Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui Enrols In College

Published: Tuesday 7th Jan 2020 by Sam

In recent years, we’ve seen artists take increasing agency of their careers and wear multiple hats at once.

Case in point Lauren Jauregui.

The Fifth Harmony alum is following the footsteps of Megan Thee Stallion and enrolled in academia – effectively juggling her music career and studies.

Details below…

Taking to social media, Jauregui revealed:

Steadily working on her solo album (due via Columbia Records), Jauregui notably released two solo tracks last year – including the exquisite ‘Expectations.’

For those who’ve followed her trajectory, her foray into studying isn’t entirely surprising.

She’s been super outspoken on social issues – often weighing in on discourse surrounding politics, injustice, and the LGBTQ community.

Suffice to say, it’ll be interesting to see how she continues to use her voice musically, socially, and now academically.

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: TMRW]

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  1. Only facts January 7, 2020

    “Enrolls” has two L’s..

  2. Clarks0oñ January 7, 2020

    When u flop so hard,

    Camila is the only star that will come out of fifth harmony.
    The other 4 girls will do other things but not music.

    Ally brooke is next, she will start hosting a family competition show
    Then dinah
    The finally normani.

    • Ugghh January 7, 2020

      What are you doing with your life? You don’t seem to have one. Your existence is being a Stan for someone who doesn’t give a damn if you dropped out of existence. She would blink or give a single breath on you. Evaluate you life choices. You’re very pathetic

      • Ugghh January 7, 2020

        Wouldn’t *

    • POPS Muva January 7, 2020

      lmao why i see this being a reality. but anyways none of these girls can reach Camila’s success

    • James January 7, 2020

      Camila is racist scum.

    • Savanah January 7, 2020

      Lmao! Camila not doing any better than the rest. Her first era was amazing, but her second era is currently flopping as we speak😂😂😂 the album flopped, the tour isn’t selling well, she’s getting dragged every other day on Twitter😂😂😂 trouble in paradise!

  3. Meme January 7, 2020


    • D January 7, 2020

      Brits use 1 ‘l’.

      • Meme January 7, 2020

        This is a U.S media blog.

      • Only facts January 7, 2020

        And why did they use TWO L’s in the body of the article?! It’s sloppy “reporting”

        The Fifth Harmony alum is following the footsteps of Megan Thee Stallion and enrolled in academia – effectively juggling her music career and studies.

        Sloppy ratchet blog.

    • TYTY January 7, 2020

      No its not its a British run blog……

      • Disrespectful Poet January 7, 2020


        I’m glad you got then first lol. You’d swear they’re new here.

      • Meme January 7, 2020

        I never said it wasn’t British ran, I said it is a US media blog. Everything on this blog is about American music and pop culture. The readers are almost entirely made up of Americans. So why use British spelling?

      • Keke January 7, 2020

        It’s idiotic to say that based on the audience the writers need to change their spelling when they have been brought up writing and speaking British english, not American english. As long as you understand what is being written then that’s fine. The founder Sam is British and most of the writers are British and they will therefore use British spelling. The blog is not solely aimed at Americans!!!

  4. I love big black c** January 7, 2020

    Yea get some education gurl or seeking career change! knowledge is king!

  5. Paulo January 7, 2020

    That makes two things Lauren will always have over Camila – a singing voice and now an education. Congrats queen 👏

    • PinotNoir January 8, 2020


      I was gonna say “don’t major in weed” and here I read your elaboration. 😆

  6. M January 8, 2020

    I can’t focus if you’re my seatmate then 😶

    • M January 8, 2020

      Aw It’s a personal class

  7. PinotNoir January 8, 2020

    Smart move.

    Just don’t major in knitting.

    And stay longer than 3 days. 😉

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