Iggy Azalea Confirms New EP Set For November Release

Published: Wednesday 9th Oct 2019 by Rashad

Love her or loathe her, what you can’t do is knock Iggy Azalea‘s fighting spirit.

She may have gone on record after releasing her long-awaited sophomore album, ‘In My Defense,’ to express her disappointment in its #50 debut on the Billboard 200 (click here to read more on that), but that summer 2019 setback hasn’t deterred the Grammy nominee from pressing forward with new music.

Weeks after teasing her excitement about a forthcoming single, the saucy Aussie’s revealed the new tune won’t be lifted from ‘Defense.’  Instead, it will be delivered from an entirely new body of work coming soon…very soon.

Details inside:

When quizzed on hints about the delivery date of her amply teased new single, Azalea replied:


Sending her followers into a frenzy, one fan asked if the EP would be comprised of material that didn’t make the cut for ‘In My Defense.’

Azalea responded with:

“No, i like to stick to a sound etc.
for each project so I would never take something from a previous project that wasn’t good enough to make the cut and then slop it onto a new one. That’s madness.”


As of time reported, the Rap diva has not unveiled the specific release date, title, or tracklist of the new project.

[main photo courtesy:  Eric Ray Davidson/Cosmopolitan]

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  1. Fancy BISH October 9, 2019

    Bring the BOPS ? ??

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 9, 2019

      Her and Tinashi smoking the same ish. They both think they have a career in music when their careers are nonfactors. SMH. The strip is calling. They better get on the pole before they get too old LOL

      • Fancy BISH October 9, 2019

        Oh no you didn’t lol…tell Tissue, I mean Tinashe to hit dat pole ? Tinashe peaked at #24 on the Hot 100…she needs to work the streets ? You got me rolling tho!

      • Namo October 10, 2019

        Jasmine drinks too much wine I guess.

      • I’m Black Jasmine, The REAL Jasmine Okurrr. October 10, 2019

        Namo I couldn’t stop laughing lol you know TROLLmine drinks that cheap bottom shelf alcohol.

      • Jackx October 10, 2019

        Jasmine I think your confusing tinashe and Iggy with city roaches or your just mad cause you couldn’t make 10 cents on the pole on your best day.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 10, 2019

        Im a boss. Girls on the pole work for me and run me my money!

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 10, 2019

        Jasmine Monet is NOT bottom shelf! U can drink it straight up and no hangover! Ill give u a little recipe. U can thank me later.

        The Jasmine Velvet:

        1. Half glass of Jasmine Monet red
        2. Half glass of Remy Martin or any Cognac
        3. 2 slices lime

  2. MrStLaurent October 9, 2019

    In My Defense is a bop ?

  3. Shayla Queen October 9, 2019

    I can’t wait! Come through Iggy Iggz! ?

  4. K October 9, 2019

    Queen of rap,♥️???

  5. High Price October 9, 2019

    I think she should focus on promoting a single at a time. Do a tour. Travel. Really work the floor in getting her name out there and getting people TALKING, talking again. Her views on YouTube has done WAY better than A LOT of current mainstream rappers out today so that should tell you something. Her music is really good. There’s no way with material like that she should have to conform to being microwaveable. Her album should still be celebrated at this point. Not literally shelving it.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 9, 2019

      In 2019 if consumers dont feel like they know u they aint gonna your music. That is the problem worh Iggy and Tinashi. Consumers don’t feel like they know who they are as a person. I think Iggy schould audition for Mona and get cast for Love and Hip Hop. She has to connect with consumers of she wants a career. A white woman from Australia copy catting Trina’s flow don’t sell records!

      • JaZzy Da Bi Asian TGJ STAFF SUPPORT #TROLLminators October 9, 2019

        TROLLmine Iggy Azalea sounds nothing like Trina, at all.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 9, 2019

        1. My name is Jasmine NOT ‘TROLLmine’

        2. If I say she copy catting Trina’s flow then she is copy catting Trina’s flow. Period.


        01.04.2016 – Washington Post did an article titled “How Iggy Azalea mastered her ‘blaccent’” with more than enough evidence to prove my point!

      • Jasmine The Real Princess October 10, 2019

        Shut up you stupid Kahba. Piece of Arabic shît

      • Namo October 10, 2019

        Who cares about the words coming from an alcoholic? If I say that you are useless then you are useless, period.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 10, 2019

        Alcoholic? Just because i invested in an adult beverage company and promote it does not mean im a drunk. Stop trying to change the topic. Iggy is a flop and so is Tinashi.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 10, 2019

        TGJ does not allow racism troll. If i called u black trash u would be whining about my insensitivity so what makes u think u can call be arabic sh1t. I hope the next time u get lucky the guy breeds u with A!!Ds s****!

  6. Only Facts October 10, 2019

    Iggy, girl, you’re wasting money. “In my defense” JUST dropped and you’re acting like it doesn’t exist?? Sigh.

    • Juju October 10, 2019

      So a man can do it but not a woman?

    • Namo October 10, 2019

      Where did she say it didn’t exist? She’s just working on a new project. The album is out, she released 3 singles, it’s time to move so what is your problem? Always tring to catch people’s attention by saying bullshits, sigh.

      • Only Facts October 10, 2019

        What? Spending tons of money to write, produce, release videos for an album takes a lot of time and energy. IMD was a great album and she should’ve spent more time trying to push it. Y’all are defensive and I’m low key giving Iggy props for the album she just released

  7. Tyty October 10, 2019

    She should go on tour instead of releasing multiple albums or eps. Or join a reality tv show to gain an audience again. Right now her fan base consists of casual listeners.

  8. Yolanda October 10, 2019

    Iggy is in America on a work visa. That’s why she has to keep working regardless of the success.

  9. Liam October 10, 2019

    In My Defense was ?so I’m amped to see what she brings this time around again…her music is consistent

  10. Gworl Bye October 10, 2019

    WHY Sway?? Lmao.

  11. Dc October 10, 2019

    Why though

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