Lady Gaga Fans Take Aim At Billie Eilish Over Meat Dress Remarks

Published: Friday 6th Dec 2019 by David

Lady Gaga‘s Monsters are infuriated with Billie Eilish.

Find out why below…


When Gaga’s decision to wear a dress made of meat was brought up during a recent interview Billie responded with the word “yikes.”

The response prompted the Monsters to launch the #BillieEilishIsOver trending topic.

It has been trending for hours.

See below:


The artists are yet to respond to the ongoing fan feud.

Billie’s debut album, ‘When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’, is out now.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarkso00n December 6, 2019

    Gaga changed the game with that meat dress.

    Damn I miss this gaga.

  2. SIR.DONJENNERO GORRELL December 6, 2019

    ? goúd?
    So awesome???.
    Thx u???♎…

  3. Lol December 6, 2019

    It’s not that serious

  4. Fancy BISH December 6, 2019

    *In Laurieann Gibson voice* When I see Billie, I think Gaga! Point blank period, that meat dress paved the way for her…it paved the way for her and these kids to be weird and outside the box…Interscope signed her because they signed Gaga! They knew what to do, they instantly got it! These are the facts of life…she doesn’t have to like the dress but she will respect that dress! ?

    • Lanafan1 December 6, 2019

      Billie is nothing like Gaga lol. Gaga = Madonna. Billie is more in line with Grace Jones, Lana, Melanie Martinez, and Marina and the Diamonds.

    • Caleb December 7, 2019

      I don’t see Gaga’s influence on Billie Eilish at all.

    • Fancy BISH December 7, 2019

      Say what? This is so interesting that ya’ll don’t see Gaga’s influence lol…the dark groove of Bad Guy, the imagery and symbolism in Billie’s videos and work? Vocally, no, but Gaga really changed the game with her imagery…took it up a notch lol…how can you see Billie’s album cover and not see how Gaga made that commercially appealing in the last 12 or so years? Lana, Gaga, Billie…and MADONNA…are all signed to the same record label…are y’all joking? ? And Grace influenced Madonna, let’s get the timeline straight ? ?

  5. 2bad2bme December 6, 2019

    Everybody acts like this weird little girl is the best thing since swizz cheese. Her “I don’t give a damm” attitude is so forced and has been done before. Remember Lorde? Where is she now? EXACTLY!

    • Drinkmybussyjuice December 6, 2019

      I was not into her u til i listened to her debut album. It is Phenomenal. I still have it on replay.

    • Clarkso00n December 6, 2019

      Where is lorde?

      Mother is writing her 3 album which will be released in 2020.

      Melodrama her last album hit number one and was nominated for album of the year
      Green light save pop music.

      Lorde has 2 grammys
      1 number song

    • Lanafan1 December 6, 2019

      It’s not forced at all lol. You just hate her cause she’s white. Sit down!

  6. only facts December 6, 2019

    I think he fans meant to start a #LadyGaGaIsOverParty because that b*tch has been an issue behind the scenes ever since her debut. Perez exposed her, and said she prohibited her producers from working with any of the other pop girls and the only reason RedOne was allowed to work with JLo was if GaGa received writing credit somewhere on the album. She’s been shady since the start and her fans suck. Go get more fillers in your face you troll. Every time we see you, you look like a new person. F*ck off. Mad that Billie is slaying the charts and you aren’t any longer?

    • mase December 6, 2019

      SHALLOW was number 1 this year… so was the soundtrack and movie… try again.

      • only facts December 6, 2019

        You’re correct, Shallow was #1 this year, but when she releases her next studio album, it’ll fare about as well as artpop on the charts. Watch. People are over her.

  7. xx December 6, 2019

    The dude with her shaded gaga. I Think she said yikes that he through lady gaga at her. Like her obvious similarities makes her want to stay away from anything gaga, but the interviewer was trying to be messy.Yikes!

  8. DC3 FOREVER December 7, 2019

    GAGA vs…. who?

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