Mathew Knowles Opens Up About His Breast Cancer Diagnosis On ‘GMA’ [Video]

Published: Wednesday 2nd Oct 2019 by Sam

Mathew Knowles made headlines the world over yesterday when it was announced that he had been diagnosed with breast cancer and would be taking to Good Morning America to document his experience.

Moments ago, his interview with Michael Strahan aired and saw the music manager – and father to superstars Beyonce and Solange – disclose details.

During the emotional and insightful sit-down (which comes at the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month), Knowles revealed that blood specs of his shirt prompted him to get checked and eventually confirmed his diagnosis. A diagnosis Black men are more predisposed to.

Head below to see the the 67-year old explain why, despite having surgery in July and being in the clear, he has overhauled his entire approach to health and wants others to follow-suit.

Salute to Mathew for his bravery sharing his story and encouraging men to get checked. For, by doing so, he could well be saving several lives.

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  1. L’ORANGE October 2, 2019

    I glad he is bringing awareness as I said before at least he is rich to afford the medical cost. A regular man being diagnosed with breast cancer will be a death sentence as insurance classified breast cancer as a “woman” issue and men are not covered at all. I repeat if men are diagnosed with breast cancer they are not covered by Medicare, Tricare, or any private insurance. This is a fact! We all know insurance companies are for making a profit only

  2. Diabetes Unbothered October 2, 2019

    I think bey should perform the following AVE MARIA DADDY and HEAVEN at her fathers funeral. Breast cancer in black men has only a 2% survivor rate. Maybe Mathew was Beys 2nd blood sacrifice after her gay uncle Jonny.

    • The Real Princess Jasmine October 2, 2019

      I think ? you should worry about your own funeral how many chins do you have now 5 or 6 leave the sugar Alone and drink water ? or purchase Myxx Moscato from Nicki Minaj and rejuvenate your upper body

    • PT October 2, 2019

      you are always so negativ whats wrong in you live so much hate.
      You need more Love in your life.

    • Deyzz October 2, 2019

      How sickening are you?! Richard Roundtree had breast cancer and survived many years. He is still here. Check your facts. That is why people do not share with others.
      Too much hate.

  3. Clarkson October 2, 2019

    Tina has very strong genes. Beyonce looks nothing like her daddy, thank God.

    beyonce u need this man. forgive this man, I know he cheated in ur mama, that was the main reason u cut him off, but u need him so bad. Ur music is trash cause u dont have a good ear. U don’t know the different between a hit record and a flop (everything is love, the gift, homecoming)

    If Matthew starts managing beyonce again, she will start having chart success.

    Matthew will never let u release a song called mood 4 ever. Lol

    • Diabetes Unbothered October 2, 2019

      Bey only inherited her nostrils and and hamster jaw bone from Mathew… Everything else is all Tina. Beys son even looks just like Tina lol and so did jewls as a baby. Infact sir Carter and solange son jewlz look so alike as toddlers

      • Deyzz October 2, 2019

        Beyonce also have his teeth. And her eyes are combination of both parents. Regardless, her daddy and the family as a whole are good looking.
        Matthew need prayers now.

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