame!!!


    I love both Bey and Rih. but right now it’s Rih. who is out doing her thing and she is one of the THREE current Black female artists who can actually sell worth a simple damn!


    ANTI will be #1 next week so I’m happy once the FULL sales are in and she still charted with HALF day sales… That’s good.

  8. Inia February 1, 2016

    #27 on the Billboard 200 with 15K


    It means she managed to get a to the TOP3 after less than 2h being on Tidal alone

    I mean I know you are not a professional site like your competitors, but come on!!

    And where’s WORK being #9 on Billboard Hot 100 this week?

    And it’s #1 on HDS after ………. 1 DAY AND A HALF

    very ANTi-Professional

  9. No favs, just here for the music February 1, 2016

    what is the fuss about the 400K being counted into the total sales that everyone is talking about? Are those actual sales or streams from TIDAL?

  10. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    460 hahahahahahahah!
    Ciara could never!
    another Ciara’s lessor here

  11. CATFISH CAREY February 1, 2016


  12. HailBeysus February 1, 2016


    • RASHAD February 1, 2016

      Then girls are gaspin for straws and air at this point. Just sit back relax, grab some popcorn, and let all the excuses & deflecting flow!

      • HailBeysus February 1, 2016

        What happened Navi i thought hoeanna was a bigger brand. I thought she was going to do bigger.numbers than aeld titled!?!?!? ???????

  13. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 1, 2016

    This is from the week ending on Feb 28th (Thursday)… The album was released on Friday to iTunes + she still has physical sales coming up.

  14. Keri Qween February 1, 2016

    That’s not a full week of sales stop it Sam ?

  15. Marley February 1, 2016

    DEATH. 400k? Not Tidal getting clocked for blatant lies. If only Rihannas team would stop trying to mask the floppage, it just makes them look so much worse.

  16. SLAYhanna February 1, 2016

    WORK debuts at #9 on the HOT 100 after only 2 days sales also… Congrats to her.


    I hope it goes to #1.


    That’d be really sweet.

    • Jamie February 1, 2016

      And will not be number one so your point?

      • FAF February 1, 2016

        Thank drake for that

        Bc none of her solo singles went top 10

  17. Penny Sparrow February 1, 2016

    SCREAMING!!! why didn’t this post have to halogen when I’m just about to sleep???

    • Penny Sparrow February 1, 2016


  18. Marley February 1, 2016

    125k after the week ending Feb 4th. How tragic..

  19. Yonce on your mouth February 1, 2016

    This is just sad!! Her flop this era is going to be embarrassing. With all this fake Tibal predictions, Fake one million sale etc ANTI is just one big MESS. The media will eat her up for all her lies.

    • FAF February 1, 2016

      It will never go platinum In sales

      Nicki did this with pink print and ppl scalped her for it

      • AMD February 2, 2016

        Looking at her 1st wk sales history, it seems 125K is average for her. I don’t get why folks are calling this a flop. If she’s never sold more than 200K in the 1st wk. then, this is not a flop for her. Thinking that she would selling 500K or more in the 1st wk is insane. Nobody likes her like that. And, if the album is only available on Tidal & nowhere else then, she REALLY f-ed! Actually, I think her letting Jay Z MISguide her through this entire project was a career killer for her. L LL Cool J. said it best, “Jay Z is only good at marketing Jay Z”. This might turn out to be her, “Mariah: The Enchanted Chanteuse” era. Anyone remember how that dipshit Jermaine Dupri f’ed that era up for Mariah Carey? Anyway, I’m not hoping this girl fails (as a matter of fact, this site downgrades black female artists while praising the likes of Adele & Taylor Swift, etc. and, I’m sick of it).

  20. kai2dasuan February 1, 2016

    clearly people need to read the article better. It says the album sales are from a day sales it also states that she sold 1.47 million but being that it was gifted out the sales wouldn’t count but the funny thing is that rihanna album is not sold in the store and clearly she going to be number 1 next week

  21. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    125 k
    babylon has fallen
    less than:

  22. Penny Sparrow February 1, 2016

    According to Billboard, industry forecasters (using current sales momentum data) expect ‘ANTI’ to shift around 125,000 in equivalent album units in the week ending February 4th.

    Reading is key guys
    Stop making excuses and just admit that she FLOPPED HARD

  23. LB February 1, 2016

    So #27 after less than 2 hours of tracking, not bad.

    • Penny Sparrow February 1, 2016

      Girl don’t even try it, your girl flopped just admit it and take these lashings like a good little queen

      • LB February 1, 2016

        What lashings when it is very clear from your comments that what is being talked about is beyond your comprehension level.
        Maybe if you spent your time passing Matric instead if obsessing over Ms Sparrow’s comments, even you could understand what is clearly beyond your scope.

    • metzo February 1, 2016

      Gurrll. 2 hours on itunes and 460 sold is TRAGIC. Beyonce did 80k in 3 HOURS!!

  24. Yonce on your mouth February 1, 2016

    It’s too bad that rihanna can’t do anything properly. She can’t sing or dance properly and right now she can’t even FLOP PROPERLY. ANTI has been one big disaster waiting to happen.

  25. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    Work will start free falling next week
    Zayn will debut higher and block her from going further than #9

  26. MsYonce February 1, 2016

    So its predicted to sell 125k in the first week okay. It’ll probably sell 200k or close to it. However the album is all over the internet it was pirated a lottt on zippyshare(and other sites) when it leaked in full and after the leak. That’s probably gonna hurt her tbh I mean this is a mess. What were they even thing.

  27. WhosBad February 1, 2016

    Now that the dust has cleared the truth is pretty evident at how successful this album is outside of those bought samsung copies. She can do 125k with streaming included which puts her actual sales around 100k and by the way there is NO excuse for such a low number considering 4 sold 300k even though it leaked a whole month prior and RTW flopped hard, Gaga sold 500K full price sans her deal and Jay sold 500k despite his samsung deal as well. She is not an album mover at all and this ish will be lucky to reach 1 million in REAL sales and DEATH at tidal trying to force that 400k into existence even though it was only 460 copies sold. Since the Navy is going to come in here and gloat and go to bat about streaming and certifications you might like to know thanks to the new rules Self-titled is now 4x platinum in the US cheers to that kiiiiiiii

    • Music all the way February 1, 2016

      Hahahahhaahahahaahhhahahahhahahahahahahahahaahhhhahaha………………….I FU©KING LOVE YOU

    • Katniss February 1, 2016


    • WhosBad February 1, 2016

      You know I wouldn’t think this was so funny had the Navy kept their mouth shut about Beyonce but they just couldn’t help themselves. All that “Rihs more successful and ha next era is going to destroy beyflops career””Nobody uses yawnce shes old news””self-titled was such a gimmick” is being washed out their mouth with flop soap and now they know their place. *In my beyonce voice * Stick to them quick little singles. Look at them cowering and running to the “but work debuted at No.9 kiiii” defense yassss run to them singles gurls runith to them and stay your chart stanning A**es there leave the touring,acclaim,grammies and albums and talent to the girls who can actually acquire them without having to run to companies to buy their albums out for them and have their teams put out fake info to boost hype.

  28. Music all the way February 1, 2016

    Let me get some sleep coz it’s going to messy in here but I’ll just read the comments in the morning,…… Sidenote; did they give a platinum certification to that Jay Z album that samsung bought a million copies like they did with Anti??

    • HailBeysus February 1, 2016

      Yes they did. Because of his deal The RIAA changed how fast they give out Plaques. He got his the next day. Everyone used to have to wait for a week.

  29. LB February 1, 2016

    Work debuts at #9 after only 2 days worth of sales, and #1 on the digital songs chart, only after 2 days worth of sales.
    Era is off to a good start.

    • Jewel February 1, 2016


    • RASHAD February 1, 2016

      Delusional at it’s best! This album is a flop. Subtract those purchased Samsung albums and this is what Rihanna really sold. If this had been any other artist you would be throwing more shade than an lunar eclipse. Just admit it she flopped this era which is mainly her fault for waiting to long!

    • OMG Logic!!! February 1, 2016

      Girl, do you realize how desperate you look right now? Just don’t say anything at all. Pretending this era isn’t a complete failure only makes things worse for your fave.

  30. TT February 1, 2016


  31. Jewel February 1, 2016

    So yall just gonna act like you haven’t read the part about anti only selling 125k by the end of the week. I can’t believe some of you were actually delusional enough to believe Tidal.

  32. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016

    *In my hoochie Mama Voice* You ain’t gots to lie craig, you a gots to lyeeeee!
    LMAOO! #27 is Awful and even worse than diarrRIHeah’s Music of The Sahara Desert. And now the Slavi will come with their excuses about it not being a full week, as if Selftitled didn’t go #1 based on digital sales in 2-3 days.

  33. MsYonce February 1, 2016

    This looks bad on Jay and Tidal too I mean ain’t nobody gonna subscribe to tidal just to buy and album that’s all over the internet already.

  34. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    that #9 is due to frontloaded sales, streams and gimmick surprise release
    she’s already dropping faster than a sèmén erupts from a stimulated pènïs on iTunes
    the song is bad and the world has caught on with her voodoo goat vocals and mediocrity! !!
    BYE FELICIA! !!!!!!

    • Music all the way February 1, 2016

      “”””she’s already dropping faster
      than a sèmén erupts from a
      stimulated pènïs on iTunes

  35. Penny Sparrow February 1, 2016

    A full week and you’re predicted to sell 125? Oh how the might have fallen
    Didn’t Beyoncé do that in like one hour?
    Isn’t that Adele or Taylor’s 5 week sales?
    Didn’t the 50 shades sound track do more?

    • RASHAD February 1, 2016

      Beyonce sold 80,000 in a hour
      120,000 in 3 hours
      430,000 in 24hrs

      Rihanna can only dream! Funny how the navy said Beys Surprise album was all hype & front loaded sales. Now fast forward to 2016 look at ANTI (A failed attempt at trying to copy Jay & Beyonces album release tactics)

  36. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    watch the Salvation army try to ignore and deflect from the pure struggle amd floppage of 125K presented in gold letters
    😀 🙂

  37. #justsayn February 1, 2016

    400k or 460k for any artist is hella an accomplishment! Im not even a Rhianna stan like that and i hate how a blk owned website speak so ill of a blk woman breaking barriers no matter how much u dont like her u shouldnt never discredit her accomplishments. Yet yall praise and rejoice when folks like Adele sell millions but look down on your own ppl! Im happy for Rhianna and any blk female artist out there working and making their dreams happen!

    • LDN Chick February 1, 2016

      No sis. It’s 460. No K was mentioned.

      • Music all the way February 1, 2016


      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016

        I’M IN TEARS!!!! LOL no shade @Justsayn but how did you manage to add 3 extra zero’s to that figure. If she did that, then she wouldn’t be taking these L’s and lashings

      • FAF February 1, 2016


    • OMG Logic!!! February 1, 2016

      So a Black owned website is supposed to praise a lying cheater just because they’re Black? GTFO with that foolishness. And why wouldn’t they celebrate Adele? She makes good music, can actually sing, and is breaking records legitimately.

  38. #JACKIE February 1, 2016


    • RASHAD February 1, 2016

      GO INN JACKIE! Please go inn in the Navy!

      • #JACKIE February 1, 2016

        She couldn’t even do ArtPop numbers. I f****** can’t deal.

    • RASHAD February 1, 2016

      Just wait until Mark111 & Centurion come in here with there excuses!

  39. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    WHERE ARE YOU???????
    COME THRU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. RICHIE_RICH February 1, 2016

    This about to get real juicy!!!!!?????????????

  41. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) February 1, 2016

    They’ve.been desperate and thirsty ever since their fave’s fourth album tanked and the struggle for a hit for almost a damn decade ??

    • #JACKIE February 1, 2016

      Stop deflecting. Let’s focus on Rihanna’s lowest numbers of her career.

  42. LDN Chick February 1, 2016

    Absolute death! Not Anti predicted to sell LESS than 4 which leaked a month before its release kii. And the Hive is seething over this mess?

  43. RICHIE_RICH February 1, 2016

    No shade, but didn’t Beyoncé do that in like an hour !!!!

  44. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    Barb-wire , FAF, Barb b**** , Nicki Is Queen where are y’all at?
    aint this 125k lower than TPP first week sales?
    come thru!!!!!!!!!!

    • FAF February 1, 2016

      I mean it’s not even funny. It’s sad she does all this cheating ppl make it seem like she’s just this huge artist everything She has is bc of someone else

      Say it with me
      “Ciara can have a flop album but she writes said flop and it’s sold for full price”

      How u got 55mil followers on Twitter and they all begging doe the link

      I mean her own fans hate tidal

      Work is an easy explanation
      No one had heard it so they streamed it but it too will decline once the vid drops which looks boring as f***

      It wasn’t a pay week her fans couldn’t afford an album without their college refunds ??

  45. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV15 February 1, 2016

    Hi Navy <3 She's Fcking Destroying These B*tches. Rihanna Sold Over 200 Million. When Will Beyblade? Only 75 Million. I Don't Even Know Why I Gotta Address The A I D S/Hive When Their A Kii. SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HailBeysus February 1, 2016

      Kiii the lies Beyonce has sold 152 million records. She sold over 30 million records from I Am Sasha Fierce alone. Do you seriously believe a woman who has over 60 platinum/gold certifications from 2003-2009 in the US alone has only 75m sold world wide! Lmao the delusion!!!!

      • metzo February 1, 2016

        Almost 40M hunty if you count Telephone (8M WW)

  46. King B February 1, 2016

    Isn’t this more or less like Lana’s number?

  47. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    the lying flopping fraud sold 460 albums in how many hours? ????????

  48. King B February 1, 2016

    Isn’t this more or less like Lana’s number? And lana did that w/o promo

  49. Kyle February 1, 2016




  50. Penny Sparrow February 1, 2016

    This is nothing but a pure mess!!
    After coping Jay and Bey’s blueprints you STILL CANT CLOCK IN 200K.
    Sorry but Streamanhha needs to realize that she is nothing but a singles artists selling albums and making “timeless” music is way beyond her scope.
    She needed to learn to stay in her lane but well I guess she is about to learn the hard way now.

  51. nicko February 1, 2016

    ANTi’s first week sales are even lower than TPP’s,despite ANTI having more promo n hype :O lol @ a rapper selling 200k first week vs 100k for a popular singer like Rih. Wtf is going on lol ?

  52. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    dearly beloved
    Anti Success is upon us 😀 😀 🙂
    when will our faves???????

    • TinaMinaj February 5, 2016

      DEAD!! 😀

  53. King B February 1, 2016

    Anyways, if it’s number one ,congrats!

  54. Arie February 1, 2016

    Man this era is a mess, I don’t even know if it’s worth releasing physical copies at this stage. Tidal did not execute well at all and the sad part is the album is really nice.

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV15 February 1, 2016

      F*ck These Pigeons. They Are Mad As F*ck. SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LB February 1, 2016

        I love putting them to work, they are writing novels trying to drag me and I’m just skipping over all of their comments.

        The fact that they hang by a thread, waiting for my response LMAO.

    • Penny Sparrow February 1, 2016

      Girl why you ignoring this part

      According to Billboard, industry forecasters (using current sales momentum data) expect ‘ANTI’ to shift around 125,000 in equivalent album units in the week ending February 4th.


      • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV15 February 1, 2016

        She Sold More Than Ariana Grande. Why Are You Slow B*tch? I AM IN TEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • BeyBarbFenty February 1, 2016

        This justin sykes delusional rat really is laughable

  55. #JACKIE February 1, 2016

    Not 460 copies! CRINE! When will Ciara???? The dragging shall be endless!!

  56. Penny Sparrow February 1, 2016

    Mess! Even yours truly debut with more which was 138K

  57. Barb B**** February 1, 2016

    I am tearrrrrs over the KARMA the Salvation is experiencing rn. She is a ruthless b****!!!! Like FLOP FLOP FLOP!

  58. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV15 February 1, 2016

    Kiii At The Hives. Rihanna Sold More Than Your H.o.e With Over 200 Million. Has Beigeyonce??? You Stressed Pigeons! I AM SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Music all the way February 1, 2016

      And what on earth is Justine Skye?? Sounds like new range of condoms to me?

  59. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    460 of 15,896 is how many percent of digital albums?
    if streams didn’t work the coconut juggling thunder c-ü-n-t would have sold an earth shattering all time low Guinness World Book record sales of FOUR-HUNDRED -AND- SIXTY
    yes 4 6 0!!!!!!

  60. Barb B**** February 1, 2016

    Not them clinging to Work like it’s not tumbling down the charts with every new release.?????

  61. JanStan February 1, 2016

    Damn 125k (if she manages that) are Janet and Madonna numbers…40 years into the game. Ouch.

    • JanStan February 1, 2016

      This era is OVER.

  62. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    Taylor , Slay_Hive, HailBeysus, Annalise, Beyaua Impact, DiggerBey anybody?
    CNN? Please come see this

    • HailBeysus February 1, 2016


      • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV15 February 1, 2016

        Not You Exposing Jackie/CareerEnder. DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • #JACKIE February 1, 2016

        Sis I am still taking all this FLOPPAGE in! Where is Markisha and that Fallacy b****??? I want those edges front and center!

      • HailBeysus February 1, 2016

        @JusineSkye you’re straight retarted!!! Clearly if you knew how to read basic vocabulary. You would realize i was talking to 2 people. Stop reaching and explain to us why CHEATANNA sold 460 albums 15k with streams on a digital platform??? Lmao some digital queen ????????

  63. HailBeysus February 1, 2016

    My new fav Cheat-Anna song
    “Where dem albums at, where dem albums at, where dey at, where dey at, where dey at,
    Where dem streams all at, where dem streams all at, where dat at, where dey at, where dey at!!!’
    Off of Rated Flop the First Sequence ?????????

  64. Music all the way February 1, 2016

    Hahahaahahahahhahah… look at Lb deflecting from this post about this beautiful flop, where are old comentators of TGJ, H2O and others where you bit©hes at??

  65. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 1, 2016

    While i finish recovering from DIABETIC SHOCK!!! I wuld like to remind the DEADvy that Self Titled was expected to sell less than what it really sold 1st week (800+k). As of NOW the Hiarchy goes as follows:
    1. ADELE
    2. TAYLOR
    3. BEY
    6. GAGA
    7. RIHANNA
    9. TINASHE
    10. CERROR
    (But i was nice enuff to not include Males so Rih could atleast make TOP 10)

  66. Barb B**** February 1, 2016

    Less than Nicki, less than Beyonce, less than Gaga, less than Chris, less than Justin B and less than ARIANA GRANDE. NOOOOOO.

  67. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    Miss I only know how to be number 1

  68. Duffster Lovato February 1, 2016

    This is so bad the Nazis will have to jump ship, where they at? The dragging is real 125k wow Selena Gomez had a better start. BEYONCÉ IS COMING, GET READY FOR B6.

  69. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    sends 2 L’s to these two tired Canadian commentors
    each costing $460

  70. RICHIE_RICH February 1, 2016

    460 wow lol

  71. #JACKIE February 1, 2016


  72. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? February 1, 2016

    “Work” will DEBUT at #9 on the Hot 100 soon. Here comes the 14th Hot 100 #1, so the haters should go ahead and get an early head start at seething.

    • #JACKIE February 1, 2016

      Seething over what exactly? 4 singles and she can’t even do Ariana Grande numbers??

      • ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? February 1, 2016

        Hun, just wait until the FULL WEEK’s tally is in. You won’t be singing same tune.

  73. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 1, 2016


  74. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    they said Beyonce needed streams to make it on the charts
    and I said bxtch 460!
    like guys really 460 of 15,896 ????????
    when has pop music realm ever??????????????
    I mean ever?????
    can ypu say LEGENDARY FLOPPAGE?

  75. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    ANTI was born to die *Lana’s voice*

  76. SLAYhanna February 1, 2016

    @Chile, leave my weave…

    What’s your fave song on ANTI, sis?


    What’s your fave song on ANTO also sis?

    • ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? February 1, 2016

      Hun, I think my fave right now is “Woo”. What’s yours and how do you feel about “Pose” and “S** With Me”? Sis, just watch how Rih will have women all on social media reciting lyrics to “Needed Me”.

  77. Barb B**** February 1, 2016

    So even with a massive gimmick and corperation buying your album, you still can’t even do 200k first week. Wow. And it’s not even like she has a smash hit to carry the rest of her era.

  78. LB February 1, 2016


    Digital Songs: #1 Work, @rihanna Feat. @Drake 126,000 (debut). *her 14th #1*

    This is impressive, considering it was only out for 2 days of tracking. Impressive stuff, 14 digital #1s, she makes it look so easy. Some people struggle for this for 8 years.

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV15 February 1, 2016

      When Will Beyblade Ever. Death!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Barb B**** February 1, 2016

      But it’s tumbling down itunes and being slayed by Drake as we speak

  79. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    can I give Rihanna a third name?
    Rihanna Robyn Flopping Fenty

    • Keri Qween February 1, 2016

      She did need streams to chart

      Most of her singles were only certified because of the streaming factor

      For example, fourfive outsold drunk in love in total sales ?

      • Barb B**** February 1, 2016

        Why are Rihfunds first week sales going to be lower than nickis?

      • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV15 February 1, 2016

        Hi KerKween. You Know That Is Jackie Right? HailBeyblade Exposed It In This Thread. SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • #JACKIE February 1, 2016

      Who exposed what? Gooooorl quit trying to divert attention away from FLOPti.

  80. Knowles Carter February 1, 2016

    This is unacceptable! Rihanna is a major popstar. Why isn’t she selling 500K? I bet drake will be selling 1M or close to it when he releases. This is proof that no one takes her seriously. Sad…

    • Rory February 1, 2016

      iTunes is not included lol. It was just 3 hours of Tidal sales boo lol. iTunes will be included on next week’s chart

      • Barb B**** February 1, 2016

        But Tidal said she sold 400k lmao. Why are her first week sales going to be less than Nickis?.

  81. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV15 February 1, 2016

    Tyler Was Exposed As Scheisetthroned Three Days Ago. Death. And Now Two Days Ago It Was Exposed By Rima’s Assistant As AnnaeliseKeatingsWig. Do You Want The Receipts B*tches? You Beyblade Stans Have To Troll Us Because That’s How Great We Are At Dragging You For Filth. SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      And Your Irrevelant Ass Is Exposed As A Novice With An Irrevelant Fav Nowhere To Be Found!
      Who’s That UglyBitch Near That SuperStar?! What’s Justine Skyle?! Yeah… An Ugly Unknow Nut!

  82. SLAYhanna February 1, 2016


    I’m not shading you or anything because I really like ciara, I own every one of her albums but…


    Don’t you think that the sales for ANTI will go up over the next week and it’s a good thing that work debuted at #9?


    I’m just glad to see a Black chick winning in whatever form and still want Cici to SLAY.

    • #JACKIE February 1, 2016

      I don’t see it for her sis. Rihanna is an evil B**** and so are her fans. She deserves every second of floppage with her untalented ass.

  83. Rory February 1, 2016

    Y’all do realize that these are just Tidal’s sales from Thursday night right??? iTunes is not even included

    • Keri Qween February 1, 2016

      You’re talking to the hive+ , third grade education like there fave

    • Barb B**** February 1, 2016

      But why did Tidal say she sold 400k though?

    • metzo February 1, 2016

      What happened to 400k?. Miss me with the bull

  84. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 1, 2016

    Bey will soon be able to say she sold in 3 days from 1 store(itunes) what rih cant sale on tidal itunes walmart bestbuy amazon plentyoffish quibids etc in 1 full month. Lmao at RIHFUND selling less than Chris. And only slightly more than the avg CERROR Album. 15k FU¥$<<ing DEAD AF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. SLAYhanna February 1, 2016

    I still CANNOT BELIEVE that Rihanna is the ONLY BLACK FEMALE ARTIST in the entire top 40 of the hot 100 this week though and one of ONLY TWO Black females on the entire chart at all…

    That’s ridiculous.



    • metzo February 1, 2016

      Stop tryna make ha special lmaoooooo. No major black female has released music bsides Rih

  86. metzo February 1, 2016

    Lmaooo trying to pull a Beyonce? Not everyone can do thst hun. But The Navy and their excuses. Whats the excuse this time? It got leaked? It was free?
    “4” was leaked 1 month prior to release date, illegaly downloaded over 10M times but still managed to debut #1 310k first week and sold 1.5M in U.S. She could have saved herself from this tragic mess by doing it the traditional way but the pressure to outdo Beyonce was real. U aint Beyonce hun.
    Truth is Rihanna cant sell unless it’s generic Pop.

  87. Bey Sting February 1, 2016

    Howling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!somebaddy call the dactah!!!!!! Why. Cheaters never prosper. ???. 125k

  88. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    this makes ARTPOP look like thriller
    she’s such a boss
    own those masters and own this floppage lil flopping S bxtch

  89. Barb B**** February 1, 2016

    Didn’t Bey sell like 80k in 1 hour though?

  90. LB February 1, 2016


    Please take note that you’re talking to the hive, they are “special”

  91. Duffster Lovato February 1, 2016

    Hey no one’s touching RiRi’s 460 sales record, not even Demi. Where the Nazis at?

  92. SLAYhanna February 1, 2016

    Y’all do realize that these are just Tidal’s sales from Thursday night right??? iTunes is not even included




    When iTunes us included, the sales will be much higher!

    • OMG Logic!!! February 1, 2016

      Why would you set yourself up for disappointment like this? Just take your L and accept that your fave flopped.

  93. RihNavy February 1, 2016

    Let them games begin!

    Kiiiii where’s my biggest fan Annalise? I told y’all I’d be back when ANTi dropped. I may have been gone for 6 months but I’m back ?☕️

  94. JOHNVIDAL February 1, 2016

    125k? LOL I kind of anticipated something like that. If all she´s ever been able to sell first week has been like 200k copies this was to be expected now with no hit single. So she sells as much first week now still in her 20s and with a year of anticipation and big names always attached (Paull M., Kanye and now Drake) as Madonna in her 60th album, as Gaga with a Jazz album or not half of what Beyonce sells first week but 7 times less 🙂 Add to that the others are respected and talented each on their own way, while Rihanna is the joke of pop music (when it comes to big names) next to Katy and nobody praises their talent. Tragic, but to be expected. I´m just glad her career stopped before she actually broke real records singles wise (albums wise it was impossible for her lol). Now she won´t do it not even with all the help digital era means when it comes to singles. FINALLY!

    • RihNavy February 1, 2016

      Hœ who asked you?

  95. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016

    ^^^^ Kii why is this HΠso angry and hongry for my attention?! S**** #4 JustineSkyeLOVESDiarrRIHeahV15

    GO and produce the receipt of me being Tyler. I’m waiting! Go on and search thru 2 years worth of comments and find me a receipt like the good little S**** you are. I’ll feed you a bone when it’s here!

    • RihNavy February 1, 2016

      I’ve seen you mentioning me countless times over my hiatus. Kiiii, my impact.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016

        DiarreaRIHnavy/KIIIIIII/We-Miss-You-RihNazi/Rimjobs-Assistant/Eb0laLambPart2 you haven’t been on hiatus, you’ve been here slaving away like the good little s**** I trained you to be. Even Markeisha clocked your teas and your 766686887 accounts, but you stay eating Mark666’s pússy.

  96. !!! February 1, 2016


    Can someone explain something to me?

    Is the 125K+ sales for next week based on tidal stats or iTunes stats?

    Is it going to debut with much larger numbers next week?

    No shade at all… I’m just trying to understand how the charts work.

  97. Barb B**** February 1, 2016

    NOT the BLACK MADONNA, most MARKETABLE Popstar in the world only selling 460 copies in an hour. FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY. PATHETIC.

    • Keri Qween February 1, 2016

      Death@ you hiding behind the hive+

      Wasn’t Nicki claiming 3+ million for the struggle print when after MORE than a year its barely crossed 900k worldwide

      These are Tidal numbers only,not iTunes AND no phsicial copies yet

      • Barb B**** February 1, 2016

        Receipts of 125k being just for Tidal. What happens to 400k you were getting ready for in the last post kiii.

  98. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016

    LMAOOOO this heaux is stupidT, it had the same green avi when it was trolling under the name ‘Kiiiiii” and it was referring to itself in the third person. And it’s been trolling as Rimjob’s ASSistant and begging for me to apologise to it. HŒ you been here every day don’t act brand new

    • Career Ender February 1, 2016

      it is more delusional than Sybil

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016

        LMAOOO both of those h0es need to be on medication and an IV drip.

  99. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    this is like position 5000 on the digital album sales chart

  100. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 1, 2016

    I really like that Sam didnt bother reporting streaming predictions. Music sales are no were near bad enough to be facoring streaming especially from the singles. Albums are still debuting these days with sales that put previous decades to shame. The avg album by a mainstream artist sales over 150k. Factoring in streaming is so petty and unfair to artist that dont need them.

  101. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV15 February 1, 2016

    The Real Truth Is That Beyonce Better Keep Releasing Albums Because We Know She Is Close To 40 And Menopause. Her Yoke Has Been Stale Since Single Ladies. Kiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIHANNA NAVY STAND TF UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JmJ February 1, 2016

      Spill that tea sis.

  102. RihNavy February 1, 2016

    BIIIITCH YOU DON’T WANT IT WITH ME TODAY! Not when you stay “misspelling” your email and associating with the likes of Molly and other contradictory commenters. Go file your taxes and then get back to me when you’re not so broke, because I’m paying you dust like the rest of the Navy

    • Chaka Yonce February 1, 2016


    • Career Ender February 1, 2016

      fcvk off!!!
      throws 460 copies of Anti at your busted ashy round face

  103. Madame Pum Pum February 1, 2016

    The Pink print sold twice as much ! I can’t and I shant!

  104. SLAYhanna February 1, 2016

    You guys also have to realize that the 125k is mainly stemming from Work and even so that was only tracked for 48 hours. ANTI was tracked for not even a full 24 hours and of those 24 hours, all that was available was the free downloads. So from what this article is stating, I think it’s pretty impressive thus far and should wait until next week to see a more accurate sales assessment of the album. If that makes sense.


    Next week, I’m expecting a 190 – 220K debut.

    • Keri Qween February 1, 2016

      Us intelligent people here know that..the hive+ and their lap dogs arent tht bright and waiting for Rih to flop after all of their faves did.She’s gonna slay next week


      • Duffster Lovato February 1, 2016

        Hey! Ain’t Keri finished with that apology song? I’m sorry if she’s not relevant s*** happens so you gotta learn how to deal with it and stop claiming the Nazi title. With that said go get your fav a plastic plaq.

  105. Smile February 1, 2016

    So I’m confused.

    4.6 million downloads and 1 million doesn’t count towards billboard – doesn’t that leave 400k left to be added into the iTunes 100,000 sales?

    Did you even bother to add in the streaming aspect?

    Regardless Rihanna always ends up selling with each single she releases. You act as if first week sales are the end all be all. CHILL.

    Work is #9 after 2 days?! Another top 5 and then hopefully #1! 🙂

  106. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 1, 2016

    @THE HIVE & DEADvy

    Charlmaane (from breakfast club) said it best: “SOMETIMES YOU JUST HAVE TO REMIND PPL THAT THEY ARENOT BEYONCE”. *Shoots Insulin* *Drinks grapejuice* *Shootz more Insulin*

  107. Career Ender February 1, 2016

    December 4, 2015 at 10:27 pm
    King Mark111 /.\ says:
    ANTI can do 500K the first week
    and I’ll be happy.

    • OMG Logic!!! February 1, 2016


    • Barb B**** February 1, 2016


  108. Duffster Lovato February 1, 2016

    The Nazis now have 460 reasons stop calling Demi a flop.

  109. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016

    KIIIIII struck a nerve did I? @DiarreaRIHnavy/KIIIIIII/We-Miss-You-RihNazi/Rimjobs-Assistant/Eb0laLambPart2 it’s february and It’s almost the anniversary of the first time I slaughtered you and dragged you by your leave-out. Can you believe you’ve spend almost an entire year obsessed with yours truly?

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) February 1, 2016


      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016


  110. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? February 1, 2016

    @Annalise, hun, did you see how Bey slayed Cosplay to death in their own music video? Do you really think she’ll help them as a special guest with only providing some background vocals. I just can’t with her having to share the stage with Bruno. She’s above him, sis.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016

      I got everything I needed and more from that video, it was ICONIC. I reckon Bey will do a song that will tie in with HFTW. Probably no uptempo’s ….. she might even do the live version of ‘Halo’ that she recorded with Chris Martin for the Haiti relief.


      • ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? February 1, 2016

        Yeah, she should definitely do that version of “Halo”. I’m here for her stealingbthe spotlight from Bruno (I don’t even know why he’s a special guest) and Coldplay.

  111. Duffster Lovato February 1, 2016

    The Nazis now have 460 reasons to stop calling Demi a flop.

  112. Jamon February 1, 2016

    Considering she just dropped a single, without a video, 125K is good. It’s only first week sales. She has more singles and videos to drop. Sam is being petty and unprofessional. He didn’t mention anything about Ciara’s 19k first week sales. No shade to Ciara.

    • #JACKIE February 1, 2016

      Delusional! 125K is terrible for an artist of her caliber! Anti FLOPPED. Deal.

      • Jamon February 2, 2016

        So what is 19k? These are sales are accurate.

  113. RIP February 1, 2016

    15 points below self-titled on Metacritic
    #27 Album Debut with only 400+ in actual sells(isn’t it sad that all it took was 400+ and a couple thousand streams to make Top 30?)
    Tour’s not doing all that great in ticket sales.
    Seems like all that trash talk has come and bit the hell out of the navy’s ass! For 3 straight years its been nothing but s*** talk, but now we’re getting excuses. Jackie debuted higher!
    At least the album is good..Stop with the excuses if this was Beyonce you guys would have a field day! Just like the hive had to humble themselves during the 4 era,the navy should follow suite.She’s the queen but couldn’t even get 500 people to buy her album ?????

  114. Barb B**** February 1, 2016

    Not the Salvation Army trying to make out they are intellectual. Anyone with intellect would know this is a HUGE FLOP no matter what spin you put on it. This is not Lana, this is Rihanna. The b**** you hype up to be the biggest artist of the decade. Selling 460 copies in ONE whole hour? 125k in one week? Regardless of whether it’s just Tidal or not. This s*** is tragic. And it’s only going to be downhill after because Work is already flopping and the album is a try hard alternative mess. Stop the fuxing excuses and admit defeat.

  115. OMG Logic!!! February 1, 2016

    I KNEW IT! Nothing but smoke and mirrors. This Goat is expired and needs to be put out to pasture. Ain’t nobody checking for her or her filler filled album unless it’s being given away.

  116. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV15 February 1, 2016

    Sip This Hot Tea Bih. Tyler Was Exposed As AnalKeatingsWigs. S/O To Rima’s Assistant You A Real Bad B*tch For This.
    http://tinypic.com/r/1z6bc5c/9 SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV15 February 1, 2016

      Tyler’s Mother’s Walls Felt The Dragsation By Rima’s Assistant And Me On This Thread. Notice How Tyleesa Said He Is The Olivia Pope Of Shade And AnalWigs Refers To Itself As The Same. SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Keri Qween February 1, 2016


  117. Keri Qween February 1, 2016

    Death@ the hive+ with these random usernames. I cannot y’all are a sad bunch ?

    As stated before this is Tidal numbers and 48 hrs of tracking. Itunes isnt factored nor are of course physical copies.??

    Now I know you’re a hive+

    Would pictures help explain this better or..? Probably no HIGH school diploma as your fave sis let me know , I know reading comprehension isn’t your strong point as a hive+.

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV15 February 1, 2016

      Im Telling You Bih. They Are A Kiii. Did You See Tyler Exposed As Scheisethroned And AnalKeatingsWigs??? Look At My Comment Above Sis. DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Barb B**** February 1, 2016

      I’m still waiting for those receipts of 125k being just for Tidal.

      • Keri Qween February 1, 2016

        Anti was released to iTunes AFTER the tracking week had already ended

        That’s common sense what receipt do you need?

        Go read the Billboard article Sam left out many crucial facts like that because he knew you bum haters would come rushing in here without reading the full story.

      • Barb B**** February 1, 2016

        But they clearly said the week endinging Feb 4th. The excuses.

  118. Face February 1, 2016

    I don’t know why this even matters? Are people even aware she had the same roll out plan for her album as Jay-Z did with Magna Carter Holy Grail. She was already CERTIFIED platinum with the RIAA for the streaming numbers and (what was supposed to be her) exclusive release with Samsung. This is additional. Everyone is still directly pointing to physical sales with music is mostly consumed via streaming services. But again she was already certified, so none of this matters, really.

  119. King Mark111 /.\ February 1, 2016

    It’ll do 200k. This is after a million downloads and 400k from Tidal. For that, these numbers are great. Also, it still out charted Wackie with just a day of streaming. Lol

  120. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 1, 2016

    LMFAOOOO @ This post!!!! I am gaining my life & my weight in this post! Not beys YOKE going stale and being near monopase, not rihs album having DOWN SYNDRONE & certainly NOT MARK Expecting CANTi to sell 500k!!!!!! #DIABETIC COMA *shoots insulin*

  121. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016

    @JustineSkyeHasDiarRIHeah JESUS!! LMAOOOO I’M FEELIN SORRY FOR YOU! You Are sooo idiotic i’m in TEARS! U took the time to screenshot an accusation NOT a receipt. Why are you so Rihtäärded? Where’s the proof, of me being Tyler????? Go find a comment of us with the same avi. Dumb phagggot ass s**** do I have to do all the work for you? You can starve tonight!!!

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 1, 2016

      That b**** is crazy AF!
      She was trolling as ME last week.
      Where tf they do that at? Tgj is just a f***** blog. Its not even that serious lmao *crying*
      She acts like FREEanna is paying her bills

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016

        I’m laughing so HARD!!! LMBO!!! Where did this random wh00re pop out of anyways? The Nazi haven’t claimed it and it stans for a tumblr dykkke but it’s hiding behind Hœhanna. I can’t with these fake ass b*tches living out lies on a blog. If it wants to be butchered then that’s what it will get!

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 1, 2016

        RIGHT! She’s nothing more than a side kick and she can’t even do that right.
        Accusing us of being trolls is not going to prevent FREEanna from FREEfalling off of all of the charts kiii

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016

        NOT FREEhanna tho! LMBO the struggle is real!! FREEhanna is a kii, last year she was fvcking bobby beige and travesty scott for free promo. Now she’s buying 1 million of her own albums and begging her slaves to buy it…. and on top of it all she still couldn’t beat King B’s stats.

  122. Lala February 1, 2016

    Cheaters never win. RihYAWNa is all smoke and mirrors.

  123. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV15 February 1, 2016

    KeriKween You Are Right. The A I D S/HIVE Really Are That Dumb. This Is The Absolute Kii Moment Of This Thread. Share It Everywhere Navy. SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://tinypic.com/r/11qtj5x/9

  124. Tyler Makiavelli February 1, 2016

    Hahaha what goes around comes back around!
    Hey! My baaaabbbyyy

    • Chaka Yonce February 1, 2016


  125. WhosBad February 1, 2016

    Not the Navy calling people stupid when they themselves don’t even understand the info being given lol

    THIS tracking period she is at No.27 with 15K sold and 460 Actual sales from Tidal (Not that 400k bullcrap they were pushing for) no itunes included and not a full weeks worth of streams,sales.

    NEXT tracking period she is predicted to pull in 125K SPS with her FULL week worth of tracking and that’s INCLUDING streaming which puts her ACTUAL sales at a little over maybe under 100K.

    Like Flop,Flop,Flop kiiiiiiii

  126. Keri Qween February 1, 2016


    No surprise, Tyeisha was trolling as a Gaga fan a few days back

    He’s a pathetic cross-dresser .

  127. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016

    This @JustineSkyeHasDiarreah heaux keeps calling out other people’s intelligence, but earlier on she was claiming careerender and jackie were the same person… all because she couldn’t read and comprehend hailbeysus’ comment. Is this really what the DiarRihea Slavi have resorted to? recruiting uneducated basic hœs that don’t even have basic reading comprehension?!?!? I’M HOLLERING!!!! Go fetch me that receipt S****!

  128. Grande the Way February 1, 2016

    It’s not a full week of sales though. Jay Z single handily killed this era. Between the Tidal deal and Roc’s sketchy deals, Anti was doomed. Rih needs a new label, one away from Jay Z. He has proven countless times that he is NOT A business man.

    • HailBeysus February 1, 2016

      But the Slavi can’t blame Jay Z Rihanna is her own boss remember. She owns her master’s and has control over everything lmfao!!!! The Slavi ain’t getting off that easy. CheatHanna made the deal and fuxked herself this era. The SLAVI just have to deal.

  129. Tyler Makiavelli February 1, 2016

    DEATH! I told you b****** that FREEanna was gonna try to pull a Beyonce with this FREElease.
    Now look! She’s failing miserably ROFL

    • HailBeysus February 1, 2016

      No lies told. That bitxh failed on epic proportions!! She used 3 gimmicks in 1 still only sold 460 copies 15k with streams. What kind of fuxking Digital Queen. How you gunna do only 15k when you are the most streamed female of 2015, have 13 #1s and 100 million singles sold in the US. Mind you this hoeee had a full day. Billboard even said. The album dropped and a day later was available for purchase through Tidal. The lies smoke mirrors and propaganda have been exposed!!! 400K sold in 2 days and 13 million streams in 15 hours my ass ???????

    • Oscar February 1, 2016

      weren’t u exposed as a gaga stan? deflecting I see

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 1, 2016

        Kii the only one trying to deflect is u #FREEanna

  130. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016

    LMAOOOOO why would that sh*tface clitless @JustineSkyeHasAnālFissures screenshot that comment? That comment exposed her own IDIOCY, because she clearly missread the comment. And who is the random koolaid nappy wig wearing dyyyke that she stans for anyways? And Why is she murdering Beyonce’s song? And why does JustineTimberwall’s boyfriend look like he’s related to her?!?!?!! I NEED ANSWERS B*TCH!

  131. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 1, 2016

    Bey does a left field non commercial R&B album & sells 300k… when rih does this she sells two thirds less,. Bey has a non conventional album rollout & sells 600k in 3 days, when rih does this she sells less than 80k in 3 days. No shade just facts

  132. What now February 1, 2016

    No excuses. It flopped. It is what it is.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) February 1, 2016

      Wow and this is coming from a NAVY. I’m shocked!!!!!!!!!!! But good for keeping it real sis.

  133. J Wow February 1, 2016

    80k in 3 hours >>>>>>>>>>>> 460 in 2 hours (and don’t ya’ll DARE @me over the one hour difference like it’d change anything)

  134. J Wow February 1, 2016

    617,000 in 3 days (coming from a “flop” era) >>>>>>>>>> 125,000 in 1 week (coming from a successful era)

    Didn’t the Navy brag that Anti will slay upon arrival and now. The Navy was busy making fun of Beyoncé, Ciara,Gaga etc. Forgetting that the wheel rotates. Believe me honey twitter is dicing and chopping the Navy alive. Just search “Rihanna 460”

  135. Oscar February 1, 2016

    lmao if 125 k is with streams that means she’ll probably sell less than Madonna who sold 110k pure sales ?

  136. Sherry February 1, 2016

    DAMN! Riri flopped for filth. Hopefully she doesn’t abandon the project altogether because the music is good….

  137. Rosie February 1, 2016

    Can’t believe I missed this during class
    NOT ashANTI barely doing Honeymoon numbers. No wonder the Coast Guard is already resorting to singles omg.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 1, 2016

      NOT @ashANTI!!! LMAOO kii I’m definitely using that one!

    • Oscar February 1, 2016

      not at Lana outselling her with no promo or hit ??

  138. Linda February 1, 2016

    But I thought it would debut with a million copies sold in 1st week sales ala Adele & Taylor. I was under the impression that Anti is platinum. So why am I seeing 125,000 in 1st week sales???? I thought the bad gal of pop would ETHER the game like her stans told us. As Markeisha would say “egg on their faces”

  139. Barb B**** February 1, 2016

    They clearly said week ending Feb 4th she will sell 125k. That is a FULL week. Not The slavy clinging to any excuse they can find.

  140. Linda February 1, 2016

    Poor thang, I heard her upcoming tour isn’t doin well either. Oh ladies and gentlemen, WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!!

  141. Linda February 1, 2016

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha I can’t ya’ll. I f****** can’t hahaha hahaha hahaha have OMG. I thought my eyes were deceiving me but noo. Wow who would have thought Rihanna would flop like this!? Wasn’t Anti supposed to slay. The nevi were so cocky shading every stanbase. Kiii I’m getting my life from Twitter. Every stan base is going, they’re not playing games. Pulling up receipts of the Navy coming for Beyoncé’s 4, Lana’s Ultraviolence, Ciara,Gaga’s Artpop + Born This Way 99 cent deal.

  142. Sherry February 1, 2016

    The Navy just needs to accept defeat. She has the budget to treat this era like its a success. Keep on pushing Rih….

  143. Dev February 1, 2016

    Okay TGJ its 2016. How about you try and report on some new artists this year.
    So far all we have had is Rihanna, Beyonce, Fleur East & Rita Ora with a scattering of others here and there.
    Majid Jordan are releasing an album soon, so is Tweet, SWV and KING

  144. Smile February 1, 2016

    Lol you guys are really going to jump on “460” sales?

    Regardless Rihanna is killing it. I guess people chose to look over the fact that her actual FULL WEEK sales are predicted to be almost 125k – and she always ends up going platinum after each era.

    The reach, the obsessive hate is just WOW.

  145. Choupette February 1, 2016

    What makes this more embarrassing is that she cheated by sleeping with Samsung in exchange for certification plaques. If she actually focused on making timeless music like she claimed, release Anti, let it flop and move on to the next era.

    But nooo, she had to scheme and manipulate the system. And look where it got her. You know Anti would have been the perfect platform for people, her peers and the whole world at large to take her seriously. And she ruined it all by putting sales 1st ahead of artistry.

    As Chris Brown croons in Girl You Loud “this your bed, you lay in it”. Ill be watching her like a hawk how she manages this mess she’s in and as for her fan’s, karma for making fun of all the other stan bases, some humble pie will be served to the Navy.

  146. BangBang February 1, 2016

    Screaming my face off!!

  147. buttercup February 1, 2016

    Humble pie has been served.

  148. Big Nuz February 1, 2016

    Rihanna didn’t release an album in 2013,2014,2015 and you mean to tell me that her comeback record was only purchased by a paltry disappointing and downright embarrassing 125,000 people in full 1st week sales. You’d think the break would entice people into buying her album. And before ya’ll mention her album leaking, 4 managed to do over 300,000 after being leaked. What’s more embarrassing is how she bedded Samsung to cover up her weak sales. I’m disappointed in her. Like girl, it’s okay to flop, every artist goes through that. This is going to haunt her.

  149. Casual February 1, 2016

    I guess I’m the only person here who thinks these predictions are good for Rihanna. The rollout was a mess, but keep in mind that these sales predictions reflect sales after literally a million copies were downloaded courtesy of Samsung.

  150. buttercup February 1, 2016

    I think this is a better opportunity to slay the f*** out of her tour and focus on the music since the sales aren’t doing her any good. Maybe now she will be more respected as a musician and take it seriously if she focused on that.

  151. DIABETES UNBOTHERED February 1, 2016

    Beys sales in 3 hours >>> CANTi sales in 3 Days. I have no problem with Rihfunded copying THA CARTERS Antics but atleast provide us with the sames Receits as THACARTERS. LONG LIVE ROCNATION!

  152. briano 1 February 1, 2016

    The hate hive doong what they do best

  153. Eldela February 2, 2016

    When Sam teased “A Milli?” I knew that these numbers would be tragic.

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