Weigh In: 2020 Grammy Nominations’ Snubs & Surprises

Published: Wednesday 20th Nov 2019 by Rashad

It’s that time of year again!

The air is still buzzing as today brought with it the highly anticipated 2020 Grammy nominations unveiled, per usual, via a special announcement weeks before the actual showing.  But, what also comes with the ‘per usual’ are the jaw-dropping surprises, snubs, and all out “shut-outs” that accompany the nods’ list.

Always a heated debate-starter, the coveted tally saw the likes of chart-toppers Beyoncé, Cardi B, Chris Brown, Lana Del Rey, and Taylor Swift go without mention in the correct categories (as some fans argue), while hitmakers Sam Smith, Megan Thee Stallion, Camila Cabello, and Mariah Carey got no mention at all.

Look inside for That Grape Juice‘s picks for the 2020 Grammy nominations’ biggest snubs and surprises:

Surprise:  Despite no LP during qualifying period, Beyoncé receives four nominations for her work on live album, ‘Homecoming,’ and soundtrack album, ‘The Gift.’  The 2020 nods bring her career total to 70, making her only 11 shy of becoming the most nominated artist ever.

Snub:  Grammys say “no no” to Mariah Carey‘s ‘Caution’ – one of her most critically acclaimed sets ever – with a completely shut out.

Surprise:  Ariana Grande nominated in top categories for what many consider her worst album to date.

Snub: Sam Smith omitted completely despite scoring two of the year’s most celebrated Pop hits – ‘How Do You Sleep?’ and ‘Dancing with a Stranger‘ (featuring Normani).

Surprise:  Brandy – unceremoniously ignored by the Recording Academy for most of her storied career – nabs two nods for her ‘Love Again’ duet with Daniel Caesar

Snub:  India.Arie deemed unworthy of mention in multiple categories for ‘Worthy,’ her first LP since 2013’s ‘Songversation.’  Featuring the top R&B hits ‘That Magic’ and ‘Steady Love,’ she was at least able to score a Best Traditional R&B mention.

Similarly, Chris Brown only earned one nomination as well (Best R&B Song).

Surprise: Lil Nas X exed from Country categories but still nabbed six nods in total for an EP (including ‘Album of the Year’).

Snub: Megan Thee Stallion, the creator of ‘Hot Girl Summer,’ left out in the cold by Grammy committee.

Surprise:  Nipsey Hussle nabs three posthumous nods in Rap categories

Snub:  Cardi B only nominated once (as a feature on husband Offset‘s hit ‘Clout’).  Singles ‘Money’ and ‘Press’ – despite their critically acclaimed music videos –  go unrecognized.

Surprise:  H.E.R. nominated for record, album, and song of the year.

Snub:  Taylor Swift – a Grammy darling – passed over for Album of the Year (but did score a song of the year nod).

{main photo source:  Getty Images}

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kim,Keisha&Pam November 20, 2019

    I really Brandy didn’t deserve a nom.

    • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

      No she dont. She is a dark nappy head just like that whale Lizzo and that ugly troll Lik Naz x. ALL the awards should go to two time grammy award winner Camila. Camila is the best. Best singer. Best dancer. Best actress. Best producer. Best writer. Best director. Camila really is the best. Normandi should quit while she is ahead and beg Camila to be her maid.

      • Clarksoon November 20, 2019


      • Clarksoon November 20, 2019


      • Clarksoon November 20, 2019


      • Clarksoon November 20, 2019


      • Clarksoon November 20, 2019


      • Abel November 20, 2019

        And you are best with your mouth shut and your fingers cut

      • Clarksoon November 20, 2019


      • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

        C – Cuban
        A – And
        M – Mexican
        I – Immigrant
        L – Living In
        A -Americs

        ??????Yeah Camila For The Win?????

        Two Time Grammy Winner

    • Orrin November 20, 2019

      Mad because Monica was paid dust? Stay mad!

      • Jasmine The Real Princess November 21, 2019

        Camila should get a Grammy for best 5 flops in a row

    • Swirly November 21, 2019

      Who are you to say what she deserves? Regardless of your personal feelings, she received two noms and you can stay bothered about it.

  2. Clarksoon November 20, 2019

    Yall on Twitter: normani is that bìtch,
    look at how she ate that,
    normani getting co-sign from Rihanna, normani is beyonce successor

    Grammy academy: who?
    I dont know her
    We recognise musicians with vocals and real talent and artistry, we dont recognize dancers.

    Twitter hype don’t translate to sales or Grammy nominations.

    This girl had the nerve to submit motivation for record and song of the year, can u image, what a delusional mess.

    • Younger November 20, 2019

      Okay this was funny.

      • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

        Thanks I try ???

    • Oh plz November 20, 2019


      • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

        Be quiet. You act like you have to come on here. You wont be missed. Girl bye.

  3. Nicky November 20, 2019


    Queen Beyonce once again wins

    Camicky Cabelly really thought she was going to get top categories lmfaooooooooooooooo

    Queen Lizzo lets these basic chicks know how it’s done!!!!

    She will be passing the torch to Normani when her album debuts.

    That’s all ?????????

    • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

      What tourch? Normani didnt receive any nominations cause the Grammys dont nominate flops.
      Love lies and dancing with a stranger were the only 2 songs that could give normani a grammy nomination and both songs were paid dust.

      Normani will never have a hit as big as love lies and dancing with a stranger. She is done.

      Normani is not going to survive in 2020
      The weeknd is coming
      Adele is coming
      Rihanna is coming
      Gaga is coming
      Sam Smith is coming
      Beyonce is coming
      Cardi is coming
      Selena gomez is coming

      Normani will not survive.

      • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

        Ignore this troll. Thanks.

    • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

      Camila will get all the top categories next year. She has been on a roll collecting awards like the two grammies she received this month. Her mantle is full. She is going to have to huy a bigger house with at least two extra tooms just to hold her upcoming awards. Maybe Normandi can dust Camila’s trophies and be Mother Camila’s maid.

      • The African With The Mouth November 21, 2019

        you are indeed shameless and pathetic. Is your life that meaningless that you come on here impersonating others?
        At first it was difficult reading the comments and seeing one account sounding slightly different, but then you finally said it “NORMANDI” , the real Clarkson never misspells normani as NORMANDI, only that “princess jasmine grape juice” troll account on this entire site does.

        You are trash, you need to figure out what better way to better yourself than trolling. The only reason for you existing is to impersonate others. Eww, a heap of trash you are. I’d vomit instantly if i saw you in real life.

        Idiot, you’ve been caught and although i dislike both of you, you “princess whatever you call yourself” take the cake and award for the most IRRITATING thing on this blog.

        (now you’ll reply my post with a lengthy essay, filled with delusion on how you run this site OR your Clarkson troll account will deny being the fake one with poorly worded essay. You’re truly disgusting. Ew.)

      • Clarksoon November 21, 2019

        I know I mispelled Normani’s name. This site i knew that when i posted my comment. This site has no edit feature so when u post a comment thats a wrap. I am the REAL Clarkson and if u notice i only mispelled her name once out of my numerous comments. You are troll not me. So desperate to speak to me because you want my attention. You are a pathetic loser.

      • The African With The Mouth November 21, 2019

        Ew.. No.
        Only YOU (yeah you know who I’m talking about), misspells normani’s name like that, all the Goddamn time.

        and no, i do not need your attention. Unlike you, i don’t get high from trolling people. Trash, get lost (or don’t, do you).

  4. Just Sayin’ November 20, 2019

    The shammies (grammies) are a damn joke now and clearly a popularity contest. Y’all damn well know Beyonce only going to show up if she wins somethinb. Anh how is Lizzo consider for best new artist when she been out for over 3 years? Pl

    • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

      Paula Cole was putting albums out 3 years in a row before her best new artist win. I think Best New Artist means you are new to mainstream. Camila really should be winning that category in all fairness. I mean she just won two grammies this month already.

  5. Nicky November 20, 2019

    Camicky Cabelly really thinks the public are fools and she’s that b****.

    She includes Shawn’s song on her album to get a certification. Meanwhile her latest song is certified plastic.


    5 Flops in a Row. Ticket Bundles.

    She really thinks she’s an arena act from 1 Havana song


    • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

      Normani has not achieved anything close to Camila’s success

      • Abel November 20, 2019

        @clarksooon who is talking about Normani bitchaaa?

      • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

        Camila is a two time grammy winner. You’re right Normani who?

  6. Clarksoon November 20, 2019

    Without me- halsey should have gotten a nomination for best pop solo performance- and record of the year

    7 rings is such a bad song, thank u next should have gotten record and song of the year

    Marshmello feat Bastille- happier should have gotten best dance recording nomination.

    Benny blanco feat halsey and Khalid- Eastside should have been nominated for best pop collaboration

    Best rnb song
    Ella mai – trip
    Khalid – better

    Best music video short form
    Rosalia- con altura. This is the most watch music video of the year. More than 1 billion views.

  7. Clarksoon November 20, 2019

    “Surprise:  Ariana Grande nominated in top categories for what many consider her worst album to date.”

    This is a huge lie

    Thank u next is Arianna most acclaimed album
    Every music critic praised this album for being mature and talking about serious issues like depression, sadness, etc.

    If you guys dont like a particular artiste just say it instead of spreading misinformation.

    • Jasmine The Real Princess November 21, 2019

      Pedoiana Grande is a big flop

  8. Steve November 20, 2019

    It’s a travesty that “Caution” is not nominated. Mariah dropped a killer album I’m still spinning everyday. Grammys suck.

    • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

      No u suck. U suck d ick and mariah’s most boring album ever

  9. Rashad November 20, 2019

    Caution should have gotten nominated for R&B categories. In this was 1999 legacy artists like Mariah would continued to be nominated but it seems like it’s about what’s popular now not necessarily the critical acclaim. Glad H.E.R was nominated though

    • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

      Mariah was never a grammy fav. In the 90s every time she was up against Toni Braxton she lost to Toni. Same goes for Mariah verses Whitney…Whitney always won and Whitney was not even putting out albums frequently in the 90s.

      • Danny Bey November 20, 2019

        Whitney and Toni deserved their wins every single time. Bad comparison.

  10. Clarksoon November 20, 2019

    5th harmony member, where are they today

    Was on dancing with the stars, a reality show for washed up celebrities like honey boo boo and sean spicer. She didnt win. Placed 3rd
    Zero Grammy nominations
    Released numerous flop singles

    Going on tour nobody is gonna attend. Released flop singles nobody cared about.

    Currently on dancing with the stars. Performing better than normani did
    Released a ton of flop singles ,everybody paid dust

    Hosting the redcarpet show at the American music awards. How embarrassing
    Released a bunch of flop singles

    2 Latin Grammy awards wins
    3 normal Grammy nominations
    Opened the 2019 Grammy awards
    2 number 1 songs, (wrote both songs Havana and senorita)
    debut album certified platinum debuted at number 1
    Second album romance coming out in some few days, already eligible for gold certification upon release with 1. 3 billion streams combined
    Havana- 1.3 billion streams
    Seniorita- 980 million streams
    Attending next year’s grammy awards cause she was nominated for seniorita.

    • Only facts November 20, 2019

      Hate to admit but Camila is the most successful one in the group.

      I was rooting for normani but I dont think is gonna happen for her. her missing out on a Grammy nom is a clear sign she’s not gonna last in the industry

      • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

        Finally you get it. Camila is the best.

      • Only facts November 20, 2019

        You want my attention so badly. Making fake accounts of me. You moron. I have your IP address.

      • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

        You aren’t that bright you moron and even if you were able to obtain my IP address so what? You’ve been replaced. Bye girl.

    • Jasmine The Real Princess November 21, 2019

      Camila is a very very ugly whôre flop.
      Hope she and her whole family gets deported back to whatever prostitution ring she escaped from.

  11. Kim,Keisha&Pam November 20, 2019

    Crazy how Monica’s “Commitment” was #1 for 3 weeks and didn’t get a nomination. Wow.

    • Ugly god November 20, 2019

      Number 1 for 3 week, on which chart?

      • Ajm265 November 20, 2019

        I’m sure Monica didn’t even submit for nomination with her troubled marriage and crazy divorce she seems a bit distracted as of the last months. After commitment got her some steam back in the r&b world she should’ve released another radio friendly song to continue to promote her future effort. Something tells me she will pick again once her reality show comes back.

    • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

      3 weeks? So what. There are 52 weeks in a year and only 5 nominees allowed per category. 3 weeks means nothing. Now Camila stays at the top of the charts and spends most of the year in the too 5.

      • Clarkson 0 November 20, 2019

        I have converted u into a Camila stan

        My work here is done

        U can keep promoting Camila while I relax.

      • Clarksoon November 20, 2019

        I have all the power and all the cards. I was already a huge Camila fan. You are just a pathetic troll. I have the power to make you change email addresses and usernames within the snap of my fingers. I have you shook troll. You make me, Clarkson, the most popular commenter on here. Thank you for your services.

    • Orrin November 20, 2019

      Tell her to stick to Instagram preaching. Stay mad!!!

  12. Adonis November 20, 2019

    Not surprised Nicki Minaj didn’t get a nomination with the hot garbage she’s been releasing the past few years…

  13. ClarksonO November 20, 2019

    The troll with the fake Clarkson profiles is back

    I was wondering when is this idiot gonna show up.

    What a loser.

    Trying to disrupt the comment section.

  14. Kevon November 20, 2019

    I truly believes beyonce buys her Grammys ..even to be nominated

    • Beylover November 20, 2019

      Yet she has lost 47 times of her 70 nominations. With her net worth and connections in the music industry don’t you think she would have “bought” Album of the year right now?

      I swear you’ll just get on here and just type anything with applying “common sense or logic” ?

      • Jasmine The Real Princess November 21, 2019

        She should’ve lost all 70 nominations with her shît music

  15. Ra November 20, 2019

    Can’t believe India Arie didn’t get any nominations for here body of work on ‘Worthy’

  16. Only facts November 20, 2019

    You idiots thought Megan Thee Stallion would get nominated? She has no talent. Every song is about cash and ?. No talent. She has no depth.

    • Jasmine The Real Princess November 21, 2019

      Same could be applied to Flopnika

    • Dr November 21, 2019

      Def would not get best new artist all her songs sound same lol

  17. Only facts November 21, 2019

    I love Beyoncé, but the pic y’all chose for this post is not a cute one. She looks exhausted AF

    • Jasmine The Real Princess November 21, 2019

      No. She’s just old and ugly. Get used to it.

  18. The African With The Mouth November 21, 2019

    Terrible post. The person behind this article is either unaware or simply loves to talk bullšhit.

    No one, and i mean NO ONE considers “thank u, next” to be Ariana Grandes worst album. It’s her most critically acclaimed album to date and deserved its nods. Y’all flopped hard on this one.

    Go check out BILLBOARDS “Grammy Snubs and Surprise” write up. Something actually worth reading.

  19. Jasmine The Real Princess November 21, 2019

    Hope Beyoncé gets snubbed

    She’s old, fat and washed up

  20. MUSIC HEAD November 21, 2019

    This is Brandy’s 12th Grammy nomination. I would hardly say she’s been ignored. Human and Two Eleven are the only projects without nominations.

  21. Arthus Nico November 21, 2019

    What about BTS ?

  22. Swirly November 21, 2019

    No one will ever be satisfied with Grammy nominations. IMO, award shows are becoming less relevant year after year. The stanbases can stop their feuding, bitching, whining and moaning because at the end of the day, politics REIGN!

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