New Video: Tinashe – ‘So Much Better (ft. G-Eazy)’

Published: Friday 22nd Nov 2019 by Sam

Tinashe is keeping her foot on the pedal as she accelerates the campaign for new album ‘Songs For You.’

The singer’s first independent set arrived today and is finding favor from fans and critics alike.

After delivering hot fire with the visual for ‘Die A Little Bit,’ the latest addition to the Roc Nation managerial roster has unzipped the video for ‘So Much Better’ featuring G-Eazy.

Watch the sensual offering after the jump…

Simple, yet effective.

Given the variable results, we’re not always filled with the most optimism when acts scream “I’M GOING INDIE” at the top of their lungs. But for Ms. Kachingwe, it feels like a solid fit in the here and now.

From the sound to the aesthetic, it’s all connecting in a way that has us plugged in!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarksooon November 22, 2019

    This was a serve

    I dont like tinashe but this was good.

    If this album hit number one, every pop girl gonna go independent.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 22, 2019

      I dont like this video. It is cheap and illuminati! I should be her manager. I would have her album available for sell everywhere and not just a digital release. 4 albums in and she is still flopping due to bad marketing and not connecting with a money buying fan base. If i managed her i would have her on the stripper pole. She looks like a stripper and dresses like one. She would get a large fan base if she made strip club rnb / dance music. This sounds like wannabe Rihanna music with FA Twigs mixed in aka not gonna sell or hit!

      FYI Clarkson T***** troll i am not replying to your comment. It is just that my comment belongs at the top because I am a top diva and your little troll opinions belong at the bottom section of the comments. I have told u this many times before but i guess since u have no life and troll this site every 5 minutes ur comments are bound to end up at the top.

      • You Tried November 22, 2019

        You crazy delusional fool! Take your meds…you have no idea what being in the industry is like and her fans appreciate her. Take a hike you loser. Can’t believe how idiotic you are. Talking about being a top diva. No you’re ready is what you are.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 22, 2019

        @You Tried ~ “her fans appreciate her.”

        You are the ‘crazy delusional fool’ if you think fans letting their fair FLOP over and over and over is the equilavent of “appreciating” their fav. I have worked in the entertainment industry for a long time now. I have the business acumen to speak concretely on this. You clearly lack the qualifications to speak on this because you clearly think fans not buying her music is the same as them “appreciating” her music!

  2. Jay Northernstar November 22, 2019


  3. #TeamTinashe Stan November 22, 2019

    She’s indie and serving this HARD!?!!??
    Honestly I wasn’t here for Joyride and it made me feel disappointed as a fan because the tracks on that album minus (No Drama, Ooh La La & He Dont Want It, No Contest) it wasn’t something to prove herself to her doubters.
    But this damn album #SongsForYou!!! Really just put her name back up with amazing productions, vocals and lyrics ( two things that were missing from Joyride). Im a proud fan and I just want people to see her authenticity like she did with her mixtapes and now she’s BACK!

  4. You Tried November 22, 2019

    Crazy how her content when she isn’t signed sounds so much better (no pun intended)

    • Interac November 22, 2019

      It’s not crazy when you really think about it. She was probably contractually obligated to record songs she never wanted to.

      • Hillary November 22, 2019

        She was. She even broke down crying in the studio in Toronto because RCA wanted her to release a manufactured bubblegum pop song. She expressed that she was uncomfortable with the lyrics to the A&R of the label (who was there) and he told her, “We can just go home.” She also wanted to release “Ooh La La” as the next single to Joyride but instead RCA said no and made her release “Like I Used To” and “Throw a Fit”.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 22, 2019

      That is a major problem though. That means she is too self-absorbed in what she wants to do and only expresses passion in music she is feeling. A music artist’s job is to sell music. I thought the production on Joyride and the song selection was excellent. RCA did a great job with A&R. The problem was the sisconnect between Tinashe and the music. She did not connect with the music and that affected her ability to convincingly sell the music. On this new album, her passion is here but the music content is lacking so again it will not connect with consumers at large. She needs to mature up and start selling records.

  5. Are You Kidding Me? November 22, 2019

    Holding a snake and covering your eye? I guess the Illuminati Jay rumors are true. They’re not even trying to be subtle these days. She’s going to pop. I hope the sacrifices are worth it….

  6. Tori November 22, 2019

    Song could’ve easily been on “The Velvet Rope”, it’s that damn good but I wouldn’t have waisted my money on a video like this…

    • High Price November 22, 2019

      Funny you say that! She idealizes that album. Its pretty the blueprint to her style of music. Especially the #Aquarius album.

  7. Dr November 22, 2019

    Album still gonna flop

    • You Tried November 22, 2019

      What’s your point?? She could’ve given up and she didn’t
      Her fans appreciate this album
      You’re the flop

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 22, 2019

        Her fans need to BUY the album! Dont let your favs be a flop and think barking at people for calling her a dlop means anything. Put your money up!

    • You Tried November 22, 2019

      Shut up trash.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 23, 2019

        Im ROYALTY b|tch. You are gutter! If my opinion offended you then good. That means I have the power to make you mad. Stay bad and seething b|tch but always remember you are a lessor. BOW DOWN!

  8. High Price November 22, 2019

    Wow! I was bumping this joint last night saying like I think this could be a single!?!!? And here it is with video treatment and everything ! I like it a lot ! Tinashe coming HARD! I wonder how many other songs on the album she shot a video for. ?

  9. A&R November 22, 2019

    This girl means she about to teach us all a lesson. One of the best videos I’ve seen in a while. It’s so appropriate that is makes me Squeal. It’s simple. It’s creative. It’s s***. It’s passively unique. Its moody and catches the songs vibe. It’s positively dark lol

    Iight Tinashe, f*** around and make me eat my own words. I’m watching

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 22, 2019

      Teach u a lesson not ‘us’. U do not speak for anyone but yourself.

  10. Rihboy November 22, 2019

    Roc nation is going to do what they have to do to get her some pull. However, all they are doing to her is what they did with Rih. Moreover Rih does a better job at being edgy and dark. Its more authentic. Where as Timashe just looks like a squeaky clean good girl trying to play the role of a bad girl. I must say I do like this video tho. The song will have to grow on me. The album as a while tho isn’t the best. Nothing had replay value but this song here. Die a little bit had potential but she swept that under quick as hell.

    • You Tried November 22, 2019

      Know Better is amazing you’re crazy

  11. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. November 22, 2019

    Nice. Giving me Twigs vibes and that’s not a good thing for Tinashe. Show me you.

  12. Jasmine The Real Princess November 22, 2019


  13. Johny5 November 23, 2019

    Her album is pure fire I was so pleasantly surprised

  14. Ropeburn November 23, 2019


  15. Keith November 23, 2019

    This is not one of my faves from the album (due to G-Eazy…ugh) but I won’t knock the hustle. We will see where this goes, but overall I think the album is a solid effort. And I think it’s VERY IMPORTANT that SHE connect to the music she is trying to sell, however that’s done. If that was the case at RCA, then I would blame the A&R people for not understanding her better and making appropriate choices.

  16. I love big black c** November 24, 2019

    Geezy is so yummy bet they F-u-C-k-e-d after the video.

  17. Jack’d January 3, 2020

    Screams trying so hard.. snake was nearly in her eyeball and it was uncomfortable watching her play in the dogs mouf .. she’s consistent as far as not giving up but this ion like .. can she go back to the dancing in the blocks era

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