Watch: Keyshia Cole’s Mother Reveals Shocking Details About Singer’s Father in Emotional Interview

Published: Thursday 12th Dec 2019 by Rashad

It’s been years since the backlash, but ‘I Remember’ belter Keyshia Cole certainly hasn’t forgotten when fans and detractors alike slammed her for statements they perceived as denouncement of her ‘Blackness.’

Back in 2012, the Grammy nominee revealed she was Biracial in response to a question regarding why “Black Girls Rock.”  When the negative commentary about her revelation heated up, Cole responded:

“#BlackGirlsRock first off I feel ALLGIRLSROCK!! And by the way, I don’t not know what I’m mixed with, nor have I tried to find out,” she took to Twitter to say. “I was raised in Oakland. My mother is a black woman HOWEVER I do not know my father..”

Fast forward to 2019, the R&B diva took to her Fox Soul talk show, ‘One on One with Keyshia Cole,’ to sit down with her mother (Frankie Lons) for an in-depth interview to address her racial makeup, details about her father, and more.  The conversation took an emotional turn when Lons revealed shocking details about her relationship with Cole’s dad.

See how it unfolded inside:


After the 2012 backlash from her statement of being biracial, Cole went on the hunt herself to find (and announce in 2016) that her father was high-profile boxing trainer Virgil Hunter – an African American (seen below).

Frankie, as seen in the interview above, clarifies Hunter is not Keyshia’s father.  Instead, Lons says Cole’s dad is an Italian American man who is now deceased.  Claiming to have met him when she was a prostitute, Frankie reveals the man was significantly older than her.

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  1. Jasm!ne December 12, 2019

    Keyshia done bleached all her melanin away. The self-hate is real. So sad.

    • J December 12, 2019

      Watch the clip. She’s biracial.

      • sblonde December 12, 2019

        Im biracial too. Being biracial does not cause your skin to look like Sammy Sosa. Bleaching creams do that. She is naturally light brown in complexion so there was no need for her to go 5 shades lighter.

      • Lee. Green December 13, 2019

        Me as a fan of keisha .cole for yrs. I really look at her differently now , for putting her mother in blast !! Like that. It’s just embarrassing and immoral to me for her to keep having her mother reveal her past. I feel it is very evil of her too this to her mother. That could take her 20 steps back in her healing g process. If that’s what makes her ( keisha . Cole) feels good about herself is too keep belittle her own mother about her past. I see why she has relationship problems and now has to date a man that could be son. She successful, she wealthy, shes and turn out too be prosperous. So why worry about who your father is .does it really matters? Would you even be the person you are today if you had know. Your father? Probably not. God does everything for a reason. Push on and enjoy your life, and let your mother enjoy hers, stop letting the devil get the best of you , by bringing up your mothers past, and especially to the world. . I wish her a d her family the best. But always remember that is your mother and who ever she layed down with to conceive you your here . And that’s all that matters

      • Lavender_dc December 14, 2019

        Did you read the entire article?? Frankie was wrong. Virgil Hunter actually is Keishas father. He’s the light complexioned BLACK guy in the picture. A DNA test confirmed that. The whole article was based on the hypocrisy of Keisha claiming to be biracial, and it turned out in the end that she’s not. To be fair, she was just going on what she had been told.

    • KeepingItReal December 12, 2019

      She did not bleach her skin that’s makeup and camera lighting. Get your facts straight.

      • Jasm!ne The Sexxy Blonde December 12, 2019

        Like u live with her. I made an observation not a fact. Learn the definition of words!

    • Rita December 13, 2019

      Just because she died her hair do not mean she hate herself! Really

  2. only facts December 12, 2019

    Sigh. This is sad. Keyshia’s early albums are still classics, and I don’t care what ANYONE says. “Woman to Woman” deserved a Grammy award. The last two albums were trash, but she can still tour with her early hits for the rest of her life.

  3. J December 12, 2019

    ????? WHOA lol

    Sidenote did y’all even watch the clip ☝️⁉️

    • FAF December 12, 2019

      I did But i thought she was dna tested and the man was her dad

      I didn’t know it was still a rumor

      Why is she scared to dna test him if he’s living They been could’ve resolved this

  4. Jj December 12, 2019

    Keyshia Cole should take the Ancestry DNA test to match to her cousins. She can find out there in private. Its too much technology for not knowing these days. I donate them all the time

  5. Christopher Gomes December 12, 2019

    Her Mom is a compulsive liar

    • Anne December 13, 2019

      I agree, I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually has no idea who Keisha’s father is and/or whether she is mixed any moreso than any other African American.

    • YayaGabour December 14, 2019

      She took a DNA test and it confirmed the black guy was her dad. So, why her mom is still talking about some white man being her dad is beyond me.

      • Kateye December 14, 2019

        She needs money!

  6. Martha Esther Luerra December 13, 2019

    I remember when her first album came out i was OBSESSED. And my older sister in law told me her dad was a boxer from SJ. Being from sj i was so proud.
    Thats crazy she didnt find her “dad” until 2017 and the whole bay area knew. Whats crazier tho is her mom hit her w sum else! So how does she kno the boxer her dadd

  7. Leighsa December 13, 2019

    As Adults we are responsible for our own happiness things that bother you fix it or leave it alone move on time waits on none of us .

  8. Deborah Day December 13, 2019

    Keisha,I love you no matter what race you are mixed with. As adults we make mistakes when you’re young, but they always re surface. Never be ashamed for others actions. I have a similar incident. So I truly understand. Keep singing with your wonderful voice. Be the great mom to your beautiful children. Love and happiness. ?

  9. Autman Pearson December 13, 2019

    First that’s not keyshia mother or stop the bull messI no here real parents.

  10. Autman Pearson December 13, 2019

    First that’s not keyshia mother or stop the bull messI i no her real parents.

  11. Nolaheat December 13, 2019

    For christ sake, frankie was high on drugs and doing prostitution, do you think she know keyshia real father? I’m pretty sure she had s** with over 50 men the month keyshia was conceived so how will she know who s**** made it through?

  12. Debra December 13, 2019

    Good evening Ms keisha right now u are in happy space, with your new baby and your new man, u had lived w/o a father all these years u are a strong beautiful woman it dont matter right keep living your life and be happy?

  13. Pensey Francis December 14, 2019

    I thought a blood test had been done with the man that she called her Father? Just do the blood test so this can be put to bed. I really like Keisha and I love the way she sticks by her Mother. I just want to see Ms. Franky win and have a normal life. She has so much support. Praying for them both. Side note:. The new baby is so fine!

  14. Jasmine December 14, 2019

    How heartless to put her mom on the spot like that . mom don’t know who the dad is and who cares the mom did what she had to do to survive. I would have never put mom on tv and be little her. Jesus you’re f****** rich let your mom live she’s been through enough.

  15. YayaGabour December 14, 2019

    DNA confirmed her dad is the black guy. Most AA are not pure African therefore some have lighter skin, eyes, diff texture hair. Look at Fetty Wapps children. All black but appear biracial. Keyshia Cole is black but not pure West African people.

    • Debra Devereaux December 14, 2019

      Please for heaven sake,everyone listen. She had a lovely lady and her husband raise her that also knew her mother.She will have only the life that God has given her and if she knows,are wants to know who her true biological father is it’s her choice her life and her peace of mind. Stop judging everyone, nobody’s life is perfect.

  16. Lavender Jones December 14, 2019

    I thought she was Bobby Knight from LHHMiami at first!…I’m no genealogist but she favors the Boxer. Her Momma was a druggie and a prostitute so I’m not sure if I’d rely TOO heavily on what she remembers. Almost feels like an attempt to explain where her melanin went…I believe she’s 50% Italian JUST as much as I agree with Lil Kim claiming she looks like Christina Milian.

  17. Rozz December 14, 2019

    Personal it’s none of our the public’s business. And I hope keyshia can gets the answers her heart needs to feel whole God Allah is all she truly needs to be complete. Keep the public out your business.

  18. Tracy December 14, 2019

    The Mom Frankie should want some healing for herself by talking to a therapist and find closure. It’s clear that she had gone through some things in her family, and she needs therapy for it. As for her children, they do need closure also.

  19. Kateye December 14, 2019

    Here we go again!

  20. Sharon Martinw February 18, 2020

    Frankie knows Tyrone Thompson is Keyshia daddy when will she tell the public????

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