Jennifer Lopez Teases Separate Set From Shakira At 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Published: Saturday 21st Dec 2019 by Sam

February brings with it Jennifer Lopez and Shakira‘s hotly anticipated performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in Miami

Details on the spectacle have been kept under wraps, but J.Lo has offered up insight into what folk can expect.

And her words are likely to split opinion.

See what we mean below…

Speaking on CBS News, the stage blazer was asked about the format of their performance – which she went on to confirm will be separate. As of now. She explained:

“I’ve never even done a song with Shakira. We’re not rehearsing together, she’s doing her show, I’m doing my show, but we’re going to do something together, for sure.” 

When quizzed on whether the diva duo will drop a new song in support of their showing:

“I don’t know. We haven’t gotten there yet. I think we both just started rehearsing our own songs for right now.”

For those who wanted to see one lady headline the entire performance, separate sets likely comes as the next best scenario.

However, we imagine those hoping for interaction between these musical superstars may be a touch disappointed by this intimation of separate sets.

We’re crossing our fingers that this ends up being configured like the Coldplay/Bruno Mars/Beyonce performance in 2016; a spectacle which saw all parties gifted enough time to shine individually, while also giving the viewers the once-in-a-lifetime moment to see them rock out together.

Pending then, peep these sneak peeks of what’s incoming on February 2nd.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Diabetes Unbothered December 21, 2019

    I understand Shakira but Jlos catalog is not strong enough for the Superbowl and NONE of her music aged well at all. Shakira is going to outshine jlos weak performance and weaker catalog

    • I love big black c** December 21, 2019

      Oh no hunny, talking about monster hits, Shakira only had 2, hips don’t lie and whenever, wherever. JLo had a bunch of massive hits, if you had my love, waiting for tonight, Love don’t cost a thing, Jenny from the block, all I have, get right, on the floor etc I admitted both ladies can’t sing but JLo is way better dancer and entertainer than Shakira. Not just belly dancing or weird hips movement

      • Diabetes Unbothered December 21, 2019

        Dancewise they are equal and the songs you mentioned are not only WEAK they also did not age well. Shakiras music is Timeless and Performance wise Shakira is close to a Beyonce level if not close enough. Jlo has no quality CLASSIC megahit or album that has aged well or sold massively. Jlos”hits”are just fads they fad until she release something else

      • Paulo December 21, 2019

        Shakira is not a belter or powerhouse but she sings with her mic 100% on and a band and does the damn thing live! No bum notes or off key moments! I’m sure both will slay but don’t sleep on the Queen of Latin America.

      • FAF December 21, 2019

        The super bowl is global but for a national league

        So j lo will be fine

        On the floor , if u had my love, play, feelin so good, get right , love don’t cost a thing. Will take her well over 10 mins

    • Lanafan1 December 21, 2019

      Shakira can’t dance like Jlo

      • Audreyherbsburn December 22, 2019

        And j Lo can’t dance like shakira

      • Normani. December 22, 2019

        JLO cant dance. she can barely pull of choreo. stiff as a board ….. why cant yall see that after all these yrs?

  2. Bebo p. December 21, 2019

    What you talking about jlo have more hits shakira only have 2 are you crazyyyy lol
    jlo Is gonna kill that stage like always she does

    • eric December 21, 2019

      You are correct.

    • Audreyherbsburn December 22, 2019

      They are incorrect. Shakira has been our way longer than j Lo and Hispanic and latinx audiences will definitely know her catalogue if no one else does. Her North American hits alone (she wolf, whenever wherever, hips don’t lie, la tortura) will put her at the appropriate time.

  3. #TheTruth December 21, 2019

    There’s no need to argue. Both have a catalogue that will fit the event, hands down.
    Shakira is a bigger star worldwide IMO but this is a US show. JLo is bigger in the US.

    One will start. She’ll be joined when she’s done with her set. Maybe premiere a duet or something, perform together. Then the first one will leave. Second one will take over for her own set.

    Both will have guests for sure. Pitbull, Cardi, Maluma etc. Lots of possibilities.

  4. Johny5 December 21, 2019

    Keep them separate! Please and thank you…

    • Normani. December 22, 2019

      lol okay!

  5. A&R December 21, 2019

    It’s really unfortunate JLo got this opportunity during this climate. I want to be excited but can’t find the energy nor concern. Ima definitely watch the replay on YouTube though.

  6. A&R December 21, 2019

    My other complaint… has anyone noticed that outside of Beyoncé there aren’t many artist who approach their brand as professionally? Do y’all remember how tight promotion leading up to Beyoncé’s super bowl show was? Like, the Pepsi commercial.. her teaser video.. when she was walking across the super dome with the MacBook in her hand? Like, it’s almost bitter sweet. I love that about Beyoncé but despise that no one else does this. Like, is professionalism in the music industry dead? The only new singer that shows promise in this regard is Normani. Her persona and approach to the game is very pro like.

    Grrr… JLo nor Shakira is making me excited.

    • Gworl Bye December 22, 2019

      Um, both Gaga and timberlake did the same thing. Beyonce is nobody special, they ALL approach their brands with the same energy.

      • Tyty December 22, 2019

        Ain’t You on b***** constantly talking shot about Beyoncé too. ? your name seems familiar.

  7. Fancy BISH December 22, 2019

    I will be eating my food, so I’ll be sorta paying attention, as always ? I’m sure they’ll both be entertaining, but not as entertaining as my plate lol…don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got ???

  8. High Price December 22, 2019

    I just hope Jlo doesn’t try to SING the WHOLE damn time like always… Please axe the ballads! We don’t care about your vocals mama Lo. Give us a PERFORMANCE! Choreography, DANCE BREAKS, ALL THAT!

  9. Normani. December 22, 2019

    do yall really care?

  10. Adriana December 23, 2019

    Shakira has way better songs than whenever and hips don’t lie before than she was this famous but they are in Spanish. She is a very talented songwriter. I missed her old music. But her world cup music is known. My favorite Jlo song on the floor. Both of them are beautiful and talented!
    everywhere! Remember soccer is the most popular sport in the world.

  11. PinotNoir December 24, 2019

    Shaki needs to leave EDM, hip hop, plus latin beats and dance moves to JLo and, instead of going rock, ensnare the audience with a sultry, snake charming, hip thrusting, belly dancing spectacle.

  12. melinda December 28, 2019

    delusional ppl . JLo is a mega start and entertainer . Shakira cant . she has only 2 hits in US . JLO for sure gonna outshine her . good luck shak

  13. Anniedfw January 26, 2020

    This is going to be awesome, and I have to say I’m on Shakira’s side for this Super Bowl. Does anyone remember back in the summer of 2014 Jennifer Lopez was caught on video mocking Shakira.

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