Janet Jackson Blazes Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam

Published: Friday 29th Nov 2019 by Sam

Check out Janet Jackson!

The Queen of Pop poses it up for a striking new feature spread in Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam.

Lensed by Dalong Yang, the shoot comes on the heels of Jackson’s sold-out ‘Metamorphosis’ Las Vegas residency and her recent run of ‘Rhythm Nation’ 30th Anniversary Shows.

With 2020 approaching, we’re hearing murmurs of exciting roll-outs from the superstar singer.

Pending then, peep more pics below…

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  1. K November 29, 2019

    Stunning the queen is blazing

  2. Boytoy1814 November 29, 2019


  3. Clarksooon November 29, 2019

    She looks better than madonna.

    The old divas are making a comeback.
    Shania Twain
    Rebate mcentire

    They are coming.
    I dont blame them tho, these new pop girls are not cutting it.

    These new pop girls can’t write number 1 songs,
    these new pop girls dont have vocals, all they know how to do is twerk and model bra and pantiès on Instagram. ?

    That’s why the Grammys paid them dust.
    No number one, no Grammy nominations, no tour, nothing.

    • Jamie November 29, 2019

      Twerk ???

  4. Jeans November 29, 2019

    Beautiful ❤️

  5. I love big black c** November 29, 2019

    That lil Kim nose tho

    • Kenny November 29, 2019

      She looks better than her.

  6. Fast_Persuader November 29, 2019

    Yes Ma’am! ??

  7. Sheila Calvin November 29, 2019


  8. eric November 29, 2019

    Excellent photo shoot! One of her best!

  9. Poppy Jones November 29, 2019

    WOW! Go Jiji

  10. Fe November 29, 2019

    Classic beautiful Janet Jackson. She can rock anything! Grand diva style!

  11. Terrence Jones November 29, 2019

    I am truly mesmerized by these exquisite looking pieces of art . Janet you have blessed my life.

  12. Bonnie Ann Moore November 29, 2019

    Beautiful,Upscale, Fabulous

  13. Ari November 29, 2019

    Funny how they never give her a vogue cover

  14. Boogieman November 29, 2019

    Janet always been a stunning lady. Her style and fashion are unmatched.

  15. MessyBoots November 29, 2019

    Timeless beauty.

    She does not age. ❤

  16. Keith November 29, 2019

    This was a nice Thanksgiving surprise. She should retain the stylist for this shoot….

  17. JoKai November 29, 2019

    Janet looks beautiful ❤️ as always! Just saw her final concert live in Honolulu, Hawaii and it was so awesome. She even invited our local Ku Kia’i Mauna Kea on stage to do their thing and it gave me the “chicken skin” just watching them. She is serious about “love and equality” around the world. She is such a beautiful woman. I hope to one day finally meet her and share the love too ❤️

  18. Marjorie N Lyons November 29, 2019

    I ? every one of her photo. And I love her 2

  19. Tamar Her November 29, 2019

    She is not the queen of pop. She’s been irrelevant since the super bowl

    And SCREAMING at her botched nose job. It looks like it’s about to fall off her face lmao

    • Kenny November 29, 2019

      B**** you irrelevant. She’s a beautiful woman.

    • Jamie November 29, 2019

      A troll, probably a Janet Stan who just wanna start something knowing good and well they a fan ???

  20. Tahira November 29, 2019

    Mizz. Janet Jackson,
    I have been following you since I was a little girl every time your video came on I Miss You Much I was there. Your photos are the s***, the bomb, no one out there can be above you. The Queen, The Princess of R&B..YOU ROCK FOR LIFE!!!

  21. Ismail Troxler November 29, 2019

    Eternal SEXELLENCE.

  22. Boogieman November 29, 2019

    No NEGATIVITY allowed.

  23. Sharon H November 29, 2019

    Janet Dimita Joe Jackson has been a humble soul like she said in her song her mother mold me into the woman I am today ( control) get the point periodt !!! And this is for Tamar b***h you can have a seat on the floor sis got some nerve to call her fat and ugly lmao gtfo irrelevant hussy you wish you could bye ?

  24. High Price November 30, 2019

    She slaughtered this spread! ????

  25. Mikki November 30, 2019

    Simply stunning. She just gets better with age. She’s a timeless classis!!! Go ahead Janet!!!

  26. Ms,,R November 30, 2019

    She’s a very beautiful black queen,all of yall that’s hating on her, just jealous she have her sh_t together . Show them you still got it,even up in age.

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