R. Kelly Ordered To Pay Child Support With Music Royalties

Published: Friday 1st Nov 2019 by David

R.Kelly has been ordered to use the royalties he makes from his music to cover the child support costs.

News that’ll rattle the disgraced entertainer’s supporters below…

When critics-who were standing in solidarity with child abuse survivors- urged the world to #MuteRKelly, a number of his fans bit back by using streaming services to spin his music.

Their plan? To help the singer generate more income from the music many believed was powering his sexual predation.

Now, said plan has backfired.

For, their efforts to show the world that demand for Kelly music is still sky high has been used to argue that he is still capable of generating large sums of money from royalties. Money, that will now be handed to his ex-wife Andrea Kelly.

TMZ reports…

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, a judge just ordered the R&B singer to use his royalties from entities such as BMI and Sony to pay Drea Kellthe $20,833 he owes her each month.

According to the docs, Kelly’s asking the court to cut him a little slack, but for now the judge says the dough must be drawn from those hefty royalties.


He will be smacked with fresh legal trouble if he misses a payment.

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  1. I Hate blaccc n whyyy y’all not sht November 1, 2019

    His kids will be grown soon… And he is not a disgrace entertainer because we believe he is not guilty

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 1, 2019

      I agree. I still listen to his music and I do not believe is guilty of the current charges against him. Yes, he definitely did some illegal things with underage girls in the 90s and early 00s but that is not what he is being tried with. They should try him on his real crimes if it is not past the statute of limitations. Grown ass women saying role play is the same as a sexx s**** can shut it because nobody cares about old stupid hos doing groupie ass ho sh|t. We only care about innocent minors being mistreated.

  2. 2bad2bme November 1, 2019

    People need to WAKE UP! The elite does this to all of our black icons when they can’t profit off of them any longer. EVERYBODY in the music industry is guilty of something but they only single out BLACK folks to put a stigma on them and our culture while they are on their way out the door. They did it with James Brown, Michael Jackson, Rick James, Prince, Whitney Houston etc… They never try to diminish white celebrities’ Legacy. EVER!!!!!

    • Clarkson November 1, 2019

      Harvey Weinstein
      Kevin spacey
      Matt lauer
      Roman Polanski
      Woody Allen
      Gary glitter

      Stop making excuses for a nasty man who molested little girls

      Everybody is guilty of something but everybody dont go around molesting underage girls.

      Whitney Houston was a coke head, same thing with Rick James, same thing with Amy Winehouse.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 1, 2019

        Shut it Clarkson! U proved 2Bad’s point with ur ugly Uncle tom jigabooooo cooooon ass. None of those white men went to jail or faced public prosecution without a jury. Go mouth off about Camilla and Normandi and leave grown up conversation to the adults U little sissy.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 1, 2019

      AMEN 2Bad

  3. Lmfao_Hoe November 1, 2019

    Hold up how old are these children ?

  4. robert November 1, 2019

    r kelly looks handsome in that picture!!

  5. Jungle November 2, 2019

    He’s ex wife is greedy as hell cine in now she is mad he has those girls in the trump towers in her ugly ass still getting paid for those dam interviews.Were she is crying the blues.

  6. LaTanya McNeil November 3, 2019

    Good! F****** deadbeat creep loser!

  7. Janice November 3, 2019

    I don’t believe he is guilty, I do believe that money need to be monitored. She buys men to marry and when do the payments stop? There is only one 17year old the rest are grown and i doubt are in school. She makes me sick and the judge is not being fair at all. If am women allows a man to do the things they are saying they should be placed in a mental health facility.

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