Azealia Banks Clashes With “White Gay” On Social Media / Calls Him “Picasso”

Published: Friday 13th Dec 2019 by David

Azealia Banks‘ has made no secret of her contempt for “white gays” who she says work tirelessly to exploit black men and women for sexual and social gain.

Last night, her fans looked on as she clashed with a man who condemned her criticism of the community  and were stunned when she likened him to the artist Picasso.


It wasn’t a compliment.


A shower of insults rains down below….

Social media user “Mateuszjmaciejewski” called the ‘Gimme a Chance’ a homophobe and may have been just as startled as Azealia’s fans when she blocked his diss with one of her own.

Phobia denotes a fear and I’m far from scared of you socially inept giardiasis infested ingrates!


Your whole sex life revolves around trying to subjugate black men by day and not trying not to blast **** on walls by night. PICASSO!



Azealia recently used her platform to speak out against the songwriter Jesse St John who is accused of targeting vulnerable black boys for the purpose of sexual exploitation.


This, after the world learned of the Ed Buck murders.

Do you agree?

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  1. Ughhh December 13, 2019

    Can you guys stop posting about her, R. Kelly and if you’re in the mood Camilla as well.

    • The Owner of Grape Juice December 13, 2019

      No B;tch how about you make your own boring blog and post what you want

    • C***** December 13, 2019

      TGJ, Everybody out here and especially Clarkbitch ChartData just announce C***** will debut on 3rd with 80k, after The Who in 2nd with 91k and Roddy Rich 1st with 101k ???

      Here’s the receipts for Clarkbitch to check:

      • C***** December 13, 2019

        Btw in the UK it debuted in 14th!
        After all the performances, tricks, smoke mirrors she made to snatch that 1st place she wasn’t even real competition for them.
        And b4 some bug talks about Normani performing at McD’s, CUMilla’s went to target to sign albums, but nobody brought those albums to her, she literally took the albums that were on the shelf and start signing them…this is pitiful and extreme desperation!

  2. MillionaireMan December 13, 2019

    No lie it was kinda funny. I hate when people always scream out someone is hating a group of people when THEY themselves are the only issue. My issue with one person doesn’t extend past that person unless others involve themselves.

    THEY always wanna play victim then bring others on the bandwagon.

    Speak on it A.B (in my New York voice)

    • K.O. December 13, 2019

      Kinda funny? Would you like to be treated this way? Maybe you should once in your life. He said what he said but her answer was too aggressive, she crossed the limit and I bet this guy had issues with some of her insane fans which is not normal. How can you praise such a bad behavior? I just can’t understand, she has a very bad attitude, full of hate and the way she talk is the best to prove it, no one can deny it.

      • K.O. December 13, 2019

        Of course he was right to say she is homophobe, why did she had to mention his sexuality to the table? That’s just not right, you do have a problem and you need to fix it.

      • MillionaireMan December 14, 2019

        I said it was funny so it was funny. If you don’t like it, then beat it fairy. How dare you come online trying to tell someone about what problems they have when you can’t even form a correct sentence? Beat it.

  3. KeepingItReal December 13, 2019

    She need to die already, so we can al celebrate.
    She is nothing but trash on the sidewalk

  4. 11111 December 13, 2019

    Y’all sure Azalea and Jasmine on this blog aren’t the same demon? Lol

    • C*Mila December 13, 2019

      Don’t say Jaffar name 3times or you’ll summon her, it’s like Beetlejuice. Let that demon alone down on her nana’s basement

  5. Paulo December 13, 2019

    F*** this pig in a wig. Next!

  6. carlenciaga December 13, 2019

    only white gays are upset ??‍♂️

    • PettySpaghetti December 13, 2019

      Exactly because they Know she spoke nothing but truth. I don’t agree with majority of the time but white gays definitely fetishize black gays ALL THE TIME

      • Sweetnothings78 December 14, 2019

        But we love BBC. What’s wrong with that.

      • Hellno December 14, 2019

        I’m White, i’m gay but i don’t have any attraction to black men, am i weird ? Dumb people.

  7. Lanafan1 December 13, 2019

    Did she lie? Asking for a white gay friend.

  8. LOTUS December 14, 2019

    I’ve grown to understand her more as a person and I can relate to alot of what she says. She isnt for everyone and thats ok, but she definitely speaks from a place of actual facts, harsh truths, and she dosent sugar coat anything. Most people simply are not able to handle the truth and are so quick to label others when they disagree with their delivery.

    Still, shes more talented than your average rap girl and I appreciate her for being brave enough so still speak her truth.

    • Hellno December 14, 2019

      What truth are you talking about? Do you know every White gay in this world? No? Okay thank you next you stupid haters.

  9. Del December 14, 2019

    And how many Black straight men attack gays and trans, talk about them being killed in Muslim, Indian African countries, how many times do black rappers talk s*** about gays ……. So I’m miffed on her s*** like Black people are angles when there far from it. She’s just a public seeking w**** with no career so to get attention and money is being a typical Black phobic bitc

  10. BravoHunk December 14, 2019

    Anyone who finds this lady’s comments funny or acceptable is trash, just like her. You don’t have to look too far under her comments to see how she talks about gay men ALL THE TIME! She’s homophobic AF but y’all give her a pass cause she’s black. If a white person said half the s*** she said, they would be cancelled. Anyways that’s why she’s cancelled to the GP. I hope she can live on the royalties from 212 and being an internet troll cause that’s all she’ll ever be known for.

  11. astaleya skanks December 15, 2019

    To start off y’all wrong for saying her fans looked on …y’all know good and well nobody listens to her music and she does not have any fans. Let’s keep it real the gay white men myself included do not have her in our music library ,on our phones we don’t buy her music or even download it for free because it’s horrible…..she recently begged her record lable to take her back If she was ever relevant it was a long ass to ago and it was very short lived .She gets at people because that all she has left …no talent …no features , no deals, so that’s how she stays relevant ..she should change her name to A-STALE_YA.

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