Azealia Banks Blasts Tinashe: “You Give Me NBA Cheerleader”

Published: Friday 29th Nov 2019 by Sam

Azealia Banks has never been one to hold back and it seems Tinashe is the latest name in her firing line.

Seemingly unprovoked, the rapper took to Instagram to vent her views about the singer and  the alt-R&B direction of her newest music.

Branding Tinashe a “Pop tart,” Banks went on to unpack the reasons why she sees the 26-year-old as more of an “NBA cheerleader” and why she doesn’t feel Nashe is a “star”…yet.

A series of back-handed compliments await after the jump…

The shade of it all.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Only facts November 29, 2019

    Azaelia, shouldn’t you focus on those train tracks in your mouth rather than someone who is actually talented?

    I seriously wonder what undiagnosed mental illness this crazy b*tch is dealing with.

    • Clarksooon November 29, 2019

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  2. w November 29, 2019

    Azealia giving some advices when her music career isn’t going nowhere, how funny this is.

    • Jai November 29, 2019

      AB is a professional Instagram A&R. Many of our fave’s A&Rs were one hit wonders or couldn’t sustain as artist. These people give the best advice! LA Reid (The Deele)… Uptown Records founder… one hit wonder rapper. AB should pursue her own label to find talent she believes in. She has the eye in which many don’t. People like her tell the truth. They will be written off, but hey she has no filter.

      • Gworl Bye November 29, 2019

        LMAO. Just stop, this girl is a professional shyt talker, and that’s it. That’s why she has no career in music.

  3. Fanciest BISH November 29, 2019

    She gives me major TGJ clarkson vibes…. lifeless, loveless, self hating, trolling and attention seeking vibes..

    Lol she’s so jaelous of the beautiful and succesful, she’s a scum dweller who has ruined every opportunity that came her way and only ever gets posted by this blog.

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate November 30, 2019

      ^^^^ *THIS* ??????????

  4. w November 29, 2019

    I also found it funny when she said that people all around the world need to stop talking about her : shut your mouth, stop looking for drama and maybe you will find some peace.

  5. Dabidu November 29, 2019

    I actually agree with Azealia! LOL I love Tinashe but… Azealia and those other chicks she mentioned (Kelela – Frontline, Wynter Gordon – Happy Birthday) are more effective to me as game changers in RnB and black singer culture.. So.. cudos to Azealia for being so open and sharing her views on Tinashe with us! *going to play Anna Vintour now*

    • Hmmm… November 29, 2019

      Lol yeah this is the truth. It was actually constructive too. Tinashe did not play her cards right. And it’s unfortunate because she has the talent. She simply didn’t know how to package it, creatively and originally. It’s almost like she was just so desperate and focused on getting famous and popping off that she prioritized getting a hit over making art. And it backfired, because she didn’t seem genuine anymore.

      Being an r&b artist in 2019 is not easy, but if you stay the course and have the talent and consistency, people won’t be able to ignore you. You get the success that people like Tinashe are chasing while being yourself the entire way. There are actually a ton of underground r&b singers that artistically, waaaaayyyyy more effective than Tinashe could ever hope to be. She should’ve been patient and identified her career path more so with someone like Fja Twigs and less like Rihanna.

    • Gworl Bye November 29, 2019

      Oh what tf ever lol. If all that was true this azalea girl would be a major star, not a social media troll.

    • FAF November 29, 2019

      Wynter Gordon is not an r&b singer she’s literally as pop as it gets

      • Clarksooon November 29, 2019

        U dont know who wynter gordon is then.

      • FAF November 29, 2019

        Dirty Talk

        Name the r&b song

      • Suxmycockiness ? November 29, 2019

        Wynter plays with a lot of different sounds, but I agree. She’s definitely not R&B. Azealia Banks is not even R&B so idk why she even mentioned herself. ??‍♂️

      • Clarksooon November 29, 2019

        Background information

        Born25 August 1985 (age 34)
        New York City, New York, U.S.

        Genres :R&B dance house

        Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter

        It’s like saying rihanna is a dance musician cause she sang
        We found love
        Who’s that chick
        Only girl in the world

        Or saying nicki minaj is a dance musician cause she sang
        Turn me on
        Where them girls at

        Wynter wrote songs for mary j bliges breakthrough album.
        She has done alot of genre but she’s rnb.
        Just because she dont sound like summer walker or sza dont mean she’s not rnb

  6. Clarksooon November 29, 2019

    No lies detected.

    Tinashe is copying fka twigs.

    Tinashe is too commercial. I’m surprised she has lasted this long in relevancy.

    She’s suppose to be in the trash with girls like natalie la rose and normani .dancers with weak vocals.

    • Gworl Bye November 29, 2019

      and who tf is fka twigs? Exactly. Bytch stfu, just because you stan some z-list girl group reject doesn’t make you a music industry genius. Its always the FLOPS that have all the answers and advice for other people.

      • FAF November 29, 2019

        Screaming did u just call twigs a girl group ?????

      • Gworl Bye November 29, 2019

        I was referring to clarksooon’s fave, that girl camila whats her name from that group no harmony or whatever they were called.

      • Gworl Bye November 29, 2019

        …..and the question still stands, who or what tf is a fka twigs?

  7. Meme November 29, 2019

    As much as I hate Azealia, I have to say this is the first time I’ve even agreed with her and didn’t take this as shade because her comments are spot on. I love tinashe, I am a major fan but I do feel like she always has this commercial thing about her that keeps her from reaching the level of art of a Twigs or Kelela.

  8. Clarksooon November 29, 2019

    Reading the comments above u can tell who is comfortable hearing the painful truth and who hates hearing the truth and would prefer lies. ???

    • Gworl Bye November 29, 2019

      You must be talking about camila cabello fans.

  9. Steve November 29, 2019

    Azealia is pathetic.

    • Steve November 29, 2019

      Tinashe is amazing!

  10. CP2 November 29, 2019


    • Gworl Bye November 29, 2019

      Exactly, I literally never hear this girl’s name anywhere else except on this blog. EVER. And yet they always post about her like she an A list celebrity or something. I’m starting to think she works for them lmao.

  11. Gio88 November 29, 2019

    I still don’t understand why she feels so sure she is so talented and her music is so next level, I actually enjoyed just 2 songs from her

    • Gworl Bye November 29, 2019

      Right, nobody knows who tf this bytch is.

    • Clarksooon November 29, 2019

      Azealia banks music is next level

      212 was on many critics lists of greastest songs of 2010

      Kanye west rants all the time and yall praise him for being deep and intelligent and call him a genius, a woman like azealia does the same, yall put her on blast, what azealia says most of the time is true

      If azealia was a man, her career will be on the same level as travis Scott or tyler the creator.

      • Yolanda November 29, 2019


      • Paulo November 29, 2019

        That is not wrong. But if we’re gonna talk about gender bias then why is Azealia ALWAYS bothered about what the girls are doing? She never directs that kinda energy to men. Unless they’re gay lol She didn’t have to go to Tinashe’s page and leave that comment, but she did. Azealia Banks fosters female competition. She is talented but jealous as hell

  12. Gworl Bye November 29, 2019

    And who is azalea banks again? How many records has she sold? How many hits has she collected? How many platinum albums, sold out tours? How many artists have she established as bonafide pop stars or R&B stars?

    Exactly. B*tch stfu and keep your self hatred to yourself.

    • Clarksooon November 29, 2019

      How many hits does normani have?
      How many aold out tours does normani have.
      How many records has normani sold.

      • Gworl Bye November 29, 2019

        More than this azalea troll, since you tried it. and more than your c*** hopping payola fave too, since you fail at trying it.

  13. Suxmycockiness ? November 29, 2019

    Oh lord ? This woman is so Jealous of any other black woman seeing success. Tinashe will be just fine as long as she continues to stay authentic to herself. Azealia doesn’t even have enough success to be giving out career advice. Also, FKA Twigs and Tinashe sound nothing alike musically. They are just two light skin bi-racial girls that happen to look a little bit alike.

  14. Paulo November 29, 2019

    Behind all the intellectual blablabla there’s a nasty woman who can’t stand to see her peers succeed. The week Tinashe made a splash as an indie artist she found a way to pick a bone with her. Go away Flopzelia Stanks

  15. Yolanda November 29, 2019

    The best “shade-reader’ on the planet. No one is exempt. AB is what the bloggers and YouTubers were supposed to be about–non-mainstream commentary. But they get a few followers and DM texts from popular artists and they turn into Fox News correspondents–lacing every commentary with words like: I love him/her, I love his/her work, don’t quote me on this, I’m just the messenger, blah blah blah. Now that Tasha K has hooked up with Minaj, she will change too. And Daytime Tea Time has more excuses about her commentary than Lovelyti. KEEP SHADING AND READING AB and KHIA. If I want diplomatic excuses, I’ll read Billboard, Variety, and Rolling Stones.

  16. A&R November 29, 2019

    Ole AB! Legit, she’s one of this generation’s geniuses. She just said what’s been said but in very raw / slightly hateful way. In my opinion Tin’s thorn has always been her persona outside the art. However, I think the simple fix to that is less interviews/ behind the scenes and more product / art. As far as her finally getting to the maximum creative space, that’ll come with living life and her personal evolution. Yeah, some people reach that point sooner than later but those who I’ve seen that are, just born there, end up a little mentally off like AB. I low key believe the extreme creatives have much in that area because of missing things in other areas…lol

    Anyway, if Tinashe keeps on this path, she’ll land right where she needs to.

    • Tyty November 29, 2019

      If she was a genius she would have figured out how to have a career.. ??

      • Gworl Bye November 29, 2019

        Thank you. Social media morons call anybody a genius these days.

  17. Paulo November 29, 2019

    That is not wrong. But if we’re gonna talk about gender bias then why is Azealia ALWAYS bothered about what the girls are doing? She never directs that kinda energy to men. Unless they’re gay lol She didn’t have to go to Tinashe’s page and leave that comment, but she did. Azealia Banks fosters female competition. She is talented but jealous as hell

    • Paulo November 29, 2019

      eugh nooo this was a reply to Clarkson’s troll ass

  18. Dc November 29, 2019

    Why this site didn’t post her first week sales was bragging how she was number 1 on iTunes ??

  19. Ninapina November 29, 2019

    As crazy as AB is… imma have to agree with her lol I think she is pretty intelligent when it comes to a lot of things that she says, her delivery is awful but where the lie at. Tinashe is extremely talented but her music is very poptart, I always felt this way and it lead me not to listen to much of her material because it does nothing for me…. she feels like songs that bigger name artist rejected…. I like her but she should dig deeper. I can’t stand AB’s attitude but she be making sense … plus AB has really good music, I wish she would put her focus into that rather than go after other artist.

  20. Lol November 29, 2019

    Again. WHY does this blog continue to post this trash? Y’all are basically promoting hate and negativity at this point and no other site talks about her but you. Just stop. We don’t care about this b**** and we never did.

  21. Tikey November 29, 2019

    She is always ranting on about others when she doesn’t have a fantastic career herself. She is more well known for running her mouth than her actual music. Stop trying to look for relevance. Work on yourself and your career first.

  22. Keith November 29, 2019

    Azealia told us once before that she doesn’t see why we pay attention to her opinions. I like her music but her career is too weak to armchair A&R anyone else. She would be much better off focusing on HER music and leaving the opinions alone. TGJ could do us all a service by simply not following her and reposting her antics. As far as Tinashe is concerned, I think there is enough room for Ms. Kachingwe AND Ms. Talibah. As another poster said, with freer creative reins and time to live life Tinashe’s art will get to where it should be. I like AND SUPPORT (as in buy their records) them both and believe that there is MOST DEFINITELY room for someone who successfully combines the pop gloss of Tinashe and the pure artistry of Twigs. Truth be told, SONGSFORYOU is a much more accessible listen than Magdalene….

  23. BravoHunk November 29, 2019

    I’ve come to a conclusion that the readers on this blog are all naive 9th graders. There’s enough room for FKA Twigs and Tinashe, and there’s absolutely no need to compare. Saying Tinashe is too “pop” so thereby her music is less quality that Twigs is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Ms. Banks should just say she hated Tinashe cause she’s another light skin beauty and leave it at that. Her opinion is invalid when her own music career has been dead for some years now.

  24. Chas November 29, 2019

    THATGRAPEJUICE Can y’all stop giving this girl a free platform? She’s a professional nobody.

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. November 29, 2019

      @Chas – “She’s a professional nobody.” – hahaha I like Banks but that was funny.

  25. Charli Cheer Up November 29, 2019

    AB is just being frank. If you read the whole message she has for Tinashe..its just her trolling again to gain buzz but not starting a feud at all. And Tinashe has a classy response aswl.

  26. Glazba November 30, 2019

    I agree with Azealia. Tinashe is talented and nice but it seems she makes music to get famous instead of creating art. Blah… i love me some Tinashe and Azealia but if I would have to choose between them.. Definitely I’d choose Azealia. She makes better music. Point blank.

  27. November 30, 2019

    It’s crazy how this girl had so much potential and she just exploded and waisted all that talent and reduced her self to some chick bullying and insulting people on the internet.

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