Weigh In: Tank Slammed By Own Fans For Performing At D.C.’s Gay Pride

Published: Monday 29th May 2017 by Rashad

R&B crooner Tank has long been vocal about his support of the LGBT community over the years, a stance reiterated by his recent performance at Washington D.C.’s gay pride event this weekend.

Drawing a sizable crowd, the shirtless singer/songwriter was on hand to croon some of his greatest hits – much to the delight of male and female attendees.  Yet, while those in attendance took to Twitter to shower the ‘Please Don’t Go’ performer with praise, some of his longtime fans weren’t exactly pleased with his decision to perform for a gay audience.

Inciting quite the debate on social media, look below for some of the fiery comments and weigh in:

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  1. Jay May 29, 2017

    Black ppl are so sad! So he’s gay for being content with his sexuality and not having a problem performing in front of a gay crowd? But if he woulda said no! Then y’all would be bashing him right? Wow lol so sad! Yet y’all cry about being judged, FOH

    • Jasmine May 30, 2017

      Stop being racist against black people with your generalizations. Obviously you cannot read properly because the number of people that are supporting him or that are indifferent far outweighs those few haters. The screenshots of the comments are in the article but I guess you skipped that because your racist generalizations got the best of you.

  2. steve May 29, 2017

    Tank is the gayest straight man alive. Like he said if you like your salad tossed then get it tossed. We like what we like and shouldn’t be ashamed of it. He is only being realist and true to himself. Kudos Tank!

    • Wtf May 29, 2017

      Thats not even new. Women have been tossing salad for years. You can see it in almost any straight p*** flick. Hell I remember girls doing it in high school.

  3. Jasmine May 29, 2017

    I think the title of this article is misleading. From the screenshot of the twitter rants most of the people support Tank for performing at gay pride, some are indifferent, and some are hating. At the end of the day a gig is a gig. He is grown and can accept any gig he wants. A strong man is comfortable in his own skin and secure enough in his masculinity to perform in front of a paying gay audience even if he is straight, bi, or gay.

  4. DanYiel Iman May 29, 2017

    S*** I’m singing ANYWHERE folks are paying me to sing at!! He has a family that depends on those dollars & didn’t he just purchase a NEW HOUSE ?? ?✅

    • Casual-T May 29, 2017


  5. Pgalbert May 29, 2017

    So to all of those ignorant f****. WE yes the Gays support your straight artists more than you do. We enjoy the same f****** music that you do. We go out and support the artists you are down for or idoliz MORE THAN YOU DO! So shut the f*** up and let the man do HIS DAMN JOB BECAUSE THATS WHAT HE DOES TO GET PAID TO PAY HIS BULLS. So STFU

  6. Karma May 29, 2017

    Look how many females are bashing him for supporting gay males.

    • Kyle June 1, 2017

      Same b****** that wants to be friends with gay people always bashing us behind our backs or until they kids become gay

  7. Pat May 29, 2017

    You forgot to specify, “Black Twitter”. They’re the homophobes.

    • Applause May 29, 2017

      Blacks dont want equality they want privilege if they did they’d treat everyone fair not hating on the gay community they’re no better than the racists.

      • Caleb May 29, 2017

        You’re stupid af. Whites are just as homophobic. Look at Texas lawmakers.

      • EBookbook May 30, 2017

        I get what you are saying. Us black scream equality but whats the point if you can’t accept your brother cousin uncle that their gay or less masculine than what society puts on us. We are just as bad as white ppl. Its just expected more from white ppl.

    • Jasmine May 30, 2017

      Re-read the article and screenshots not just the title of the article next time. There are more supporters and people that are indifferent than haters.

  8. Karma May 29, 2017

    When will migos?

    • EnRanc May 30, 2017

      Hopefully never.

  9. Jamie May 29, 2017

    Get yo paper Tank. They acting like women weren’t there too.

  10. G7Pat May 29, 2017

    He lipped anyway…he s performed AT them not TO them…

    • Jasmine May 30, 2017

      He is NOT lip-synching in the video. He is singing over the track. There is nothing wrong with singing “at” vs “to”. His hit songs are mostly romantic, except for I Deserve. When the female straight artists perform at those type of events no one scrutinizes whether or not they are singing “at” vs “to” and most people care less whether or not they are lip-synching.

  11. ya May 29, 2017

    To the person talking bout blacks want equality lol that’s funny because we shouldn’t at this point have to ask if we haven’t received it by now then what makes everyone else so special. So since were treated like s*** it times to make everyone else feel like s*** too. Hey its only right America is a land of hypocrisy and the rest of the world for that matter so…..

  12. Jay Smith May 29, 2017

    Y’all gay for the homophobic comments. Is the drug dealer, baby sitters, grocery store clerks and so many others gay when they get money from gay people also??? I don’t care that much for Tanks music. But I sure when he booked this gig. Gay was the last thing on his mind. And banking paper was the first. Hell if y’all could sing you probably would have booked the gig also. Money is money. No matter who’s hand it’s passed from.

  13. Caleb May 29, 2017

    Crabs in a bucket. Nobody said the same s*** about Nick Jonas whenever he performed at the gay clubs to promote his album.

    • Jasmine May 30, 2017

      That is because Nick Jonas likes to bend over and likes to make comments like “I technically had gay s**.” No surprises there.

  14. Lonnell May 29, 2017

    It is disheartening that so many choose to dwell in the bowels of ignorance. R&B crooner Tank performs for an LGBT audience (who actually purchase and support his music) and y’all are up in arms? Girl bye. It ain’t a s** tape (and if it were? ??‍♂️stil doesn’t negate his artistry).

    Conceivably, if Tank aint breeding your lonely bitter hind parts, chances are he’s not copulating with a room full of LGBT supporters either. Your online efforts would be better served doing some actual productive examination in lieu of popping off on social media like some ratchet stereotype. Instead of wondering if Tank likes ass perhaps you should pull your head of your own first. Elevate your consciousness, beloved. Now carry on. ? Back to my Tank playlist.

    • XoMoDe May 30, 2017

      “R&B crooner Tank performs for an LGBT audience (who actually purchase and support his music)”

      You figure that, how? Since when is Tank’s music purchased and supported by LGBT audiences in enough of a bulk for you to make such an assertion? How many gay clubs have Tank’s music in heavy rotation? How many gays and lesbians are flocking to his [non Pride-event] shows? If we ventured to a city that is known for its LGBT populace, and did a survery, how many of the would even know who Tank was? Please. It’s hilarious that because some gay pride event was frantic enough to add Tank to their bill that you would argue that his career is “supported” by LGBT’s. He most likely played at that pride event because they needed to fill that time slot, and he was available and needed that gig. That’s not support. That’s desperation from both sides.

      “Girl bye. It ain’t a s** tape (and if it were? ??‍♂️stil doesn’t negate his artistry).”

      Girl, bye. A “s** tape” is a reflection someone’s CHARACTER. No one with self respect and general decency is going to record themselves having s** and then broadcast it for all to see. THAT is usually a stunt pulled by celebrities whose talent can’t speak for itself. If they can get attention with their craft, they won’t resort to showing the world pictures of their genitals.

      • Lonnell May 30, 2017

        Even if we did survey a city known for its large LGBT populace that would still provide inconclusive data. You’re assuming that participants would be truly candid in their responses. There are throngs of LGBT people who frequent ‘straight’ venues and choose not to label their sexuality or associate publicly in LGBT spaces largely in part because they fear the social repercussions perpetuated by ignorance. LGBT people support Tank, as well as many other artists…and many of them are not running around waving ?️‍?s. You don’t always know who is gay and who is not as everyone is not open about it. Assuming Tank filled a time slot in an act of desperation sounds preposterous considering he booked this months ago.

        I agree that a s** tape is a reflection of someone’s character. However, self respect and general decency vary. The meter is not the same for everyone. Some people record themselves having s** because they find it “hot.” You’re right that they may very well broadcast it for all to see but such videos only go viral when people choose to click on the link and watch. There must be millions of self respecting people with general decency who in the privacy of their own devices choose to view such content as these videos continue spark frenzies when released. The boudaries of “general decency” had changed. We even have a president who “grabs them by the p****.”
        A straight man performing for a LGBT audience should be the same as a gay man who performs for a ‘straight’ audience…its about their artistry not who they bed at night.

      • Teflon Boy May 30, 2017

        You went so far out of your way to dismiss the point that was ring made with ‘straw-man’ erroneoneous comments that you completely missed the fact that the crowd were singing along with him in the video. Hardly supports your assertion that Tank has no gay fans. Is his career ‘supported’ entirely by gay people? Of course not, but then no one was making that claim in the first place *rolls eyes*

  15. Belladonna May 29, 2017

    He’s such a nice person for loving his LGBT fans thanks Tank!

  16. Truth May 30, 2017

    Gay pride events will book just about any performer willing to go, and lets face it…Tank isn’t in demand, so he has to take what’s available. It’s unfortunate that he had to perform at such a venue, but I guess a paying gig is a paying gig.

    • Concerned Str8 brother. June 5, 2017

      Wow… Wow…. Many artist know that when the chips are down. The homosexual community will always be there. Being mostly so persionate in general.

      I believe it’s a putdown to suggest that it is a shame Tank had to perform in front of homosexuals. So would it be shameful for you if you use any Items, products or processes made or invented by homosexuals?. Note many if not most music you listen or even movies you watch have homosexual hand in it.

  17. AnthonyMizel May 30, 2017

    People need to get a life… This made me like Tank even more.

  18. jec2 May 30, 2017

    southern Christians. always disgusting no matter what color.

    • Quan May 31, 2017

      Southern liberals are disgusting. Always f****** anything with a hole.

  19. Teflon Boy May 30, 2017

    Kudos! Now that’s a sign of security right there.., while lames spend their lives judging others and trying to police who an artist should and shouldn’t perform for.., despite gay fans being the most loyal audience an artist can have, the rest of the world is living their lives

  20. Qaz May 30, 2017

    If Tank’s career is languishing so bad that he had to play at a gay pride event, then he needs to get a whole new team and restructure his whole plan. This is sadder than playing Vegas.

  21. L21480 May 30, 2017

    Ouch! This is worse than playing a radio station concert. Guess he had to do what he had to do. Tank isn’t designed to be a pop star, but he should have a stronger hold on the urban market than he does. Maybe if he did he wouldn’t need to play these kind of dates.

  22. Setina May 30, 2017

    I dont think that makes him gay so you telling me its ok to perform for drunks,pills addicts,powder heads etc.. does that make him a crackhead or drunk ijs come on ppl

  23. B. Hill May 30, 2017

    Say what you will about them, organizers of gay pride events do pay performers to play. I almost can’t be mad at Tank for this. If black folks supported his music and career more, he wouldn’t have to play these kinds of events.

  24. RC81 May 31, 2017

    Good for him!
    You people are acting as if the guy did something wrong, and he wouldn’t have done it if the pay check wasn’t big.

    Maybe, just maybe – He is an open minded guy showing respect to his fans! I can’t with all these people acting like, if someone performs for gay people or has gay friends then it automatically makes them gay. GET. A . GRIP!

    If anything, this will do him massive favours in terms of fans and respect that he gets from them. I know this has made me admire him as a human.

    Its about time more people within the ‘Urban’ / ‘Hip Hop’ area paid some respect to the whole of their fan bases; gay, bi, straight, whatever – We are all the same!

    • DTG June 1, 2017

      No, we are NOT all the same. Tank is wrong for doing something like this. I know his career is in dire straits, but this wasn’t the place to play. Shame on him for endorsing this sort of behavior.

  25. Yolanda Blackshear May 31, 2017

    Tank get yo money always will be a fan

  26. Quan May 31, 2017

    Fellow black people are stupid for following white people mental illness. F*** the lgbt and f*** tank for cooning out and tooting that ass up for massa. Get that following up your career is dead and so are you.

  27. Freedom of speech October 2, 2017

    I see nothing wrong with him performing and it doesn’t make him gay .. It’s called being professional and getting paid. The gay community is one of the best audience to preform and work for. People need to stop being God and let God do the judging. He that is without sin let him cast the first stone!!

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  29. Thatni99a October 23, 2019

    A lot of you sound petty gossipers who have no life and thrive off of meadia. Tank like most heterosexuals are allowed to perform fpr gay people. All you bums attacking him mad you never made it

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