R. Kelly & Aaliyah’s Uncle Hit With New Allegations In Shocking New Interview

Published: Thursday 21st Nov 2019 by David

Michelle Kramer, one of the women whose teenage daughters was groomed for sexual abuse by the singer R. Kelly, has revealed that there is far more to his web of predation than meets the eye.

In an interview with the ‘C’mon Son’ podcast, Kramer – whose daughter is Dominique Gardner– revealed that the entertainer once tried to throw her child off a roof for disobeying his orders… and tried to force her to have a penis attached to her body so that she could pleasure him with it.

There’s more.

For, the show’s host stunned listeners by claiming that Aaliyah‘s uncle – Barry Hankerson– was aware that Kelly preyed on teens and once spilled the beans in a conversation.

A harrowing listen below…

Listen here.


Kramer is readying the release of a book called ‘I Am My Daughter’s Keeper.’

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  1. Clarksooon November 21, 2019

    Tinashe is number one on itunes

    • Fancy BISH November 21, 2019

      I came here to make this comment.

  2. Wonder Woman November 21, 2019

    Oh ok, how about you post the Tinashe album released almost 24 hours ago, this still an urban blog… right?

    • Fancy BISH November 21, 2019

      It’ll till flop tho

  3. Fancy BISH November 21, 2019

    Mess, mess. I am so sick of hearing about this mess honestly, so he’s also into trans creatures?

  4. SMH November 21, 2019

    Ok, I do believe that Barry Hankerson was aware of R. Kelly’s dirty deeds, but the rest of that bullsh*t I don’t believe for a second lol.

  5. FAF November 21, 2019

    This is not news. He was on the documentary saying r kelly told him that he had a problem filming himself with girls . All them should be in prison if he has to go

  6. What would Whitney do November 21, 2019

    Whitney Houston friend Robyn has a book, now y’all doing a book on babygirl….what’s next biggie mom gonna write tell all.

  7. Bussyfellows November 21, 2019

    She ain’t her daughters keeper. That lady played the game with R Kelly until she realized that she won’t getting nothing out of the deal. You can tell this by the fact she not letting her daughter talk about her story when she’s ready to do so. And to throw Aaliyahs name in it is distasteful

  8. E November 21, 2019

    Number Michelle could not govern her daughter let alone be a keeper. If anything her daughter’s pimp at best. A poor example of mother and daughter relationship. Yet she still unwilling to accept her own mishaps.

  9. Baby Girl November 21, 2019

    Michelle sit down trying to cash ? in off your daughter

  10. Jennifer Emrich November 21, 2019

    So fake! I used to work for R.Kelly as an assistant and never saw any of these behaviors. My sister also worked for him for 6 years and never saw R.Kelly commit any monstrous acts. He’s a great man and loves people.

  11. robert November 21, 2019

    he is so beautiful in that picture ?

  12. Tell The Truth November 21, 2019

    This lying h** is just seeking attention again!! Her daughter already outed her as a liar for that fake rescue on that Lietime docu-lie! Now she’s trying to peddle a book full of lies. Berry was the one who set up that whole fake marriage to Aaliyah, while simultaneously stealing MILLIONS from his clients.

  13. joseph November 21, 2019

    That’s bull crap..you trying to cash in on nothing. You parted and enjoyed with him but when you failed to make it big then you turn to demonise the man.

  14. Barbara Williamson November 21, 2019

    Barry hankerson is the devils keeper..

  15. Kecia Blake November 22, 2019

    Yall all are pervs,bc yall knew about it,I’m so tired of this s***! All yall are guilty even the parents that got paid fr their daughters too even be over too his home. all need too go too jail. money hungry MTHFuckers! SHAME ON YALL!

  16. E November 23, 2019

    She was gay so omg sure she wanted a prints herself . Maybe her daughter wanted to pleasure her own mother. Since it’s a web of lies who has the truth. A sick or a trick mother knows best especially her own plessure.

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