Kelela Condemns Camila Cabello

Published: Saturday 21st Dec 2019 by David

Kelela isn’t impressed with Camila Cabello’s apology.

Find out why below…

Camila’s brand has been rocked by drama after she was outed as the girl behind a Tumblr account which posted a series of racially abusive posts.

Last week, she apologised and assured fans that she’d learned from her mistake. Kelela wasn’t impressed.

She wasn’t the only one.


Hit this link to learn more.

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  1. Lmfao_Hoe December 21, 2019

    There really is no defending those Post were awful and distasteful. Her career ain’t recovering from this. I’m still surprised JB has a career after being caught singing “ one less lonely n***** “ yet he’s eyeing to make an R&B album… yeah okay hope everyone keeps that same energy

    • Clarks0oñ December 21, 2019

      “Her career ain’t recovering from this”

      “My Oh My” by @Camila_Cabello and @DaBabyDaBaby reaches a new peak of #20 on Spotifys US Top 50 chart (+1).

      .@Camila_Cabello feat. @DaBabyDaBaby – My Oh My

      29,218,287 total streams (+2,370,529)

      “Liar” has now over 190 MILLION streams on Spotify.

    • Juju December 21, 2019

      Until Nor comes forward and says something…. I am thinking the government is behind this to take the attention away from the impeachment process.

  2. I love big black c** December 21, 2019

    Well said! I can tell her “Sorry not Sorry” attitude from the start. Fake apology won’t save her career, it only gaining more hatred from the public. I suggest her to dump shawnna and date a black guy to prove she ain’t a racist, take note from the Latin prima Donna JLo

    • Clarks0oñ December 21, 2019

      In the last four days, @Camila_Cabello has gained 346,719 new monthly listeners on Spotify, she once again reaches over 56 Million total on the platform!


      I have a feeling her career will recover.
      Fingers crossed.

      • I love big black c** December 21, 2019

        Gurl bye. A rat is a rat. Dead a-s-s. She’s cancelled.

      • HavanaONana December 21, 2019

        Yes my dear she will recover and just like a phoenix rising from the ashes and burn all this haters

        Meanwhile their fave will be irrelevant

      • POPS MOTHER December 22, 2019

        SHE WILL BE FINE. most ppl coming after her don’t even buy her music.

  3. Bebo p. December 21, 2019

    That girl kelela is doing to much she just want attention lol Black people always crying about everything move on
    Camila not going not where…

    • Paulo December 21, 2019

      Clarkson or HavanaONana?

      • I love big black c** December 21, 2019

        Lol Rest In Peace. camila cabello (2012-2019)

  4. Johny5 December 21, 2019

    FLOPmila stans are in hiding to avoid her abysmal week 2 flop numbers. Will Shawna Mendes have his PR break up with Cameltoe? Normani 2020!

    • I love big black c** December 21, 2019

      Lol I’m dead! ??? karma is a b-I-t-c-h! Shawnna pls break up with her. Let your true color came out! U r a piece of fine white meat! Pretty pls

  5. Clarks0oñ December 21, 2019

    What is wrong with you guys on this blog

    I comment regularly on this blog, u guys say I dont have a life, I have no friends, I am unemployed

    I take some time off this blog, I take some time off social media and the internet to unwind, u guys say I’m hiding

    Like what the f****?
    I’m damned if I do , I’m damned if I dont

    Guys its Christmas season, I have shìt I’m doing. I cant be doing stan wars forever. I have a fùcking life.

    Glad Camila cabello has addressed this issue and she apologised about this issue cause normani fans were blackmailing her on social media.

    I dont know how to feel, camila WTF?
    As I black person I dont condone this language, its totally unacceptable,
    U were a teenager so I will forgive u, we all did silly stuff when we were young

    Many of us that are gay today, we were literally homophobic on facebook back then when facebook was hot,posting homophobic
    shìt cause that is what society thought us about gay people. But now we are grown, we know better.

    Glad she has addressed this issue and she has put it to bed

    Is this gonna affect her career? I dont know, we have to wait and see.
    My oh my with da baby is still doing very well on itunes and spotify

    My Oh My – Spotify Streams

    1st week – 12,225,492
    2st week – 14,622,226

    14th day – 2,288,272
    15th day – 2,370,529

    It has a total of 29 million streams and has already sold 100k.

    .@Camila_Cabello and @DaBabyDaBaby’s “My Oh My” has now sold over 100,000 units in the US.

    They hate to see it

    • Hellno December 21, 2019

      You’re damn right. All of these people are mad.

  6. Clarks0oñ December 21, 2019

    U guys think knocking Camila down is going to make normani rise

    U guys are trying to hit Camila off so normani can replace her


    Sweethearts it doesnt work like that

    For normani to take Camila spot, normani has to deliver bops which normani hasn’t done and will never do.
    Normani cant write a hit to save her life.
    Normani doesnt have vocals or stage presence or artistry.

    While Camila is a certified hit maker.
    After some few days nobody will give a damn about this and start boping to my oh my

    My oh my is still doing numbers.

    ‘My Oh My’ received streams 2.288.272 streams on Spotify in the last 24 hours.

    Let’s be honest, do people dont really care, give the public bops and they will forgive u.

    If Camila plays her cards right she will recover from this better and stronger.
    Everybody loves a good come

    Arianna licking donuts nearly ended her career but Arianna recovered and she’s the biggest pop star today

    Photos of the Canadian prime minister doing black face was leaked while he was running for reelection, and he still got reelected

    If Camila’s team is smart they can spin this tradegy into gold.

    As for normani, she will have a terrible year of flopping next year.
    She is scared of releasing a second single

    • POPS MOTHER December 22, 2019


  7. DMA_Moon December 22, 2019

    She thought she smooth got away with this mess! ?

  8. Diora Couture December 23, 2019

    ok. so i haven’t seen any of the images/comments Camilla Cabello made. But, from what i have read is that she used some types of imagery of “stereotypically” black and asian things. If i’m not mistaken, i believe i read that she also out-right said/posted some blatant racist things.

    So, what i’m trying to get at is this:
    Do you really expect me to believe that in THIS DAY AND AGE you don’t/didn’t know about things that are considered racist????

    Now, let’s say i believe you, but then it begs THIS QUESTION: how come you weren’t posting POSITIVE THINGS? Things like Unicorns and Cherubs? Maybe Bible verses.

    GET THE F*** OUTTA HERE with that B******* “apology”…. it is EXACTLY how you felt, and you FULL WELL knew whaqt you were doing.

    As a fellow person of color that has lived in the U.S. it PAINS ME TO SEE light skinned latinos be racist, when the WHITE MAN is just as racist towards us, ESPECIALLY our darker skinned counterparts!

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