Tank: Guy-On-Guy Oral “Doesn’t Make A Man Gay”

Published: Tuesday 22nd Oct 2019 by Rashad

‘One Man’ singer Tank says man-on-man action doesn’t necessarily make a man gay, as revealed in a recent interview.

Unzip the the full story below….

The star, real name Durrell Babbs, shared his stance during a candid conversation on Angela Yee‘s ‘Lip Service’ – a platform renown for its frank take on topics related to the bedroom and beyond.

Citing experimentation as non-definitive, he put forth the argument of someone wanting to “try it out.”

Watch the clip:

While the clip is sure to get tongues wagging, Tank is no stranger to criticism about his unconventional views on sexuality.

In the recent past, he incited polarizing conversation after delivering a show-stopping performance at Gay Pride, commentary on “salad tossing,” and more.

With that, what is your take on Tank’s latest comments?

Bonus – Check out the full interview:

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Tank IG]

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  1. Tyty October 22, 2019

    Whatever he should just come out as someone who also finds dudes attractive in this day and age who cares!!

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

      AMEN. What qualifies Tank to speak on this? Unless he is gay or bisexual (and OWNS his sexuality) I do not think he is qualified to speak on this at all. There is more than just physical actions. There is the motivating psychological state for a man to want to have sexx with another man. Oral sexx is sexx! Period! A man that psychologically desires to suck on another man’s penis is gay or bisexxual because there is NOTHING about a penis that is a part of the female anatomy. Everything to do with a penis relates to a man.

      • Swirly October 22, 2019

        And what qualifies you to speak on it? Aren’t you a “woman” allegedly?

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

        I am a woman and I am just as qualified as Tank and you to speak on it. None of us are world renown psychiatrists so I accept / welcome opposing opinions.

      • Swirly October 22, 2019

        That contradicts your original statement don’t you think??
        ….but OK

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

        Not really. What qualifies me to speak on this? I could ask myself the same question. We are just sharing opinions. Open discussion is good in my little opinion.

      • Paulo October 22, 2019

        ??? @ swirly

      • SHUT UP October 22, 2019

        FALSE… like he said experimentation doesn’t define your sexuality. PLENTY of females have had 3sums with other women and done sexual acts and will say they aren’t GAY. Sometimes your curious to try and find out its not ya thing! Stop being so closed minded.

      • Nol October 22, 2019

        Qualified? People can speak on whatever the f*** they want. By your logic, since you’re not Jewish, you can’t speak on the Holocaust

      • Yvette O October 22, 2019

        I agree with Jasmine. ??

      • Amanda D. October 22, 2019

        I stand with Jasmine on this. Tank is trying to normalize his gay activities. Nah niccca when u suck off a man then u gay or bi not straight. Tank is like Malik Yoba. Malik want to lay down with underrage trannies and still wants society to think he is straight. No u are gay or bi. Straight men do NOT have sexx with men.

      • Ace October 23, 2019

        Actually sometimes women are born with a penis. I Don’t think you should confuse Or mix gender identity with sexual orientation. But explaining this to a heterosexual cis women would take to much of my time. You can always google sexual spectrum in hopes to understand that life is not gay and straight just like it’s not black and white.

      • Queen October 23, 2019

        What? First you said he wasn’t “qualified” to speak on the subject (whatever tf that means), then you said he’s just as qualified as anyone else. Which one is it?

    • Eh October 23, 2019

      Jeeez Jasmine, you just contradict yourself left right and centre… You clearly just wanted some attention on the internet. Rule 1, don’t try and seem smart about something when clearly you don’t even know if you are or not.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 23, 2019

        There is no contradiction. You need reading comprehension skills.

  2. BYIS October 22, 2019

    It really doesn’t, maybe the guy likes both sexes. He could also like intercourse with men but prefer relationships with females. There are a lot of men out there like that. Every situation doesn’t need a label. Tank isn’t a straight man though, most definitely has fooled around with a guy before. He’s too receptive and engaging about the topic. Still a better singer than majority of the Male singers today.

  3. War October 22, 2019

    Tank, can call that s***!! What he want..I’ll try out a joint, before I, put ah D*** in my mouth, Every one, has their on TRUTH or Reality..That is some..stupid ? N**** please..

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019


    • Nol October 22, 2019

      Wow you’re so amazingly straight. We’re all cheering for you at home! You show em!

      • Paulo October 22, 2019


    • Bubb October 24, 2019


  4. Perfection is so…mhph ?? October 22, 2019

    Agreed, if a gay man tries women once maybe twice and decides he’s happier with men. That doesn’t make him bi. His bold yet obvious point just helps promote a healthy conversation about sexual exploration for hyper masculine men and women to see what they have not experienced without fear that others will label them. All that matters is how you identify with yourself. At least you’re mature enough to try instead of saying I don’t like sushi but never even had sushi (the food, not an innuendo, and no this analogy doesn’t apply to drug use)

    • Perfection is so…mhph ?? October 22, 2019

      All those commenting that tank must be gay, needs to come out, attracted to men but dates women are simply simple minded. There are no facts to your opinions.

    • Chileplease October 22, 2019

      If a gay man tries it with a woman and realizes he isn’t into women, then guess what, he was always a gay man just trying to please society. And if a straight man decides to “try a man” one day, he’s probably bi or gay. I don’t know of any truly straight man who wakes up one day and decides “hmm…I wonder what a man tastes like”. He’s bi and will always be bi.

      • Perfection is so…mhph ?? October 22, 2019

        Your logic is full of fallacies and ridiculous opinions. And what is a truly straight man?

      • SMH October 22, 2019

        A truly straight man is a man with absolutely no sexual interest in another man in any way, shape or form whatsoever. They do exist, you know.

      • Your Superior October 23, 2019

        Most of you peasants are sadly pathetic and basic narrow minded creatures who haven’t the slightest idea or real concept of how vast this universe is, nor how complex and complicated living organisms are. Lol it’s so hilarious ?.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

      1. I agree that all men should at least have s** with a woman once to know whether or not they are truly gay, straight, or bi.

      2. I disagree with your subliminal comment that all straight men should experience gay men. You did not say that literally but your comment implies that subliminally. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      • Perfection is so…mhph ?? October 22, 2019

        I wouldn’t say that anything I said was intentionally subliminal. I also wouldn’t say everyone should be required to have s** with both sexes to figure themselves out. I’ll repeat, his comments promotes the idea that we should be able to see what we like without being labeled something that we’re not. Here’s an situation for you. A crack head will suck a d*** for money. Does that make them gay?

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

        I agree with self-identification if that is what you mean. I think sexxual identification is a personal decision. Whatever an individual decides they are sexxually is what they are sexxually in my opinion too so I definitely agree on that. However, with every action comes a reaction. If a man likes sucking other men’s penises and still identifies as straight but other people label him gay I see nothing wrong with that. Everyone has a prerogative to label themselves and label others and the individual is tasked with having a backbone strong enough to not give a sh1t what other people think / label them.

      • Perfection is so…mhph ?? October 22, 2019

        Look I’m not here to change your mind, but I can be honest and say you’re not seeing the bigger picture. When you label someone something the world deems as deplorable a community that is persecuted. You create an environment of fear. Where men do there dirt in the dark. This is how trans women are killed. Because people like you think it’s okay for us to have a world where people can’t explore their identities without being outcasted. Your only job is to respect how they identify. That’s it. If you can’t do that you’re simply…ignorant. You don’t make the rules but if you participate in that culture you promote death isolation and despair to others

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

        I think differently yet at the same time I am a realist about how society acts. I personally do not care how a person identifies themself and I make it a habbit of calling people by their preferred name NOT labels based on gender. If you go by Candace I’m going to call you Candace regardless of what is between your legs. As a realist, I realize everyone in society is not like me and I am not responsible for other people’s actions or thoughts nor do I desire to change people’s minds or thoughts. Everyone is entitled to think how they think and act how they act as long as their actions are legal.

      • Paulo October 22, 2019

        F*** you and your dumbass opinions

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

        Paulo grow up. If my opinion makes you mad and curse then you are a very immature little man. It is perfectly fine for adults to have different opinions. Mature up.

  5. Swirly October 22, 2019

    It’s called being bi-curious. I’m all for sexual experimentation. The mantra “you’ll never know until you try” rings true. Unfortunately, there’s a double standard when it pertains to men. While women are allowed to fool around with other women and live full heterosexual lives, men are not.

    • Perfection is so…mhph ?? October 22, 2019


    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

      And rightfully so. Women who experiment on each other are limited physically on what they can. Two women can only do oral on each other because they do not have a penis. They can play with toys, etc but that is the same as using a v******* on yourself and busting a nut.

      Now two men having sexx with each other do a whole lot more! They have a*** sexx and oral sexx. There is a lot of psychology built into two men having sexx whereas two women having sexx are just messing around. Two men having sexx is real sexx so that ‘double standard’ you are talking about is rightfully justified indeed. Amen.

      • Swirly October 22, 2019

        GIRL!!!!! That’s foolishness. Two women engaging in oral s** , or foreplay is just as “GAY” as two men doing the same. If you really want to go there, Women are naturally more emotional than men. Two men can engage in sexual activities and forget about each other immediately afterward, whereas two woman may actual fall for one another.

      • Gettright October 22, 2019

        That makes zero sense. Everything that you just said about two men can be said the same about to women. There has to be some type of psychological motivation for two females to want to have s** with each other. At the end of the day s** is s** no matter how it’s done.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

        Unless you are a woman you do not know what you are talking about.

        1. Your claim that women are “emotional” is true but non-applicable here since we are talking about exploration. It is quite common for women to learn how to kiss a man, how to have foreplay with a man, and how to have oral with a man by practicing with a woman when she is young. There is nothing emotional about this practice. It is just a learning experience! In the long run, women are more emotional and that emotional is empowering. Many women who enjoy other women are able to put those emotions on pause indefinitely on hold because of the emotional calling to become a wife and mother. Men, struggle with the ability to control their emotions in that sense and engage with other men despite their desire to be a husband and father.

        2. Men have to be attracted to each other to have sexx. When two men have sexx they are not practicing or experimenting they are doing something they like and want to do. Thus, the psychological motivation for two men to have sexx is much deeper than two women who have s** yet identify as straight.

        Conclusion, you are trying to normalize gay s** between men as just exploration but psychologically that is not the case. You are also trying to normalize gay s** between males as being synonymous as gay s** among women but they are not synonymous. Thus, the ‘double standard’ you are talking about is rightfully justified indeed. We are talking about gay male s** and that has nothing to do with female gay s**.

      • Swirly October 22, 2019

        So if I’m not a woman, and you’re allegedly not a man, then neither of us should be discussing this particular case huh?

        Everything you typed is mumbo jumbo. A nicely worded generalization full of your own opinions.

        Gay s** is gay s** whether it be two men or two women, and you cannot convince me otherwise Uncle Jaz.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

        So when other people have the same opinion as me that is okay but if I share that opinion that is a problem for you because I am a woman? That is DISCRIMINATION. Now you want to name call me ‘Uncle Jaz’ out of retaliation. How you would like it if I called you TRANNY Swirly? I could reduce myself to your immature name-calling elementary school level or I can remain an adult and realize it is perfectly okay for adults to disagree in opinion. Let’s be adults about this. I said what I saidand aint sh1t you can do about it. You said what you said and aint sh1t I can do about it. CONVERSATION OVER Swirly.

      • Swirly October 22, 2019

        Those are your words, not mine. You questioned someone’s qualifications for speaking on a subject, then stated that neither myself or others could speak on something since we aren’t women. Cut the reverse psychology, woe is me, victim crap. Call me whatever you want. I’m am merely a random person on the internet and so are you. No sleep will be lost boo.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

        I am a grown adult and so are you. Grow up. Name calling is for immature kids. We dont have to agree.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

      Shut up f%g*%

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

        Get lost troll. U wanna spew hateful toxic venom at LGBQ people yet hide behind your FAKE troll account. I will not allow u to use my username to do satan’s work! It is time for u to disappear forever from TGJ u trash! AMEN.

  6. No Time For Fake Ones October 22, 2019

    Sugar in the Tank…..lol

  7. Judith Lewis October 22, 2019

    U r gay when u participate in same s** anything. That is an abomination before God. Tank is and had always been a Gay man.

    • Gettright October 22, 2019

      And so is s** before marriage tattoos not one sin is greater then the other

    • Kennbro October 22, 2019

      We still bible thumping in 2019? You religious freaks need to get off your sexually repressed high horses for once. I promise life will be much better for you.

  8. pat October 22, 2019

    he’s right. white dudes have been doing this forever. i also know gay guys who have hooked up with girls out of curiosity or some level of attraction ….doesn’t make them str8 or even bi.. sexuality is not black and white… those labels exist just to make people comfortable

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

      Sexuality is NOT fluid. If one’s personal sexuality is fluid then that means they are NOT straight but bisexual or gay!

      • Pat October 22, 2019

        Thats your truth. U cant change my mind

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

        And you cannot change the mind of society at large.

  9. Bone October 22, 2019

    Tale you What!! Try Robbing..a Bank, Let’s ? What The Courts Will Call..You.

  10. #TheTruth October 22, 2019

    The way I see it is that some people are « straight emotional » but they would enjoy s** with anyone they are attracted to, regardless of gender.

    But they would not engage in something passionate like cuddling, kissing… having a relationship with the same gender.

    Not everyone out there fits into a certain type of box. If that’s what he thinks, I’m not judging, and I wouldn’t call him out closeted or whatsoever, otherwise he would never say such things and if wanted to remain discreet.

    • Paulo October 22, 2019

      Out of my personal experience, I totally agree with you. I’ve seen a lot of bi-curious folk who are actually straight-oriented when it comes to relationships. Tbh as a gay man I see it as people who are hedonistic/narcissistic enough to get hot out of being desired even if they wouldn’t pursue it lol

  11. Clarkson October 22, 2019

    straight men dont like pènis. PERIODT

    no black man wants to identify as gay.
    Every black man claiming bi sexual.

    every straight guy can have sèx with another guy, it just has to be the right guy, a guy they like and the feelings are mutual.

  12. only facts October 22, 2019

    Uh, if a man puts a d*ck in his mouth and likes it, then he’s gay or bisexual. I am a gay man and I’m not buying what he’s saying. I also do buy the “str8” theory either (straight men that claim to still be straight, but they like men). Nope. No sir.

    But Tank is fine…he could definitely get it 🙂

  13. Kennbro October 22, 2019

    Experimentation is a part of human nature. Sexual repression causes issues well into adulthood. It’s too bad that we live in a world where people are terrified try new things. I blame religion. Tank is a prime example of repression. He spent his entire career catering to women as this muscular and ultra sexual R&B singer meanwhile back at the ranch he has a tongue in his booty, and his lips on another mans dingaling lol. I think he’s finally starting to walk in his truth slowly but surely. It’s about time. He’s mid 40s. We should have these discussions more often. It could save lives.

  14. Are You Kidding Me? October 22, 2019

    I’m living for this fluidity era.

  15. #TheTruth October 22, 2019

    Absolutely there’s a double standard.

    If a woman tries with another woman, she’s open minded.
    Because for some guys, 2 women together is a fantasy and they may have cute images in mind. Like something sensual.

    If a guy tries with another man, he’s closeted. And people think right away « who’s the man, who’s the woman ». Just like penetration was mandatory in the first place.

    And no there is no difference to be made because women’s organs are different, it is BULLSH!T.

    Exploring, trying doesn’t define your sexuality.
    Just like if a gay guy wants to try with a woman, it’s not suddenly going to make him bi.

    And sexuality and emotions are also two separate things and most people won’t talk about that.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

      Bc he’s a dl f*ggot and women need to protect themselves from catching something

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

        TROLL ALERT!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

        DO NOT ENGAGE!

        Any ‘Jasmine’ account without a CLEAR image of my Jasmine Monet champagne or a beautiful photo of me sipping my champagne is FAKE!!!!!!!!

  16. Ari October 22, 2019

    So that’s why he sleeping with fantasia and her husband kendall. To get on her tour, the industry are f r e a k s

  17. Diabetes Unbothered October 22, 2019

    This entire scenario of ‘Guy-On-Guy Oral “Doesn’t Make A Man Homosexual” only applies to young and I mean VERY YOUNG individuals not grown Adults

    I have 2 takes on this 1) if a person tells (or shows) you that they are not heterosexual then they are telling/showing you DESPITE the fact that it isn’t nor will ever be any of your business whether in the presence or absence of homophobia. This is because in all actuality a homosexual has nothing whatsoever to gain or lose in the presence or Absence of homophobia

    2) If a man experiments with another man it can only be labeled as a temporary experiment/experience before during or around puberty that is before the age of 17. Anytime after that then he is atleast Bisexual and YES there is something wrong with being homosexual or bisexual but only in the sense that there is something wrong with stealing/murder not having a desease or illness or being sub human or at the mercy of others.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

      Bish you still alive? Why ain’t those arteries done you in yet

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

        TROLL ALERT!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

        DO NOT ENGAGE!

        Any ‘Jasmine’ account without a CLEAR image of my Jasmine Monet champagne or a beautiful photo of me sipping my champagne is FAKE!!!!!!!!.

  18. Lajuana October 22, 2019

    If you having thoughts your curious of being with another man but if you do it not once but twice your gay idc how you put it you gay ass f*** ain’t no around it don’t no man wanna try another man

  19. Paulo October 22, 2019

    Do I doubt he tried guys? No. Do I think he’s what we conventionally see as gay? No. He knows he’s hot and teasing enough to get the gays’ attention without repealing straight women secures some tickets and streams.

  20. Tau October 22, 2019

    Well tank let me use you as a test subject, I need to see if I still like sucking d***

  21. MessyBoots October 22, 2019

    The article’s headline pic tho ???

    TGJ is so click bait thirsty its actually hilarious.

  22. Neon October 22, 2019

    Why is this even a discussion? It’s 2019 – who cares what two consenting adults choose to do within the privacy of their four walls, and what gender/s** they do/don’t want to identify as?

  23. D October 22, 2019

    Thats gay period

  24. ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

    I let men suck my tranny d all the time. Don’t make me gay. Love it in my dirty n ripe bootyhole too

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 22, 2019

      TROLL ALERT!!!! !!!!!!!!!!


      Any ‘Jasmine’ account without a CLEAR image of my Jasmine Monet champagne or a beautiful photo of me sipping my champagne is FAKE!!!!!!!!…

  25. Wendy Dalton October 22, 2019

    He’s Gay just admit it lay in your Truth Tank u got to answer to GOD not mortal man and it’s no surprise wat u see now…

  26. October 22, 2019

    It’s sad how some gays say the stupidest things that make them seem like they are confused or mentally ill.

  27. L’ORANGE October 22, 2019

    He is right. G|ay is a state of mind. Same s** can only please each other the best. However, it good to taste both worlds as it were before the great flood

  28. KA October 22, 2019

    Is he saying something to wifefy about tour travels?

  29. Donut? October 22, 2019

    Tank has a whole 13 years old Chris brown and shits on him body and looks wise. Stay away from the coke CB. I wonder how Tanks d*** taste?

    • Donut? October 22, 2019

      13 years on Chris brown**

  30. Mzmicki October 22, 2019

    Let it be what it gone be. He still fine and can sang his ass off.???

  31. Lana Bey Fan October 22, 2019

    I’ll never understand why sexuality is such a huge topic in society. It literally doesn’t affect anything. There’s gonna be gays, straights, etc. nature knows what she’s doing, and these arguments are pointless.

  32. SMH October 22, 2019

    Boy, I’ve read some truly laughable and ridiculously ignorant comments on here. NONE of you mfkers know what the f*ck you’re talking about lmao.??‍♂️

  33. Mekilia October 22, 2019

    So a man sucking another man’s penis doesn’t make him gay.well what does it make him then? I guess a straight man that has feels for a penis in his mouth.get outta here with that bs!!!!!!

  34. Led October 22, 2019

    Hell just come out and say you don’t mind Dudes sucking you off but you’re just not down with taking it further.
    In this day and age who the f*** cares.
    If anything it might give him a career boost.

  35. Dominic Crawford Sankofa Crystallis Divinus October 22, 2019

    Well then thats Tank’s business which may not be another man’s swing, just like being attracted to Beautiful Transexual Women is not every one’s swing but some arw fine ASH. Case Closed

  36. Shelly October 22, 2019

    Well I’m sorry but that’s gay to me

  37. High Price October 22, 2019

    Lmao! Smh. I disagree Tank! I can’t help you out there bruh.

  38. Cocoa October 22, 2019

    He have a right to his opinion people on here mad for no reason

  39. Tracey Caple October 22, 2019

    EVERYbody STFU

  40. Benjamin Williams October 22, 2019

    That’s just gay s***. Ain’t no ifs, ands or buts about.

  41. Steven J Tsantes October 22, 2019

    I just want to chime in with this comment…In the male p*** industry….most male TOPS are straight…they are having s** with another man for the benjamins….

    • Diabetes Unbothered October 22, 2019

      I guess their D***$ get hard for the bejamins also. You only believe this cuz u too believe that MOST homosexual men are either like jussie smollet or weaker when this narrative only describes no more than 1/3rd of homosexual men. If anything you are refering to Bi men and calling them straight which they are straight as straight and gay are Sexual Identitys not sexual orientations. Not all homosexuals want approval

    • Diabetes Unbothered October 22, 2019

      Infact there is literally NOTHING that’s True about ALL homosexuals… It’s not even true that all homosexuals wish homophobia didn’t exist or that all homosexuals are affected by it

  42. damo October 23, 2019

    I’m gay, you have no idea how many man call them “straight” and have s** with many guys, still they call them “straight”, it’s such a joke to me. I told one of them “if you like f****** boys as much as f****** girls then you are bi-sexual, assume what you are damn” he answered “dumb ass, i’m living with a girl! I would be bi-sexuel if I were living with a boy” of course… logical nan? Keep your eyes blind man.

  43. Cora Clay October 23, 2019

    I just don’t understand why did he felt the need to share this with us. If you know you are messing with a man, you need need to leave women alone. It’s so sad when the woman has to be worried about her health because a man can be honest and faithful. If this was a woman a man would’ve forgive her. We all need to woke up.

  44. Pattyfree October 23, 2019

    If my man is this open minded about s**, enough to suck a di__, I’m out. So many self righteous opinions giving a “pass” for gay s** but not pedophilia, beastiality, necrophilia, etc. If this is ok, IT’S ALL OK. Sexual orientation having no labels is what that is; GTFOH with that mess. Please explain the moral compass limit with s** that permits what you label ok to you but not ok for others…don’t bother. It’s called self righteousness. Get over yourself. Straight folks who aren’t “open minded,” aren’t “simple,” we’re who we are and our proclivities limitations are not closed minded; it’s our choice.

  45. Doug October 23, 2019

    A bunch of hammer and Greco-Roman audiology everybody from New York been knew he was gay.
    I’m just tired of everyone trying to relate to being the New Black,
    Chinese is the New Black, gay is the New Black, p******** is the New Black, drug addict is the New Black it just seems like everything is the New Black..
    I would bring up having a but everybody is so full of African and Greco-Roman ideology don’t nobody believe in the most high anymore it’s just lust lust lust lust

  46. Chy October 23, 2019

    Hes telling on himself and thats okay..hes bisexual well get over it..how else would he know ?‍♀️

  47. Nailah October 23, 2019

    Tank is telling us, without telling us, that HE in fact is either gay or bi. There isn’t anything wrong with it tho.

  48. Karen October 23, 2019

    Any man that suck d*** is gay gay gay. There is no such thing as bi sexual. A woman could never please a man who has had d*** in the b***. And a woman body will never be like a man’s body regardless. So even if they say their bi girl’s y’all better run. Tank ass is gay. Singing these songs like he talking to women. This n**** been singing to men all along… I don’t want to hear no more of this n***** music just like Freddie Jackson and Luther Vandross and Tyrese….ALL GAY!!!!

    • Swirly October 23, 2019

      That’s the issue. Yall assume everyone gay or bisexual male is taking d*** in their asses. Tank said nothing about a*** s**.

    • Doug October 23, 2019


  49. Bone October 23, 2019

    Hold up!! Wait ah mint..It looks like a duck..acts like a duck.. so it must be dog..yaw Trippin..When yaw gon call a SPADE a SPADE. Its been said, common sense Ain’t Common..

  50. Chef October 23, 2019

    So if you take his point and add it to women, you could infer that he’d feel that women who don’t like to give their man oral s** don’t necessarily like men. So does a man actually have to like giving head to still prefer other men/be gay?

  51. Renee October 23, 2019

    Tank name one straight man who would agree with you , About sucking a d*** I’ll wait.

  52. Jay mizz October 23, 2019

    Angela was the one who brought up the man on man topic and everyone commented. But we heard was what Tank said? Let’s move on

  53. Q October 23, 2019

    Maybe because his tape is coming out next.. ?‍♀️

  54. Vee October 23, 2019

    To each his own…. But if u a star u can call gay an gay s** actions what ever u want…

  55. Kaitlynn Jenner October 24, 2019

    None of you are experts on human sexuality. Simple minded people need to label other people to make their tiny minds comprehend. Most men have been sucked off by another man out of curiosity- but unlike Tank they are too scared to talk about it. Probably because dumb females wouldn’t understand how sexually fluid most men are naturally. Pull your head out of the sand

  56. Latonya Daniels October 24, 2019


  57. LadyJo October 26, 2019

    If a man sucks another man penis he is GAY… PERIOD. And that’s okay!!!
    What not okay is that man living a double life to shield him from being judge when he already know he’s GAY be want to be seen with women to pretend he’s straight!!
    To me a individual claiming bi-sexuality is fraudulent, again it’s a coverup of that individual true sexuality.

  58. Foxi61 October 27, 2019

    You have to be attracted to that man to get your grown a** down between another man legs……and but his penis in your mouth…..man you’re. ….just on the #downlow…..I will never listen to a s** song you sing with the thought it’s about a women….#2019TP

  59. Foxi61 October 27, 2019


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