Nicki Minaj’s Brother Will Spend The Rest Of His Life In Prison

Published: Thursday 17th Oct 2019 by David

Jelani Maraj will never see the light of day again.

Full story below…

Maraj, whose younger sister is the benevolent and philanthropic rapper Nicki Minaj, was imprisoned after the world learned that he had raped his step-daughter and punished her younger brother when he witnessed one of the assaults he subjected the child to.

This month, his efforts to free himself from jail were flattened when a judge denied his request to set aside the jury’s verdict.

As a result, he is to live out the rest of his days behind bars following his convictions on charges of predatory sexual assault on a child and child endangerment.

He will be sentenced on November 18th.

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  1. Meme October 17, 2019

    As he should. Disgusting

  2. ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 17, 2019

    I think the headline is misleading. If he is being sentenced in November with a 25 years to life sentence then he will likely get 30 years. He could get out early with good behavior and even if he does the whole sentence he could still be alive when released.

    • The Real Jasmine’s Grape ? Juice ? October 18, 2019

      Wow your man just ate My assss out I’ll send him back home to you , so you can kiss him in his mouth ?

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 18, 2019

        Did u create a new TROLL account? I thought we blocked you yesterday from trolling on TGJ. I instructed you to keep my husband’s name out of your A I Ds mouth. Do not speak negatively about him ever. He is a good man who would never be interested in the temptations of demons. Bow Down demon! Like Toni Braxton said in her song ‘Please’:

        “Tell your girl I don’t care to fight
        I got him locked and he’s all mine
        So you should know better than
        To think that you could ever
        Put it down like I can
        If he needs good lovin’ (I got it)
        If I need to heat it up (I got fire)
        Make sure I’m the best (for him) for (sure)
        He’s running home to me for it
        And he knows
        Whatever he wants (that I’m with it)
        And he knows
        The perfect place (to come get it)
        And he knows that every woman’s in me
        Fall back and just let me be
        I gots to breathe (uh oh, uh oh, uh oh) please
        Back up off me
        I gots to breathe and just be
        Breathe, please
        In case y’all didn’t hear me, yeah, yeah
        I gots to breathe”

  3. King Khia October 17, 2019

    And another L for HOnika

  4. ssavage October 17, 2019

    Nicki is a p*** & r***** enabler that’s why she will never have my support again.

    • Nika October 18, 2019

      Nicki isnt a p*** or anything its her brother she cant control his behaviour and we cant throw dirt at her for what her brother did.

      • G-bby October 18, 2019

        But we can throw dirt at her for what her so-called fiancé did!

  5. Barb #1 October 17, 2019

    Good sick mothereffer!

  6. Only Facts October 17, 2019

    TGJ, y’all tried it. Since when is Nicki Minaj “philanthropic“???! Call her what she is…a LIAR after yesterday’s stunt. I’m the words of Meg Thee Stallion on WAB – “Old weak a** h*e.”

    • E. October 17, 2019

      Shut your stupid ass up. It was a joke and the lady asked her the question it’s not like Nicki brought it up. Anybody else can joke about sh*t but everything Nicki say y’all wanna nitpick.

  7. Adonis October 17, 2019

    Ugly disgraceful chipmunk looking nugga. I bet Nicki experienced some isht with his perverse a S s when she was little, would explain her bitter ways…

  8. Lisa October 19, 2019

    He should be Ashamed of Himself & Realise what he did was very Wrong & he sjould made pay for the Awful sick thing he did

    • genevievegreengray October 19, 2019

      If a woman is with one man she should stay with him forever.If a man is with his one woman he should not leave her thatIdo not know that of zNikki Maraj.hve toask you to respect the word mother please.Stop beinb nought in your blog.Nikki Maraj have alife ,please go speak to her she alonecould answer more honestly.I agree. is what God plan is for apeaceable life.

  9. Naynay October 20, 2019

    This just goes to show that no one I above the law…thank God

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