Beyonce Backs Black Songwriters With Bold Moves

Published: Saturday 14th Dec 2019 by David

Heard the story of how Beyonce saved R&B?

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The year is 2011 and Dance music is ruling the waves.


Keen to retain their grip on the charts and commercial relevance, a group of Hip-Hop and R&B staples stepped away from their genres to join a wave fronted by the likes of David Guetta, Taio Cruz and Pitbull.

Unbeknownst to the general public, their departure caused a crisis in R&B.

For, with labels keen to cash in on club-ready trends, demand for R&B smash hits (and the writers behind them) reached an all-time low as radio prioritised their four-on-the-floor counterparts.

As a result?

A new generation of writers (the class who was supposed to take over from The Dream, Rico Love, Ester Dean and Keri Hilson) faced with a library of unclaimed hits and murmurs that catalogues crafted by black creatives were not worth any more than $30,000.

A slim figure to say the least.

Stepping up to save them?

Here’s what went down.

If these writers’ fortunes were to improve, the industry would have to believe that there was a demand for their art.

So, after listening to a number of incomplete demos, the singer/songwriter (then riding high on the critical success of 2011’s ‘4‘) put the word out that she was interested in recording/completing tracks penned by a number of black writers who were in their early 20s at the time.

One of these tracks was ‘I Choose You’…eventually recorded and released by Keyshia Cole.

When Beyonce speaks, the business listens.

So, with her co-sign in their arsenal, the once undervalued scribes could now command and demand the attention of the publishers and A&Rs who were now very interested in their tunes.

After all, if they were good enough for Beyonce….

By the time her self-titled surprise set was released in 2013, the lyricists she championed behind the scenes had become market leaders blessed with life-changing publishing deals approved by execs who used the star’s endorsement to justify their investments.


True story.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sugar December 14, 2019

    And people wonder why she’s the queen?

    • IHATE Gayle King December 14, 2019

      Queen of copyright infringement…

      I’m sure those writers would have appreciated Whitney Houston to sing some of their songs. Because
      Beyonce cannot carry….. There are notes that she cannot hit.

      B**** can’t sing like Whitney Houston.. so its always going to be mediocre…

      • Sugar December 14, 2019

        You need deliverance. Gayle is a Saint.

  2. NT December 14, 2019

    Love my live the QUEEN

  3. Meme December 14, 2019

    This whole article is laughable. So what y’all trying to say is those writers weren’t writing dance hits? All of the hit black writers were writing for dance tracks as well so it’s not like they were out of business and need Beyoncé’s help as this article is implying. What a joke.

    • Gina December 14, 2019

      This is about the new writers. You’d know that if you read the article. If you’re new to a business it’s impossible to get work if the lane you work isn’t in fashion.

    • Gina December 14, 2019

      I’ve just noticed that Rihanna is your Avi so I don’t blame you for being confused. Sorry.

  4. IHATe. Blaccvvv n whyttee really really December 14, 2019

    She can’t sing like Whitney Houston but we have not put her on the I hate black and white bitchezzz list.

    The party just has Mariah Carey on the list, and now Gayle king …..we hate them. but not Beyonce she just can’t sing like Whitney Houston.

  5. Ratedxxx December 14, 2019

    How can that fraud make r&b songwriters popular when she was stealing from them?
    Her name is on every single song written for her…

    Bish can’t barely speak English and I’m supposed to believe she wrote them songs

    I have a bridge to sell in Iceland…

    • Tyty December 15, 2019

      Yeah she can’t speak English but is worth 500 million never been in a bad business deal or lost money yes she must be a complete illiterate. When hate causes you to lose logic and rationality over a complete stranger then you need to seek help!! Also we are all go to take the opinion of a nobody on the internet vs industry insiders siding with an “illiterate” Who can barley speak English. Come back to planet earth please. You need a serious reality check.

  6. Jason December 14, 2019


  7. Okay? December 14, 2019

    United we stand, divided we fall🙏🏽👏🤗

  8. FagHagdonna December 14, 2019

    Apeyonce is an illiterate thief

  9. Mona Croft December 15, 2019

    Mathew married to Angina Williams from House Party. They one that had err-one have a heart attack when she jumped out that wedding cake. He needs some money and Beyonce is back to get dem coins.

  10. Sweetnothings78 December 15, 2019

    This is finally something nice to read.

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